How to find your number on iPhone

How to make your call anonymous if the operator is MTS?

Almost all mobile operators offer their subscribers to install the function of hiding their calls. MTS is no exception.

To do this, in the call line, type 11146 # “call”. After processing the request, a notification appears on the display: »The application has been sent, wait for an SMS-message about registration. A few minutes later, an answer appears that your phone has an incoming call anti-detection service.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to hide your number from the called subscriber. For example, this is necessary when calling a large number of people. If you do not hide your number, then people you have not reached will call you back and distract you from work.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can hide your number on iPhone. Information will be relevant to all iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8 and X.

In order to hide the phone number on the iPhone, you need to enable the corresponding function in the settings. To do this, open the iPhone settings and go to the “Phone” section.

After that, go to the subsection “Show number”.

And put the function “Show number” in the off state.

After turning off the “Show number” function, call someone and check how your number is displayed. If your mobile operator allows you to hide the number, then the subscriber you called will see the inscription “Unknown” and will not be able to identify your phone number.

However, it is quite possible that the cellular operator does not allow hiding the phone number. In this case, disabling Show Number on iPhone will have no effect. It is also possible that in order to hide the number, you need to connect a paid service of a cellular operator. Usually this service is called “AntiAON” and you need to pay for it daily.

You also need to take into account that the “Show number” function affects only your calls. When sending SMS messages, your number will be displayed as usual.

Unknown number using iOS

How to make a call from an iPhone so that the number is not determined, this part of the instruction, dedicated to the tools built into the Apple operating system, will tell. We act as follows:

  • On the main screen of the smartphone, we find the icon with “Settings” (gray gear). In the menu that opens, “scroll down” until we find the item “Phone”.
  • Inside the “Settings” select “Show number”. Inside it, disable the function by placing the switch selector in the inactive position.

Now, during a call to another iPhone, the inscription “Unknown” will be displayed instead of the usual numbers. However, it should be remembered that “hiding” can be hindered by the “Auto-identification” service provided by telecom operators. In this case, the slider will be inactive:

This means that it will be possible to hide only by contacting the cellular operator and connecting the appropriate service.

how to find your number on iphone

Hide number on iPhone

Hiding the number on the iPhone is possible only with the activation of the corresponding service from the mobile operator. Each of them sets their own and conditions. A standard feature on the iPhone rarely allows you to activate this mode yourself.

IOS standard tools

The user can try to enable automatic hiding of the phone number in the settings. To do this, you need to do the following:

Find the parameter “Show number” and tap on it.

Change the state of the switch to activate the function.

However, usually this function is associated with the cellular operator and its conditions. That is, to enable it, you need to activate the AntiAON service (anti-caller ID). Typically, you need to enter a command in the dialer, similar to a request to check the balance. Here are such USSD requests for popular cellular operators. The cost of the service can be found on the website of each operator or by calling technical support, as it changes quite often.

  • Beeline. This operator will not be able to hide their number at one time, only by activating the subscription service. To do this, enter 110071 #. Connection is free.
  • Megaphone. If you want to hide the number only for one time, then dial # phone_called_ subscriber. starting from number 8. Permanent service is connected with the command 221 #.
  • MTS. A permanent subscription is connected with the 11146 # command. one-time. # phone_called_ subscriber. starting with 8.
  • Tele2. This operator provides only a permanent subscription to AntiAON by entering the request 1171 #.
  • Yota. This company provides anti-caller ID for free. And for this you do not need to enter a special command. The user simply turns it on in the settings of his phone.

In this article, we have discussed how to hide a number using a special application, and what commands you need to enter in order to connect the corresponding service with a cellular operator.

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There are often situations when you need to call someone, but you don’t want the subscriber to be identified. Many cell phone owners do not know how to anonymize their number on the iPhone. Most of the users turn to the manufacturer Apple with the question: “How to hide the number on the iPhone?” We get a positive response from those support. It turns out that the phone has such a function. to hide numbers. Apple’s official website provides instructions for everyone who wants to hide the number on the iPhone.

Have you ever had a situation where someone calls you, and instead of a number or name there is an inscription “Hidden Numbers”? Perhaps someone is trying to play a trick on you? How can you find out an anonymous person using your gadget. In fact, everything is very simple and is done with a few clicks of buttons.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Phone” section.
  • Then, in the option “Show numbers”.
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Application “Number spoofing. hide the call”

Third-party applications are often more powerful than built-in functions. The same applies to the solution of the problem posed in this article. The App Store offers different solutions for hiding the real number, we will take “Number spoofing. hide the call” as an example. This application does not hide your number completely, it only replaces it with another one. The user simply comes up with any number, then enters the phone of another subscriber and calls directly from the application.

    Download and open the application “Number spoofing. hide the call”.

Enter the number that will be shown to another subscriber when they call. Click Finish.

Now go back to the main menu and tap on “What number are we calling?”. Here also enter the number to whom you will call. This is necessary in order to call directly from the application. Click Finish.

Click on the tube icon. By sliding the switch to the right, you can record the entire conversation, which will then be saved in the “Recordings” section.

How to call from a hidden phone number?

First, you need to go to “Settings” and click the “Calls” button. But, in some models of iPhones there is no “Calls” line. This problem can be easily resolved. For this you need:

  • Go to the phone
  • Click “Call settings”
  • Then, highlight “Advanced Options”.

After waiting a little, the “Caller ID” item appears on the screen inside which there are a number of buttons: “By default”, “Hide numbers”, “Show numbers”. We need to select “Hide number”.

How to make your own call anonymous?

In order to hide in the network and make a call secret, you need to activate the Call Identifier service. This option is offered to its subscribers by the mobile cellular operator Beeline. Clients of this operator can always take advantage of this offer. By connecting to this function, you can see all incoming calls from other users on your phone display. This option is automatically connected to most SIM cards, but if, for some reason, it does not work, then you can connect manually. So, in order for the anti-predictor to keep you from being recognized by other subscribers, dial 110071 # “call” or 067409071 “call”. This service can always be disabled by dialing 110070 # “call”. Also, you can always inquire about the status of this service by dialing 11009 # “call”.

How to find out incoming hidden numbers on iPhone 5s in just a few minutes?

For example, a user does not give his contacts, but asks for yours. How to proceed in this case and determine who called? This happens when a person does not want to provide personal information about himself and calls from a hidden number. One of the options for identifying an unknown subscriber is to install the Tele-2 application program on your device. This mobile operator provides customers with many services, among which the definition of anonymous calls should be highlighted.

  • First you need to download the application to your phone.
  • Opening the program.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • After authorization, all information about your tariff, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS within the network, Internet traffic opens.
  • Next, go to the menu and see many functions: “Services”, “Question-answer”, “News”, “Salon addresses”, “Contacts”, “Applications”.

But, we are interested in the item “Detailing”. We click on it and a submenu opens in front of us. It includes the following buttons: “All”, “Voice”, “SMS / MMS”, “Internet traffic”. Here, you need to highlight the “Voice” column. In other words, when calling from a hidden phone, this item will display all incoming hidden calls. With this app you can always call back or define anonymous call.

Find your phone number on your iPhone menu

The most common and easiest way to place your phone number is through the menu setting on your phone. After unlocking your phone, you should be on your home screen. You can find the phone number along this path. Just follow the instructions below.

From the main menu on your device, click on the icon that says “Settings”.

Scroll down and you will find the “Phone” option. Hit “Phone” and on the next page your iPhone number will be displayed at the top of the screen, next to “My Number“.

Call a friend

And, of course, one cannot but write about the most banal method. If you still have money on your phone account, just call a friend, he will dictate your number to you. The most obvious is usually the last one that comes to mind.

As you can see, it’s okay if you forget your phone number. There are quite quick ways to remember it in the case of the iPhone. By the way, on any phone you can find out your number using the command to the operator. uSSD request. And you may also be interested in information on how to find out the IMEI of your iPhone or hide the number on the iPhone.

Where can I find the iPhone model number and its IMRI on the SIM card tray

  • Insert a paperclip or SIM eject tool into the hole next to the tray.
  • Push to pull out the tray.
  • Light up the tray with a flashlight and use a magnifying glass if needed.

Still have questions about the iPhone model number?

If you have any questions or advice, write them in the comments below.!

Why is it also important to know your number

When you buy a beautiful number from your hands, a completely different value may be written to the memory of the SIM card. It is stored in the “Own number” memory location.

If a fraudster has changed his “Own number”, then a beautiful number will be displayed in the smartphone settings. And on the network. a real one, issued by the operator.

Calling another number or checking in the ways offered by the operator will help you not to be disappointed in the purchase.

And in general, it is not safe to buy numbers from your hands. If you later link such a number to a bank card, the real owner of the number will be able to get a duplicate SIM card and leave you without money.

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How to find a hidden number on iPhone

Why the phone constantly receives calls from hidden and undefined numbers?

Today, a subscriber of any mobile operator can hide a phone number. The service is provided by telecom providers and is usually called “caller ID”. it does not allow other users to see the number of the calling call. Typically, the phone displays the message “Number not identified.” The question arises. is it possible to answer such a call? Who is calling from a hidden number? Many subscribers simply do not pick up the phone for fear of fraudulent activity. Such foresight is not in vain and avoids unpleasant consequences.

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The “hidden number” service is often used by companies checking the database of numbers of potential customers. Usually, such a task is carried out through special software, so after answering, the subscriber will not be able to hear anything. the connection is broken. The number is hidden for confidentiality reasons so that the recipients of the calls do not call back. Sometimes the “ringing” of numbers is carried out by spammers or scammers, therefore it is undesirable to answer such a call.

Another common situation is the use of classified numbers by collectors or microfinance organizations, when the debtor refuses to fulfill obligations under the concluded loan agreement. The hidden number plays two roles here. Firstly, it acts as a tool of psychological pressure, and secondly, such a number cannot be blacklisted.

How to determine who called on Avito and “Yulia

One of the most extraordinary ways to punch numbers is through bulletin boards. Few people know, but there is a special service that collects a database of ads by phone numbers. From it you can find out the name of the subscriber, where he lives and, of course, what ads he submitted to popular message boards. In addition, sometimes additional information appears in the ad text.

All this can be done on the website. By searching by phone number, you will instantly get access to all the ads submitted by its owner. Checking two numbers from our editorial office showed that the database works fine and is updated with enviable regularity.

Unfamiliar numbers. to pick up the phone or not

“I don’t take calls from unknown numbers and don’t worry,” is a very popular position. And this really should be done if you cannot determine right here and now who the number belongs to using one of the methods described above.

But it’s better to just always be fully armed, it’s elementary. Install a caller ID on your smartphone, bookmark the service for punching numbers, register in Viber and WhatsApp even if you do not plan to use them. A few actions, and now you have at your fingertips a complete set of tools for punching any number. A very advanced set that allows you to see even the caller’s photo!

Why do this? What if a relative in trouble calls you from an unknown number? Or a boss who urgently needs to throw off a report? Calls from unknown numbers do not always come from scammers. It is extremely easy to make sure of this.

Punching numbers through search engines

The easiest way to determine who called from an unknown number is to punch it through search engines. Such a check will take literally a minute, but it will often turn out to find out which organization or company the number belongs to.

Most often, such a quick check is enough to identify the number. Since in most cases banks or companies call from unfamiliar numbers with various “profitable” offers, they are identified on the very first page of the search results.

To effectively punch a phone number in Google or Yandex, it is recommended to enter it in different formats. Here are the exact formats to check:

  • 89xxxxxxxxx
  • 79xxxxxxxxx
  • 8-9xx-xxx-xx-xx
  • 7 (9xx) xxx-xx-xx
  • 8 (9xx) xxx-xx-xx

Punch a number in at least the first two formats. During testing, we searched search engines for two numbers of editorial staff. In the first case, it turned out to find out additional information about the number when searching in the format 79xxxxxxxxx, in the second. in the format 89xxxxxxxxx.

Checking numbers in various formats should not be neglected. A certain number format may appear on different sites, including those that store information about a person in an open form.

How to find out who called on iPhone and Android

For iPhones and Android smartphones, there are tons of apps with built-in caller IDs. The databases of such applications contain millions of numbers. for each of which additional information is provided to the user. Including warnings in case the number belongs to scammers.

There are several best caller ID apps.

The identifier of numbers from “Yandex” is rightfully recognized as one of the best. The application is completely free, contains a huge database of numbers and is able to issue useful alerts, for example, about scammers or advertisements.

Until recently, the caller ID in the Yandex application was available only to users of Android smartphones. But in the spring of 2019, the developers managed to adapt their advanced identifier to the iPhone. It can now be used on both platforms.

A big plus of the Yandex application is the almost instant identification of the number. Many analogs take much longer to punch, you have to wait.

The base is regularly updated, but not due to new users. The application itself does not get access to the user’s number. over, access is not even requested. This is a big difference between the application and most of its analogues, in which the database of numbers is replenished precisely at the expense of newly arriving users.

The application has a lot of handy features. For example, you can make the application only give alerts about scammers or calls from call centers, leaving calls from ordinary people unattended. A convenient opportunity for those who every day receive many important calls from unknown but important numbers, for example, from customers.

Identifier of numbers from “Kaspersky Lab”. The application has a huge database of numbers, which is updated every week. The entire database is stored directly on the user’s smartphone. Due to this, the identification of the number is performed even if the mobile device does not have an Internet connection.

The application has many useful original features. It can block calls from scammers and other unwanted persons even before the call appears. The user is given the opportunity to view afterwards which malicious calls were blocked. A very convenient option for those who, in principle, do not want to deal with spam calls.

The disadvantage of the application is that it is paid for. It is distributed by subscription for 129 rubles per month.

A sensational caller ID that works on a different principle compared to the applications listed above. GetContact collects its database directly from users’ devices. That is why the release of the application was accompanied by a scandal.

However, when everything calmed down, thousands of people began to calmly use GetContact to identify unknown contacts. The application has a big advantage over its analogues. an incredibly huge database of numbers.

And not just “naked” numbers. Each number is accompanied by the names with which it is recorded in the contact books of users. Because of this feature, each contact usually has several names, for example, “Andrey”, “Andryusha”, “Andrey Viktorovich”, “Andrey Plitka”.

The payment for such information content is getting your number into the GetContact database. But you can remove your number from the database completely. We described in detail how to do this in this instruction.

How to find out the hidden number

Often annoying calls are made from hidden numbers. Such numbers cannot be called back, they cannot be blacklisted. Because of this, they are the most troublesome.

Collectors, tax service and other departments call from hidden numbers. Even more often they call from hidden numbers and are silent. This is often done by ordinary individuals, connected in one way or another with the subscriber.

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You can find out the hidden number and punch it using the methods described above. To do this, you need to enable the service “Who called?” and switch the phone to airplane mode or turn it off.

? How to activate the service “Who called?” on operators of the “big four”?

  • MTS: 11138 # (1.20 rubles per day).
  • Beeline: 1101061 # (2 rubles per day).
  • MegaFon: 581 # (1.6 rubles per day).
  • Tele2: 155331 # (0.5 rubles per day).

If the hidden number calls while the phone is offline or switched off, you will receive an SMS from the service. It will contain the number of the subscriber who previously called from a hidden number. The only thing left to do is to pierce it using one of the methods listed above. Or just call back.

How to find out a hidden phone number?

Some subscribers, after receiving calls from hidden numbers, want to declassify them. Today, this procedure is quite simple. If your phone is constantly being called, temporarily disconnect your mobile device for a few minutes. After switching on, the mobile operator will send a notification with a list of callers. This service is usually called “You’ve received a call.” There is, albeit a small, but probability that a previously hidden number will be contained here.

The next method involves connecting the “anti-caller ID” service. All operators know “hidden” numbers, so the user of such a service will certainly be able to view the secret phone from which calls are made. Important for Honor. the service is quite expensive. You can see the exact price on the official website of the mobile operator (or call support).

On a trusted device

Apple Inc. not only allows the owner of an iPhone or iPad to pair multiple devices under one account, but almost insists on it. Such obsession can be beneficial: if you forget the Apple ID of one phone or tablet, you can look at it on another trusted device. just, as described earlier, enter the subsection “iTunes Store and App Store” or “Passwords and Accounts”.

How to find Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

A user who decides to lock the iPhone and does not have the ability to unlock it back, for obvious reasons, will not be able to find out his Apple ID directly on the device. However, do not be upset: there are alternative and equally convenient methods. We will talk about the two simplest ones.

Go through previous options

It is worth checking all the previously listed methods again. if the former owner did not manage to deauthorize, the Apple ID will remain in the “Settings” menu. In addition, if an e-mail address was indicated in the sale announcement or the communication was carried out via e-mail, you should try to find the Apple ID on the manufacturer’s website, indicating the last name and first name of the seller. Did not help? Then there is only one way that does not compromise the personal data of the new owner and does not threaten his wallet.

On the official website of the manufacturer

Another way to find the Apple ID of a locked iPhone is to use a convenient form on the Apple Inc. website. For this you need:

  • Go to the manufacturer’s portal using the link and, after waiting for the main page to load, click on the tablet icon in the upper right corner.
  • Follow the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • In the opened online form, enter your name, surname and e-mail address to which the account was supposedly created, and then click on the “Continue” button. the required information will appear on a new page.

Important: the user may have to go through several email options. It is not always possible to find out the Apple ID the first time, but the number of attempts is unlimited. you can guess as many as you like.

How to find your Apple ID?

Apple ID is the account assigned to the iPhone owner when registering with Apple Inc. Without it, the user will have to limit himself to the minimum set of functions: he can make a screen on the iPhone, call and listen to music, but it will no longer be possible to synchronize the data; will not come out and upload files to iCloud. How to find out the Apple ID of your device without unnecessary difficulties. let’s try to figure it out.

How to find your Apple ID?

If the phone is working, the graphic password is known and, in general, the user does not have any difficulties, except for logging into the account, you can find out your Apple ID directly on the iPhone or iPad without connecting the device to a computer and without contacting Support.

Important: Apple ID appears in several sections of the menu, and in addition, in built-in apps, so it’s easy to find it.

How to Find Your Phone Number iPhone 11

In settings”

The easiest way to see your Apple ID is to go to the iPhone Settings menu. You won’t be able to recover your Apple ID here, but finding information is easy; in order not to lose it again, it is recommended to write down the login on a piece of paper or store it in the “Notes” of the device.

To find your Apple ID, you need to:

  • Go from the main menu of the iPhone to the “Settings” section.
  • Tap on the username. in the window that opens, in addition to the Apple ID, information about the connected services will appear.
  • The required data will be located at the very top of the window that opens.
  • In the same way, information can be obtained in the subsection “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Here, in the “Accounts” menu, is the user’s Apple ID. provided that the device is registered in iCloud.
  • You can also find out your Apple ID in the subsection “About this device”. it is all in the same section “Settings”.

Using paid services

Above, a story was promised about two ways to find out Apple ID on a locked phone; there are really two of them. despite the annoying advertising, it will not work to get information based on IMEI, UDOD and other wonderful abbreviations.

Indeed, Apple ID is tied to the individual number of the iPhone or iPad, but Apple, taking care of the safety of customers, does not transfer information about the compliance of the login and IMEI to anyone and does not distribute it itself. All services and applications currently presented on the Internet either do not work at all, or honestly notify visitors that they are closed, or created with the intention of extracting personal data from the user, including IMEI, or money.

In addition, why waste energy and look for a long sequence of numbers, if you can use the two above, completely safe and free methods? The iPhone owner can undoubtedly act on his own, but risking savings or privacy without the slightest reason is at least unreasonable.