How to identify iPhone is original or not

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Apple has a very reverent attitude towards detail, and it is expressed in everything about the iPhone, from the packaging. This box should be made of thick coated cardboard with even corners and a logo made by embossing. On the lower part there is always a sticker with the model name, serial number, IMEI and storage capacity. But the main thing is, of course, the contents of the box.

IPhone appearance

The smartphone itself should give the impression of a quality thing: the weight is felt, the metal pleasantly cools the hand. All modern iPhones are made of aluminum, in fakes, the case material can be any, up to painted plastic.

On a real iPhone, the parts fit tightly together and have minimal gaps. The buttons and the silent mode switch should clearly respond to pressing and have no backlash. There is an IMEI on the back cover of the smartphone, which matches the numbers on the box and the SIM card tray.

Assembled in China, on the other hand, is not to be feared. It is perfectly legal, because iPhones are only developed in the USA, and manufactured and assembled in China.

An outright fake with giblets will give out details that simply cannot be in a real iPhone. These signs include:

  • removable back cover and battery;
  • support for two or more SIM cards;
  • slot for memory cards;
  • microUSB connector;
  • telescopic antenna.

But even if the fake is of high quality and it is outwardly difficult to distinguish it from the original, all doubts should be dispelled after switching on.

more complicated

A person with a trained eye will be able to distinguish a fake, not only without turning on the iPhone, but also without opening the box. There are a few surefire signs that will help you identify a clone right off the bat. Here they are.

Accessories and equipment

Each iPhone comes with a charging cable, headphones, USB adapter, as well as an envelope with documentation, stickers and a paper clip to remove the SIM card tray. All accessories should be neatly wound and packed in transparent films. Original cables, unlike fakes, are much softer, and the plastic on their connectors is impeccably smooth and has no burrs or sagging. Of course, everything should be laid out in its place in perfect order.

identify, iphone, original

How to tell a real iPhone from a fake one

Proven ways to recognize original Apple devices and not fall for the bait of scammers.

The development of technology gives us not only cooler iPhones, but also a lot of copies, which are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original. In order not to get into a mess, it is better to buy iPhone only from authorized dealers. It will be more expensive, but safer.

If you still don’t want to overpay, you can try your luck and look for better from gray sellers. Just to get started, arm yourself with recommendations that will help you not to run into a fake.

There are two ways to tell the difference between a real iPhone and a Chinese copy: an easy one and a harder one. Let’s start simple.


If a person has ever held a real iPhone in their hands, they will almost certainly be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Not sure what to look for? No problem! Now we will teach.

Software and internal stuffing

The days of clumsy translations and hieroglyphs on the menu are long gone. Now the Chinese have learned to imitate the interface and repeat the fonts exactly. What they can’t do yet is fake functions: neither Siri nor Find iPhone in a clone will work, of course.

Also, a fake cannot have a valid serial number, which will be verified on the Apple website. Therefore, checking the balance of the warranty by the serial number is the easiest method to determine if the iPhone is real or fake.

To check, you need to find the serial number in the system settings (in the section “General” → “About this device”), make sure that it is identical to the number on the SIM card tray and the box, and then enter it in the verification form on this page. If the iPhone is genuine, the site will provide model details, warranty balance, and other information. Otherwise, you will see the message “Sorry, this serial number is not correct” or something similar.

Another guaranteed express method for determining the authenticity of an iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

The media combine automatically detects the connected device, showing all information about it, and, as you might guess, it will see through the fake at once. Just take a laptop with iTunes installed to the meeting with the seller and take care of the Internet connection.

Have you come across iPhone clones and fraudulent sellers? Be sure to share your experience in the comments.

How to know if your iPhone is new and not used?

The easiest and surest way is to use the Apple website:

  • We’ll need a serial number. over, if you are just going to buy a device, then it is not even necessary to activate it. you can always look at the box, or, what is more reliable, at the activation stage, click on the “i in a circle” icon. However, there are other ways to find out IMEI.
  • We go to the official Apple website in the section “verification of eligibility for service and support”. here is the link.
  • Enter the serial number and look at the result.

There may be many options, but in order to make sure that the iPhone is new, we are only interested in two:

  • IPhone needs to be activated. it means that the device is new and no one has used it.
  • Estimated expiration date. It should end exactly one year after the first activation and inclusion. Here already look at the situation. if you are sold a phone under the guise of a new one, but the estimated service date ends in a couple of months. they lie to you and the iPhone is at least used.

Received any other messages that you do not understand? The decryption is in the article about the results of checking the eligibility for service and support.

How to tell the difference between a new and refurbished iPhone?

There is one small snag in this question.

The thing is that there are officially and unofficially refurbished iPhones.

How to tell a new iPhone from a used or refurbished iPhone?

It’s another matter when such questions are asked online. what to do in this case? The correct answer is to write a good article. And now she is ready! Keep instructions on how to find out and understand which iPhone you bought (are going to buy). new, used or refurbished?

How to identify “artisanal” refurbished iPhones

In fact, these are the same used devices that are assembled in some unknown place and it is not clear how. This means that you can also distinguish them. check by the serial number on the Apple website. If the warranty has passed, then the iPhone is not new.

And all would be fine, but many sellers, selling unofficially (read, in basement workshops) restored iPhones under the guise of new ones, go to all sorts of tricks and try to confuse the buyer:

  • Say, this is some kind of special phone (Eurotest, Chinese, American, special). so the check does not work. Remember, verification on the Apple website should always work.!
  • The serial number on the box is forged. a random IMEI is indicated, which has not yet been activated. And the device, in fact, has a different number.

But the worst thing is that craftsmen can change the serial number directly in the phone. What to do and how to find out the truth?

  • Check IMEI by command # call button. By dialing it (like a regular call), you will see the serial number. compare it with the one indicated on the box and in the settings.
  • The most time consuming but most reliable is to restore iPhone firmware via iTunes. After this procedure, all interference with the operating system, if any, will disappear.

Well, then we act “according to the knurled pattern”. go to the Apple website, check and draw conclusions.

What is the difference between officially refurbished iPhones?

We all know that Apple does refurbish and market certain iPhones like new.

Do you want to know in more detail what these devices are? I have a good article on the topic. read it, there is a lot of useful information.

How do you find out that you have a restored device in front of you? In fact, there are not so many ways:

  • The first and most important is the type of box (it will be different).
  • Lettering on the box. next to the serial number you will see RFB.
  • The price will be lower than the “regular” model.

There are no other differences. These are the same devices as the new ones. They have a full warranty and are verified in the same way on the Apple website. You don’t need to be afraid of them.

  • The surest and surest way to know if an iPhone is new is to check it out on Apple’s website. Depending on the results of the check, it will already be possible to conclude whether this is a used device or not.
  • Sometimes the serial number can be spoofed to pass off an unofficially refurbished iPhone as a brand new device. Therefore, we look at the IMEI not only on the box, but also in the device settings (ideally, do a firmware restore via iTunes. if the serial is changed in any way, then after this procedure the real numbers will “return”).
  • Officially refurbished iPhones are virtually indistinguishable from regular iPhones. The only difference will be in the picture and the inscription on the box, the price.

Perhaps these are the most important points from all of the above. I hope that the information was useful. if it helps at least a few people (saves them from buying a “bad” gadget, reassures and assures that the iPhone they bought is really new), then it will be very good!

How to tell an original iPhone from a fake one

iPhone is a mass device used by all segments of the population, including children, old people and women, most of whom handle technology at the level of an insecure user. It is these people who often become victims of scammers who sell fake Apple smartphones via the Internet or from their hands. In this article, we will show you how to 100% distinguish an original iPhone from a fake one.

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Taking advantage of the lack of fundamental differences in the design of some generations of iPhone (5 / 5s / SE, for example), scammers often try to pass off one model for another, or at least sell a device with a memory capacity that does not correspond to the declared one. In this case, a thorough check will be required, which we talked about here.

However, cybercriminals often act even more insolently, offering people under the guise of iPhone Chinese (mostly) Android fakes that differ from the original like a tank from a slingshot. Naturally, an experienced user can easily detect a fake, but a person who is not versed in technical intricacies may well buy a “linden”, especially if the deal is concluded at the meeting. a prepared fraudster has a strong psychological impact on the buyer. However, it is quite easy to bring the seller to clean water; this can be done using the recommendations below.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit on Android using Apple ID

Apple ID is a universal account for many Apple services. You can create an Apple ID even if you don’t have an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The thing is that counterfeit iPhones are based on the Android operating system, carefully disguised as iOS. the graphical interface will not allow an inexperienced user to detect a deception. However, the Chinese device does not have the functionality of the original.

How to create an Apple ID without Apple devices (any computer with iTunes installed is required), we described in detail and showed in the video in this material.

Having your own Apple ID, you will identify a fake with a 100% guarantee, for this:

Launch the Settings app and go to the iTunes Store & App Store.

If such a section is present and someone’s account is not indicated in it (the Login button), enter your data. If nothing prevents you from logging into your account, then you have the original iPhone in front of you. It should be like this:

For more confidence, go to the App Store and search for iMovie or Garage Band. These are Apple apps that are not available on Android. It is logical that if such applications are in the search results, then the iPhone is original.

Appearance and accessories

Often a cheap replica can be identified “by eye”. it will be given by a plastic case, a box of “toilet paper” instead of high-quality cardboard that Apple uses, a connector and, accordingly, a MicroUSB connector instead of Lightning, etc. In addition, some large manufactories avoid confrontation with the apple confrontation lawyers and indicate their names with a mistake (lPhone, iPhon, Spacve Gray, etc.) or draw the Apple logo with an apple bitten on the wrong side.

But again, the market is overflowing with very high-quality counterfeits that look very similar to the original iPhone. Here is an example of a high-quality Android copy of the iPhone 6.

Please note that externally (design, materials, buttons, graphical interface) the smartphone looks exactly like an Apple product. Even the About this device menu in Settings looks like a real one.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit on Android using iTunes on a computer

This method is also one of the most reliable. The only drawback is the need to take a laptop with you to the meeting with the seller. How to check?

Install iTunes on your computer (you can download it here)

Connect your iPhone using the supplied cable to the USB port on your laptop.

iTunes should detect the connected iPhone (if fake, iTunes will simply ignore it), an icon with an iPhone should appear, click on it.

You will be presented with a screen showing the iPhone settings (model, serial number, iOS version, etc.)

How to tell an original iPhone from a Chinese counterfeit

Nowadays, Chinese craftsmen have reached incredible heights in the production of high-precision copies of Apple smartphones. We will not describe in detail the external distinguishing features between the original and the fake, since there are very high quality fakes, but let’s dwell on the main verification methods, which should not be neglected in any case.

Even the settings are faked

The Apple website has a special page where you can enter the serial number and check the warranty for the original iPhone, while the system, of course, will not accept a craft. However, you should be careful here. fraudsters can provide documents and a box from a real iPhone with the correct serial number. It can also be viewed in the phone settings, but even there it can be tampered with.

The Serial Number on the above mentioned counterfeit refers to the real iPhone 6. As you can see, Asian craftsmen very competently use original Apple devices to create a counterfeit.

However, an experienced user would find a catch on the above Settings page. Pay attention to the line Capacity. 64 GB and Available. 63.98 GB. The difference between these values ​​is only 20 MB, which is not possible in practice.

In other words, on a real iPhone, the difference between the declared and actual storage capacity shown in the settings will always differ significantly. Why this happens, we described in detail in this article.

Actually, here we come to the description of the necessary actions that must be performed without fail.

Other ways to detect counterfeiting

Siri. Apple Voice Assistant is launched by pressing and holding the round Home button. To be sure, you can ask Siri a few questions. This doesn’t work on Android. On the original iPhone, it looks like this:

Original iOS features. The operating system iOS, which is installed on the iPhone, has dozens of unique features that Android devices lack (or differ). With their help, you can also easily identify a fake. Many reviews of various iOS features are posted in this section of our website.

How to check iPhone on Apple website

In the same place, in “Settings. General. About this device”, the serial number is written. You can use it too. Go to the Apple website and check the status of the device.

This is how you can understand that this is not a Frankenstein with a conventional 6s body and a six-piece filling. The page will show the model of the device, the date of the end of the limited warranty and information about the date of purchase.

Need to go online

At this stage, your SIM card with the Internet will also come in handy. It is enough to go to any page to understand that the smartphone works in LTE networks.

You should also find a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, or distribute it yourself. Nobody needs wireless internet problems.

It will be useful to go to Maps and determine the current location of the smartphone to make sure that everything is in order with GPS.

The easiest. Is he untied

A smartphone can pass any test brilliantly, but if the seller finds it difficult to turn off Find iPhone. say goodbye, nothing will work.

For those who are not in the subject: this tightly ties the iPhone to the owner of the Apple ID, and, in fact, gives him the keys to manage the device. For example, he can remotely lock your newly purchased iPhone and demand money to unlock it. He will know where you are. What a pleasure.

The desired item is hidden in the settings, in the “iCloud” section, but it is much easier to drive “Find iPhone” in the same place in the search.

Exploring the screen

The display is a treasure trove of weaknesses. What you need to pay attention to.

Press the screen in different places with little force. There should not be anything crunching, creaking or dangling here. Otherwise, the smartphone was dropped or opened.

The backlight should be uniform. Open an image with a white background and a black one and notice the glow around the edges. There should be no obvious spots and too bright places. If there are no such images, open any application with a suitable background. Well, or take a photo, for example.

There should be no yellow spots on the screen. Those that appear after the smartphone overheats. The fact is that under the influence of temperature, the glue between the touchscreen and the display changes color. Similar jambs appear if the device is constantly squeezed, for example, held in the back of jeans and sat on hard surfaces.

With the same set of pictures we check for stripes and broken pixels.

Classic. Battery status

It is clear that when buying a smartphone from your hands, you will have to endure all the jumps of a shabby battery. But wear on a one- to two-year battery is negligible.

Typically an iPhone will go through up to 500 charge cycles at least. At the same time, the loss of battery capacity is not felt. Do not think, the device continues to work even after, it is just that the “no plug” time is shortened.

The number of full charge cycles can be checked using the free coconutBattery utility. If you are too lazy to take a laptop with you, it is worth discussing with the seller in advance the possibility of installing the corresponding utility on the iPhone. Here, Battery Life, for example.

identify, iphone, original

Plus, in the latest iOS, it became possible to see the percentage of battery wear in the settings. Saves time.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

IMEI is a unique international identifier for mobile equipment. This 15-digit number must match within the same set. We check:

  • IMEI on the back of the case
  • IMEI in “Settings. General. About this device”
  • IMEI on request #
  • IMEI on the SIM-card tray (not relevant for iPhone SE and “fives”)
  • IMEI on the box (if any)

The box worries us last. If everything matches, except for her, it’s okay, just the seller brought the device in non-original packaging. Another question: why did he not warn you about this? This is another reason to double-check everything.

Checking the camera and microphone

Make sure there is no debris or condensation in the camera’s eye. Check your flash, take a couple of photos and videos. There should be no artifacts on the frames. Do not forget to play the captured video with sound. this is how the rear microphone is checked.

It is also easy to check the microphone in the standard Dictaphone application. Leave a couple of recordings and listen to them. There should be no extraneous noise.

How to check iPhone for originality: instructions

It’s real to check the iPhone for originality, so as not to make a mistake when buying and purchase an exactly normal device, and not a Chinese fake.

This can be done both by the serial number and by indirect indications. In any case, after reading this material, you cannot go wrong when looking at a fake.

In the past, you learned how to add music to video on iPhone. Now we will take a closer look at how to check the iPhone for authenticity to be sure that you have an Apple device in front of you.

Important! I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material on how to check if a refurbished iPhone is or not. From it you will learn the signs by which you can determine whether the device has undergone repair at all.

Asking for a box and a receipt

This is generally the main condition when buying an iPhone. The box must be mandatory, if it is not there, then the likelihood that in front of you a fake device is extremely high.

Also, the device can be sold to you by scammers. They will say that there is no box and check. like lost or thrown away, why is it needed? When you have already paid and go home, they will go to the police and write a statement on theft on you. The check is actually with the box they have. Plus, they can remotely lock the device this way.

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In any case, if you do not know the person or have suspicions, do not give him a chance to sell you a device without a box and a receipt. It’s too risky a lottery.

App Store

We are looking for the App Store in the smartphone and open it, see what applications are there and download. We check them for work. If the seller says that there is no Internet, we put our SIM card.

Checking the interface

When I bought the second iPhone 7, I came across as many as two devices with a normal body, IMEY and a box, but there was one huge drawback that does not immediately catch the eye. I don’t know if it’s original or not, but the interface was very slow there.

Apps took a long time to load, and so did the camera. I just took out my iPhone 7 and ran the same features, they took twice as long to load. I don’t know if it was a glitch or not, the App Store did not work, like there is no Internet.

Be sure to walk around the menu, launch programs, make a few calls, take a lot of photos. Check the work.

Important! Also, there should not be any Play Market or similar applications from Android, look at this.

How to check iPhone for originality

We look at the appearance

If you have a friend with the same model, then go watch the device with him. When I bought an iPhone 10 from my hands, among the options I examined. 4 fake / refurbished ones were calculated by the display and 2 by the speaker.

First of all, look at the maximum brightness on the display, if it is lower than it should be, then either there is a cheap Chinese screen, or it is a fake. We check the same with the speaker volume. In general, it is worth examining the entire body of the device and comparing it with the original for differences.

100% way. iTunes

Just bring your laptop with you to the meeting with iTunes installed on it and connect your smartphone. If he is determined, then this is definitely the original.

Important! I highly recommend reading the material about the refurbished iPhone. There you will learn how to find out if the device has been repaired.


This service allows you to check how high-quality the hardware of the tested smartphone is. as a rule, “underground” manufacturers use the lowest-grade components. CNDeepInfo service is universal and suitable for checking not only iPhones, but also gadgets of other brands.

Enter the IMEI number in the window and click the “Check” button. The result of the check will consist of several parts. First part. certificate.

The certificate confirms that the Apple iPhone is not stolen or lost by the original owner.

If you want to know more about what information the certificate gives, click on the round button with the letter “i”. in the picture it is circled in red.

A certificate in the form of a banner can be inserted into other resources. Click the button “HTML-code to embed on sites and forums”, and you will have access to all kinds of links and codes:

For example, a link to an image of a certificate can be placed by an iPhone seller in an advertisement for a sale. this will increase the level of trust of potential buyers.

The second block. “IMEI decryption”.

From this block, it becomes clear that the entire IMEY can be divided into 3 components:

    TAC number. describes the model and origin of the phone (8 first digits) Sequential number of the gadget. is unique for each device (6 subsequent digits) Check digit. the 15th digit that allows you to check the correctness of all the previous ones. The check digit is calculated using the “Moon” algorithm. you can learn more about this algorithm here.

There are no two phones with the same IMEI numbers.

The third block. “Detailed information”.

Alas, detailed information is not available during a free check. after clicking on the “Get information” button, you will be faced with an offer to pay.

If you scroll down the page with the results of the check, you will find the button “Add to the list of lost or stolen”.

If you lose the gadget, you should use this particular button. this way you complicate the task of selling the phone for the attacker.

How to check if iPhone is original or not by IMEI?

Check for originality is also carried out through the IMEY iPhone. You can find out the IMEI number in several ways:

Find on the packaging with a barcode. IMEI is lower than the serial number.

Through the “Settings” of the gadget. The path that the user needs to go through. “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

Through a combination. It is enough to dial # and the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

IMEY consists of 15 digits. alphabetic characters do not occur.

It is possible to check the authenticity of the gadget by IMEI using two services:

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

Actually, the site of the international identifier itself is available at To check, you need to enter a 15-digit number in the “Enter IMEI” window.

After entering the number, press “Check”. IPhone information appears on the screen.

If this information is not enough for you, click the “Read” button. a full description of the device’s functionality will appear, accompanied by a photo and 3D animation.

If the iPhone is found in the database by the IMEY number, the gadget is original.

Important: when registering on the website through your mailbox, check the “Spam” folder. most likely, a letter with a proposal to activate your account will be there.

How to check an iPhone for authenticity on the Apple website?

This method is the most suitable, because to use it you don’t even need to print the box and take out the device itself. Follow the instructions:

Look for the serial number of the device on the package. it should be located on the back of the box between the IMEI and the Part No. Serial number consists of 11 or 12 characters (numbers and letters).

If the iPhone is printed and activated, check the “serial numbers” on the package and in the device settings (path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”).

Go to the website and in the upper right corner select the “Support” tab.

Scroll down and find the Warranty & Repair section. Here you need to follow the link “Check warranty status”.

Enter the serial number of the device in the special window, then enter the captcha code.

After entering the data, click “Continue”. If you entered the number incorrectly, the system will display the following message:

Recheck the serial number. If there are no errors, then the iPhone is “gray”, and you need to refuse to buy it.

After correctly entering the “serial” of the activated iPhone, you will see the following screen:

Pay attention to the checkmark in the green field opposite the item “Actual date of purchase”. it is this that confirms that the gadget is original. The rest of the points are devoted to the international warranty for the device, which has a duration of 1 year from the date of purchase, and the right to a free consultation by phone. the owner of the iPhone can exercise this right within 3 months. As you can see, using the service, you can establish not only the authenticity of the device, but also the approximate period of use of the gadget (more than 3 months, more than a year). In our case, the warranty has already expired, so the system offers only paid appeal.

If the iPhone is not yet activated, you will see an exclamation point in the yellow box and the caption “You must confirm the date of purchase of the product.”.

The very fact that the service found this device in the database, and did not give an error, confirms the originality of the gadget.

Please note: if the serial number of the gadget begins with the combination “5K”, then you are looking at an iPhone of the Refurbished category, that is, refurbished by the manufacturer or seller. Refurbished iPhone cannot be called completely new, despite the fact that the repair is usually of high quality and that Apple gives a full guarantee for such a device.

How to check iPhone for authenticity?

It is better to check the iPhone by serial number and IMEI if you buy a sealed gadget. the seller is unlikely to agree to open the package just for you to look at the smartphone. But when buying an iPhone from hands without a box and documents, it is very important to pay attention to visual inspection. the typical signs of Chinese counterfeits are described here.

Codes and combinations for checking iPhone

All of the above points are only indirect signs that the device is being monitored. You can confirm or deny your suspicions by dialing certain codes.

Note! Checking is carried out using the usual keyboard of the device.

How to test an iPhone for wiretap by entering a combination of numbers:

  • #. checks for current call waiting;
  • #. will help to establish the IMEI. code of this device;
  • # is one of the most useful combinations. With its help, you can get information if someone has requested details of calls and SMS-messages;
  • #. displays data about services serving a specific iPhone;
  • #. if redirection occurs, this command will show it. In addition, the number to which the calls are transferred will be indicated;
  • ##. if redirection is detected using this combination, it will be possible to disable it. Accordingly, calls will be made only from a specific device;
  • # 30. caller ID for incoming calls.

Despite the simplicity, the combinations presented above are working, and most importantly, convenient. With their help, you can easily protect your phone from other people’s intrusions.

Important! It is not recommended to use codes too often. The problem is that not all operators are familiar with these command sets. Frequent activation is suspicious and may lead to blocking of the number.

Find and eliminate the source of wiretapping on iPhone

How to understand that a mobile phone is being tapped? Of course, first of all it is worth paying attention to the fact that personal information suddenly appears in the “wrong hands”. Of course, you might think that someone is deliberately disclosing the data, but a tracking program or device should not be ruled out either.

Before proceeding, it is worthwhile to analyze all the data again and compare the facts. You can determine that a person is being watched through the phone by the following signs:

  • information gets to unauthorized persons;
  • iPhone suddenly started to shut down, restart itself;
  • Internet traffic consumption has increased significantly;
  • sudden and spontaneous activation of GPS;
  • the device is overheating;
  • the amount of space on the phone has decreased;
  • battery discharge is faster.

Note! Of course, all of these signs can be symptoms of something else, for example, the breakdown of the iPhone itself. As a test of the guess, you can diagnose using the codes presented earlier.

If the suspicions are confirmed, what should be done in this case? There are several options for actions that can be taken if a person is being tracked via an iPhone:

How to know if iPhone is original or not

  • check your device for viruses and unwanted programs;
  • save the necessary information on a PC, a second SIM card and completely format the device. In other words, reset the settings to factory defaults;
  • use special programs designed for Apple devices. These include Android IMSI-Catcher Detector and CatcherCatcher. These programs will help protect your mobile phone from connecting to false databases. With the help of EAGLE Security, you can see a complete list of applications that have access to the microphone, camera, etc.;
  • Darshak system will help track unusual iPhone activity.

You can check your phone for wiretapping yourself

Can law enforcement eavesdrop on iPhone

Before you figure out how to determine the wiretapping of a mobile phone on the iPhone, it is worth finding out whether it is legal or not. If the conversation is about law enforcement agencies, then the answer will not be so unambiguous.

Wiretapping on iPhone is possible and quite common

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For your information! In accordance with Federal Law No. 126 “On Communications”, cellular operators are obliged to provide all the necessary information to authorized bodies engaged in operational-search activities.

In this case, data on calls, SMS messages and the like are provided. But as for the direct wiretapping of equipment, the operators in this case cannot always help.

At the moment, law enforcement agencies can listen to a person’s conversations not only if he has an iPhone, but also another mobile device. This is done using the SORM system.

Important! Wiretapping by law enforcement agencies can only be established if there is an appropriate court decision.

All of the above applies exclusively to legal activities. However, now there is a large number of spyware programs that are installed on a smartphone and allow you to listen to the conversations of another person (subordinate or spouse).

The peculiarity of such programs is that they can be used to record and then listen to conversations, intercept SMS messages, etc. In addition, the user can copy phone numbers from the address book of another subscriber. Needless to say, such actions are illegal? That is why it is worth figuring out how to check an iPhone for wiretapping in order to prevent interference with personal space.

Wiretapping by law enforcement agencies is carried out only by a court decision

Possible signs of wiretapping on iPhone

So how do you know if a phone is being tapped, for example, an iPhone? In fact, surveillance and eavesdropping programs rarely manifest themselves on a device in an explicit format. You can only pay attention to some minor points that will help to identify the harmful “beetle”.

How to know if a mobile phone is being tapped. iPhone:

  • the battery charge lasts significantly less. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the battery of the device is overheating, and this is a bad sign. If the battery suddenly starts to drain quickly, this is a reason to think. The thing is that spyware runs in the background and consumes a lot of energy;
  • strange (unusual) behavior of the phone is observed. It can be constant freezing, intermittent shutdowns, etc. Such actions look especially unusual on new iPhones;
  • when talking with a person in the receiver there are extraneous sounds, noises;
  • sudden interference should be of particular concern. If the smartphone is lying next to the speakers, and the latter suddenly begin to make noise, as if receiving an SMS message, this is already a weighty cause for concern. If spyware is indeed installed on the device, it is most likely transmitting data at that moment;
  • long connection with the subscriber or termination of the conversation. As a rule, most listening programs take time to wedge themselves into someone else’s conversation, hence the delays;
  • high traffic consumption. Currently available espionage programs are often designed in such a way that they accumulate information and then transmit it over Wi-Fi. If a person uses the Internet connection as usual, and traffic is still heavily consumed, it is worth considering. For the sake of interest, you can look at the Wi-Fi statistics, through it, working third-party applications that consume traffic are identified;
  • suspicious SMS. Messages containing incomprehensible alphanumeric texts can be encrypted commands for wiretapping. To check your guess, it is recommended to rearrange the SIM-card to which such SMS comes to another (push-button) phone. If the distribution does not stop, then, most likely, the device is “under the hood”.

There are many signs of wiretapping on iPhone

How to check iPhone for wiretap. codes and combinations

Can I listen to another person’s iPhone? Yes, you can. In the modern world, there are even special programs designed for this. How to find such a “pest” and what to do then, is discussed later in the article.

How to protect your iPhone from possible wiretapping

Speaking about banal protection from other people’s encroachments, it is worth noting that there are a lot of ways. First of all, it is recommended to adhere to the simplest rules:

  • do not transfer the device to strangers, if possible, keep it with you;
  • do not open links coming from unknown numbers;
  • closely monitor the sites that are visited. If not a wiretap program, then an unpleasant virus can always be picked up;
  • do not tell unauthorized persons the password.

Important! When it comes to setting a password, you shouldn’t take it lightly. It is best to use a finger or face scan. As a last resort, it is recommended to come up with a rather complex password that cannot be simply guessed.

Password as protection is the best way to prevent possible wiretapping

Listening programs are not a myth, but a very real phenomenon. Therefore, you should treat your confidential information responsibly. Adhering to simple tips, you can protect yourself, but if the “bug” is still installed, it can be calculated and eliminated.

Fake iphone. how to distinguish an original iphone from a fake

Demand creates supply. Chinese manufacturers have long established the production of well-known brands. Apple devices are no exception. I was prompted to write this article a couple of cases when, faced with a fake, I could not unequivocally determine the authenticity of the iPhone. You twist the phone in your hands, and everything seems to be in place, but something is not right. Let’s try to determine what you should immediately pay attention to when buying a hand-held phone. It makes no sense to analyze in detail the difference between the original iPhone and its Chinese counterparts. There are quite a few similar “left” manufacturers, and each is trying in his own way. In addition, counterfeits are found in all previously produced and released generations of smartphones. And it will probably be the same in the future.

Just want to warn against unnecessary fears. The back of the iPhone bears the words “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” This is true, and you shouldn’t be intimidated by it. All original iPhones are assembled in China at special Apple factories. Non-original iPhones are assembled in the same country.

It is worth noting that checking the authenticity of the phone by the IMEI number through the SNDeepInfo service may lead nowhere. I met a fake iphone, where the real IMEM and the current firmware version were registered in the paragraph about this device. This data was consistent with a real Apple phone.

Let’s try to identify the main differences, first external.

A person who has never held his own iPhone in his hands will find it difficult to determine the originality of the device. over, even an experienced user of Apple products will not easily understand what the catch is. At first glance, the fake iPhone looks quite believable. The difference is in the little things. In general, the ideal way is to have the original iPhone with you for comparison.

All existing iPhones have no memory card slot, no retractable antenna. These improvements from Chinese manufacturers have never been applied in native devices.

The SIM card slot for iPhone5, iPhone 4 (4S) is located on the side. They are designed for nano-SIM for iPhone 5 or micro-SIM for iPhone 4 (4S), respectively. First generation devices and 3G, 3GS have it on the top. Phones only have one SIM!

The back cover of a real iPhone cannot be removed; there is no access to the smartphone battery. No removable covers!

But the main differences are determined in the work. You need to turn on the device.

Open the Settings app. “Basic”. Pay attention to the Russian menu. The Russian language is one of the most difficult and it is not an easy job to translate the menu correctly. If there is something wrong with cases or abbreviations like “Return”, then this is not an iPhone.
The menu items here are different from the original. As a rule, there is no “Software Update” and “Siri” in fakes.

If possible, connect the device to your computer. When you connect your iPhone to your computer, iTunes will recognize it. Fake phone won’t sync with iTunes in any way.

If you are sure of the originality of the smartphone, then in this article you can learn in more detail how to check the iPhone before buying.

Checking a used iPhone before purchasing. How to find out almost everything about the phone by IMEI

How do I test my iPhone before buying? What you should pay attention to first of all and how to find out if all functions are working. The phone is locked or not. maybe it was under repair and restored.

To meet with the seller, try to choose a place where there is access to free Wi-Fi (for example, a shopping center or a familiar cafe). Thus, it will be possible to check the operation of the wireless module and find out directly from the phone where it is from and its fate by IMEI. It’s good if the seller has a box from the phone, you can compare the serial number and IMEI on the box and in the phone.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​is an international identifier of mobile equipment (“hardwired” into the device). IMEI is necessary for unique identification of a mobile device in a GSM network: it is automatically transmitted by the device to the operator’s network when connected.

You can find out the IMEI of your iPhone in the following ways:

  • dial # (SIM card is optional)
  • Settings. Basic. About this device
  • Remove the SIM tray. Serial number and IMEI printed on the SIM tray (iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S).

It was not in vain that I wrote about the SIM card at the beginning. Having your SIM card, you can easily make sure that the phone is not locked to a specific operator (your operator’s network will be displayed). By dialing the number, we check the conversation mode and evaluate the operation of the microphone and speaker.

By the way, it is not necessary to print the box (if you buy a new phone as a gift), you can find out a lot of useful information about the phone by the IMEI on it. But this is a special case, it is still better to check the operation and completeness in order to avoid “surprises”. In other cases, if you are refused to print a box with a phone, there is a reason to think a lot about buying.

Several useful links to check iPhone:

IPhone Serial Number Warranty Check on Apple Website:

Visual inspection, abrasions of the case (in principle, the glass can be polished on its own). Pay attention to the completeness. the presence of a charger for our outlet, a USB cable for connecting to a computer, a headset and a paper clip for removing the SIM card. Check the integrity of the screws on the bottom of the iPhone for visible irregularities, which may indicate that the phone was opened.

Turn the phone over in your hands. the orientation of the screen should be changed, thus the operation of the built-in accelerometer is checked. Shoot something with your camera. Covering the top of the phone with your palm during a call, you can check the operation of the proximity sensor (the screen should go out).

Not everyone knows about such an interesting trick that Apple Store employees use when accepting faulty phones. Thanks to LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) sensors, there is no need to spin the device and quickly determine whether the phone has been bathed. In the normal state, the indicator is white or silver, but after contact with water it turns red, so it will be difficult to confuse.

It was not possible to check the second device, therefore I cannot say whether it was similarly restored or not. But the phones were sold as new, with a pretty decent price tag of 300 each. For comparison, at the moment, in Svyaznoy iPhone 4 costs less than 13 kilo rubles, so a really stingy pays twice.

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