How to get a SIM card from an iPhone without a key

How to remove a SIM card from an iPhone without a paperclip

Apple developers thought out everything in advance with the issue of removing the SIM-card: it would seem, press the key, and there is no need to suffer. But this special needle just strives to touch somewhere, and if it was necessary to change the card quickly and in an unexpected situation, then it will not work to remove the tray either from the iPhone or from the iPad without improvised means. Fortunately, there are some proven working ways to finally get this ill-fated SIM out.

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If the tray does not come out at all

There is no need to fanatically press the button with a paper clip if, with light or moderate pressure, the tray does not come out of the iPhone or iPad. Most likely, in your case, you will have to contact the service center for help, unless, of course, you have the useful skill of disassembling and assembling such equipment. And it is certainly a bad idea to try to pull out the tray mechanically: picking with a knife and other sharp objects will not only ruin the appearance of the equipment, but can also lead to more serious damage if a piece of the tool breaks off and remains inside. You don’t want your beloved 5s or 4s to get hurt even more.?

Often, a complete blocking of a slot occurs when the used SIM card was cut from the old one, which did not fit in the parameters. Believe me, card reissue will be much faster and will require much less money than a similar breakdown of an iPhone or iPad. Do not be lazy to replace the card so that later you do not have to contact the service center for help due to your own indiscretion.

Some problems with an iPhone or iPad, such as removing a SIM card without using a key, can be solved on your own, but the main thing is to remember that service centers exist for a reason and are also ready to provide assistance in a difficult case. Be daring, but assess the situation adequately and do not panic!

How to open iPhone sim slot without its pin/ejector tool

Constantly, when you upgrade your phone or switch to a new phone network, you need to get and remove the SIM card from the iPhone. However, it’s not entirely clear how to access the SIM card slot on the side of your iPhone. For those occasions when you need to get to it, there is a tip on how to remove the SIM card slot using your everyday office equipment paper clip.

What it takes to remove the SIM card from the iPhone

In the absence of a standard key-paper clip from the phone kit, you will need to find a simple paper clip. Yes, you heard right an ordinary paper clip. Previously, the site wrote about how to remove a stuck SIM card, you can find this topic at the link in the description.

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How to open a SIM card slot with a paperclip

This is a fairly straightforward process that can be done while the iPhone is still powered on, and there is a hot swap.

Straighten the long end of the paper clip until it is flat, about a centimeter or more.

Examine all sides of your iPhone and find the hole near the SIM card tray with which we will remove the card.

Insert a paperclip gently into the small hole. Press lightly and evenly inside the hole until the SIM card tray pops out.

Pull the SIM tray out of your iPhone with your hands. Remove the old SIM from the SIM tray and place the new one in there.

Insert the tray in the same way as it left the phone until it is firmly inserted back.

What to do if you can’t remove the SIM card tray

Trying to remove the SIM card tray? Here are some things to keep in mind and steps you can try next. The instructions in this thread “How to remove a stuck SIM” will help you get it out if it is stuck. If you are interested in the usual way, read on.

Every owner of apple technology should know how to remove a SIM card from an iPhone. this knowledge will help you out more than once in everyday life. Let’s talk about how to remove the card from the device case correctly, let’s talk about the available alternatives. And we’ll also tell you what to do if your SIM card gets stuck in the process.!

The correct method

Removing the SIM card from the iPhone is easy. just follow the simplest instructions. The method presented by us is relevant for any model of an iPhone smartphone, you can easily find a slot on the side (or top) side of the case.

Before removing the SIM card from the iPhone 6, you need to find the SIM card slot. it’s easy, just find the small round hole. And now you can start our instructions.!

  • Arm yourself with a special paper clip that is included in the device kit;
  • Insert it with a sharp end into the slot hole;
  • Press lightly so that the edge of the tray slides out;
  • Gently pull on the backing with your fingers and remove the slot completely, now remove the SIM card.

It’s that simple! We figured out how to remove a SIM card from an iPhone 5S (or other model) in a few seconds. Here are some useful tips that will be useful to you:

  • It is not necessary to turn off the device before removing it. all functions of the iPhone smartphone will be available, only the cellular network will be turned off;
  • Be sure to return the liner to the opening with the same side as it was removed.

How to Remove SIM Tray With These Household Items for iPhone / Android Phone (For Lost SIM Pin)

Interested in the reverse process? Read our article on how to insert another SIM card into an iPhone without any problems.!

We are watching an interesting and useful video with other tips:

You already know how to remove the SIM card on the iPhone. But what if the standard components are lost, and you couldn’t find the original paperclip? There is an exit!

Ordinary situation

Let us assume that the SIM card can be removed without complications, and we turn to the method based on the replacement principle. Pulling out the tray with a key, you do nothing but a slight mechanical effect: the needle simply activates the mechanism and is not the only item suitable for this. It is quite possible to pull out the tray by replacing the needle with an ordinary paper clip, which must first be straightened a little. The tip of a paper clip is as good as a special needle to activate the tray pull-out mechanism, and in most cases your problem will no longer require any other tricks or tools. Oh yes, if you have never taken out a SIM card from an iPhone yourself, be it 3, 4, 4s, 5s or 6, then first you have to find the right slot. Different models have it in different places, but always has an oblong shape, similar to an oval.

  • The slot is on the right side of the iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 GSM, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, iPad mini.
  • The tray is located on top, next to the power button, in older models: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 Wi-Fi 3G GSM. At the same time, trying to get the SIM card out of the iPads, you need to insert a paper clip into the key slot not perpendicularly, but at an angle of 45˚.
  • The slot on the bottom left can only be found on iPad Wi-Fi 3G.
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The use of a paper clip is most popular because of its affordability and versatility, but if a paper clip is not available in your situation, it can be replaced with other similar items. The end of a large needle or wire is fine for this purpose.

Handy ways

Please note: we are not responsible for the possible consequences of using alternative methods!

You can remove the card from the iPhone even without a special tool. An excellent alternative would be the following options:

  • Straightened paper clip;
  • Toothpick;
  • Shackle with a thin straight clasp;
  • Pin or needle.

Be careful! Refrain from excessive pressure so as not to break the SIM card holder in the iPhone, and not to damage the card.

You couldn’t remove the SIM card from the iPhone, is it stuck? The problem can be solved. we will try to do it ourselves.

How to remove a SIM card from an iPhone?

Last time we looked in detail on how to clear memory on iPhone using iTunes and without it, wrote a small instruction, which you can read here. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the operation of a phone without a SIM card. All iPhones and most iPads are designed for communication between users, friends, colleagues and people close to us. Communication is possible both via the Internet and through the network of a mobile operator using a SIM card. How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone 7?

A SIM card is an intermediary that provides the operator of communication services with information about your device, its access to voice communication and data transmission. Full operation of the device is impossible without a SIM card. So, in this article we will deal with a seemingly simple question of how to insert a SIM card into the iPhone 6 and most other iPhone models. First, let’s consider what type of SIM is required for the normal operation of the device.

According to the official information from the Apple website, the following types of SIM cards are used in the iPhone, which are shown in the image. Therefore, be careful and check the consultant of the operator of communication services or insert the SIM directly in the communication salon, in the presence of an experienced assistant.

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How to get a SIM card from 5 iPhone if there is no original paper clip?

Probably every house has toothpicks. Many people use toothpicks after eating, but not everyone thought that they can be used as one of the improvised means to remove the SIM card from the iPhone.


Typically, a standard toothpick will not fit into the hole in the iPhone SIM tray. To get the SIM out of the iPhone using a toothpick, you need to sharpen its edges a little (do it already). Try to trim just a little on both edges. If you make it too thin, then the toothpick will break off when the SIM card is removed, be careful.

How to remove a SIM card from an iPhone 5s

All we need is to find out where the SIM card tray is located on the smartphone itself and the tool to extract the SIM card from the gadget.

The main difficulty that may arise on your way to remove the SIM card is the availability of a tool, but this is not a problem. We will manage with improvised means.

To begin with, if you still have a paper clip that is included with the device, we advise you to use it. Remove the case from your smartphone and locate the SIM card tray. As a rule, its distinctive feature is the presence of a hole in the case on the side of the device. Insert an original Apple paperclip into the hole and press down firmly to release the SIM card tray out of the slots.

After pulling out the tray with the SIM card from the device, the inscription SIM card is not active appears on the smartphone. We advise you to turn off your smartphone before inserting or removing a SIM card.

How to remove a SIM card from an iPhone 4

The safest way to remove the SIM card from the iPhone 4 without using the original key is to use a paper clip. Surely many have the most common paper clip underneath. Unfold it or straighten the long end as shown in the image and insert it into the SIM tray in iPhone 4.

Where are the SIM slots on other versions of the iPhone?

Pretty much every iPhone comes with a SIM tray. The only exception was the CDMA variant of the iPhone 4. Therefore, if you have an iPhone 4S or newer, then you will definitely find a SIM card compartment on your smartphone. Let’s describe in words where the slot is located and on which models:

iPhone 3G3GS: on top between the headphone jack;

iPhone 4-4S and later: On the right side of the case, which is opposite to where the volume buttons are located.

Whenever you replace the SIM card, make sure you insert it into the tray in the correct orientation, so be extremely careful. Our instructions will also help those users who ask the question of “How to insert a SIM card into the iPhone 7”.

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