How to find a lost TV remote

Using the Screenshot app

Most modern gadgets are equipped with the Android operating system. You can take a screenshot on Android using the special Screenshot application, you can download it from Google Play or, for example, here:

The Screenshot application greatly simplifies the process of saving a snapshot and, in addition, saves you time. in any case, the developers of Geeks.Lab say so.

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The algorithm for capturing a screenshot on Samsung using this utility looks like this:

  • Define the path to save the image (option “Photo path”).
  • Take a screenshot (pressing the power and volume button).
  • Open the image to check the result.

Now that you know how to take a screenshot on a Samsung phone using the Android application, all that remains is to deal with the additional Screenshot functions and find the saved picture on the phone. Usually all images are saved to the Gallery.

In addition to saving screenshots, this application contains an image editor. He, in turn, allows:

  • Add mosaics to screenshots;
  • Make edits to an existing screenshot;
  • Insert text into a screenshot;
  • Edit images.

Is it possible to completely disable the assistant

Let’s finally note whether it is possible to disable the helper completely:

  • In normal mode, it is impossible to get rid of a part of the firmware. such an option simply does not exist;
  • You can use administrator rights. We do not recommend opening root rights. you can irrevocably damage the device;
  • If you install third-party firmware, you will get rid of the assistant, but you will lose other important functions.

We talked in detail about how to uninstall Bixby on Samsung. smartphones of new models can be eliminated from an unnecessary option. Use our tips to quickly turn off your voice assistant yourself!

Why ads appear

The main advantage of Smart TV is the viewing of selected TV programs at a convenient time without advertising. Therefore, the appearance of videos or a line with messages after setting up the Smart operating system at first discourages, and then frustrates customers. To understand how to get rid of advertising, you first need to figure out where it comes from.

  • Demonstration.
  • Home.

How to create your own poll in VK

If you are interested in a survey, but you see that some important points are missing here. Or if you do not agree with the existing options at all, you can easily create your own and make it perfect. For this:

  • If you need to create a poll on your page, click in the empty message box (it usually says “What’s new?”). Select the “” option with an arrow below.
  • A window will open with options, from which select “Poll”.
  • You will see an expanded window with blank lines to fill.
  • The first line is the topic of the future survey. Enter the name of the poll, it will act as a voting question.
  • Next, enter the answer options. By default, there are only 2 of them, but if you need more, just select the third “Add item” window with the mouse. In this way, you can add a large number of options.
  • At the bottom of the questionnaire there is an item “Anonymous voting”, if you select it, then the participants will not be able to view the selection of other participants.
  • Also at the bottom you can select icons for adding various media files. If you need to attach a picture, music or video to a survey, click on the corresponding icon below. Added files appear at the top of the poll.
  • In order for only your friends to take part in the survey, click the lock icon next to the “Send” button.
  • When the survey is ready and all the files have been added to it, check the spelling of the points and the question itself, then click on the “Submit” button. So that there are no questions about how to remove or change your poll vote on. choose the answer points carefully.
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How to find a lost TV remote control in an apartment

Automatic tuning

Automatic debugging of channels allows you to find channels available for broadcast in a short time and adjust their playback. This function is one of the advantages of Samsung’s technology, because it is called smart for the gradual automation of all processes. The disadvantages of this type of debugging are the system skipping channels, incorrect parameters and, as a result, fewer programs than stated in the subscription package.

To connect, specify the appropriate item in the parameters. Select the signal source: antenna, satellite or cable connection. In many cases, Smart TV models already have a list of the most popular TV service providers and channels included in their packages.

After the end of the process, the first channel from the list compiled by the system will turn on automatically. To change the order of programs, open the item “Broadcast”, then “Change number” and confirm the action. In the list of transfers, select the one you want, highlight it and click on the change line. Change the order of the programs using the remote control, save the changes.

Algorithm for turning off the voice guidance

The order of actions required to disable TalkBack depends on the series of the TV-set, which can be found using the code name of the Samsung electronics.

Most of the names of modern TV models from a South Korean manufacturer begin with the symbols “UE” and the diagonal of the device, followed by the letter designation of the series: for example, the UE49MU6100U TV belongs to the “M” series.

You will need to use one of the following instructions to set up or turn off the beeps.

The standard way to take a screenshot on Samsung (hardware keys)

To get started, hold down the “Power” “Home” buttons at the same time. As a result, the screenshot icon will be displayed on the screen.

In fact, this is the easiest way to quickly take a screenshot; it works on most phones and tablets of the specified brand.

Hidden places

Quite often, if the doorbell rings while watching TV, a person goes to open it together with the remote control. Leaves him in the hallway, closes the door behind the guest, goes back to the TV and realizes that he has lost something. The same situation could arise if the phone rang. The man takes the cell in his hands, and puts the remote control in its place. Or even moves around the house with him, chatting happily on the phone.

The remote control can be found both in the bathroom and on the balcony. Therefore, you should carefully inspect all secluded places. Some people even forget the remote control in the refrigerator, you already looked there?

Where can I find a TV remote else? Maybe you covered him with something? Sometimes a person, taking off his T-shirt, puts it on the TV remote control. In addition, if the house is in chaos, then, perhaps, it will be possible to find it only after a general cleaning.

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Fun quest

Finding your favorite remote is an adventure. First, without getting up from your seat, inspect the entire room, especially what is next to you. Turn the pillows over and lift up the blanket. Usually, without realizing it, people put the remote control near or behind the TV. Look there too. The second most common place is where you last sat when you watched TV.

If you do not live alone, then perhaps someone from the household could take the remote control. Ask who and when last saw him. Let them help you in your search. Young children love to play with the remote control. The child could carry it in their toys or even hide it on purpose.

Also, pets are often not indifferent to the remote control. For example, a dog could easily drag him to some secluded place. Of course, you won’t be able to ask her, but watch the animal. There are times when the pet owner finds a whole warehouse of hidden things.

How to find your TV remote at home: tips and tricks

People very often lose a variety of things: keys, jewelry. But the first and most honorable place on this list is the TV remote control. How can I find it in my apartment or house? The answer to this question is given in our article.

Why is lost

It is the TV remote control that disappears most often. And all because while watching a favorite movie or program, the attention is completely switched to the screen. Then some movements may be unconscious. In addition, due to its slippery surface and small size, this device with buttons very often falls over an armchair, pillow, bed. How to find your TV remote?

Preventing the problem

If this attachment is lost too often, you may need to take steps to avoid it.?

There are many options:

  • Build a dedicated space for the console. Try to control where you put it.
  • You can install a special program on the phone, and then the smartphone can work as a remote control.
  • There are TVs with a search function. If finances allow you, you can purchase one. And then you will forever forget about the question “how to find the TV remote control at home?”. They work according to the following principle: there is a special button on the TV itself. When you press it, music will play in the remote.
  • A key fob can be attached to the channel switching device that responds to a whistle. In order to find the remote control, it will be enough just to whistle. Then, in response, he will beep and blink.

Also, if you often lose your remote, just get another one, a spare one. Then you will protect yourself from endless searches.

How to find a TV remote control if lost in an apartment

The loss of the remote control sometimes becomes the cause of chagrin, irritability and even quarrels in the family. The problem is exacerbated if an important football match or the next episode of your favorite TV series is about to begin in a few minutes. To understand how to find a TV remote control quickly and what to do to make such a nuisance happen as rarely as possible, you need to remember simple recommendations, use technical devices.

Where to look better

If you were watching TV and discovered the disappearance of the remote control, do not rush to get up, since a smooth object can slide off and “hide” even further. First, inspect the sofa or chair you are sitting on and feel the surface with your hands. Then carefully lift nearby objects (magazine, pillow, blanket) so that the device cannot fall to the floor. Batteries sometimes fall out from a shock, a crack may appear on the case.

As you expand your search area, explore the crevices between the seat and the armrests, and around and under the sofa. Check the places where you put the remote control most often: coffee table, TV stand shelves.

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Ask other family members if any of them have moved the TV remote to another location.

If small children show interest in the gadget, it can be found in a box with toys. The dog can also be attracted by an interesting subject. Sometimes the owner finds him somewhere in the corner or on a dog bed.

Non-obvious places

If the lost remote control is not found immediately, do not be upset. You need to remember where you went while watching TV.

The remote control can be found anywhere in the house:

  • on the telephone shelf (someone called you);
  • in the kitchen (I wanted to drink water or tea);
  • next to the refrigerator (during the advertisement they decided to have a snack);
  • on the windowsill (they went to the window when they heard noise in the street);
  • in the bathroom (you had to wash your hands);
  • on the bedside table in the hallway (a neighbor came to you).

If the furniture is folding, the remote control may fall into the bedding drawer during cleaning. It happened that the device was found in the washing machine, where it got together with the duvet cover.

Mobile phone use

You can use a smartphone as a TV remote control. To do this, you need a special program, as well as wireless communication (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or infrared).

When downloading and installing a mobile application, you need to take into account that all types of software are divided into 2 categories:

  • Branded programs designed for one TV model.
  • Universal utilities with which you can control all TV models.

Multifunctional programs allow you to replace various remote control devices for home appliances (air conditioner, speaker system or robot vacuum cleaner). The application detects the device and displays the corresponding remote control image on the screen.

A universal application with which you can control any television device is TV Remote. The display shows the remote control buttons. Functions available such as switching channels, turning on and off the sound, adjusting the volume.

Any phone model is suitable for use as a remote control (even the cheapest and outdated one).

How to avoid loss

So that you don’t have to look for a remote control every day, define a permanent place for it. Try to adhere to the established rules yourself and teach children to do this. Over time, a conditioned reflex is developed, and you will do it without hesitation.

Little tricks and special tools will come in handy:

  • make the remote brighter: glue a colored strip of paper tape on the body, attach a small toy or accessory with superglue (it is important that they do not create inconvenience when using the remote control);
  • make a stand or buy a gadget holder;
  • fasten one end of a thin cord to the body, and tie the other to the leg of the coffee table;
  • buy a keychain that responds to loud sounds and attach it to the remote control;
  • use a tracker powered by a smartphone or tablet (a small, affordable device will help you find the remote even in the next room).

It is not difficult to find a lost TV remote control in an apartment. The main thing is to do it calmly and methodically. It is useful to have a spare universal device in the house.

When buying a new TV, ask if it has a remote control search function (such models are no longer uncommon).