How to find out the SIM card number in iPad

The procedure for determining the number by sending SMS

Let’s consider in more detail the procedure for determining a mobile using SMS:

  • In the AppStore download the program “Free SMS” or “Hand off”.
  • Enter your smartphone phone.
  • In the incoming SMS, copy the sender’s data. In addition, it will be saved in SMS messages on the phone itself, so that you can view it later.

Standard iMessage also offers the ability to send a message to another Apple device. This method is not suitable for smartphones from other manufacturers.

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Ways to find out the phone number via iPad

How to find a phone number on an iPad is a very common question. There are several ways to find out the SIM card number on the tablet:

How to find cell phone number on iPad

  • The card number is specified in the iOS system settings. To do this, select “Basic” in the settings menu. Next, go to the section “About the device” and in the line “Number for cellular data” the necessary information is indicated.
  • An SMS sending program is freely available in the AppStore. With its help, you can send a message from the tablet to your personal phone, thus obtaining the necessary data.
  • The user of any of the operators has the opportunity, with a positive account balance, to enter his personal account through the device browser. It also contains all the information on the start package, including the rest of the Internet traffic, balance status, etc.).

For more comfortable management of your own mobile account in the AppStore, you can download the operator’s applications. The service is provided free of charge.

Instructions for identifying the number through the operator’s personal account

To enter your personal account, the following actions are performed:

  • on the official website of the operator, you enter your personal account;

Attention! The entrance will be carried out only with a positive balance. But if you run out of Internet traffic, using the wi-fi network, you can also get into your account.

  • after logging in, the main page will display all the information on the starter package.

If you are thinking about how to find out the phone number on the tablet. Then first you have to go to your personal account.

What are other ways to find out the number on iPad

The easiest way to find out SIM information on the iPad is to transfer it to the phone by making a call from it to another subscriber. True, this method is not always possible due to the fact that the micro-SIM, which is designed for Apple technology, is not suitable for all smartphone models. Therefore, before carrying out manipulations with the extraction of the sim card, you must make sure that the other device is suitable for it.

If your account balance is negative, you will not be able to make a call. For this case, each operator has certain USSD commands:

  • Megaphone. 205 #;
  • Beeline. 11010 #;
  • MTS. 1110887 #;
  • Yota. 103;
  • Tele2. 201 #

After entering a combination of numbers, the command “call” is carried out. The operator will provide the necessary information in an SMS notification. Providers warn the subscriber that with frequent dialing of such a request, the SIM card may malfunction, therefore it is recommended to save the SMS with information so as not to use this service in the future.

If the user has saved the starter pack from the SIM card, all information on the card can be viewed there.

How to quickly connect and disconnect Geopoisk on Tele2 here

Major mobile operators have a service of sending a message “Replenish me” (the name may vary). The request must be sent to a personal phone or a friend’s cell phone. The sender will be displayed in the SMS. To do this, you need to perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • In the device settings, select the “Cellular data” section.
  • In the item “SIM-programs” select the service “top up my account”.
  • The device will receive an SMS with the sender’s coordinates.

Attention! Service name may vary depending on the operator.

SIM information can also be found by dialing from another cellular operator. To do this, you need to indicate to the manager the passport data used when purchasing the card. The center will tell you how to find out the SIM card number in the tablet.

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Any of the proposed methods is valid, so you can use them depending on the circumstances and capabilities of the iPad owner.

Video on the topic “How to find a phone number on an iPhone”:

To find your iPad number:

Look up the SIM card number in the iPad settings. Go to the “Settings” menu, select the “General” submenu, the “About device” item. The “Cellular Data Number” column will indicate the number of the SIM card installed in your iPad.

Install an application for sending SMS messages on the iPad. With this program you can send an SMS to the service number of your mobile operator and thus find the phone number on your iPad. Or send an SMS message to your phone. After the SMS arrives, you will see the phone number from which it was sent, i.e., the SIM card number in your iPad.

Insert a SIM card into an iPhone, or another tablet or phone. And send a USSD request from it, or call the service number of your operator. IPad uses a micro SIM, so if you want to insert a SIM card from it into another gadget you will most likely need a SIM card adapter.

Install an application on the iPad from your operator.

How To Find SIM Phone Number on iPhone/iPad | Find/See/Display Cell/Phone Number on iPhone/iPad

  • MTS has developed a special service for its subscribers. With this application you can find out your SIM card number, as well as check the balance and use other MTS services.
  • For Megafon subscribers, there is a similar application that will allow you to get instant access to information about your number, balance and much more. The application is not yet available for all regions, so carefully read the description before installing.
    5. Send a request “Top up my account” to a friend’s phone. A smart way to find out the SIM card number on the iPad, verified on Beeline subscribers. Select the following items of the SIM-menu: “Settings” “Cellular data” “IM-programs” “Be in touch” “Top up my account” “Use”. Further. indicate the number of a friend or your own mobile. It receives a corresponding SMS with the number of your SIM card in the iPad.
    6. Find out your iPad number by going to the “Personal Account”. Each self-respecting mobile operator provides its subscribers with the opportunity to receive information and manage various services not only through USSD, calls and SMS to service numbers, but also via the Internet. Use iPad for go to your “Personal Account” and then you will see your iPad number, current balance and tariff plan.

Call your carrier. If the SIM card in the iPad is registered to you, then call the operator and give your passport data. The operator will dictate or send in an SMS message the number of your SIM card in the iPad.

How to get through to the MTS operator read in the section “Call the MTS operator”

How to call the operator Megafon read in the section “Call the operator Megafon”

How to get through to the Beeline operator, read the section “Call the Beeline operator”

If suddenly you still have a contract that you entered into when connecting, or an envelope from a SIM card, then you can see your iPad number in them.

As a last resort, you can contact the nearest office of your operator. Upon presentation of your identity document, you will be informed of your number in the iPad.

View in settings

First of all, go to “Settings”, which, most likely, are on your main screen, then tap on “General”, then. “About device”. Look for the “Cellular Data Number” column, where information about the data of the SIM card installed in the tablet will be indicated! This is the first and easiest way to find out the SIM card number on the iPad.

How to find out the number yourself

The easiest way to see a SIM card number on an iPad is through its documentation. Buying a phone number from any operator, the subscriber signs a service agreement, which indicates, among other things, the number used on the sim card.

Also, you can find out the phone number used on the iPad on plastic, from which the SIM itself of the required size breaks out. However, despite the importance of such a small piece of plastic, users often throw it away after inserting a SIM card into the device.

Why can a plastic card be so important? The answer is simple. It contains not only a phone number, but also important access codes to your number. pin and puk. They may be needed to unblock, or protect the number from third-party use.

Despite the fact that this option is the simplest, at the right time neither the plastic from the SIM card, nor the agreement with the operator, may simply not be at hand at the right time. After all, there can be many reasons to find out the number, among the main ones is the need to top up the balance. Such a situation may arise away from home, and the “cherished” contract and plastic may be right there.

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The second simple option to determine the SIM card number in the iPad is through the settings. To do this, just open the “Settings” menu item and go to “General”. Among the basic settings, you will need to select the “About device” section.

It will contain several graphs with data, including one that will allow you to view the phone number on the iPad, which is used to access the Internet from a tablet computer.

However, everything here depends not only on the device itself, but also on the operator and the sim card used. The operator does not always write a phone number on the card. This is especially true if the SIM card is new, and was received from the provider to replace the old one.

Another option to find out your Beeline, MTS, or MegaFon number on the iPad is the applications used on it. In this case, any of the online messengers may be suitable, but if his account is tied to the phone number of the SIM card installed in the tablet.

If you can’t find out the phone number anyway, then you can use the data from your personal account. This can be done from the operator’s app, or log in to the www version via Safari.

When using an Internet connection via a sim card, you will be logged into it automatically without the need to use a password to log in.

You can also find out the phone using the application for sending messages, if they are used in the tablet. If you have money on your balance, you can simply send any message to your phone, and the desired number from the iPad will be displayed in the sender’s column.

The last option, which allows you to independently find out the used SIM card number in the iPad, is to ask another subscriber to top up the balance of this number. Of course, you can send such a request to your cell phone, and not to another user.

To send a request for replenishment, you need to go to “Cellular data” in the main settings, where you go to “IM messengers”. Going to the section of the operator section “Be in touch”, and select the item that allows you to send such a request. Its name may differ depending on the service provider. So, on Beeline the service is called “Top up my account”, and on MegaFon “Pay for me”. You can send a request to the number of any operator.

The most difficult option to find out your number yourself is to rearrange the SIM card to another device. By installing it in any phone, you can use standard operator commands.

Personal Area

Many operators also provide a user’s personal account on the official website, where you can get information and manage card settings. Go through the device to your personal account and see your number and tariff plan there.

The ways

often than not, people throw away this card while still in a cell phone store or after coming home. Therefore, for most people, this method is not relevant. Therefore, it is recommended to photograph it after purchase, just in case.

You probably know that almost all information about any Apple device can be found in the settings. This case is no exception. To find out the mobile phone number, go to the settings, look for “Basic”, then “About the device”. Then we find the line “Cellular data number”. It is here that your SIM card number will be indicated. Perhaps this is the most convenient and effective way.

The main problem with modern iPads is that you cannot make normal calls from them by dialing buttons. Therefore, you cannot execute a USSD request on it (a command that allows you to find out the phone number). Let’s go for one trick. We take out the SIM card from the tablet and move it to the iPhone. Now we can safely find out the phone number.

Using the program for sending SMS

In the third method, we suggest you download a gram on your iPad with which you can send SMS messages. So we find out the number of the mts SIM card by calling the service number of the MTS operator through it. Thus, you will be shown a mobile phone number.

The mobile operator MTS has its own proprietary application that can be downloaded to any mobile device from Apple, including the iPad. Going to the main page of the application, you will see the name and surname of the person to whom the phone number is registered, and below it will be the number itself (number digits).

You can find out your phone number using your personal account. To do this, you need to get a login. Now you can find out the phone number.

You can also call your cellular operator. What are your passport details (you may also need to answer a security question, if any). The operator will tell you the phone number.

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How to find your number on iPad

Apple tablets give their owners amazing opportunities: you can chat with friends from all over the world, play games and watch movies online, pay for any services and complete work tasks. That is why they have so many fans. But sometimes simple questions can be confusing, and one of them is how to find out your number on iPad.

Why do you need this if you can’t call on the iPad? For example, in order to top up the balance on the tariff for the tablet and always be in touch, because without the Internet, the iPad turns into a simple e-book reader.

It turns out that to solve this problem. checking the number on the iPad. there are at least 5 ways, and not all of them are obvious.

The first method is unique

Only owners of gadgets on the iOS operating system can find out the phone number in this way. You just need to go to the device settings and follow the path:

Settings. General. About device. Cellular data number.

This is where your iPad SIM number is hidden.

However, the iPad is not always at hand. He may stay at home, but you need to top up the balance in order to use the Internet in the evening and avoid blocking services. Therefore, we will consider other ways to find out the SIM card number.

The third way is obvious

Works only with a positive balance of the SIM card account. To find out the phone number on the iPad, visit the official website of your operator and enter your personal account. You will immediately see not only the SIM card number, but also the rest of the package services (Internet traffic), as well as the list of connected services. A similar operation can be done when connecting the tablet via wi-fi.

Don’t know how to check balance on iPad? Indeed, it is easy to do this on any smartphone using USSD commands, but with a tablet it is somewhat more difficult. From the numeric keypad, the standard USSD command cannot do this. You need to go along the following path:

Settings. Cellular data. SIM programs. (operator name). Services. Balance.

Now you can see the balance, and if its value is positive, go to the personal account of the telecom operator.

And to view the phone number on the iPad was even more convenient, we recommend downloading the operator’s mobile application for the tablet from the AppStore. just enter the keywords “Beeline”, MTS, “Megafon”, etc. to get the current version. These applications are always free, and it is very convenient with them to control the balance and the remainder of the traffic for the tariff.

In applications, you can activate the “Live Balance” service so that the account balance is always displayed on the screen, but for all operators this service is paid (for “MegaFon”, for example, the subscription fee is 2 rubles per day).

Method two. conservative

And almost impossible. We offer you just to find an envelope from a SIM card (agreement with an operator), which also contains your phone number.

Method four. for the cunning

Especially for those who are not looking for easy ways, there is a clever way: send a request “Top up my account” to yourself on your smartphone (or to a nearby friend). The SMS with the request will indicate the desired number of the SIM card installed in the iPad. This is done in roughly the following order:

Settings. General. SIM-programs. Stay in touch. Top up my account.

The method works exactly with subscribers of “Beeline” and other large operators, but the final name of the service may differ.

The fifth method is for those who are not lazy

One of the most obvious ways, and perhaps that’s why it doesn’t immediately come to mind. You can simply swap the SIM card into a regular phone or smartphone to find out the number on the iPad. Install a SIM-card into any phone, be it a modern smartphone or a good old push-button, and dial the USSD command to determine your number:

  • Megafon. 205 #;
  • Beeline. 11010 #;
  • MTS. 1110887 #;
  • Yota. 103.

The phone number will be displayed on the screen, after which you can move the SIM card back to the tablet.

So, we have given as many as 5 ways to find out the SIM card number on the iPad. In our opinion, the simplest and most effective is the first one. just checking the number in the device settings. This is the advantage of iOS, that many tasks are easier to solve in it than in other operating systems.