How to enable YouTube on Samsung TV

How to install YouTube on TV

Installing YouTube on your TV is no problem. The main condition is that the TV receiver must be connected to the Internet. To add YouTube app to Samsung Smart TV, the following steps are required:

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  • Find YouTube service.
  • Download to device. It takes a few seconds, since the size of the application is about 4 MB.
  • After downloading, the service will be automatically installed with the appearance of a YouTube widget in the Smart Hub.
  • A similar algorithm is used on models of Smart TVs from other manufacturers.

    To activate the YouTube service on LG Smart TV receivers, downloads are made from the specialized service LG Content Store.

    On Android TVs with Smart TV function, YouTube can be downloaded as an APK file from Google Play or other Russian Internet sites.

    Method number 2

  • A system message appears prompting you to go to and a connection code (sequence of numbers).
  • On a computer or smartphone, enter a link in the search box, go to the specified address.
  • On the page that opens, in the “New TV” section, enter the code that was displayed earlier in the system message of the application into the line.

  • Click “Add”.
  • The computer page displays information about connecting the TV.
  • As a result, you can control the viewing of YouTube video content on TV from your computer. It is enough to select the desired video, click “Play” and select “Play using TV” from the drop-down list. After that, the selected video file will start streaming on the Smart TV screen. The method is convenient for demonstration events. you can broadcast images from anywhere in the world. It is necessary that the TV and computer have Internet access.

    Smart YouTube TV: how to install the app on your TV

    YouTube is one of the most visited Internet services. Videos for entertainment and education, news channels, game streams, video blogger channels. they are easy to access on a digital device, including a Smart TV. To do this, you need to install and activate a specialized application on the TV receiver. The article introduces the methods of downloading and installing the application on the TV, talks about possible installation errors and methods of solving them.

    YouTube features on Smart TVs

    YouTube is the largest video hosting on the world wide web. The service successfully competes with television in terms of audience, volume of transmitted information and provision of advertising services. The user policy of the Internet service assumes full access to the possibilities with a registered user account. Therefore, after installing the YouTube application in Smart TV, you must enter it under your personal profile.

    • Access video files from your personal playlist, search for content, connect to other people’s live broadcasts and post comments in real time.
    • The ability to watch television programs from most countries in the world. The vast majority of channels are broadcasted for free.
    • Maintaining personal channels, live video broadcasts, interactive communication with subscribers.
    • Watching movies, music and news programs, many of which are unique and created specifically for YouTube.

    Application developers are introducing artificial intelligence technologies that offer the consumer video content specially selected for him based on the study of viewing preferences.

    The indisputable advantage of installing YouTube on a TV is watching video content of an online service in 2K and even 4K resolution.

    How to set up YouTube on your TV

    Setting up YouTube on Smart TV consists in entering and saving a personal YouTube account in the account properties of the installed application. After that, full access to the capabilities of the service opens: viewing the user’s personal video content, managing playlists, subscriptions, etc.

    There are several ways to link your existing account to the YouTube Smart-TV app. All of them are simple and do not require deep knowledge of information technology. You need access to YouTube on your computer. You can set up access through a smartphone or tablet by opening the YouTube page in a browser.

    The sequence of operations is described using a Samsung TV as an example.

    Method number 1

    A system inscription appears with a proposal to follow the link and a line with a code. a sequence of English letters.

  • On a computer or gadget, enter the specified link and go to the address.
  • An inscription appears with a proposal to enter the code previously displayed on the TV into the cell.
  • Enter code.
  • Agree to the YouTube TV prompt that appears to manage your account by clicking “Accept”.
  • An inscription appears about successful authorization of the YouTube TV application.
  • The setup is complete. the user’s YouTube account has been opened on the TV, synchronized with the profile on the computer.
  • Possible errors when installing the application and ways to solve them

    Sometimes the YouTube application is not installed on the TV, and the installed one does not show the image. Here is a list of the causes of this failure and how to fix them:

    PIP for old models

    Typically, on older LCD models such as Samsung’s 650 and 750 series, you enable PIP by pressing the Menu button on the remote and then selecting Setup and PIP while browsing the content you want use as the main source. In this menu “Off” And “On.” Activates or deactivates the PIP display and Air, Cable and Channel select the secondary source for the subscreen. You will also see various options allowing you to select the size and position of the subscreen. Sound Select Modes “Main” and “Sub” let you choose which sound source you prefer to hear. Use the arrow keys to navigate these menus and select “Enter” to make your selection.

    Picture-in-picture settings offer more options for viewing content, so it’s fitting that there are several ways to activate PIP on a Samsung TV. Picture-in-picture TV settings are not as popular as they used to be, but they still exist in the 4K Ultra HD era. Grab the remote control between the couch cushions and take a photo of yourself by inserting the picture into the picture of your Samsung HDTV.

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    Get PIP on Samsung TVs

    Before you can use PIP on any modern Samsung model, your TV must have a picture-in-picture set up. To simultaneously view two different TV sources on the screen, you need to connect two different sources.

    Chances are, your cable, satellite dish, or set-top box connects to your TV via a coaxial connection. a type of cable with a pin at the end that screws into the handle on the back of the TV. To stream two different TV signals to your Samsung at the same time, you will need a coaxial cable splitter, which is an inexpensive add-on. Attach one end to the back of your TV with a coaxial cable, then connect multiple coaxial sources to multiple RF inputs on a splitter.

    You can also mix and match sources using coaxial connection and TV signals or other devices (such as Blu-ray and DVD players or your computer) connected to your device via HDMI, composite, component or VGA inputs.

    Since 2005, all Samsung TVs have only one built-in TV tuner, so you need to connect another TV source for PIP. Before 2005, any Samsung TV with PIP function already had two built-in tuners, so you can skip this step if you are using the old one. model.

    PIP on UHD models

    For newer Ultra HD and curved screens like Samsung’s JS series, the PIP process is similar.

    Just as Samsung TV models vary, the PIP process may differ, although the basics of the process remain the same. On some models, PIP can only be used if your PC is selected as the primary source of the image. Likewise, some older models disable PIP when using Internet TV or V-Chip features.

    Install and set up Video TV Cast on your Samsung TV

    Perhaps, for some reason, updating the software of the YouTube app for Smart TV turned out to be ineffective. If after downloading the current version of YouTube the problem is not resolved, you can use a program with a similar function. This widget is Video TV Cast.

    Before installing the application, it is worth considering the main specific features of such an alternative:

    • Works properly on devices of all models. it does not linger, does not lag and does not get lost;
    • The program allows you to watch any video from YouTube and view content from a host of other pages;
    • The application is universal, as it can play videos of all available formats.

    The opportunity to use this program is also available to owners of Samsung TVs manufactured after 2010. It is permissible to use Video TV Cast in combination with various gadgets: mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, etc. From these devices it will be possible to freely play videos, but it is necessary that the TV and the gadget are connected to a single Internet network.

    Having connected to a single network, you should open the main menu of the application. Through it, you can go to the required page where the video is located. If the software is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, then you can open the video on the TV screen with one click and enjoy watching.

    The TV Cast app allows you to play any YouTube content, and you don’t need to install a second widget. To fully use the functionality of the program, you will need to create your own profile by setting a username and password for it. So the user will have a personal library of videos at his disposal, it will be possible to use the subscription function and watch interesting channels.

    To install the service, you need to follow a few simple steps:

    • Set up an Internet network via Wi-Fi, router or adapter.
    • Download the Video TV Cast Widget.
    • Open the program and enjoy its diverse functionality.

    If you want to set up an Ethernet cable connection, you will need to crimp the wire on both sides. Now you have learned how to use YouTube in an alternative way, as well as how to connect and update the program in different ways. You can also include videos from YouTube using other programs designed to view content in video format.

    iPhone or iPad

    Here, too, everything is extremely simple. You just need to open the actual application on the device. After that, you need to touch a specific button that will allow you to view videos directly on the monitor.

    There can be two outcomes of events here. If you are a user of one TV facility, then viewing will be available immediately. Otherwise, you will need to choose the invention to which you want to connect communication. Further also. the start of viewing is automatic.

    YouTube client features

    Some people have problems with the branded application, especially with the latest updates, which have brought many innovations, and not only pleasant ones. The new version of YouTube TV boasts a cute design and a more ergonomic interface

    But the main point worth focusing on is the presence of support for Chromecast technology, which greatly facilitates synchronization with various peripherals: smartphones, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes, consoles and others.

    On a note! A side project, YouTube Kids, was also launched. The resource is designed for children, and the appropriate content is selected for viewing (12-). If earlier on the main site “YouTube” you had to set up filters, now everything has become much easier. The application has its own widget, and it is downloaded by analogy with the main client.

    Via computer

    It is known that and in this way can also be used. To do this, you will need to go directly to the browser on your PC.

    Android gadget operation

    • First, you should choose the video that you like. Launch it and start watching.
    • Next, a certain icon will appear on the screen, indicating the possibility of viewing the same video, but only on the TV monitor.
    • Accordingly, you need to click on it, after which you can select exactly the device on which you want to view.
    • The success of the manipulations will be indicated by the fact that the recording is cleaner than automatic playback on the TV.
    • In order to pause or completely end the broadcast, you just need to open the icon that will be located on the bottom of the screen. In addition, you will have the right to control the actions of the entire process.


    This player is convenient when watching IPTV, it allows you to record videos, stop broadcasting, decode some signals of paid channels, create playlists that can be opened on any other device. To install, you need:

    • Activate mail
    • Go to your personal account
    • On the main page, click “How to watch”
    • Select device
    • Select player
    • Make settings by following the further instructions in your personal account
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    How to watch YouTube on TV without Smart TV and Internet?

    What if you have a very old TV, which does not have not only Smart TV, but generally the ability to access the Internet? In this case, everything is decided by purchasing a separate Android TV Box with the same Android operating system on board. And use it in the same way as if this operating system was natively installed on your TV out of the box. I described in detail how to choose the right set-top box for a TV in another instruction.

    Personally, I use Xiaomi Mi Box, but there are a huge number of models on the market from different manufacturers.

    Best of all, if it is HDMI. most set-top boxes are connected through this interface. If the TV is quite old, then you need to look for a set-top box with analog connectors for wires, called “tulips” or “scart”.

    Another option is to use a special receiver device that works with Miracast technology. It can be called MiraScreen, ChromeCast, AnyCast, EZcast or some other “cast”.

    The bottom line is that with it you can connect the TV to the WI-FI signal of the router and transfer a picture from your smartphone to it.

    How to make friends Samsung Smart TV and YouTube. Overview of several popular methods

    Hello everyone! In this post we will talk about how you can comfortably watch videos from the popular YouTube video hosting on the big screen of your smart TV.

    In other words, we will try to make friends between Samsung Smart TV and YouTube. The topic is interesting and in demand, since each of you at least once in your life watched a video from this service.

    And with the appearance of a large TV in the house, of course, there was a desire to “use” the whole thing while lying on a soft sofa. Stop huddling in front of a small computer monitor. So let’s get down to business.

    After reading the article, you will learn how to look:

    1st method. In 2012 TVs (E-series), the ability to view this service is already available in the Smart Hub menu itself. Pay attention to the line at the top of the screen:

    This is the search line into which you need to drive in the query you need. The results are displayed as follows:

    As you can see, everything is quite simple and convenient. But at the same time, there is no possibility of working with channels. Therefore, I suggest looking for some other, more functional method of watching YouTube on Samsung Smart TV devices.

    It should be noted that there will already be more opportunities in it. You can work with channels, there is a “Video” section, in which all videos are divided into thematic groups:

    On the “Settings” tab there is an interesting opportunity to link your TV set to a computer or smartphone. After that, you can search for videos on your phone, and watch on the TV screen:

    In order to do this, you will need to follow the instructions shown in the screenshot below:

    But the author of the article did not bother much with this trick, since there is already a configured PlayOnTV application, in which the same functionality is implemented much easier. Therefore, at this step, the review of the official Smart TV widget for YouTube ends.

    3rd way. With the help of NstreamLmod playlists, both paid and free. The essence of this method is that in almost every sheet of the application, there is an item for watching YouTube.

    Take, for example, a free playlist from author AlexkDpu:

    Please note that all the necessary functionality is present. What more could you want ?:

    I think this method is very convenient, but there is one caveat. Here you need to enter search queries from the buttons on the TV remote control, however, as in all previous viewing solutions. And this, you see, is not very convenient and slow.

    Of course, as an option, you can use the Android Smart TV Remote app, which will undoubtedly make the task easier. But there is another interesting solution.

    4th method. With the NstreamLmod widget add-on for Samsung Smart TV called LmodServer:

    It is worth noting that this functionality has appeared in the application quite recently, which indicates the constant development of the project. And this is good! So, let’s see how everything works here. It’s very simple, see for yourself.

    If you have read the article about LmodServer before, then remember that for this scheme to function, we need a computer that is always on. Accordingly, we will enter search queries from his keyboard:

    And then the necessary videos, you just need to drag them to the “YouTube” tab of this server, grabbing them with the cursor by the name or the address link, with the left mouse button pressed:

    It is worth saying that in this way you can “drag” both individual videos and entire channels. Agree that this is a very convenient option for watching videos from the “bedside table” (popular name for video hosting).

    Now, after you have “thrown” a bunch of small videos into the program window, open the NstreamLmod widget on the TV set and follow the path “My Computer. My”:

    The only technical nuance that was noticed is that on some computers the video in the Lmodserver window needs to be pulled from the bottom or from the right. Watch a short video to understand what is at stake:

    Finally, in order to slightly darken such a joyful picture, it is worth saying that in order for you to use this method of watching YouTube videos on Smart TV, you need to pay for the above application and the NstreamLmod widget itself.

    Also, do not forget that your TV and computer must be on the same local area network. And the article at this step comes to an end, leaving you alone with thoughts about which way to choose after all.

    By the way, when you decide on a solution, write about it in the comments. Let’s see which option becomes the most popular.

    Is not downloading

    The causes of malfunctions can be:

    • application error;
    • technical failure of the service;
    • changes in video signal delivery;
    • incompatibility with TV model.

    Causes of malfunctions

    Perhaps every user has encountered this problem. It is worth considering several types of problems, trying to identify possible causes.

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    What to do if YouTube is gone?

    The reason that video hosting has disappeared from the TV is most likely the end of support for devices released before 2012. And also YouTube may simply disappear from the taskbar, and it will be impossible to return it. In order to continue using the application, you need to download the unofficial version.

    This can be done as follows:

    • download the analogue program YouTube to your computer;
    • the application must be unzipped and saved on a USB flash drive in a folder named YouTube;
    • insert the USB flash drive into the USB connector on the TV, after disconnecting it;
    • turn on TV and go to the Smart Hub section;
    • the YouTube widget will be highlighted in the list of available programs.

    Another way to watch YouTube is through the dedicated Samsung Video TV Cast app. You will also need a phone or tablet. Video TV Cast for TV must first be downloaded from Samsung Apps. Then, from your phone or tablet, you need to go to the Play Market and find the Video TV Cast Samsung TV-HD Movie Streaming program. After installation, a window will be displayed on the phone where you need to accept the terms and click on the checkmark. To pair devices, the following series of actions are performed:

    • in the application on the smartphone, open item 2 and write down the IP address;
    • after starting the application, the line Enter IP address will appear on the TV, where you need to enter numbers;
    • after entering the address on the phone, press “OK”;
    • if the connection is successful, the blue icon will change to red;
    • on the phone in the search term line enter YouTube and click “Go”;
    • on the YouTube portal, enter your username and password for your account;
    • choose any video;
    • a link will appear at the bottom of the screen, on which you need to click;
    • the video will appear on the TV screen.

    If your TV has a browser, then it is quite easy to restore your YouTube view. You need to set the name of the video hosting in the browser line and follow the link. If necessary, enter your username and password. and you can enjoy watching videos.

    There are several other ways to watch YouTube. This requires a phone or computer. Before working with devices, you need to make sure that both devices are connected to the same network. Next, there are a few steps to follow.

    • Launch the application on the phone or on the computer open YouTube in the Google Chrome browser.
    • If there is a TV receiver model name in the network, the key will appear. You need to click on it and select a TV receiver.
    • The video will appear on the big screen. At the same time, you can manage content from your phone or computer.

    Why YouTube doesn’t work on Samsung Smart TV and how to fix it?

    YouTube has become an integral part of the lives of many users. Video hosting allows you to watch various videos, cartoons, films and series. Modern Samsung Smart TVs already have a built-in program. But what if YouTube stopped working? The causes of possible problems and how to fix and configure the platform will be discussed later in the article.

    Replay errors

    Reasons YouTube isn’t showing

    If YouTube is not working on your Samsung Smart TV, then there is no need to panic. To troubleshoot problems, you must first use a simple method. You need to uninstall the application and install it again. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

    • go to the Play Market and select YouTube in the My Applications catalog;
    • click on the icon and press the “Delete” key;
    • after uninstalling, you must click the “Update” button.

    Then you need to launch the application. If the application refuses to play the video after the update, you must download the YouTube TV utility in APK format. In the future, video viewing will be carried out through this program.

    And also for Samsung Smart TVs there is another program for viewing video hosting. To do this, you need to activate YouTube Activate in the TV settings:

    • open TV and YouTube settings at the same time;
    • select the “Link devices” item;
    • enter code;
    • in the YouTube settings, select the “Connected TVs” section and re-enter the activation code in the “New TV” line;
    • to confirm the actions, press the “Add” button.

    If the application still does not load or gives an error, you need to clear the cache:

    • open the Home section on the TV;
    • in the settings, click on the “Applications” item and select YouTube from the list;
    • click on the item “Data cleaning” and confirm with the “OK” button.

    The reason for the malfunction may be that the program was previously disabled. To start YouTube, click the “Enable” button and confirm the actions with the “OK” button.

    Once enabled, you can see how the YouTube widget has changed. As a rule, such manipulations are enough to eliminate problems.

    As a last resort, you need to reset your TV. Steps for Samsung Smart TV:

    • select the “Support” item in the menu;
    • a window will open where you need to click on the line “Reset settings”;
    • the TV will ask for a code, by default the security code is 0000;
    • after entering the code, confirm the actions by clicking “OK”.

    Then you need to turn off the TV receiver from the network, then turn it on after a few minutes. often than not, resetting the settings to zero helps solve YouTube problems.

    How to set up the app?

    Setting up the app on Samsung Smart TVs is easy. If for some reason the application is not included in the “stuffing” of the TV receiver, you need to download it. Installation and configuration procedure:

    After installation, the application will appear in the list of available programs. To start, you need to click on the YouTube widget and enter your username and password to enter. Then you can watch your favorite videos.

    Thus, all YouTube problems can be fixed in various ways. Even if the program has disappeared from the available applications, you can restore access through third-party techniques. If you follow the correct algorithm of actions, then even a novice user can set up YouTube.

    See below for what to do if the YouTube app doesn’t work on your TV.