How To Find The TV Remote Control At Home

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Choosing a universal remote control for TV, TV box and not only: programmable, air mice, keyboards (Aliexpress)

How To Find The TV Remote Control At Home

The best low-cost remote control L8star (model G30), with wireless connection (USB 2.4 GHz) and IR buttons programming. A total of 33 learnable keys. Features: built-in gyroscope and air mouse function. Suitable for Smart TVs, TV boxes (Android TV), for control in games and so on. The learning keys can be used to SIMultaneously control the TV, TV box and other peripherals, such as a soundbar or speakers.

Rii’s most popular remote (model i25). This is the original two-way remote control with learning keys and a built-in keyboard at the same time. Russian layout is provided. An excellent solution for Smart TVs, TV boxes (Android TV), mini PCs and more. Convenient to search on Youtube or IPTV.

And this is the best-selling universal option with Aliexpress. the inexpensive Elistooop learning remote control (model L336). The remote control looks like a familiar “sloth” from the TV, but it can additionally control digital receivers (SAT / DVB-T / DVB-S), as well as players (DVD) and media systems. It is very convenient to train everything together on one remote control. Most often they take this particular model instead of a lost or broken remote control.

I came across a slightly SIMpler option than the first G30, and even a little cheaper. This is an inexpensive L8star air mouse (model G10), also with a wireless connection (USB 2.4 GHz) and programmable IR buttons. There are only 17 learning keys in this model, but that’s enough. Features: built-in gyroscope and air mouse function. Suitable for Smart-TV, TV-boxes (Android TV), and even for projects. There is a voice search. Control distance up to 10m. Powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

The classic version that is familiar to many. Universal remote control that can be programmed for several devices at once. They usually forget to put the instructions in the kit, but I tell them right away: we hold down the blue Power button plus the AV button for 5 seconds. The bright green LED of the learning mode should light up. We start the learning process. first press the button on the new remote control that you want to teach (the indicator starts blinking), bring it closer to the TV, press the buttons on the second remote control. At the end of the process, just do not touch the remote control for 20-30 seconds, it will save everything and go into normal mode.

Another universal remote control SZBOX (model 139F). Also a multifunctional combo remote control for TV. You can retrain the keys you want. It is very convenient if you need to duplicate the remote control, or use it to replace a lost remote control.

This keyboard from SeenDa may be of interest not only to owners of Smart-TV or TV-boxes, but also via Bluetooth it will be useful for a smartphone, tablet or mini-PC. The device is a portable keyboard with touchpad, drivers compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. fits in your. Makes it much easier to work with smart devices. And the price is not high.

Interesting Rii wireless keyboard model (Mini i28 model). This is an original combination keyboard with a touchpad and a gaming keyboard (two joysticks). Have Multimedia Functions, Backlit Key, Backlit Air Mouse 2.4GHz Wireless Russian English Keyboard Touchpad Combo Gaming for PC Android TV Box

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Hidden places

How do you find the TV remote if you’ve already looked at everything? Sometimes a person, leaving the room where he was watching TV, takes the device for switching channels with him. Think back to where you went after watching your favorite show. Perhaps you went to the kitchen for a drink of water and took it with you?

Quite often, if the doorbell rings while watching TV, a person goes to open it together with the remote control. Leaves him in the hallway, closes the door behind the guest, goes back to the TV and realizes that he has lost something. The same situation could arise if the phone rang. The man takes the cell in his hands, and puts the remote control in its place. Or even moves around the house with him, chatting happily on the phone.

The remote control can be found both in the bathroom and on the balcony. Therefore, you should carefully examine all secluded places. Some people even forget the remote control in the refrigerator, you already looked there?

Where can I find a TV remote else? Maybe you covered him with something? Sometimes a person, taking off his T-shirt, puts it on the TV remote control. In addition, if the house is in chaos, then, perhaps, it will be possible to find it only after a general cleaning.

How to find your TV remote at home: tips and tricks

People very often lose a variety of things: keys, jewelry. But the first and most honorable place on this list is the TV remote control. How can I find it in my apartment or house? The answer to this question is given in our article.

Why is lost

It is the TV remote control that disappears most often. And all because while watching a favorite movie or program, attention is completely switched to the screen. Then some movements may have an unconscious character. In addition, due to its slippery surface and small size, this device with buttons very often falls over an armchair, pillow, bed. How to find your TV remote?

Fun quest

Finding your favorite remote is an adventure. First, without getting up from your seat, inspect the entire room, especially what is next to you. Turn the pillows over and lift the blanket. Usually, without realizing it, people put the remote control near or behind the TV. Look there too. The second most common place is where you last sat when you watched TV.

If you do not live alone, then perhaps someone from the household could take the remote control. Ask who and when last saw him. Let them help you in your search. Young children love to play with the remote control. The child could carry it in their toys or even hide it on purpose.

Also, pets are often not indifferent to the remote control. For example, a dog could easily drag him to some secluded place. Of course, you won’t be able to ask her, but watch the animal. There are times when the pet owner finds a whole warehouse of hidden things.

Preventing the problem

If this attachment is lost too often, you may need to take steps to avoid it.?

There are many options:

  • Build a dedicated space for the console. Try to control where you put it.
  • A special program can be installed on the phone, and then the smartphone can work as a remote control.
  • There are TVs with a search function. If finances allow you, you can purchase one. And then you will forever forget about the question “how to find the TV remote control at home?” They work according to the following principle: a special button is located on the TV itself. When you press it, music will play in the remote.
  • You can attach a key fob to the channel switch device that responds to a whistle. In order to find the remote control, it will be enough just to whistle. Then, in response, he will beep and blink.

Also, if you often lose your remote, just get another one, a spare. Then you will protect yourself from endless searches.

How to avoid loss

So that you don’t have to look for a remote control every day, define a permanent place for it. Try to adhere to the established rules yourself and teach children to do this. Over time, a conditioned reflex is developed, and you will do it without thinking.

Little tricks and special tools will come in handy:

  • make the remote brighter: glue a colored strip of paper tape on the body, attach a small toy or accessory with superglue (it is important that they do not create inconvenience when using the remote control);
  • make a stand or buy a gadget holder;
  • fasten one end of a thin cord to the body, and tie the other to the leg of the coffee table;
  • buy a keychain that responds to loud sounds and attach it to the remote control;
  • use a tracker powered by a smartphone or tablet (a small, affordable device will help you find the remote even in the next room).

Non-obvious places

If the lost remote control was not found immediately, do not be upset. You need to remember where you went while watching TV.

The remote control can be found anywhere in the house:

  • on the telephone shelf (someone called you);
  • in the kitchen (I wanted to drink water or tea);
  • next to the refrigerator (during the advertisement they decided to have a snack);
  • on the windowsill (they approached the window when they heard noise in the street);
  • in the bathroom (you had to wash your hands);
  • on the bedside table in the hallway (a neighbor came to you).

If the furniture is folding, the remote control may fall into the bedding drawer during cleaning. It happened that the device was found in the washing machine, where it got together with the duvet cover.

Where to look better

If you were watching TV and discovered the disappearance of the remote control, do not rush to get up, since a smooth object can slide off and “hide” even further. First, inspect the sofa or chair you are sitting on and feel the surface with your hands. Then carefully lift nearby objects (magazine, pillow, blanket) so that the device cannot fall to the floor. Batteries sometimes fall out from impact, a crack may appear on the case.

As you expand your search area, examine the crevices between the seat and the armrests, and around and under the sofa. Check the places where you put the remote control most often: coffee table, TV stand shelves.

Ask other family members if any of them have moved the TV remote to another location.

If small children show interest in the gadget, it can be found in a box with toys. The dog can also be attracted by an interesting subject. Sometimes the owner finds him somewhere in the corner or on the dog’s bed.

How to find a TV remote control if lost in an apartment

The loss of the remote control sometimes causes upset, irritability and even quarrels in the family. The problem is exacerbated if an important football match or the next episode of your favorite TV series is about to begin in a few minutes. To understand how to find a TV remote control quickly and what to do to make such a nuisance happen as rarely as possible, you need to remember SIMple recommendations, use technical devices.

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Mobile phone use

You can use a smartphone as a TV remote control. To do this, you need a special program, as well as wireless communication (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or infrared).

When downloading and installing a mobile application, you need to take into account that all types of software are divided into 2 categories:

  • Branded programs designed for one TV model.
  • Universal utilities with which you can control all TV models.

Multifunctional programs allow you to replace various remote control devices for home appliances (air conditioner, speaker system or robot vacuum cleaner). The application detects the device and displays the corresponding remote control image.

A universal application with which you can control any television device is TV Remote. The display shows the remote control buttons. Functions available such as switching channels, turning on and off the sound, adjusting the volume.

Any phone model (even the cheapest and outdated one) is suitable for use as a remote control.

Finding a lost TV remote control in an apartment is easy. The main thing is to do it calmly and methodically. It is useful to have a spare universal device in the house.

When buying a new TV, ask if it has a remote control search function (such models are no longer uncommon).

How to find the TV code?

The code is required to be able to communicate with third-party devices. Among them are remotes, smartphones or tablets.

It ensures device recognition and correct operation. Consists of a unique set of numbers that can be recognized in this file, as well as in the TV itself.

This will require:

  • Login to YouTube;
  • open settings;
  • choose the ability to connect to the phone;
  • after entering the “Connect manually” section, a blue code will appear;
  • remember it or write it down.

What is a universal remote?

It sounds complicated, but in fact, this is a SIMple device that creates signal pulses suitable for most TVs and set-top boxes.

Huayu, Gal, DEXP, Supra are considered popular and high-quality PC manufacturers.

The universal model will fit a large number of common and popular manufacturing companies, for example, Samsung, LG or Philips.

How to set up a universal TV remote codes

You may need a universal TV remote control for various reasons.

For example, to control multiple screens or due to breakage of a branded device.

  • What is a universal remote?
  • Differences from a conventional remote control
  • How to find the TV code?
  • How to set up a universal remote control
  • Huayu
  • Gal
  • DEXP
  • Supra

Differences from a conventional remote control

The original remote control and the universal one have two significant differences that significantly increase the cost of the first one. this is its “brand” and quality.

The remote control made by the manufacturer-owner is undoubtedly better than the Chinese one. However, if the TV is already 5-6 years old, then it will not work to find a branded remote control for such an old model.


To configure it you will need:

  • Turn on the TV, point the UE at it and SIMultaneously hold down the power button and “Set”;
  • watch carefully the indicator, it should be on all the time;
  • set commands by adjusting the volume;
  • to exit the pairing mode. press the “Set” button.

Automatic adjustment:

  • Turn on the TV, point the remote control at it;
  • hold down the button for the type of device;
  • after the indicator lights up. release it;
  • press the power button on the UP, this will start an automatic code search;
  • as soon as the TV turns off, you must quickly press “OK”, this will save the code in memory.

Sometimes automatic search fails, so you need to set it up manually.

Manual adjustment:

  • After turning on the TV and pressing the “TV” button, the indicator will light up;
  • releasing it, enter the device code;
  • after entering the fourth digit, the code will be saved in the device’s memory, and the screen will turn off.

Auto tuning takes place according to the following aLGorithm:

  • Turn on the TV, point the UE at it, press the button representing the TV brand;
  • hold down the “Set” button and hold until the indicator lights up;
  • click on the channel search, the automatic code search will start;
  • as soon as the indicator goes out, immediately press the “OK” button to save the found code.

If the button is pressed late, you have to do it all over again.

The plus is that by scanning the channels, it is regulated in which direction the search will be made.

Manual code entry should be started after pressing the “Set” button and the indicator comes on. Enter the found digits and press “OK”. The remote will remember the specified combination.

How to set up a universal remote control

Each device comes with an instruction manual detailing the setup process. We will consider setting up models from popular manufacturers.


Automatic tuning aLGorithm:

  • Turn on the TV, point the remote control at it and hold the Power button, release it after the indicator lights up;
  • if the setting is successful, a volume control bar will appear on the screen
  • turn off the device using the “Power” button.

Manual remote control:

  • Find the code for your device in the previously indicated table;
  • turn on the TV, point the UE at it, hold the Power button without releasing it, enter the found code;
  • only after the indicator has blinked twice. release the power button.

First, you need to double-check the codes and repeat the manipulations, sometimes mistakes are made when setting up.

How and with what to deeply and thoroughly clean the remote inside

Now, having figured out what to clean, we proceed to cleaning. Spray cleaning fluid (moisten with a cotton swab) onto the contacts of the button board or battery compartment. Wait 5-10 seconds and start rubbing gently with a cotton swab or cotton swab. Repeat several times as necessary. Try not to press too hard to avoid scratching or damaging the board. Make sure that no wool fibers remain on the board. If they are not removed, then they can subsequently partially overlap the contacts and reduce their conductivity. When cleaning the contacts in the battery compartment, do the same, only due to its small size you will have to wipe the contacts very carefully. In some remotes, the contacts in the battery compartment are removable. This SIMplifies the matter, they can be taken out and thoroughly wiped, and then inserted back.

After cleaning, don’t worry about drying, alcohol and vodka evaporate very quickly. The remote control buttons can be washed in warm water with the addition of soap. Rinse, rub where necessary with an old toothbrush, and then dry on a sheet of paper or a towel.

How to clean the outside of the remote. quickly and efficiently

To do this, we need again vodka or alcohol, a cotton swab and a toothpick. First, remove the batteries. When cleaning with batteries inserted, the remote control will work all the time and you can inadvertently set such settings on your TV that you will have to call the wizard to set it up. Then, using a toothpick, we clean all the grooves and openings from the buttons from dirt. Next, wipe with a swab with alcohol. So until there is no visible trace of dirt.

How to clean your TV remote

The TV remote control is one of the most requested items in the family. Every day it is picked up by all family members dozens of times, and sometimes it is dropped on a dusty carpet. The remote control, like all electrical appliances, is exposed to dust, dirt, moisture and some types of bacteria, which often penetrate inside and contaminate the contact elements, which is why they oxidize and the remote control starts to junk.
The question arises. what to do? Many who are not tech-savvy are buying a new remote. However, this is a premature decision, since in most cases, to restore performance, a SIMple cleaning is enough, and you do not need to be able to solder boards and do electrical wiring. It is enough to follow SIMple instructions.

Build process

Everything is SIMple here:

  • Installing buttons on the board.
  • We insert the board with buttons into the case and close it.
  • We screw in all the screws.
  • Insert batteries.

Do not be afraid to forget where and what the screw was, as a rule, they are all the same, and if not, then it will not screw in or will dangle, you just select the right one.

The remote control works poorly. reasons

There are several of the most common causes of poor device performance due to contamination:

  • Batteries are leaking. contacts of the battery compartment are oxidized.
  • Oxidation of the button board contacts.
  • Sinking buttons due to contamination of the openings for buttons in the case.
  • Dirty button board contacts.

Some of the above problems can often be eliminated without disassembling the remote control (buttons sinking, batteries leaking), but this does not always help, since when cleaning externally without disassembling, there is no guarantee that the main cause of contamination has been eliminated. To find out if the remote control is dirty from the inside, you will have to disassemble it.

We disassemble the device

First, remove the batteries, as there is almost always one screw in the battery compartment. Then, using a screwdriver, unscrew the remaining screws. Next, we disconnect the console body. If it is firmly ground in and you cannot open it with your hands, then pick it up along the edge of the case with something flat and hard (flat screwdriver, knife, plastic card). Remove the upper case, remove the buttons and remove the board.

Usually, the boards are not fixed with screws, but SIMply installed in the slots. If the board is screwed on, then you should not remove it immediately, since the contact elements are on top and you can wipe them without unscrewing the screws.

Contamination prevention

It will not be possible to keep the remote control clean all the time, as it is a thing of frequent use. However, it is possible to significantly extend the time of its stable operation, which does not require disassembly for cleaning. It is enough once every couple of weeks, it is better to wipe it once a week with an alcohol solution, vodka and gently clean the button grooves from dirt with a toothpick.

Also, for lovers of not aesthetics, but pragmatism, there is a reliable option to wrap the remote control in a film and seal it with tape from below, cleaning will be needed less often, and the buttons on the remote control are pressed just as well, work great. Although it is ugly, the remote control will last without cleaning, probably up to the point of buying a new TV. And the film itself can be changed as it wears out and gets dirty.

Helpful hints:

  • Your remote control is constantly exposed to adverse actions from your favorite animals, children, they all love to lick or play with abandoned things. Accordingly, moisture has a detrimental effect on the quality of work. Keep your remote control away from dust, dampness, children, pets and you do not need to repair the remote control.
  • After all cleaning manipulations, wipe with a dry cloth and let dry. Collect, insert batteries. Do not confuse the polarity of nutrients. Tighten all screws. If they are not there, slowly, carefully insert the back cover.
  • When putting on the cover, make sure that the springs from the battery supply system enter the groove and are not damaged. Snap the cover all the way around.

Breakage detection

You carefully examine the board and identify breakdowns in order to understand how to clean the TV remote control. They can be different:

  • If half of the buttons on the remote control do not work, it may be the wear of the graphite coating.
  • If the remote control falls, breakage of the ceramic quartz may occur. This happens 90% of the time.
  • Damage to contact tracks and cracks in microcircuits.
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If the board is in a sticky state, which in most cases is the main reason for the failure of our beloved “sloth”, then you can clean the TV remote control yourself. How to do this. read in the next section of this article.

How to clean your TV remote?

Cleaning the electrical board

To do this, you need to take a tampon or cloth and moisten it with alcohol. No alcohol? Take cologne, vodka, any other alcohol-containing product, and proceed as follows:

  • Wipe the board thoroughly with a moistened swab. Pay attention to the swab. it will remind you of how long ago you cleaned your remote.
  • After rubbing with rubbing alcohol, wipe off and let dry completely.

A quick way to repair your remote control

When you have to get close to the TV to change channels, it means that your remote control is low on batteries. Therefore, all you need to do is replace the batteries. For this:

  • You open the back cover, usually it snaps and change the batteries.
  • Pay attention to whether the batteries are even and do not confuse the polarity.

Now let’s take a deeper look at how to clean your Samsung TV remote.

Disassembling the remote control

First of all, we do a complete inspection of the remote control, how it is disassembled. There are two options. screws and snaps.

If the panels are screwed:

  • Open the battery cover and remove the screws, in most cases you will need a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Take out the batteries.
  • Then unscrew the screws around the entire perimeter of the remote control.

If the “steering wheel” from the TV is latched, then:

  • Using a plastic card, put the end of the card under the cover of the remote control and run along the entire length of the connection.
  • You will hear characteristic clicks as your card moves. It means that you are doing everything right.

Then we disassemble the remote control:

  • When removing the board, inspect carefully if there are any fasteners.
  • If there are fasteners, unscrew them and fold them into a box, on paper. due to their small size, they can easily get lost.
  • Take out the board and assess the degree of damage.
  • Shake out the buttons gently. If you don’t want to, help with your fingers or with some object, by squeezing from the front side.

We find out the reasons for the breakdown and disassemble the remote control

If, for some unknown reason, your remote control buttons do not work, namely: some function does not turn on or it turns on poorly by several successive presses, then the reasons are more serious. In this case, you will have to resort to a complete disassembly of the remote control from the TV in order to skillfully clean it.

Remote control cleaning

There are so many ways to clean your TV remote at home. Everything you need for this procedure can be found at home.

Cleaning the front cover

  • Using a brush, swab, cloth with detergent, spray, alcohol, wipe the front of the remote control.
  • The buttonholes can be cleaned with alcohol-moistened earplugs. Most of the dirt is concentrated in these holes.
  • If the dirt is corrosive, then use a toothpick to remove the remaining dirt.

How to unlock your TV remote

Regardless of the brand, size and model, all TVs have one thing in common. the control panel. Thanks to a small and functional device, we have the opportunity to comfortably and conveniently watch our favorite television programs and films. Sometimes the remote turns off due to accidental blocking. But more often the reasons for this situation are the interest shown in the device by small children or animals. In any case, a solution to this problem will be required. We will tell you how to quickly find a way out of this situation, and unlock the TV remote control.

Remote controls Samsung

They differ in the presence of a built-in “Hotel Mode”. It is invaluable when staying in hotels and inns, but can cause problems at home. When activated, the device continuously switches channels. You can disable it in the work menu using the above combination of buttons.

In the absence of instructions for use, it is worth trying other sequences:

  • “Mute”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “Power”;
  • “Display”, “Menu”, “Power”.

Ways to unlock TV remotes of various brands

Device recovery methods may differ depending on different manufacturers.

How to unlock your TV remote: universal ways

There are effective ways to unlock the remote from the TV that are suitable for any model and do not depend on the manufacturer or other specifications. If the operating manual has been preserved, it is worth using the section, which describes in detail possible malfunctions and how to fix them. You can unlock the remote control using a special key combination. If you lose the instructions, you should look for it on the net.

Button combinations that work on most devices:

  • Remove batteries or rechargeable batteries from the device. Use the shutdown button and hold it down for a while while installing the batteries.
  • An effective way is to press any key for 10 seconds.
  • Pressing the “” and “P” buttons at the same time can also have a positive effect. With a continuously lit LED, keep the buttons pressed and in parallel dial the sequence: “Channel plus” and “Menu”.
  • While holding down the above buttons, try using the sequence “1234” or a combination of identical characters.

Philips and Sharp TVs

To unlock the device, you can use universal 4-button combinations or one of the following methods:

  • Pressing and holding the power key and “Vol.”.
  • Hold down the “” and volume control buttons.

An empty channel should appear on the screen from which there is an exit to parental control. Disabling it will unlock the remote control.

Unlocking the Philips remote control is done using the TV. It is necessary to bring the device to the TV panel and press and hold the teletext key.

In case of failure, you must disconnect the TV and remote control. Then restart the power supply and try again.

After using the listed manipulations, the remote control should work. If this does not happen, you should contact the service center for help. Qualified specialists will help you find and eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

Step 1

First of all, examine the remote control. whether the back cover is secured with screws. Then you need to:

  • Open the back cover where the batteries are.
  • Take out the batteries and see if there are any fastening bolts in this compartment. They are usually small and under a Phillips screwdriver.

Next. take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws around the entire perimeter.

Step 4

Pay attention to how the IR diode is located in the socket. In most cases, it is free. If it is somehow fixed, then SIMply release it from the socket with extreme care. Next. get the board.

Step 2

To further disassemble the remote control:

  • Take a plastic card and insert it into the remote control with a corner, gently tucking the cover.
  • Swipe the card around the entire perimeter of the case. be careful not to break the latches. After you have done this, you need to carefully remove the contacts for the batteries from the grooves.

Step 5

The rubber buttons are easy to reach. You just need to shake them out of their seats. If they do not want to leave, then you can press on them from the front side and release.

Now you can continue to do what you planned, for example, cleaning the device, because you have already managed to cope with the disassembly. And this was one of the main tasks in this process.

The situation when you urgently need to switch the TV to the desired channel, and the remote control does not work well is a frequent occurrence if you do not start cleaning your equipment in time. Various contaminants are to blame. this is food, because who does not like to eat in front of the TV, and pouring liquids. from banal tea to nail polish remover. The result of all these situations is the same. we are wondering how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control in order to clean it, because this process is not an easy matter, it requires some skill and knowledge. Now we will consider in detail how to open or open the Samsung TV remote control.

Step 3

After opening the back cover, pay attention to how and how the board is attached to the remote control system. Again, if these are screws, then just unscrew them. If these are latches, then gently open them.

How to disassemble the Philips TV remote control?

How to disassemble the remote yourself at home? If your case is a Philips TV and you don’t know how to disassemble the Philips TV remote control? You will not have to go far, since the remotes of all brands of TV are almost identically assembled at the manufacturing plants. Therefore, if you use our tips above how to disassemble the remote control from a Samsung TV, then you will not make mistakes and successfully carry out this manipulation.

Alternative ways

There are many options for unlocking the remote control offered by Internet users:

  • Press the “P” and “” buttons SIMultaneously. After that, a combination of the same numbers is dialed, for example 2222 or 5555. Among the common and standard codes, 1234 or 1111 are accepted. After dialing the combination, press “” again. Perhaps it will be a completely different combination of numbers. There are numerous options to try.
  • After the initial digits from the first method are pressed, the LED should be on without interruption. In this case, instead of a combination, you can try pressing SIMultaneously: “Menu” and “Channel”, “Menu” and “Volume”.
  • Sometimes it is enough to hold down one button for about 5-10 seconds. But this method is suitable for a few TV models.

Some models of remote controls can be unlocked by SIMultaneously pressing the “Exit” buttons and numbers 9 and 1. The option of removing the batteries is also suitable, and the power button must be held when inserting them. It is these methods that help return the remote control to full operation.

Initial actions

If the TV does not respond to remote control commands, then the first thing to do is to check its batteries. Maybe they are just dead or malfunctioning. It is very easy to do this:

  • open the battery compartment;
  • remove the installed batteries;
  • insert SIMilar new batteries.
  • check the operation of the remote control.

If nothing has changed after the events, it’s time to think about how to unlock the TV remote control. You can find a huge number of ways to unlock the remote control. But not all of them will be effective for a particular model. The best option is to view the instructions for the TV. Usually the answers to all common questions are written there. But the book is not always saved after purchasing the equipment. For this reason, you have to look for the answer yourself.

The instructions usually contain a special code. It will be enough to press this combination on the remote control buttons, and the problem will be solved. If no papers have survived, the first thing to think about is how the blocking occurred. By trying to do the opposite, you can make the remote workable in relation to the TV.

What is hotel mode

In some models of television sets, there is an option called “HOTEL MODE”, which translates as “hotel mode”. If it is on, the technician will not respond to many remote control commands, for example, increasing the volume or searching for new TV channels. This is done in order to limit the possible actions of guests in hotels. Thanks to its application, loud sound from the TV will not disturb other residents. However, in the conditions of a personal apartment or house, the included “hotel” mode will only interfere.

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To disable the option, you can use the following recommendation. In Stand-By mode, press the Display / Menu / Power buttons in turn. Another variant of the sequence looks like this: Display / Menu / Mute / Power On, and in the menu that appears, select the reset item, press the MENU button. After that, the technique must be rebooted (turned off and on).

How to unlock your TV remote yourself

In the process of using the equipment, you often have to find the answer to the question of how to unlock the TV remote control. This often happens after it has fallen into the grip of pets or small children. The fault may also be an accident, when certain of its buttons are arbitrarily pressed. In any case, the problem requires a solution, and below we will offer options for getting out of the situation when the remote control is blocked.

How to remove parental controls

Another option that is often implemented in modern TVs is parental control. It is designed to restrict the actions of children: for example, watching prohibited TV channels, changing system settings. To perform such actions, the TV will ask for the set pin code.

But sometimes this control plays a cruel joke on the parents themselves: turning it on and forgetting the code, you yourself can face inconvenient restrictions. Resetting the TV settings will help to remove them, namely the password. Here is an aLGorithm for LG Smart TVs:

  • go to Menu / Settings;
  • go to the Security / Reset pin-code tab;
  • enter any combination of numbers without clicking OK;
  • press the channel switching buttons: up twice, then down and up again;
  • enter the code 0313 and click OK.

The result of these activities should be the reset of the PIN code to the factory one, that is, four zeros.

On the phone

How to set up Android remote control for dexp TV? Recently, smartphones that run on the Android operating system have a large number of necessary and useful functions. This functionality makes life much easier, especially in solving everyday tasks. The phone is an object that is constantly at hand, which cannot be said about the remote control, which has the property of being hidden somewhere and in search of it you can lose it all day.

But controlling the TV from your phone is a great idea. Some Android and iOS phone companies provide this feature. For example, a mobile device based on the Xiaomi operating system. The cell phones of this company have a built-in not fully installed, that is, not activated application “MI remote”. To make it work in the play market, you need to download and install a special program. After activating the installation, you can safely control the TV. However, it should be noted right away that not all models of dexp television devices can be controlled from the phone.

If your television device does not have the necessary technical characteristics, then it will not work to find and install the program and application.

How to choose a universal TV remote control dexp

The time has come to replace the original remote control, and you have chosen a universal remote control. And the question arises before you, how to choose a universal remote control that will fit the dexp TV.

What is an analogue of the UPDU for dexp? This is a dexp TV remote control that has specific 4-digit TV model codes recorded.

What UPDU to choose? The dexp cx509 dtv remote control is considered universal. It is produced by both its native manufacturer and Chinese firms. Difference in quality of work. Made in China, it is cheaper at cost, that is, a budget option. But it will not work efficiently, it is possible even to respond to the dexp TV remote control, it may not be stable.

The released original universal remote control device costs an order of magnitude more, but there are no complaints about the work. It fits perfectly with certain models and works like a native. Therefore, before buying a UPDU, weigh all the pros.

There are a number of criteria for a Dexp TV remote control

All universal remote controls come complete with instructions detailing what needs to be done to install the universal remote control. After reading this manual, you can configure the UPDU yourself. They are usually installed on TVs with certain technical characteristics. Support Wi-fi, Bluetooth, smart. It allows you to control multiple devices remotely.

If your TV is not from the latest generation of dexp, then pay attention to buying an analogue of a SIMple PU. The external design should be one to one with the original, the location of each button, as well as all the inscriptions, should match, or better try to find a series of the original PU and choose an identical PU for this series.

Which remote is suitable for the Dexp TV

How to set up a universal remote for a dexp TV

You bought a remote control, after reading the instructions and looking at all kinds, the question arose of how to set up the dexp universal remote control to the existing TV. In fact, almost all UPDUs have the same setting. How long it may take is not clearly spelled out anywhere. The setting can be completed in a minute, or maybe for fifteen minutes without giving any result. Therefore, be patient and do not leave TV for a second.

So, opening the package, opening the manual or setup instructions, you will see a description of two methods of automatic and manual. We recommend starting with automatic configuration. To do this, take the device in your hands and point it at the signal reception sensor located on the TV panel. And press the set / setup button once. After pressing, the indicator on the remote control should light up in red once and this signal will turn off immediately. Next, click on the button that switches the channel to increase, that is, with the “channel” sign. And you are waiting for the channel to appear on the screen, that is, the image, and at this moment immediately press the “ok” button. HER must be pressed to sing in a split second, otherwise the auto selection of the code to TV will continue. It is easy and SIMple to check if the remote control is tuned. All you have to do is push buttons and follow the feedback.

Why the preference for the automatic method over the manual one? There is a high probability that during manual configuration, the specified codes in a separate printed application will not work.

Introduction to the topic

Dexp is a little-known Russian company producing electrical equipment. The assortment of Dexp products is wide, they began to produce personal computers (laptops), today they produce TVs, telephones (smartphones on Android OS). The company began its activity in the late 80s of the last century, the head office is located in the city of Vladivostok. They actively export their products to Europe, China

Plasma TVs come with:

  • remote control;
  • TV control manual.

As a TV set of any company, a TV set by dexp company needs the correct operating conditions. However, no product is insured against breakdowns, malfunctions that appear at any stage of using the equipment. The most vulnerable and most frequently contacted items of a television device are the remote control.

Very often, switching TV channels, adjusting the sound, launching the menu, as well as switching channels with separate digital buttons does not respond to the native remote control.

Let’s see what kind of malfunctions of the remote control are, and for what reason they occur. The most common malfunction is the TV remote control does not work. Take your time to throw it away and buy a new one. One of the reasons may be batteries that SIMply need to be replaced because their service life has expired.

It is possible that water or any other liquid could have penetrated that damaged the microcircuit. Mechanical damage. As a result of frequent dropping, throwing, the remote control may stop working, the chip or microcircuit may be damaged. Sticking of some buttons, when pressed, there is no reaction from the TV, the accumulation of dirt and dust, also leads to inadequate operation of the remote control. Some models have the function of “child protection”, if you have activated this mode, then for all manipulations with the remote control, there will be no response from the TV until you turn off this mode.

In this article, you will learn more about the universal remote control:

You can determine the exact cause of the breakdown and eliminate it yourself if you look at the instructions on how to disassemble the remote control from the dexp TV. You can use the lessons on disassembling the remote control. The principle of disassembling the remote control is the same, it does not depend on the brand or model. The main criterion is the presence or absence of screws. In both versions, first remove the batteries only then, open the case with a flat screwdriver. If there are screws, then first unscrew them. After opening with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, we clean the parts, except for microcircuits and chips. If there is strong dirt on the rubber pad with buttons, then it can be washed under water. It is worth assembling the remote control only after well-dried parts. The panel is connected by a snap-on method. If you have a TV reaction to remote control manipulations, then you did everything right.

And if the television device still does not respond to the actions performed by the remote control, then you should think about buying a universal remote control.

To configure this remote control. follow the instructions

So, PU Tricolor are customized for each TV model using a special code. The manufacturer writes all four-digit codes on a special chip, which is located inside the PU. You can set up PU Tricolor for TV in two ways: manual or automatic.

Consider setting up a remote control for a TV in an automatic way. Turn on the device and point the control panel at it, to activate the search and select the appropriate code, enter the combination 991. After that, start switching TV channels in ascending order, that is, by pressing the button for switching channels with the “” sign. If the TV turns off, it means that the setup was completed successfully, be sure to click on the “ok” button to save the settings.

Manual control of the PU includes several sequential actions that require attention and patience. We repeat the first two steps described above. Turn on the TV and activate the PU, then in the instructions or in the appendix to the instructions, we find a list of codes for all brands and models. And we type in the code for our TV. If it fits, the light on the UPDU will blink several times, namely two. And also we begin to switch channels in ascending order, do not forget to follow the reaction of TV. If the code fits, the image will appear, if not, then try typing another.

Where can the TV code be written? To find out the code of the TV set, look in the user manual or on the official website of the manufacturer. To encode the Rostelecom remote control to the TV, the company, included in the PU, provides a list of all the necessary numbers for setting. For codes for controllers of other companies, see the instructions for the device. Correctly selected code is the key to successful setup.