How to enable subtitles on LG TV

How to turn off subtitles on LG TV

The function of subtitles or teletext, which modern LG TVs are equipped with, is very convenient: with its help you can not only watch films and TV shows not in the original language, but also receive additional information, for example, about the further TV program schedule.

But, of course, with all the demand, this function is not necessary in all cases: sometimes it is not necessary or it can even distract from viewing. Fortunately, LG TV manufacturers have provided the ability to turn subtitles on and off at the user’s request.

Turn off subtitles on your TV Lg: step-by-step instruction

There are several ways to turn off subtitles.

using the remote control (not suitable for all TVs, depending on the year of manufacture and model!):

Find the Subtitle / Sub-t button on the remote control. If subtitles or teletext are on, pressing the button once will deactivate this option. If you press the button again, the subtitles will reappear on the screen of your LG TV.

using the Smart TV menu.

If you want to turn off subtitles while watching video content (film, series or program), then click on the button with the left arrow icon (Show additional controls) on the TV screen, after which you will be taken to a menu with additional settings.

In it you will need to find the item “Subtitles” (Sub). Click on this section, and you can not only turn subtitles on or off, but also customize their appearance and other parameters, such as encoding, color, language or synchronization.

How to turn off closed captioning on TV Lg

In some cases, content producers supply films and series with so-called closed captioning, which may not be able to be turned off using standard methods. Here’s what to do in this case:

  • While watching a movie or TV series, press the “Enter” key.
  • In the upper right corner of the pop-up menu, find the CC (Closed Captioning) icon.
  • Pressing the button once will deactivate the subtitles. If you want to make the subtitles active again, click on the “CC” button again.
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You can also turn off closed captioning through the “Settings”.

  • Press the Home / Smart key (depending on your TV model).
  • In the menu that appears in the upper right corner, find the “Settings” section (the “Gear” icon).
  • In the section that opens, find the item “Accessibility”, and in it the option “Subtitles”.
  • The subtitle menu will open on the screen, where, in addition to turning them on / off, you can control their appearance and other settings.

What to do if you can’t turn off subtitles on your TV Lg?

Sometimes a situation may arise that you cannot turn off subtitles or teletext on your own. The problem may be caused by outdated software on your LG TV. Since all models of the brand (equipped with Smart TV) run on the webOS operating system, it is necessary to update the built-in browser from time to time (update the browser on the LG Smart TV, read here.

If even after updating the browser, you cannot turn off or turn on subtitles, it is recommended to contact the specialists at the Official LG Service Center, where they will help to solve the problem.

How to enable subtitles in a movie?

How to turn subtitles on or off for all videos

  • Click on your profile photo.
  • Go to Settings.
  • From the menu on the left, select Play.
  • Check or uncheck Always show subtitles.
  • Optionally, select the Show automatically generated subtitles if available check box.

How to enable subtitles on your Samsung Smart TV?

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control and select the “System” tab, then go to the “Subtitles” section, where you can select the option to turn off subtitles. The manufacturer himself describes this method of disabling subtitles on a Samsung TV.

How to turn on subtitles on your TV?

Displaying subtitles on the TV screen

The subtitle function is activated by pressing the SUBTITLE (CC) button on the TV remote control.

How to enable subtitles on LG TV?

Turn subtitles on or off when watching USB video

  • Click the arrow icon on the right in the TV player (tooltip “Show advanced controls”).
  • Activate the subtitle selection icon (“Subtitles)”.
  • Select the type of subtitle (“Embedded subtitle” or “External subtitle”).
  • Select subtitles in the language you need (if they are present in your video file)
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How to enable subtitles on Tricolor TV?

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control and select the “System” tab, then go to the “Subtitles” section, where and select the option to turn off subtitles.

How to remove teletext from the TV screen?

If the TV remote control has a dedicated “Subtitle” key, then with its help it is even easier to remove titles. A simple press on this button activates / deactivates the display of text information.

How to turn on teletext on TV?

Look for a stylized screen icon button on your TV remote control with three to four lines that simulate lines of text. If you press it once, the TV will switch to teletext mode with characters overlaid on a black background.

Controlling subtitles on your TV

The subtitle and teletext functions are widely used in modern television. Duplicate text at the bottom of the screen accompanies programs and films in the original language, for example. It also reflects the name of the current content, information about the next program.

enable, subtitles

Not all TV viewers understand how to control the display of text information on a large screen when watching films and shows that are broadcast on the air or recorded on a USB flash drive. After all, there are many models of TV receivers and brands that produce them on the market. And each TV has its own menu, which is different from the rest. How to remove subtitles on the TV screen or turn off teletext. we will consider further on the example of the most popular TV brands.

How to turn off subtitles on Samsung

To disable subtitles on your Samsung TV, we recommend that you follow the following algorithm.

  • Using the remote control (“Menu” button) open the control window on the screen.
  • Go to the “System” section of the menu. Transitions are made using the remote control buttons marked with arrow signs of the corresponding direction.
  • Open the corresponding option in the submenu and set the trigger to the “OFF” position.
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If the TV remote control has a dedicated “Subtitle” key, then with its help it is even easier to remove titles. A simple press on this button activates / deactivates the display of text information.

How to turn off subtitles on LG

On LG devices, the accompanying text display option can be operated from the remote control or from the Smart TV menu.

To turn off subtitles on LG TV when watching a movie, you need to click on the “←” button (located in the center of the screen on the right side). A section with additional controls will appear on the screen. In it, you should go to the item “SUB”. Through the menu that opens, you can not only turn off subtitles, but also configure, if necessary, the parameters of this option: synchronization, encoding, color, size, language.

How to turn off subtitles on Sony

On a Sony TV, the text function is turned off and on with a dedicated button on the TV remote control. It looks like this:

This button may not work if the video is played from a flash drive. In such a situation, you should pause playback, select the desired content in the Title List and re-enable it. When watching videos on Smart TV in online cinemas or YouTube, you should turn off Subtitle through the menu of the application you are using.

How to enable and configure subtitles

Most TV panels of different models, including Philips TVs, have a Subtitle mode. To activate the option, there is a button of the same name on the remote control, it can be called differently. It should be clarified in the documentation for a specific TV model.

The mentioned “Subtitle” mode allows the option to enable, disable or set to automatic application mode for content broadcast in a foreign language. Here you can also configure the main and additional languages ​​for displaying text accompaniment.

Smart TV through the menu “Show additional controls” allow you to customize text information not only in terms of the choice of preferred languages. Available settings such as text color and character size, position, encoding and other parameters.