How to find out how much a video weighs on an iPhone

How to quickly find out file size on iPhone or iPad

We create a team that will make life easier.

IOS Quick Commands are a great tool for automating actions. They also help to perform actions that are not provided by default in the system: for example, find out the file size. Usually, you need to upload a photo, video or document to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox) or to iCloud via the Files app.

It takes too long, but there is an easier way.

Download the Quick Commands app (it comes preinstalled in iOS 13).

In the application, click on “Create Team” or the “” button on the main screen.

In the window that opens, specify a name (for example, “Find out the file size”). Select On Export Page to make the command available when you click the Share button.

In “Export types” you can limit the types of files that the command will work with. In this case, you will not get an extra button when you want to share a web page via AirDrop.

Now we need to add actions. Return to the command editing page (the “Finish” button) and click on the “” icon. Find the action “Get file information” and click on it.

Click on the word “Details” to select the type of data that will be displayed. in this case, it is “File size”.

We have taught the program to get the file size from the output, it remains only to teach it to show us this data. To do this, again click on the icon “” to add a new action. “Show notification”.

Done! This is how the finished command looks like:

To launch it, open the required file (for example, an image in the “Photos” application) and click the “Share” button. Click on the command. and a notification will appear with the file size.

The same can be done, for example, with PDF in the “Books” application.

Using iTunes

Here we need a computer and installed iTunes (where to get it and how to install it). It is enough to connect the iPhone to the PC and in the first window of the program that opens, we see brief information about the device, including data on the amount of built-in memory.

find, much, video, weighs

By the way, if for some reason the connection fails, then read this article.

The considered methods are simple and reliable, but not always feasible due to the fact that the iPhone or iPad may not be activated. Therefore, we will learn how to find out the capacity of the internal storage of an iOS device without including it.

View in settings

Indeed, the easiest way to find out the amount of internal memory is to look in the device settings. He will be the most truthful and reliable. they have not yet learned how to change such information in the system itself. How to do it?

  • Open “Settings”.
  • We are looking for the “Basic” tab.
  • We are interested in the item “About this device”.
  • In the “Capacity” column we see the total number of gigabytes that are available on a completely new iPhone.

Do not be surprised to find a figure there that is much less than the one that is generally accepted for the iPhone and iPad. For example, for the 16 GB version, something around 12 GB will be indicated. this is absolutely normal. Of the remaining 4 Gb, part is “eaten up” during conversion (1 Gb = 1024 megabytes), and the other part by the iOS system itself for itself and its needs.

How to find out how much memory your iPhone is?

Hello everyone! “Why even check how much memory the iPhone has. you ask. said 32 GB, which means it is, and it’s written on the box!” That’s how it is. But, as usual, not always. this statement may have nuances. The thing is that there is a huge number of “handicraft” refurbished phones on the market (we are not talking about “official ones as new”). And when purchasing them (from not entirely honest sellers), there is a fairly high probability that you will receive a completely different amount of memory that is indicated on the box.

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Imagine you paid for 64 GB, and as you use it, you discover that there are only 16. Is it insulting? Not that word! To prevent such situations from arising, we learn to quickly and accurately determine the size of the internal iPhone storage. Prepared let’s go! 🙂

By the way, an attentive reader will ask a quite reasonable question: “The blog is dedicated to the iPhone and iPad, why is it only about the iPhone in the title?” The answer will be simple. on iPad, the number of built-in gigabytes is written on the back cover. And in order to find out their number. just look at it. But with the iPhone, this is not always the case

However, if you do not trust the inscriptions, then all the listed options for determining the storage capacity are suitable for both a phone and a tablet on the iOS operating system.

We use the serial number

Without including or even having access to the gadget, you can find out a lot of useful information about it using only one serial number. But first you need to know him. This can be done in various ways, and for those who have an unactivated and turned off iPhone in their hands, the simplest will do. we pull out the SIM card tray and see the identification number on it.

Further, it is enough just to use one of the services that I have already described in articles about all kinds of checks on the gadget (where it was bought, how to fully check it). I will not repeat myself and talk again about how to use them, just go to any of these links and use the proposed sites.

That’s all! After that, you can easily find out how much memory any iPhone has, without even including it. And a lot of other, often necessary information, which is especially important when purchasing a non-new device.

How to find out the size of any file on iPhone or iPad

One of the main innovations in iOS 12 is the Quick Commands app. The new program allows users not only to create chains of actions to automate daily and routine operations, but also to perform actions that were not originally foreseen by iOS. It is also convenient that scripts can be activated using one button or a voice command. Using this article as an example, we will look at how to create a script with which we can quickly find out the size of any file.

How to see size of video file in iPhone

While Apple has brought many improvements in iOS 12 and 13, some important features have never been added by the developers.

Take the built-in Photos, Music, or Books apps as an example. For some reason, users still cannot determine the size of the files stored inside these applications. there is simply no such possibility.

You can find out the size of files only within the “Files” application, so users often resort to the procedure for importing photos, videos or documents. And it is really very inconvenient and time-consuming.

Fortunately, there is a much easier way to determine the size of your files. over, this can be done without even leaving the built-in applications and without resorting to the import procedure. The application “Quick Commands” will help us with this.

How to quickly determine file size on iPhone and iPad

  • In a new window, you will need to specify the name of the command. For convenience, we indicate “Determine file size”. Here we activate the toggle switch “On the export page”.
  • In the “Types of Export” section, select the file formats that our team will work with. “Files”, “Images”, “Media” and “PDF files”.
  • We return to the command editing page and click on the “” button. Here you need to find the action “Get file information” and select it.
  • Click on the “Select” item and select the “File size” property from the list.
  • Let’s move on to setting up a notification. Go to the edit page, click on “” and add the action “Show notification”.
  • All is ready! To find out the file size, you need to go to the appropriate application, open the desired file and click on the “Share” menu.

    The “Quick Commands” option will appear in the list of actions, within which you will be able to select the “Determine file size” operation. By activating this script, a small notification will be displayed on the screen, which will indicate the exact size of the file.

    Longreads for you

    In iOS 14.5, a mechanism appeared that allowed replacing the standard Music app to any other. Everyone, of course, thought that Apple made another exception for users, but this turned out to be not entirely true.

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    Why is VPN for iPhone so popular? It’s not just about accessing blocked content. VPN provides privacy on the web. and here are 5 reasons to use it.

    One movie on Apple TV now costs 399 rubles. if you arrange a movie night every weekend, you will get a lot. How about this: access to thousands of films for only 75 rubles? And this is not another action. We tell the details.

    Can you imagine that an android would have such a crazy way? Yes, all the Eplists would walk and laugh.
    This is no longer some kind of rake, this is a rake)))

    How to find out how much time you spend in each app on your iPhone or iPad

    Open “Settings” on your iOS device;

    Tap the clock-shaped icon on the right side of the screen under the Battery Usage heading.

    You can also tap any app in the Battery Usage list to see the amount of battery power the apps are using and the time each app takes. This way you can find out how long each program was open on the screen or worked in the background.

    The message “X minutes on screen” will show the time during which the application was launched in the foreground with the display turned on, regardless of whether it was actively used. Click on the “Last 24 hours” or “Last 7 days” button to find out the total time spent in applications for a day or even a whole week.

    How to set any song on an iPhone alarm.

    To do this, you do not need to turn on the stopwatch every time. a special function is already provided in iOS. With its help, you can control the amount of time spent in applications on your favorite device. Unfortunately, not everyone can find the function intuitively. Don’t worry, below we will tell you how to do it.

    In iOS 9 and later, users can check how much battery power a particular app is using. To do this, just open the “Battery” section in “Settings”. Here you can also find out how much time per day or per week you spend working with applications on your device.

    How to save a website page in Safari on iPhone (iPad) for reading without the Internet.

    The following usage types are displayed for each application:

    • “On screen”. the period when the application was open on the screen, and did not run in the background.
    • “Background”. the program runs in the background and consumes battery power;
    • “Audio”. the program plays audio while working in the background;
    • “No Cellular Coverage”. your device is looking for a cellular signal;
    • Weak signal. your device is being used when the cellular signal strength is low ”;
    • “Copier. and restored. “. device is being backed up or restored from iCloud backup;
    • “Geolocation” and “Background Geolocation”. the battery is used while determining the device’s location.

    Programs running in the background (when the device is locked or you are working with another application) are accompanied by the message “X minutes in the background”.

    In the background, iOS applications can perform a variety of tasks, such as playing or streaming music, downloading content, locating, recording audio, providing VoIP communications, and more. An application that runs constantly in the background can significantly reduce the time until the next recharge. devices. For fun, check Google Maps. you’ll be surprised how much battery they use.

    How to pass a Wi-Fi password to guests without telling it (QR code).

    How much does the iPhone 4 weigh

    IPhone4 weighs 137 grams.

    The main characteristics of the most “old” model are:

    • nice. has an attractive case design;
    • replaces the player. has enough memory to store music files;
    • equipped with a good camera. the clarity of the resolution is 2592×1944;
    • has a capacitive battery;
    • has the functions of a GPS receiver;
    • ergonomic.

    The front and back walls of the device are flat, made of impact-resistant glass, the end edging is steel. A phone with such a set of functions has become a revolutionary novelty in the electronic gadget market. With a “modest” size, this novelty is skillful at what several devices are capable of doing at the same time.

    How much does the iPhone 4s weigh

    The weight of the iPhone 4s gadget is 140 grams.

    iPhone 4s belongs to the fifth generation of Apple smartphones. Unlike the previous model, the phone with the letter “s” has updated hardware and improved software.

    The virtual assistant Siri has settled in the gadget. It responds to a voice request and is capable of performing Internet searches. In addition, most of the functions that exist in the iPhone can be controlled by voice. The model is not tied to a stationary computer or laptop, since it independently functions as a Wi-Fi router. The updated model has improved camera resolution, which has changed the quality of photos and videos. Indicators of autonomous operation of the device without recharging have increased.

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    iPhone 4S takes over many design features from the previous iPhone 4. The front and back panels are flat and the screen is covered with shock-resistant glass. The case is made of stainless steel with metal buttons. The screen size is 3.5 inches (8.89 cm), directly below it is the Home button. iPhone 4S comes in two black and white colors.

    Other characteristics of the model include:

    • 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display.
    • screen resolution 960 x 640 pixels (326 ppi).
    • high contrast 800: 1
    • brightness up to 500 cd / m2
    • the presence of an oleophobic coating that is resistant to the appearance of fingerprints on the panels located on the back and sides.
    • support for multiple language modes with the ability to set characters in different languages.

    How much does an iPhone weigh

    The weight of modern iPhones ranges from 112 grams to 140 grams.

    The weight of modern iPhones ranges from 112 grams to 140 grams.

    Technological developments make it possible to supply equipment with more and more new possibilities. Each new model is no longer just a phone with a video camera. “Smart” gadgets can do a lot and are becoming almost indispensable for the modern user. Let’s try to figure out why the new generation of iPhones is more useful and more modern than previous models. Let’s start with weight categories.

    How much does the iPhone 5 weigh

    IPhone5 weighs 112 grams and is the smallest of the entire lineup.

    Apple’s sixth generation smartphone was unveiled on September 12, 2012 in California.

    The new model found both its supporters and those who were dissatisfied with the new product. Everyone noticed a change in the overall dimensions of the equipment and a decrease in the weight of the device. After the departure of Steve Jobs, the founder of the corporation, who adhered to the uniformity of all smartphone models, the developers deviated from his principles and gave the model new forms. Users noted such a change as positive, the gadget began to look more harmonious as a phone and not be conspicuous when using it as a means of communication.

    According to the developers, the fifth model approaches the following parameters:

    • video viewing time. 10 hours;
    • listening to audio recordings. 40 hours;
    • web browsing online. 10 hours;
    • 2G and talk time. 8 hours;
    • 225 hours standby.

    In addition to changing technical parameters, the quality characteristics of the device have improved.

    How much does the iPhone 5s weigh

    IPhone 5s weighs in at 134 grams.

    September 2013 became the year of the presentation of the seventh generation of the iPhone. Initially, its first month of sales turned out to be a crisis for the iPhone, it lost more than 40% of its original cost, but the crisis at the end of December 2014 “leveled” the situation and the price returned to its original level.

    Among the advantageous characteristics of the model, we can note the “strengthening” of the case, the gadget has changed into an aluminum shell and glass-ceramic, which has thoroughly strengthened its strength. The device has become more sensitive to network signals, the screen resolution indicators have increased, revolutionary changes have taken place in the photo and video modes. The duration of stay in the operating mode remained similar to the previous model. The owners of the new items noted not only positive, but also negative features of the iPhone. Many complaints have arisen about the compatibility of devices for compatibility with certain network configurations, in some cases the quality of communication has deteriorated. The demanding attitude towards the new product is due to the fact that the developers, despite the increase in the number of additional options, forgot about the original purpose of the device and supplied the gadget with additional options to the detriment of the main.

    Users note a solid progress in the technical “behavior” of modern gadgets. Developers, endowing devices with increasingly “heavy” functions, try not to increase the weight of the iPhone and the parameters of the device. Technological developments make it possible to make perfect models and leave, at the same time, parameters convenient for the owners. Probably, in the future, smartphones will completely lose their weight and will weigh not 140 or even 100 grams and will completely turn into virtual devices with a holographic screen. But so far, technical progress is only approaching the cherished edge with cautious steps. And iPhones of the fourth, fifth and many subsequent models will remain a necessary and material thing for a modern person for a long time.