How to find your Samsung phone a 50

Google voice

Don’t trust sites like the one above? You can also use the Google Voice calling feature. If you have an account, enter any phone number and Google Voice will first call your phone and then call the number you entered. As Lifehacker pointed out, it will still call a different number unless you find your phone and answer before voicemail takes over, so make sure to choose wisely.

How to get your lost phone back in four easy steps

Every year, millions drop their mobile devices into the unknown. In the United States, about 50% of lost devices are returned to their owners. The rest are sold or reused. Stealing may sound environmentally friendly and selfish, but horribly unfriendly to the original owner. Instead of opening up to lawsuits or serious crimes, bring it back. Mobile phones contain family photos, personal information, and more that exceed the physical value of the phone, but how to return your phone to the owner?

Recovering a locked lost phone is a lot like stealing it. I recently found someone’s accidentally discarded 450 smartphone. But do I break through the passcode and access to the owner’s personal information, including sexts and home pornography? No, I didn’t have access to their data.

For the curious: yes, the phone’s lock scheme can be hacked with a few tricks, including the Android debugger, grease trail exploit, and lock screen exploit.

Every year, millions drop their mobile devices into the unknown. In the United States, about 50% of lost devices are returned to their owners. The rest are sold or reused. stealing may seem environmentally friendly and selfish, but terribly unfriendly to the original owner. Instead of opening up to lawsuits or violent crimes, bring it back. Mobile phones contain family photos, personal information, and more that exceed the physical value of the phone.

Easy. if the phone does not use a locking scheme, just open the contacts list and find a family member. However, the locking pattern complicates the situation as you need to unlock the phone to access the contacts list. Even locked, you can still return your device without much hassle. This is how I found the phone and quickly returned it successfully.

Return your lost phone that you found!

If you find your lost phone, it’s easy to get it back. If you have an IMEI number, just contact your cellular operator and leave your contact details. If you do not have an IMEI, either wait for them to call their phone, or you can try to bypass the blocking combination.

There are many methods for those of you looking to get your stolen device back, and some old strategies revolve around installing software. However, the newer Android Device Manager allows you to find your stolen device without actually installing anything. And Apple users can use Find iPhone to find their phone.

Returning the phone clears the conscience and gives good karma. Does anyone else love returning people’s lost property? Let us know in the comments.

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Method # 2: Android Debug Method

The method of using Android Debug (ADB) method can break the phone lock scheme. This method requires you to have ADB installed on your computer. Also, the device should be connected via USB to your PC with ADB installed. If configured correctly, you are modifying the phone’s gestures.key file. serious Android security issue. The phone will wake up from locked mode and you will be able to access your contact list. Thieves at this point will simply reset the device. Do not do this.

How to use Samsung Find My Phone?

Posted on Dec 16, 2019 by Shane Schick

When someone who has lost their smartphone manages to get it back, you can often hear them say something like, “Thank God my life is there!” It would be correct to add that in many cases, access to their company’s entire data stack is also on the device.

This is one of the reasons SMBs need to be as knowledgeable as consumers about geotracking solutions like Samsung’s Find My Mobile service. If you don’t have mobile device management (MDM) tools and other security protocols, typical of a large enterprise, the Find My Mobile app can provide you with the Stihl you need.

According to a 2019 survey by IDC, 78 percent of business device shipments worldwide are based on the Android operating system (OS). Meanwhile, a report from Wilson Electronics shows that most American workers spend more than one hour checking their phones during each workday for work-related reasons.

This means that even if you have a small or medium business, Android devices have become the main platform for running mobile applications that access corporate information and handle critical workflows. It also means that when these mobile devices go missing, the costs for organizations can be much higher than a simple hardware replacement.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about using Samsung’s Find My Mobile service.

How do I find my phone using Find My Mobile?

Once activated, you can visit the Find My Mobile service in any web browser to find your Samsung device.

Again, you will be logged into your Samsung account first. Then you will see a list of all Samsung devices for which you have activated Find My Mobile.

If you selected Send Last Location on your phone, you can see its location on a map. If your device is on the move, you can receive location updates every 15 minutes. You can also check the status of the device and the remaining battery power.

Please note that location and other Find My Mobile features will only work if your lost device is turned on and connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network. You should log in as soon as you find your device is missing in order to have a better chance of finding it.

Backstory: Exploring Lost Phones

Symantec has conducted research into a phone theft case that randomly scattered 50 phones in the Los Angeles area without locking the screen. Approximately 50% of these phones have returned to Symantec. Of these, 96% were available to receive personal data such as photos, emails and more.

Moral of the story: Enable password or screen lock.

However, phones using a combination lock can be easily hacked to reveal your personal information. It can also interfere with attempts to return the phone.

When it comes down to it, there are two ways to return a phone, which depends on whether you have access to the mobile station hardware ID on the internet or the IMEI number The IMEI number can uniquely identify the owner of the phone.

Problems and questions

How to find Samsung if it’s turned off?

Unfortunately, no way. The most that you can. track his last location until the moment he lost contact.

What you need to find a smartphone?

In order for the search function to work, the mobile device must be connected to the network via mobile Internet or WI-FI access point.

How to find Samsung on the map?

Location information will only be displayed if the mobile tower or GPS positioning function is activated on the phone. Otherwise, if you have an Internet connection, the maximum you can do is send a beep, lock the device or clear it.

Is it possible to find a smartphone by IMEI?

In theory, this is possible, but only through law enforcement agencies, having previously filed a statement about the loss of a mobile device. Those services that appear on the Internet and offer to track the phone by IMEI are nothing more than fraud and will not help you in solving your issue.

Other useful information:

Unlock your phone’s SIM card

A small plastic card with a chip in the middle is that irreplaceable device, without which a mobile phone is simply useless as such. Naturally, we are talking about a SIM card. The chip that is used in it, although small in size, allows you to store a certain amount of information, which is often confidential. For the safety of this data, a protection technology is also used with the help of the so-called PIN-code, which is requested to be turned on. If you unsuccessfully enter the PIN code three times, the mobile device will ask you for another code, the so-called PUK code. It usually consists of eight digits and is provided to you with your SIM card. If you cannot use the phone because you do not know the PIN-code, then just use the PUK-code. If you do not know him either and he is not recorded anywhere (and documents from the SIM card are lost, for example), then the first thing to do is to call the support number of your mobile operator. There they will tell you how to find out your PUK code (you may even be able to find it out by phone). If there is no opportunity to call, then contact the nearest customer service center, taking with you the SIM card and the phone in which it was used (you may also be required to have a passport). You can see the numbers of mobile operators in Ukraine, as well as the way of fast communication with them]] here]].

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How to unlock a Sony Ericsson phone?

In the case of phones from this manufacturer, two unlocking methods are possible: using the cable that came with the phone and using a special service cable. For the second option, you will also need additional software (SEMCtool_v8.4 or TMS 2.45 software). If you plan to use the supplied cable, you will need the WotanClient program, which, unfortunately, is not free. There are also some smartphone models that can be used with the DaVinci client.

Unlocking the phone, depending on the manufacturer’s brand

Many modern phone models support the function of protecting the phone using special passwords that the user sets himself. But there is always a risk of forgetting the code set by you, which will make it impossible for the further operation of the mobile device. In this case, you can use the firmware reset function to unlock the phone. In other words, it is a reset of all phone settings to factory defaults. Of course, you will then have to re-perform all the previously installed settings, but there is no other way out. This type of phone unlocking is different for different manufacturers.

How to unlock a phone locked by an operator?

This type of blocking is used by mobile operators in order to make it impossible to use a phone (usually branded) in the network of another operator. If you insert another SIM-card (of any other operator), then when you turn on the phone will ask you for a password or unlock code. Then the question arises “how to unlock the phone code?”. The best option, of course, is if you have a sufficiently loyal operator who will kindly provide you with a code when you call Support. To do this, you only need to name the IMEI of your phone (the number that is individual for each device, usually you can find it under the phone’s battery). But this is an ideal option, which is extremely rare. If the operator refused you, then do not despair, as there are a lot of craftsmen who will unlock your phone by flashing. Detailed manuals can often be found on the net, so with a sufficient level of knowledge, you can do this procedure yourself. But if you are not confident in your strengths and knowledge, then it is better to entrust this work to a specialist. Often, a jailbreak program is used to unlock, which is supported by such a well-known company as Apple.

How to Unlock Samsung Phone?

The phones of this manufacturer are also equipped with an access blocking function using a special security code that you can easily forget on your computer a program called Samsung @ home 9.41. With its help, you can easily cope with this problem. The functionality of this utility is quite simple, and you can easily figure out its settings.

How to unlock your NoKia phone?

  • computer (or any of its analogs: laptop, netbook, tablet) with Internet access;
  • USB cable suitable for the phone;
  • NoKia PC Suite software, which must be preinstalled on your computer and (preferably) updated to the latest version. You can download it from the official website of the HoKIA company (;
  • NoKia Unlocker Tool, which should also be on your computer.

Next, start the program, insert the cable into the computer and connect it to the phone. When the phone is recognized by the NoKia PC Suite program, you can start the NoKiaUnlockerTool program. After that, the phone will be recognized by this program as well. Make a request for the code and the program should unlock the phone. If this method does not help, then contact phone repair or the nearest service center of the manufacturer of your mobile device.

Unlock phone memory

Some phone models allow you to separately block access to various files that are in the memory (either a phone or, most often, an additional memory card). In this case, again, a situation is possible when you will not know (or remember) the set password and the functionality of the device will be partially inaccessible to you. It is very unpleasant when the information you need is seemingly at hand, but at the same time is not available to you. To solve this problem, you will have to be puzzled by unlocking the memory card. There is such an option as formatting, which will quickly resolve the issue with ignorance of the code. But he will not solve the issue of information recovery, since all of it will be destroyed as a result of formatting. Therefore, this option is not suitable for everyone. All other methods for unlocking the phone memory are based on the use of additional software. To do this, you will need a cable that came with the phone (or you purchased it additionally) to connect it to a computer, or a card reader (a small device that will allow you to read information from a memory card by connecting it to a computer separately from the phone). One of the programs with which you can unlock is JetFlash Recovery Tool. You can download it from the official website of the developers. It can also be used to format a memory card.

The main thing is that you are aware of all your actions and perfectly understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you can simply disrupt the phone’s performance, which is not always possible to restore. So if you yourself do not know how to unlock the phone, perform any other action with it, then it is better to seek help from professionals. But I still hope that you will not encounter such problems and will use your telephone set wisely.

Search Samsung via Google account or app

In detail, in all details, how to do this, it is written in the instructions. to find the location of the phone through Google account. In fact, in this case, you need to do everything the same as we did in the last chapter.

Go to the address., but this time enter the data from your Google account. Then follow the instructions from the first chapter.

The application can be downloaded from Google Play, it is called Find My Device. Install it on another smartphone or tablet. You need to log in using your account, if the device is not yours. log in as a guest with your data and just follow everything as in the instructions for the first chapter.

Find Samsung Phone. How? TOP ways

Searching for a Samsung phone, unlike smartphones from other brands, has several advantages, the main one of which is its own search system, which works through a Samsung account.

So, in addition to the official methods of Android itself, you will have an alternative and functional way to find your device as soon as possible.

In the previous article, we took a closer look at how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung. Now we will analyze in no less detail how to find a Samsung phone through a Samsung account and other methods. Also, the instruction is suitable for tablets of this brand.

Important! Details about searching for Android devices step by step are written in the article. find a phone. There you will find comprehensive information on this topic.

Find my mobile Samsung. search service

Official decision from Samsung itself. Functional service for finding devices of this brand.

  • An account from the Samsung must be linked on the phone or tablet
  • The device must be turned on
  • Internet should work
  • Location / Geolocation and Find My Mobile Device must be enabled

Go to and sign in to your account. You can do this both from a computer or laptop, or from another smartphone or tablet.

The page will immediately display the location of your smartphone or, if it is turned off, the last switch-on point. At the same time, the phone itself will receive a notification about the location request.

With a smartphone, you can remotely perform the following actions:

  • Call. on the smartphone, a signal will be played at the highest volume for a certain time
  • Block. the device will be blocked, while the search on the map will still work. Plus, Samsung Pay will be disabled and you can leave your contacts on the screen for communication
  • Track position. information about the location of the device will be shown on the map in real time
  • Delete data. everything that is on the smartphone will be erased, the SD card will also be cleared if it is not removed
  • Backup. data from your phone will be backed up to the cloud
  • Receive calls / messages. displays the last 50 calls and messages
  • Unlock. unlocks the device
  • Extend the working time
  • Select Trustees
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Call your number from another phone. So you will understand. did anyone find it, does it work, or could it have been stolen altogether.

If Samsung is turned off, and there is still a charge on it, then it is most likely that it was simply stolen. In this case, immediately lock the device or delete all data altogether. Next, take the documents from him, HAVE the code and go to the police to write a statement. Do not forget to call your mobile operator and block your SIM card, or immediately go to their office and change it (the old one will be blocked).

If Samsung is turned on. look on the map where your device is currently located and go in search of it. If it is not blocked, block it first just in case. You need to search at least within a radius of 25 meters, as GPS may have such an error.

As soon as you arrive at the place, start sending a sound to your phone so that you can search for it.

Interesting! Only the police can search for your Samsung by IMEI, only they have these powers, therefore, when you file a report on loss or theft, be sure to provide them with this code. You can always see it on the receipt or box from the device. Additionally, add IMEI to the blacklist of the site.

Looking for the last location in Google Maps

Open the site following the link. and go to the chronology section. See the last places where your smartphone was. Here you can find useful information, if the smartphone was turned on recently and the dot is shown. go there and ask if anyone has found your phone.

Samsung values ​​its users, so they made their own functional and effective service with advanced functions for remote control and phone search.

Don’t know how to find your phone? Learn some effective ways

Nowadays, a mobile phone is an irreplaceable thing. It is hard to imagine a typical day for any person who goes by without the use of this miracle of technology. Lovers of quick money are well aware of this. Therefore, more and more people find themselves in an unpleasant situation when they have to think about how they find a phone lost for unknown reasons. In the section]] tips from the world of mobile communications]] I used to bring up the topic]] phone registration]]. and now I propose to consider another problematic situation. The mobile device is with us always and everywhere. Not surprising, because everyone wants to always be in touch. But carrying your phone with you all the time also increases the chance of losing it. This is not always the result of the owner’s neglect. Often it can just be stolen.

So how do you act in such a situation? How to find a lost phone?

When you are in the supposed place of loss, call your mobile device. This way you can find your phone by sound. Of course, there is a risk that someone else will be able to find him in this way, but here you have to take risks. In addition, the situation is not excluded when the person who found your phone turns out to be conscientious and tries to find the owner. But this, of course, is a very unlikely scenario. often than not, you yourself have to think about how to find the phone. If you have lost more than three supposed places, and there is no one to help you, then I do not recommend using the ringing option. Better to gradually explore each territory.

The worst case scenario is not just losing your phone, but losing your discharged phone. Or the case when the switched off phone was lost. In this case, the options for how to find a lost phone become even less. You can try to insure yourself a little against such situations by purchasing a special keychain that reacts to pops or whistles. You can also use the so-called “lossless”. The essence of this device is to notify the owner when the transmitter is removed from the receiver at a specified distance. The transmitter and receiver in this situation are you and your phone. There is also a reverse action of the device. notification when approaching the phone. This is useful when searching.

To find a phone, you need to try to concentrate your attention as much as possible on each area of ​​interest. Look for it even in those places where, it seems, well, you just could not lose it. As practice shows, a mobile phone can be anywhere: in the refrigerator, in the microwave, and even in the trash can (there were cases, yes, yes :)). Remember how law enforcement officers conduct a search. You can also conditionally divide the search territory into separate sections and carry out the search in stages. This is the only way you can successfully resolve the arisen question of how to find a mobile phone.

Since we are talking about law enforcement agencies, it should be mentioned that they can also help you. If no methods have allowed you to find an apparatus dear to your soul and body, or you are simply sure that it was stolen, contact the law enforcement agencies for help. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to such an option as using special tools to find a phone by IMEI. But if you have such an opportunity, be sure to use it. In this case, the chance of a successful search will increase significantly. Unfortunately, more often you have to look for the answer to the question of how to find a phone. The best way is to prevent it from being lost! Be careful and never leave your phone in an open area.

But this is already a topic for a separate material. Now I propose to summarize all of the above. So how do you find the missing? Let’s go in order:

  • We call the lost phone 1-2 times to make sure that you have not forgotten it at home or with friends.
  • Remember the last time we held the phone in our hands.
  • We determine the likely places of the loss of the phone.
  • If you have assistants, then we each go to one of the likely places of loss. When everything is in place. we call the phone to try to find it by sound.
  • If you have to act on your own, then you shouldn’t call. Gradually carefully investigate each of the alleged loss sites.
  • Is it all in vain? Then we try to find the phone by IMEI (if there is such a possibility, of course).
  • If there are familiar resellers of phones, we go to them and ask them to notify them if they have a similar phone.

Aaapyat Samsung or 50 shades of the rainbow.)))

Having pretty much worn out with her Galaxy J2 Prime, my mother decided to make herself a present, presumably from the sensational line of the Chinese manufacturer, and therefore took me with her as a consultant.

Having finally decided on the choice, that is, choosing the color, camera and memory size, maman asked if I wanted one for myself. “Well, how can I resist.” I thought, completely not understanding why I would have to sacrifice my still quite “healthy” device from the same “J” line. As a result, we were presented with two absolutely identical smartphones with identical characteristics.

This may seem inconvenient to many, especially when taken for a woman’s hand, but, compared to the same J7, whose dimensions are smaller, this one is much more comfortable to operate. Although, the width of the working surface is the same.

Yes, the case is stylish, beautiful, but. insanely easily soiled. It is almost impossible to wipe the prints off this beauty. And the transparent case does not really help either. all traces remain on it. Therefore, it is better to purchase a darker and more practical version of protection.

Now about the pros and cons of the case.

  • Interesting design
  • Ease of use
  • Large display (6.4 inches)
  • Lightweight (total 166)
  • Thin
  • Very easily soiled surface
  • Plastic case

And I will separately make items such as

  • Intermittent heating during operation
  • Sensitivity to temperature drop

The last point. the trouble of many modern gadgets, so take care of your devices.)))

All connectors are located at the bottom of the device.

For me, this is both a plus and a minus at the same time.

Plus, because the phone is not perforated from all sides; minus, because if you use wired headphones when the device is in your. I personally find it inconvenient to get it upside down. But, this is a matter of taste.

Here is such a charging kit was in the box:

It will take about 1.5 hours to fully charge the phone with it (by the way, if you also have a habit of charging everything to the last, then the last percentage fills up to 30 minutes).

The box also includes headphones.

Well, the main characteristics.

Separately, I would like to note points such as

  • Spaciousness
  • Battery

Yes, the battery is non-removable, and no matter what they say, this is a huge plus for me. I really do not like to fiddle with the lid every time, breaking off my nails on the go. And the for batteries are now such that it’s easier to take a new phone.

This is what the home screen looks like.

Android 9, 8 cores, support for LTE, NFC, Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2340 × 1080, support for two SIM cards, a separate slot for a memory card with a capacity of up to 512 GB, a triple main camera with 25, 5 and 8 MP, a front camera for 25 megapixels.

about the main camera.

The quality of the pictures suits me, the photos are slightly brighter than the live picture, but much still depends on the place where the files are viewed. Therefore, it is not critical.

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Such photos are obtained with the main camera in daylight:

The flash and the front camera have not yet been used, but I will definitely add to my impressions soon.

Trivia such as automatic screen brightness and night mode (black theme) make it much easier to use.

Always On Display keeps you on top of things and doesn’t get lost in time.

The speaker is quite loud, the sound is free of interference. Both when talking and while listening to anything.

Summing up, having weighed all the pros and cons, I can say that the phone deserves a solid four and so far an honorable first place among all my dialers.)))

And finally. photo box.

Thanks for watching. I look forward to your questions and comments.

Update as of 02/18/2020, after 3.5 months of use.

Smart is still in order, I did not notice any changes for the worse. But, there were some questions about the functionality of the device. For convenience, I throw all my observations into one heap.

  • I never found a direct copy of the contacts;
  • Displaying notifications on the locked screen also remained a mystery to me;
  • The front camera blurs the photo up close, so I won’t be able to display this jamb for everyone to see; Otherwise, there are no complaints about her;
  • The case is catastrophically easily soiled and just crazy about dust and lint, but the cover saves the situation;
  • Thanks to the cover, the back panel is still like new, but even with it, I got a couple of dirty stripes on it (soon nanotechnology will force us to bathe our electronic friends.);
  • The charge is enough with moderate use for 1.5-2 days;
  • When trying to transfer all the photos from the previous phone via Wi-Fi Direct, the device overheated and passed out (and my J7, at the same time, is knee-deep);
  • The problem with the fingerprint has not been resolved.

I add a photo from the front camera:

Search through apps

Thanks to the Find My Mobile app for Samsung, you can find your missing one very quickly. To do this, you need to access the gadget, find the place where it is located, or block it. You must have an active Samsung account on your phone to use this service. To do this, immediately after purchasing a smartphone, you need to download the program and register in it. In addition, a prerequisite is to allow Google to collect data and agree to the terms of use for wireless networks.

But you will be able to find a device from Samsung through your account, provided that the “send last location” function is active in the settings. In this case, before the device is turned off, it will send information about the last location to the server, so it will not be difficult to find the device.

If the gadget is not connected to the network or remote access is not enabled, then all efforts will be in vain.

In addition, with the help of Find My Mobile you can:

  • lock screen, on / off buttons and Samsung Pay;
  • call your device and if it is not far away, you will hear a loud call within a minute;
  • delete the information available on the device;
  • save backup to Samsung cloud service.

This is not the only application that helps to find a “lost”, but it is the most popular.

How to find a smartphone by number

The easiest method is to call your number. Undoubtedly, it is not effective, because if the device was stolen, the number will no longer be available. But it often happens that when a gadget is lost, it is returned to the owner.

But situations are not uncommon when a smartphone is lost at home or is near the owner. In this case, a call from another device will help. But this does not apply to situations when the phone is in silent mode.

In case of theft, you must immediately remove the SIM card, because if an attacker wants to call, then its holder will pay.

In serious situations, you can call the operator, and he will provide information about the calls that were received on the device after it was lost. But it is important for Honor that the information will not be received by the user, but by representatives of law enforcement agencies after an official request.

Initial actions

To find Samsung due to its theft or loss, do not get lost, but take the first and most important steps. These include an appeal to law enforcement agencies or an independent search. So, when choosing the second option, you need to:

  • It is better to call a lost phone more than once. This will help make sure you don’t leave him at home or with friends.
  • Remember when you used the device for the last time or just held it in your hands.
  • Determine approximate locations where a Samsung mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Walk through them.
  • If possible, then find a Samsung phone by IMEI.

In addition, you can go to pawnshops located near the approximate place of loss or theft, or contact resellers. Chances are slim, but worth a try.

Ways to Find a Lost Samsung Phone in 2021

If you need to find a Samsung phone, then you need to explore possible ways to help recover the loss. You can search for a device by account, through the manufacturer’s website, programs and applications. There are other methods that can be used to detect and return a gadget. The main thing is to choose the option that suits you.

Search by IMEI

Thanks to this method, you can find your lost Samsung phone by its IMEI serial number. It is a 15-digit code assigned to each product before it appears on the market. It is problematic to change this combination on your own, so an ordinary user will not be able to cope with this task.

To find out your IMEI, you need to look at the box in which the device was sold, on the battery, or dial the combination #. But this method is not the most effective in case of theft, because the thief will immediately reset this parameter. Users often start calling the call center to find their Samsung phone if they have lost it, or to get information about it. Unfortunately, they have the right to provide such information only to police officers, and they will not be able to block the device remotely.

This method takes time and effort, but its effectiveness is not always justified. Therefore, if there is no special equipment, it is better not to use this method.

How to find a switched off phone

Another problem that a user of a Samsung smartphone faces is that the device is lost and at the same time it is turned off. In this case, only representatives of law enforcement agencies will be able to find the loss. You need to proceed as follows:

Without contacting the police, it will be impossible to find a thief or a missing person, because employees have access to a database with IMEI numbers.

Account search

The most common method is to search for Samsung phone by Google account. Such functionality is available to all owners of gadgets running on the Android OS, including the products of the South Korean manufacturer. To get back your “loss” you need to register a Google account and check the network connection.

The search will give a result if the device is active and the Internet is turned on. Otherwise, the efforts will be in vain.

  • log into your Google account on your computer and select the “Phone search” menu;
  • examine the list of devices that are assigned to the device profile;
  • select the desired model from the list;
  • pass authorization following the prompts.

After completing these steps, you can use one of two options: call the number or determine where it is via the Internet. In the first case, the device receives a call, with which you can determine whether it is on the street or at home. If the device is stolen, it will be possible to determine its approximate location.

But if it is turned off, then it is worth waiting for it to be turned on to make it easier to search. The disadvantage of the method is the error, which is 300 m. In other words, if a multi-storey building is shown on the map where the system directs after logging into the account, then it is almost impossible to find the loss. The only solution is to constantly update the program to monitor the movement of the device.

How to lock your phone when lost

It is possible to track and lock a Samsung phone that is stolen or lost. To do this, you need to choose one of several available methods. Suitable for this:

  • Google account;
  • Samsung special services.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile. As A Samsung Owner, This Is Super Important

The second option involves searching for a Samsung phone through the manufacturer’s official website. To do this, you need to go to the “Android Remote Control” or “Find Smartphone” menu. it all depends on what action you need to perform. After that, log into your Samsung account from your computer to find your phone and lock it. it is possible to carry out the reverse procedure, provided that the user knows the PIN code of the device.