How to enter okko through TV

Why Okko won’t start on TV?

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  • Lack of internet connection. Most likely, home Wi-Fi stopped working. Check the router immediately. Connect to it from another gadget. Beyond that, learn how the network works. Reboot the modem, unplug it and plug it back in. After a few minutes, connect again. Another breakdown option is technical work at the Internet provider. For information, call the service center.
  • The TV memory is loaded. Immediately after purchase, users download many applications. They clog the internal memory of the device. Because of this, it glitches and slows down. If your TV has a cache loaded, you need to clear it. First, delete the extra files. Remove the wire from the network, insert it again after a couple of seconds. Turn on the app.
  • Outdated firmware version. The developers of modern TVs are releasing various updates for devices. They want to provide customers with even more options. Download updates as they are released. Follow the instructions depending on your TV.
  • Software glitches. Perform a factory reset. This method is quite radical. Follow the instructions to clear the parameters to factory defaults. If you use this method, you will need to download the programs to the TV again.
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Problem with multiscreen

If you have a problem with the Internet, immediately check the connection. First, restart your modem. In addition, it is recommended to check the internet speed. At low rates, HD files are slow and glitchy. If the speed is not suitable, follow these guidelines:

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  • deactivate the modem from the network;
  • completely disconnect devices from WI-FI;
  • connect to the internet via a local cable.

Why Okko doesn’t work abroad?

At the moment, the service is available in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. After a while, they plan to expand the territories of use. If the phone receives a notification about the unavailability of an option in this country, then a failure has occurred. In this case, contact the service center or write a request by e-mail or on the official website. You can also call 8 800 700 55 33.

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Okko app doesn’t work on TV: reasons how to fix it?

Don’t know “Why doesn’t Okko work on TV?” This request is most popular on various forums and user chats. Every device malfunctions. Nobody is immune from such problems. It is quite easy to understand the causes of the problem. It is worth starting with the fact that online cinema is available on all TVs with a built-in Smart option. Here, anyone can watch movies, TV series and clips by subscribing. Older models do not have the required software. Such devices do not support the Okko app. Below, we will understand the problems that most often arise among users.

enter, okko

What if Okko app doesn’t work?

Before troubleshooting, find out the error code on LG, Sony Bravia, Philips, Samsung. Some combinations will appear on the displays. Below are the main problems faced by users. Error number 1 signals an outdated firmware. Please update accordingly. Code 2 is displayed due to a weak internet signal. Recommendations are posted above. Number 3 means system failure. Restart your TV and check the app again.