How to find another iPhone from your iPhone

Ways to Find iPhone

When it becomes necessary to find an iPhone using a phone number, the owner of the device can use one of three main search methods:

  • Find iPhone function;
  • Find Friends service;
  • mobile operator service.

Each of these options has its own characteristics and limitations. Therefore, it is recommended to consider all methods in order to identify the most suitable for a specific situation.

How to find an iPhone through another iPhone by its phone number

No Apple iPhone owner is safe from theft or loss of a mobile device. Such an attack happens quite often, often forcing users to go to extreme measures in search of a device. But at the same time, there are proven ways to find an iPhone by phone number or through specialized services. about all search options. below.

Using special applications

Determine the location of the iPhone not only Apple’s branded services and operator services, but also programs from third-party developers. Since the problem of theft or loss of Apple iPhone is very common, the developers have prepared a huge number of applications that are worth considering before choosing the best way to find.

Is it possible to find an iPhone by phone number

Apple has always been concerned about the safety of its users. This is expressed not only in the protection of confidential information using iOS, but also in the development of special functions designed to help in finding the iPhone if it is lost.

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In particular, Apple allows you to find an iPhone on a map by phone number through the Find My iPhone service. It is available to all iPhone owners, regardless of the model and version of the operating system. In addition, there is the option of determining the location of the device through a mobile operator or a third-party application. In most cases, the user will need to provide a phone number.

Through a mobile operator

Using Find My iPhone is not always appropriate. Especially if the option was not previously activated on the phone, and the Internet and geolocation are disabled on the Apple iPhone. In such a situation, one of the most effective search methods is to contact a mobile operator. After all, the SIM card can always be tracked, even if the smartphone has limited access to the Internet or location.

The catch is that the provision of geolocation information is possible only if a special service is connected from a telecom operator.

  • MTS. Locator (100 rubles / month);
  • Beeline. Locator (7p / day);
  • Megaphone. Radar (3-7r / day);
  • Tele2. Geopoisk (3 rubles / day).

Another disadvantage of the proposed options is that they work on the principle of parental control. That is, you can only find the phone associated with the main number. And only in a situation when the connection of a third-party device to it was confirmed on the “tethered” device.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain information about the location of the iPhone by contacting your operator’s phone shop. Therefore, this search method is unclaimed, despite the advantage in the face of determining the geolocation even with the Internet and GPS turned off.

How to find iPhone from computer?

But first, a few caveats. The owner who had the misfortune to lose his iPhone or iPad, or who is sure that the device was stolen, will be able to find the device on his own only if the following conditions are met:

  • it is signed in to the Apple ID;
  • geolocation is enabled (tracking location using mobile networks);
  • the “Find iPhone” option is activated. how to start it will be described below.

In other cases, you will have to rely on the help of outsiders, in particular, the user can:

  • File a theft report (even if he himself lost his phone) to the police. In the text, you will need to provide as many unique characteristics of the device as possible: its serial number, IMEI identifier, external signs, etc. It is not necessary to count on the agility of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but the iPhone owner will definitely hear a few encouraging words. and this is always pleasant.
  • Fill out an electronic form on the website. or a similar online resource, indicating the serial number or IMEI of the iPhone that you want to find, your contact information and the amount of remuneration. all this will take less time than trying to figure out what is difference between iPhone and smartphone. The chances of finding the device in this way are also not very great, and besides, the user may stumble upon scammers who want to receive the promised money. but it is definitely worth a try.
  • Submit missing announcements to all kinds of print and electronic media. of course, without neglecting the promise of a reward.

But instead of wasting time on the listed manipulations, the owner of the iPhone, who lost it himself or thinks that the device was stolen, can find the device from the computer by logging into iCloud.

As already mentioned, this is only possible if the corresponding functions are activated on the device. If so, you can skip the next short instruction and immediately start searching; if not, but the phone is still with you. without delay, turn them on:

  • Go to the “Settings” iPhone and tap on the avatar of your account located at the top. If you have not yet logged into it, first log in; it’s as easy as putting your iPhone into DFU mode.
  • Go to the profile page and open the iCloud section.
  • By moving the slider to the “On” position.
  • Back in “Settings”, go to “Privacy”.
  • And move the slider to the active position.

To find an iPhone with search enabled from a computer, the owner must:

  • Go to the site. in any convenient browser and log in to the same Apple ID account to which the device is linked by entering the login in the appropriate fields.
  • In the menu that opens, you can not only find out the iPhone model, but also find the device that the user has lost or stolen. To do this, you need to click on the appropriate plate.
  • By clicking on it, the user can see when the device last synchronized data with the network.
  • If viewing in flat map mode does not allow you to properly understand where exactly the iPhone is located and track it, it is recommended to open the drop-down list at the bottom right of the screen.
  • And turn on the “Satellite” or “Hybrid” mode. then it will be easier to find the iPhone, based on the image of the area from above, than to install the best games for the iPhone.
  • Calling the drop-down list “All devices”.
  • The user will have access to additional search capabilities. So, if there is an assumption that the iPhone was not stolen, but it was simply lost somewhere at home or at work, it makes sense to start ringing it by clicking on the “Play sound” icon.
  • In this case, the iPhone will beep to the owner until he can find him and turn off the notification.
  • To ask the finder of the iPhone to contact the owner, select the “Lost Mode” option.
  • Enter any six-digit lock code. without entering it, it will be impossible to access the device options.
  • Indicate your contact number. mobile or landline.
  • And in the next information box, there are other important data and notes: from home address and e-mail to the promise of a reward. Now it remains to click on the “Finish” button.
  • As a result, the person who finds the iPhone will see the text of the message on the lock screen and will be able to call the number provided by the owner. otherwise, without knowing the access code, he will not be able to do anything.
  • If the data stored on the iPhone is of particular value to the owner, and the confidence in the ability to find the device is getting less and less every hour, it remains, having resigned to the loss, at least to try to maintain confidentiality. to destroy personal information and disconnect the phone from your account by clicking on Erase iPhone button.
  • Some time after the conducted “search activities”, the iPhone owner’s email linked to the account will receive a message about the current location of the device. with the ability to view the geolocation in the browser.
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Important: even if a Google account is logged into the iPhone, it will not be possible to track the device on the corporation’s website. the account owner will be redirected to iCloud.

It is highly discouraged to use unauthorized online services on a computer that offer to find an iPhone by cell number, unique identifier, or even based on geolocation: currently, the efficiency of such resources is at best zero, and at worst, fraudsters will pull valuable personal data from the owner of the phone. data or under the pretext of prepayment of a more or less significant amount of money.

How to find an iPhone from a computer or through another iPhone?

Both the very first iPhone and newer models of technology from Apple, no matter how much they differ in terms of functionality, have one unpleasant, but inevitable, common feature: they can always be lost. or stolen. Fortunately, the situation is not so hopeless. it is quite possible to find your iPhone, even if it is turned off. How to track a lost or stolen phone. let’s try to figure it out.

How to find an iPhone via another iPhone?

The easiest, and probably the only reliable way to track your iPhone with another is to use the default Find My iPhone app on your devices:

  • Having borrowed a phone from another person or taking a spare device, the owner who lost the iPhone opens the application and logs in with his account by entering the Apple ID login in the upper field.
  • .And at the bottom. the password, after which he clicks on the “Login” button.
  • Lost iPhone search starts automatically.
  • During the process, it is recommended to allow the program to access your geolocation. this way it will be easier to build a route from your point to the one in which the device is located.
  • As a result, the user will see a point on the map. it shows the last location of the iPhone.
  • For scaling, it is enough to “expand” the map or, conversely, “squeeze” it with two fingers.
  • By clicking on the “Navigation” button in the lower left corner, the user can.
  • Set local units of measurement for the map, as well as, as in your iCloud account, select the method for drawing the terrain.
  • And to access additional search options, just tap on the icon in the lower right corner.
  • Select your device associated with your account in the list that opens.
  • And see the familiar list of possibilities. A little higher is the button with the car icon. by clicking on it.
  • The owner, who wants to quickly find his iPhone, will build a driving route to the found point.

Important: here, by expanding the window, you can choose other ways to get to the iPhone, which was lost or stolen. on foot, by public transport and even on a ride.

There are many third-party applications for the iPhone, which, according to the developers, allow you to find the device: Sensory, GeoZilla, Onlook, and so on. Their main disadvantages are paid and the need to first add the phone to the tracked list; if the device is missing, finding it simply by installing the application will not work. which means there is no point in considering these products in the context of finding a lost or stolen iPhone.

Can I find my iPhone if it’s turned off?

Tracking a disabled iPhone is currently not possible; development in this direction has been carried out by Apple for quite some time, but the end result available to the mass user is not yet available. The only chance for an iPhone owner is to find out the last location of the device, recorded when it was still active; the option is available only if the “Last location” slider in the “Find iPhone” section is set to “Enabled”.

Summing up

The easiest and most reliable way to find an iPhone that the owner has lost or that may have been stolen is to go to the iCloud website from the computer and open the appropriate section. Similarly, you can track the device on another iPhone or iPad. in the mobile application, in addition to everything, the user will be able to build a route to the location of the phone. It is not recommended to use third-party services and programs. they are either completely ineffective, or only allow you to find the iPhone if it is pre-installed on the device.

How to find iPhone if it is turned off

Within a few days, there are chances to find the iPhone, even if it is turned off.

First of all, you should go to the Apple device search page and log in. In the menu, find the “Find iPhone” button. After a while, a map will appear on the screen, where a green or gray dot will be displayed.

Gray color means the place where the gadget turned off. In this case, you can look for a phone, or post ads.

A green dot indicates a working phone. If the point moves, then someone found it. If the number does not answer, then the card has been changed in it.

In order to solve the problem, you can lock the phone using the Lost Mode function. It is also recommended to send a message. If he is ignored, then it is necessary to contact the police. The map allows you to locate the kidnapper right up to the entrance.

How to turn off Find My iPhone

Sometimes, if your phone is being repaired or sold, you need to turn off Find My iPhone. This can be done remotely, or directly through the device itself. Disconnection is possible only after entering the code from the Apple ID account.

It is enough to take the device, go to settings, open iCloud, go to the “Find iPhone” position and switch it to “off” mode. You must also confirm this action with your Apple ID account password. Information about the disconnection should come to the email.

To disconnect remotely, go to the application, open the “My devices” menu, select the required one and click on the cross or the “Delete” button. The smartphone can be removed from the device list only if it is out of range of the network, or turned off.

After all actions, you must confirm the action. A message should also appear stating that the gadget can be activated by another person.

How to find a lost iPhone

The loss of any electronic device turns into a stressful situation for the owner. This is fraught with more than unexpected costs or the loss of important data. Often there is information in memory that is not intended for third parties.

Find iPhone allows you not only to find your lost iPhone on the map, but also to delete all personal information, block access to data, or send a message to your device. It is also possible to play a signal to search for a device and track its movement.

If Find My iPhone has not been activated on your device, you cannot find it from a distance. In order to protect yourself, it is worth changing the code for the iCloud account, passwords from accounts tied to the device, inform the mobile operator about the fact of theft or loss, report the loss at the police station.

If Find My iPhone is disabled, there is little chance of success. In such situations, it is necessary to protect personal data from being used by third parties soon.

Computer search steps

In order to find the iPhone through a computer, you must go to the iCloud website, enter the Apple ID or password from the lost device and confirm the login.

From the menu that opens, select “Find iPhone”.

After that, a map opens, where you can see the location of all devices with the activated “Find iPhone” function and linked to this account.

In order to select a specific gadget, you should use the menu that drops out from the top and click on the desired device. Immediately after that, information about the amount of charge in the battery opens. It is also suggested to use sound playback (if there is a suspicion that the gadget is nearby), turn on Lost Mode or erase all information.

Sound is turned on even if silent mode is turned on.

If Lost Mode is selected, the phone number is entered, as well as information for the person who found or stole the device. After the mode is activated, the iPhone is locked and only one window will be displayed on the screen with a message and a number by which you can contact the owner.

If the iPhone is successfully found, then in order to unlock it, you must enter the code.

The “Erase iPhone” function allows you to erase all the information that is in the device’s memory.

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Even if the gadget is disabled, the command for it will be saved on the server and activated the moment the device connects to the network.

A map is offered to find a lost iPhone. But it is not always possible to determine the location if the attacker is in a multi-storey building.

How to find iPhone via iOS 13 locator

You can find your iPhone through the iOS 13 locator, it has a gadget search function, even if the phone does not have an Internet connection. If your device has Find My iPhone turned on, it uses Bluetooth technology to display your location. It practically does not need power, does not drain the battery and is active, even if the device is turned off.

In order for the program to work successfully, two Apple gadgets are required. On the lost iPhone, the location data is encrypted, and the second will decrypt it.

Each device sends a code, or key, that is constantly changing. Apple devices nearby encrypt and download geolocation data, and only another personal Apple device with a key is needed to decrypt.

When you click the search button on any Apple device that will search, the iPad downloads a hash of the public key, similar to the identifier. Millions of encrypted locations can be searched.

An iPhone that is lost or stolen creates a special network that sends signals to all Apple devices that are nearby, even strangers. Through these gadgets, the iPad gets the opportunity to connect to the Internet and show its location.

Find iPhone via Computer

In order to find a lost Apple device, you can use any computer that has access to the Internet.

To successfully locate the gadget, the following conditions must be met:

  • Find iPhone must be activated on the lost device;
  • iPhone must have internet access;
  • the battery must be in working condition.

If the “Last location” function is activated in the device, and the battery is disconnected, then you can determine the location by the last signal.

How to enable Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone only works if it’s enabled on the device itself. To do this, go to settings, open iCloud. After that, go to “Find iPhone” and activate or enable the program. Also here you can enable or disable sending the last geolocation when the battery is discharged.

The blocking is activated together with the search program. If you do not enter the Apple ID code, you cannot activate the device, disable the search program, or delete data from the gadget. The firmware of the device will also not be able to solve this problem. If you lost your Apple ID password, you can use the instructions to recover it.

How to find iPhone online

The search algorithm will only work if Find iPhone is activated on the lost device. At the same time, it is very important to sync your device using your Apple ID account, otherwise you can only engage the police to search for an iPhone.

In order to find an iPhone online, you need to go to the Apple service and enter your Apple ID details. After that, you need to click on the device. If the device is disabled, there are settings that will help track the movement of a stolen gadget.

How to find your iPhone using a friends iPhone in Find my App in iOS 13

If the device works, you should contact the police with a statement and arguments to seize the phone from the attacker.

If the signal “Last geolocation” is triggered, then it is in this place that you need to start the search.

How to Track iPhone from Another iPhone

Tracking can be done in several ways.

Turn off iPhone tracking in Find My Friends on iPhone

To stop spreading information about your exact location between friends in the program (via a smartphone or the official page), just follow a few simple steps. The user will continue to see the location of friends from the list, but when they try to find it, they will receive a response from the system “not available”.

To complete the cancellation procedure in the smartphone, the following setting algorithm is carried out:

  • Go to the main menu and select a shortcut with your own name.
  • When using operating system 12, you need to click on “Specify geolocation”, and with an earlier version. enter the subsection “iCloud” and go to the above block.
  • Disable functionality in it.

To delete on the page, you need to log in to the resource and run the Find Friends utility. After opening the “Me” tab, you need to disable the “Specify location” functionality.

Important! The procedure takes several minutes, but if the smartphone is stolen, friends will not be able to track the point where it is. website

The user must log into the page and enter the Apple ID of the wanted device. After authorization, you need to select the “Find Cellular” utility and get information about its localization. It allows you to do all the additional actions, like the Find iPhone program.

Through mobile operators

How can you track an iPhone by phone number? This service is legal and is provided on a paid basis. With constant access to the Internet, it is not necessary. the search engine works by the phone number in the cells. The subscriber who has connected the service sees the localization of the person he needs through messages or on a map of the area.

Important! If tracking is enabled on the device, then it will be easier to detect the stolen gadget. If the user is worried about the safety of their belongings, then he should think about turning on the mode and constant use.

To activate tracking using a mobile operator, it is enough to send a request and indicate the number of the subscriber who needs to be constantly monitored. The second number will receive an SMS with a proposal to accept or reject the program, through which the whole process will go. If the user agrees, then his location will be determined with an accuracy of 100 m.

The city gives high indicators of determining the place where the right person is. In rural areas or in bad weather conditions, the quality of location detection will be reduced.

Location through telecom operators

How to view a person’s location on an iPhone

How to view a person’s geolocation on iPhone? Verification is carried out in two ways.

Find My iPhone

The locator app for iPhone includes two other apps, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. Allows you to quickly locate your phone, send your location to your family / friends, and can help in critical situations.

Important! The application helps to search for your device, even if it is already disconnected from the Internet.

  • Find your phone: information is shown clearly on the map
  • Lost mode, when the smartphone is locked and you can leave your contact information on the screen
  • View last location
  • Play a beep so you know where to look
  • View remaining battery level
  • The finder will not be able to access your personal information
  • You can completely clear the iPhone from all the data that is on it online
  • You can send your location to family and friends if desired
  • In case of critical discharge, the smartphone will send data to Apple about your location
  • Receive data about the location of relatives or friends who will share it

It is very convenient to use this function to find your loved ones. Who, for some reason, can get lost, so you can always quickly find them. over, the route can be built, as in the navigator.

Information where your device is located is displayed on a visual map that can be turned on in satellite mode, which will greatly facilitate the search task.

Interesting! If you decide to erase all data from your iPhone. Once found, everything can be quickly returned using the iPhone backup function.

IPhone Locator. Search for Your Smartphone: Features and Settings

Find My iPhone or another way Locator is an application for iPhone smartphones that helps to determine the location of the device, find family members or friends on the map.

This is a very important function of the entire iOS operating system, which should be configured immediately after turning on your smartphone for the first time.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

The previous article was devoted to how to hide an application on the iPhone. Today we will look at a very important function and application Find iPhone, where it is located in the settings, how it works and helps when searching for your device. This feature works for iPad, Apple Watch, Air Pods and iPad Touch too.

Important! On how to find your device when it is lost, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed and visual instructions in the material. find an iPhone via an iPhone, computer or other smartphone.

Locator setup. how to turn Find iPhone on and off

Go to smartphone settings, open your Apple ID by clicking on your card with your first and last name. In a new window, open the “Locator” section.

Go to “Find iPhone” and make active the item to search for the device itself and use the locator network.

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Locator network. allows you to search for your phone even if it is disconnected from the network, this is a very useful feature. It works when you turn on Lost Mode. Your iPhone will communicate with other Apple devices via Bluetooth and send them location data so you can see where it is. All this is done in anonymous mode.

The last geolocation is when the battery charge is critically low and the phone can turn off at any time. It will send its current location to Apple. This is a very useful feature, especially if you are going on a hike, so you can be found very quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Go back to the previous section and turn on the “Share location” feature so that added family members or friends can see it, to whom you will send it yourself through the phone book. If you do not enable it, you will not be able to share the location.

For everything to work correctly and the location is determined accurately, you need to enable the “Geolocation Services” function. It is important.

Go to your smartphone settings, go to the “Privacy” section, open “Location Services” and make it active.

Fear that the battery will run out badly after activating this function. no need when certain applications will request access to it, just tell them. activation of geolocation only when using.

At any other time, it will simply not be used and will have a minimal effect on the battery.

Important! If you have lost your phone and now you cannot find it, then I recommend reading the material on this topic. find an iPhone via iCloud. It describes in as much detail as possible what needs to be done in this situation using iCloud.

Locator app. features

Open the locator app on your iPhone. Information about all your devices will be shown here, where they are located.

Here you can also add people with whom you want to share your location and see their location. The main thing is that they also have an iPhone.

Routes. If they have shared their geolocation with you, here you can also build a route to this person. Just like in a GPS navigator. So, if you wish, if you cannot find each other, just share the geolocation for an hour, the route will be built. Few people use this, but it’s really convenient.

Contact. person card, phone number.

Notifications. you will receive notifications if a contact changes their location.

Also here you can set a different name for the location at your discretion.

As you can see, this is a very important part of the iOS operating system and the phone itself. Therefore, always turn it on in the settings so that your device is protected.

How to find an iPhone via another iPhone

On iOS, there is a mobile application Find My Freinds, the main task of which is to help friends find each other, but in practice it copes quite well with finding lost smartphones.

  • Install the app.
  • Login.
  • Click on the Add icon (plus sign).
  • Enter the requested information about your friend’s device.
  • Wait for permission from a friend (they must also have this application installed).

Thus, by installing this application, you can always find your device through another iPhone. So we recommend that you worry about it in advance.

Find iPhone by IMEI

If the previous methods did not suit you, then there is another option. search by IMEI (this is a unique identification number of each phone, consisting of fifteen characters). IMEI will allow you to find the device by GPS, even if data transfer or geolocation was turned on.

IMEI can be found either from the device documentation or by typing USSD command #. You need to contact the police with the IMEI number, but first it would be better to try using the service for finding lost gadgets. we recommend TrackerPlus or its analogues.

How to Find iPhone from Computer via iCloud. Using Find My Phone

If you have activated this function on your phone in advance, then the search for a gadget will be much easier. It is better to turn on FMP immediately after buying a new iPhone, so as not to be left without the main search tool at a critical moment.

Find My Phone is activated as follows:

    Go to Settings, select iCloud.

Now directly to how to find iPhone from computer via iCloud.

  • Go to
  • Login with your AppleID and password.
  • From the menu, select the Find iPhone icon.
  • A green dot will be visible on the map that opens, this is the location of your phone. If you have several gadgets from Apple, then when you click “All devices” you can select exactly the one that was lost.

By clicking on the name of the device you need, you will get access to information about the battery charge level, and you can also use the three main functions of the smartphone:

  • Play sound. Used to find a device in the immediate vicinity.
  • Lost mode. Using this mode, you can set an additional password on the device and specify your contact phone number so that a passer-by who finds the phone can contact you. In addition to the contact number, you can leave a message for the person who found the device. This can be your address, for example, or the amount of the reward. together with the number, they will be displayed on the screen of the locked phone. Disabled Lost Mode in the same menu where it was turned on.
  • Erase all data from iPhone. As the name implies, this function allows you to delete all information from the device’s memory. It is recommended to use it in cases when you have a backup of the system, or when the risks associated with obtaining information by intruders are too great.

Obvious actions that are forgotten

First of all, we will look at the standard measures that should be taken when losing absolutely any phone, not only from Apple.

  • Call your mobile. If the device fell out somewhere nearby or is at your home at all, but where you were not looking for it, then thanks to the call you will be able to quickly find the phone. If he is lost on the street, then a passer-by can pick him up, and the further development of events depends only on his moral qualities. However, most people make contact, either realizing that they will find the phone anyway, or guided by a banal desire to help. If you do not have a device from which you can make a call, then you can find services for online calls on the Internet.
  • Change the password on your accounts. If you are unable to remotely lock the device because you have not activated this function earlier, we recommend that you change the passwords in all accounts that are logged in to the phone as soon as possible.
  • If you are afraid of wasting funds from your account, then you can visit the mobile office of your operator and ask to block the SIM card. But this is a very controversial measure: on the one hand, blocking will prevent the loss of funds on the account, however, it will deprive you of the opportunity to contact the person who found the phone, and also disable Internet access, which will not allow finding the smartphone through Find My Phone. If you resort to it, then only if information about new expenses appears in the Personal Account of the operator.

How to find iPhone by phone number

Determining the location of a device by phone number is a difficult task. This can only be done by an operator, and when you contact Subscribers Support, you will most likely hear that the company does not have such a technical capability, which is an obvious cunning. But in any case, such information is disclosed solely at the request of law enforcement agencies, and it is almost impossible to achieve it personally.

How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off

If the smartphone was turned off or simply discharged, it is not possible to track the current location of the phone, but iCloud remembers and shows on the map the last place where the iPhone is before disconnecting. But there are some limitations:

  • Feature support appeared with iOS 8 and higher;
  • It is only available on devices after the iPhone 4.

In addition, this function must first be enabled in the settings:

  • Go to iCloud Settings Find My iPhone.
  • Toggle the Send Last Location slider active.

Forewarned. Armed: FAQ on Tracking and Finding a Lost iPhone

The loss or theft of an iPhone is always a big problem, since the mobile contains a huge amount of personal information and all kinds of passwords, including those from payment systems. In addition, in the presence of potentially defamatory information, the user can become a victim of blackmail, and the presence of work-related data in the device’s memory can lead to dismissal.

There are tons of ways to find your lost iPhone, both official and third-party. Let’s figure out which one is right for you.