How to find out the correspondence on the iPhone

How to set up Yandex.Mail or another Russian-language mail service?

It is easier to add Yandex.Mail than other Russian-language service. The setup is done as follows:

Go to “Mail” and click on the option “Other”.

Go to the section “New Account”.

Fill in the same fields as when installing Gmail.

Set up the synchronization of mail and notes. activate two toggle switches. Then click “Save”.

You don’t need to specify anything else. the Yandex mailbox will be added.

With Rambler clients, everything is more difficult: after filling in the required fields, the “Mail” application asks for the data of mail servers.

How to set up mail on iPhone?

On the iPhone, you can add a mailbox for any of the clients. contrary to the opinion of many users. It just takes a little more time to set up the Russian service. The article will tell you in detail how to make the setup procedure and what additional features the built-in Mail application gives the iPhone owner.

It is not difficult to add a mailbox registered with Google (Gmail), AOL or Yahoo to your Apple gadget. However, when it becomes necessary to add an account for a Russian-language mail service. for example, Rambler. the user of a mobile device has to puzzle over. The difficulty lies in the fact that when setting up mail on the iPhone, it is not enough to enter a username and password. the “Mail” application requires you to specify information that is usually unknown to an ordinary user. Where to get such information and how to set up mail on iPhone successfully, you will learn from this article.

How to find out your mail settings through the Apple website?

Customers can get data about servers through the service on the official Apple website. The service is called “Mail Settings Search” and is located at the link

All that is required of the user is to “drive” the email address into the field (the only one) and press the blue button with the arrow.

find, correspondence, iphone

Pay attention to the note in small print below. According to this notice, Apple may use the data that users provide to it to improve the quality of its service. In fact, this means that the email address that you enter will be saved in the company database.

After a second of waiting, the service will display all the data about the client.

Which data will really come in handy?

    In the block “Incoming mail server” in the “Host name” field, you need to transfer the server host name (imap.). In the “Username” field, enter your e-mail address. again. The password must be re-registered. this is an important point. In the block “Outgoing mail server” you can fill in only one field. “Hostname”. Copy the hostname of the server (smtp.) Here. The rest of the fields do not need to be filled.

When you enter the server settings, click “Next”. At the final stage, you need to switch the toggle switches for synchronizing notes and mail and click on “Save”.

The described method will give a result if the mailbox is set up. but with Rambler it is more difficult. The Mail Preferences Search service on the Apple website will not show information about Rambler Mail servers.

find, correspondence, iphone

When setting up Rambler mail, you need to proceed as follows:

    In the block “Incoming mail server” in the “Hostname” field, enter, in the “Username” and “Password” fields. the email address and password from it, respectively. In the block “Outgoing mail server” in the “Host name” field, you need to write Other fields of this block can be left blank.

How to set up Gmail mail?

If you are the owner of the popular nowadays “Google mail”, you can consider that you are lucky. the settings of this mail client are “hammered” into the iPhone by default, so you can do without “dancing with a tambourine”.

Adding a box from Google goes like this:

Go to the “Mail” program on the gadget.

Select “Google” from the options.

Fill in the fields “Name”, “E-mail”, “Password”. Gmail appears in the Description field. You can change the text in this field yourself.

After entering all the data, click “Next”. this is how you start the information verification procedure.

At the next stage, the system will offer to synchronize contacts, calendars and notes between the mobile device and the email client. Move all sliders to active position and click “Save”.

This will add the Google mailbox to the iPhone. The “Mail” application will immediately notify you of an incoming letter, which indicates that Google Mail was accessed from an iOS device.

How to adjust email on iPhone?

“Apple” device leaves the ability to customize e-mail for the needs of the user. What options are available to the owner of the iPhone, it is easy to find out by going along the path “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars” and clicking on the name of the mailbox.

At the very bottom of the “Account” section there will be a subsection “Additional”. you need to go there.

The subsection “Advanced” contains the following blocks of mail settings:

The behavior of the boxes. The “Mailbox behavior” block is used to configure the correspondence between mailboxes on the iPhone and on the server. For example, with this configuration, which is shown in the figure below, letters sent to the Trash from the iPhone will be saved in the Outbox folder on the server.

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A place to move unwanted messages. If you set in this block “Archive box”, and not “Deleted”, letters erased via the iPhone will be transferred to the archive on the server. just in case.

Deleted messages. In this block, you can set after what period of time letters from the mailbox will be deleted irrevocably. There is an option “Never”. for the most cautious users.

Setting up incoming. This block contains several parameters:

    Use SSL. If the slider is activated, letters are sent via a secure channel. as a result, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality. Authentication. You can configure the iPhone so that the user is authenticated by mail, not by entering a username and password, but by other methods, for example, through an MD5 Challenge response. It is better not to go into the authentication settings: entering a password is the easiest way to enter the mail. / Mime. The S / Mime option allows you to send encrypted messages. Immediately, we note: to use S / Mime, you need to have a digital certificate.

Do not change anything in the “IMAP Path Prefix” and “Server Port” fields. The first field does not need to be filled in at all, in the second the value is set automatically when the user adds a mailbox.

How to sign out of mail on iPhone?

You need to delete your account from the iPhone as follows:

Go to “Settings” and find the section “Mail, addresses, calendars”.

In the “Accounts” block, find the box you want to erase and click on it.

On the next screen, click the “Delete account” button.

Confirm your intention to delete your account. click on “Delete from iPhone“.

When you delete an account from a mobile device, all information that was synchronized with the account will also be lost. Therefore, before erasing your account, take care to transfer your valuable information to a secure medium.

Codes and combinations for checking iPhone

All of the above points are only indirect signs that the device is being monitored. You can confirm or deny your suspicions by dialing certain codes.

Note! Checking is carried out using the usual keyboard of the device.

How to test an iPhone for wiretap by entering a combination of numbers:

  • #. checks for current call waiting;
  • #. will help to establish the IMEI. code of this device;
  • # is one of the most useful combinations. With its help, you can get information if someone has requested details of calls and SMS-messages;
  • #. displays data about services serving a specific iPhone;
  • #. if redirection occurs, this command will show it. In addition, the number to which the calls are transferred will be indicated;
  • ##. if redirection is detected using this combination, it will be possible to disable it. Accordingly, calls will be made only from a specific device;
  • # 30. caller ID for incoming calls.

Despite the simplicity, the combinations presented above are working, and most importantly, convenient. With their help, you can easily protect your phone from other people’s intrusions.

Important! It is not recommended to use codes too often. The problem is that not all operators are familiar with these command sets. Frequent activation is suspicious and may lead to blocking of the number.

Can law enforcement eavesdrop on iPhone

Before you figure out how to determine the wiretapping of a mobile phone on the iPhone, it is worth finding out whether it is legal or not. If the conversation is about law enforcement agencies, then the answer will not be so unambiguous.

Wiretapping on iPhone is possible and quite common

For your information! In accordance with Federal Law 26 “On Communications”, cellular operators are obliged to provide all the necessary information to authorized bodies engaged in operational-search activities.

In this case, data on calls, SMS messages and the like are provided. But as for the direct wiretapping of equipment, the operators in this case cannot always help.

At the moment, law enforcement agencies can listen to a person’s conversations not only if he has an iPhone, but also another mobile device. This is done using the SORM system.

Important! Wiretapping by law enforcement agencies can only be established if there is an appropriate court decision.

All of the above applies exclusively to legal activities. However, now there are a large number of spyware programs that are installed on a smartphone and allow you to listen to the conversations of another person (subordinate or spouse).

The peculiarity of such programs is that they can be used to record and then listen to conversations, intercept SMS messages, etc. In addition, the user can copy phone numbers from the address book of another subscriber. Needless to say, such actions are illegal? That is why it is worth figuring out how to check an iPhone for wiretapping in order to prevent interference with personal space.

Wiretapping by law enforcement agencies is carried out only by a court decision

How to check iPhone for wiretap. codes and combinations

Can I listen to another person’s iPhone? Yes, you can. In the modern world, there are even special programs designed for this. How to find such a “pest” and what to do then, is discussed later in the article.

Find and eliminate the source of wiretapping on iPhone

How to understand that a mobile phone is being tapped? Of course, first of all it is worth paying attention to the fact that personal information suddenly appears in the “wrong hands”. Of course, you might think that someone is deliberately disclosing the data, but a tracking program or device should not be ruled out either.

Before proceeding, it is worthwhile to analyze all the data again and compare the facts. You can determine that a person is being watched through the phone by the following signs:

  • information gets to unauthorized persons;
  • iPhone suddenly started to shut down and restart spontaneously;
  • Internet traffic consumption has increased significantly;
  • sudden and spontaneous activation of GPS;
  • the device is overheating;
  • the amount of space on the phone has decreased;
  • battery discharge is faster.

Note! Of course, all of these signs can be symptoms of something else, for example, the breakdown of the iPhone itself. As a test of the guess, you can diagnose using the codes presented earlier.

If the suspicions are confirmed, what should be done in this case? There are several options for actions that can be taken if a person is being tracked via an iPhone:

  • check your device for viruses and unwanted programs;
  • save the necessary information on a PC, a second SIM card and completely format the device. In other words, reset the settings to factory defaults;
  • use special programs designed for Apple devices. These include Android IMSI-Catcher Detector and CatcherCatcher. These programs will help protect your mobile phone from connecting to false databases. With the help of EAGLE Security, you can see a complete list of applications that have access to the microphone, camera, etc.;
  • Darshak system will help track unusual iPhone activity.
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You can check your phone for wiretapping yourself

Possible signs of wiretapping on iPhone

So how do you know if a phone is being tapped, for example, an iPhone? In fact, surveillance and eavesdropping programs rarely manifest themselves on a device in an explicit format. You can only pay attention to some minor points that will help to identify the harmful “bug”.

How to know if a mobile phone is being tapped. iPhone:

  • the battery charge lasts significantly less. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the battery of the device is overheating, and this is a bad sign. If the battery suddenly starts to drain quickly, this is a reason to think. The thing is that spyware runs in the background and consumes a lot of energy;
  • strange (unusual) behavior of the phone is observed. It can be constant freezing, periodic shutdowns, etc. Such actions look especially unusual on new iPhones;
  • when talking with a person, there are extraneous sounds, noises in the receiver;
  • sudden interference should be of particular concern. If the smartphone is lying next to the speakers, and the latter suddenly begin to make noise, as if receiving an SMS message, this is already a weighty cause for concern. If spyware is indeed installed on the device, it is most likely transmitting data at that moment;
  • long connection with the subscriber or termination of the conversation. As a rule, most listening programs take time to wedge themselves into someone else’s conversation, hence the delays;
  • high traffic consumption. Currently available espionage programs are often designed so that they accumulate information and then transmit it over Wi-Fi. If a person uses the Internet connection as usual, and traffic is still heavily consumed, it is worth considering. For the sake of interest, you can look at the Wi-Fi statistics, through which working third-party applications that consume traffic are identified;
  • suspicious SMS. Messages containing incomprehensible alphanumeric texts can be encrypted commands for wiretapping. To check your guess, it is recommended to rearrange the SIM-card to which such SMS comes to another (push-button) phone. If the distribution does not stop, then, most likely, the device is “under the hood”.

There are many signs of wiretapping on iPhone

How to protect your iPhone from possible wiretapping

Speaking about banal protection from other people’s encroachments, it is worth noting that there are a lot of ways. First of all, it is recommended to adhere to the simplest rules:

  • do not transfer the device to strangers, if possible, keep it with you;
  • do not open links coming from unknown numbers;
  • closely monitor the sites that are visited. If not a wiretap program, then an unpleasant virus can always be picked up;
  • do not tell unauthorized persons the password.

Important! In the matter of setting a password, you should not take it lightly. It is best to use a finger or face scan. As a last resort, it is recommended to come up with a rather complex password that cannot be simply guessed.

How to check for an iPhone virus

Password as protection is the best way to prevent possible wiretapping

Listening programs are not a myth, but a very real phenomenon. Therefore, you should treat your confidential information responsibly. Adhering to simple tips, you can protect yourself, but if the “bug” is still installed, it can be calculated and eliminated.

Get to know the privacy settings on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

Method one, through the browser

This method is the simplest and most effective, since you can read all the latest correspondence of the subscriber at any time convenient for you.

This will require:

  • Computer with Google Chrome browser installed
  • Subscriber’s phone
  • 10 seconds of time


  • Go to your computer, in the Google Chrome browser, to the website
  • On the phone of the person whose correspondence you are going to read, go to WhatsApp. Chats. Menu. Whatsapp web
  • Point your phone at the barcode, a chat window will open on the computer screen, where you can read all the correspondence
  • disadvantages

      The subscriber must be connected to the network so that you can read messages, otherwise you will see such an inscription.

    Any user can always see whether WhatsApp is connected to a computer or several, and if he himself did not connect, then it is easy to guess that someone else had a hand in this.

    Do you want to know a couple of ways how to read someone else’s WhatsApp correspondence and not be caught? If so, then most likely your curiosity has already taken up above moral principles and it makes no sense to remind you of morality and give morality. But nevertheless, it is worth recalling Article 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on violation of the secrecy of correspondence, according to which you may face a substantial fine or correctional labor.

    Second way, sending correspondence by mail

    This method is suitable for both Android and Windows Phone and iPhone.


      Open up WhatsApp. Chat rooms

    Select the chat you are interested in (on iPhone, slide it to the left and press. on Androin hold down until the menu appears)

  • In the menu, select the “Send by E-mail” item. for iPhone and Email. for android
  • You can send only the text of messages or include in the letter and files from the chat, but note that in this case, the correspondence may be of an impressive size and it will take longer to send.
  • Mail will open with an attached message file.
  • Send to your E-mail a letter with an attached file from the correspondence.
  • disadvantages

    • Unable to read new messages.
    • It takes a long time to send a letter and cover up the tracks.
    • Internet access required.

    Temporary blocking of incoming

    If you need to block all incoming calls only at a certain time (for example, at night or during a meeting), you can activate the “Do not disturb” mode. In this case, you can turn off incoming calls from everyone, or allow access only to selected subscribers (or their groups. family members, friends, employees, etc.).

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    This service is activated in the settings, in the tab of the same name. You can set the time interval for this mode. After it ends, the iPhone itself goes into a state of normal receiving calls. Incoming notification is also allowed if a call is repeated several times within three minutes. When activated, a crescent moon icon appears in the status bar on iPhone. In this case, any calls, messages (notifications) will be received silently. You can quickly activate or deactivate this mode by pressing the crescent symbol in the control center. Don’t forget to set the desired settings.

    From groups

    Let’s start with you by trying to figure out how to get out of the blacklist in “Contact” in a group. To be honest, being banned in communities is pretty rare. To get him, you have to try very hard. Suppose that you have achieved your goal, and now access is closed. So you have to think about how to return everything to its place.

    Unfortunately, now it is quite difficult to get a person to visit this or that address. So you have to try hard to bring your idea to life. If this option does not work, then you can leave the venture. Now let’s see with you how to get out of the user’s blacklist in “Contact”.

    How to add a person to the blacklist on iPhone

    Anyone who owns an iPhone can add anyone to the blacklist at any time. After completing the operation, the person will no longer receive messages. There are several ways to block a specific number. Regardless of which one you choose, both calls and SMS will be blocked.

    Method 2

    This method is the most convenient and easy, but there is one caveat. if you have enabled the synchronization of contacts with iCloud (see image) and at the moment when the contact was deleted, the Internet was turned on, then it will not be possible to restore the number, because when you deleted a contact on the iPhone, the phone was synchronized with iCloud via the Internet and there on the cloud, in the address book, this contact is also deleted.

    Now there are two conditions: either you have enabled contact sync with iCloud, or disabled. Now I will tell you what to do in that and in those cases. This “syncing contacts with iCloud” can be found in iCloud Settings Contacts

    If you have enabled contact sync with iCloud, then you need to turn it off. As soon as you press the toggle switch to disable, the question will appear: “What do you want to do with previously synced objects: iCloud contacts on iPhone?”

    You need to select “Leave on iPhone”. So, we turned off the sync of contacts with iCloud, and now, turn on the Internet and sync contacts with iCloud. A message will appear: “Your contacts will be combined with iCloud”, select the only item “Combine”.

    After that, the contacts that are saved in your iCloud cloud will be transferred to your iPhone, including deleted contacts and numbers.

    Call forwarding to iPhone is enabled with one tap. Go to Settings Phone Call forwarding and turn on the toggle switch. Immediately after switching on, you will be prompted to enter the number to which it will forward callers.

    Adding a number to the blacklist

    How to block a number on an iPhone is no big deal. To do this, you need to perform several movements:

    • Decide on the “unwanted” number.
    • Find it in Contacts, Recent Calls, Messages, or FaceTime.
    • Go to the menu marked with the letter “i” at the top of the page.
    • Click on the item “Block contact” (the last tab of the working window);

    After execution, you can be sure that this subscriber will not be disturbed until he is removed from the ignore list.

    If the inconvenience is caused by the mass mailing of advertising messages and there is no desire to add unfamiliar numbers one by one, iMessage has the ability to set a filter on incoming messages from unknown numbers not saved in the phone directory.

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Go to “Messages”.
    • Configure “Filter by Sender”.
    • Select the “Unknown Senders” tab.

    After these actions, the iMessage service program will filter out messages from unknown numbers, focusing on the fact that the subscriber is not in the contact list and, possibly, it is spam. Spam can be reported to Apple through the “Report Spam” tab, which will accompany each such message.

    After clicking on the tab, the information will be sent to the address, and the message will be automatically deleted from the iPhone memory

    Spam can be reported to Apple through the “Report Spam” tab, which will accompany each such message. After clicking on the tab, the information will be sent to the address, and the message will be automatically deleted from the iPhone memory.

    Important! By itself, such a filter does not protect against further distribution of information from this number.

    find, correspondence, iphone

    You can also block your email address to rid yourself of unwanted emails. The algorithm of actions differs little from blocking a number:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Find the “Mail” tab.
    • Select Email.
    • Click on the sender’s contact information.
    • Activate the “Block contact” tab.

    Blocking a contact protects against mobile calls and SMS, but will not apply to calls and messages made via WhatsApp or Viber. These mobile apps have their own blacklists.

    Contact blocking is in the “Information” tab

    How to get out of the blacklist in “Contact”: instructions

    So, today we will talk with you about how to get out of the blacklist in This can be done in several ways. We’ll take a look at each of them. So let’s quickly try to figure out our today’s question.

    How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone

    There are several ways, but I will describe only 2.