How to enable Smart on LG TV

How to turn on Bluetooth on LG TV

Televisions today are as different from models of ten and even more so twenty years ago, as smartphones of the latest generation from rotary telephones. A TV today is a multimedia platform with which you can not only watch films and programs, but also go online, use all kinds of interactive services like applications or games, view media content, communicate on social networks, etc. This is made possible thanks to Smart TV technology, which is equipped with all modern LG TV models.

One of the convenient Smart TV features on LG TVs is the ability to connect a smartphone, wireless headphones, speakers, headset or other devices using Bluetooth.

Built-in Bluetooth modules are not available on all LG TVs and should be checked before purchasing or in the User Guide. But even in the absence, it is still possible to turn on Bluetooth on the LG TV, it just requires an external adapter that connects to the TV via a mini-jack or USB port. After that, you need to activate the adapter directly in the TV Settings.

LG Smart TVs use the webOS operating system. Firmware 1.0 and 2.0 (mainly on TVs released before 2016) allow you to connect only branded headphones via Bluetooth. Later firmware (starting from 3.0) make it possible to connect to the TV and other gadgets.

If you are unable to turn on Bluetooth on your TV yourself, then the reason may be outdated firmware. In this case, we recommend that you contact the LG Service Center, where specialists will help you update the software on your TV.

Enabling Bluetooth on LG TV: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Enter the Settings menu / Settings (Gear Icon) using the remote control.
  • Select “Sound” / Sound (Icon “Speaker”)
  • Select Bluetooth / LG Sound Sync.
  • Activate the function (select “On”).

To connect various devices to the TV: headphones, headset, laptop, smartphone, wireless speakers, etc., you need to do the following:

  • Enter the Settings menu. “Sound”.
  • Select Bluetooth headset.
  • Find the item “Select device”.
  • Then click “Search”.

Wait for the gadget you want to connect appears in the menu.

Select it with the joystick on the remote control.

In some cases, for the first connection of the device, you need to enter the PIN code for synchronization. The corresponding window will appear on the TV screen. If you connect wireless headphones, headsets or speakers, the code will be indicated in the instructions. If you connect a smartphone, the code will appear on its screen.

The laptop can also be connected to the TV via Bluetooth in an alternative way:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on laptop and not TV.
  • Select Discoverable Mode on both devices.
  • Find all nearby devices on your laptop.
  • Choose your TV among them.
  • Connect your laptop to your TV. You may need to enter a PIN to pair the devices.
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If you want to connect wireless headphones to your LG TV via Bluetooth, you can do this using the LG TV Plus smartphone app (link to Google Play), designed to control your TV from Smart TV.

Important: this method is only suitable for TVs with webOS.

  • In the application, select the menu item “Sound” (Icon “Speaker”). “Select speaker”, and in it. “Bluetooth Agent”. The TV will be put into sync mode.
  • Press “Select”, then wait until the device you need appears in the search field.
  • Confirm the operation.

To transfer the sound back to the TV speaker, you will need to activate the playback option on the “TV Speaker” item.

Firmware update on LG (Smart TV) from USB stick

If it is not possible to update directly, then you can do everything from a USB flash drive. The essence of this method is to download the necessary firmware from the LG website, drop it onto a USB flash drive, connect the USB flash drive to the TV and start the update.

We need to know the exact TV model and the current software version installed. How to find out this information, I wrote at the beginning of the article.

We go to the site (I have it in Ukrainian, you may have everything in Russian). In the search bar, enter the model of our TV. In my case, it is 32LN575U. Click on the search button.


In the results, our TV should appear. At the top, go to the “Pidtrimka” (support) tab and click on the red software button.

A list of firmwares will appear. We download the newest one, it is usually at the very top. We look at the date of addition and at the version. Make sure that the firmware on the site is newer than the one already installed on your TV. If it is newer, then click on the link and save the archive to your computer.

After the archive is fully loaded, we proceed to preparing the flash drive.

Preparing a USB drive

I read somewhere that you need a clean USB flash drive. But I have a 16 GB flash drive and it was about half full of the necessary files. I was too lazy to drop them on the computer and clean the drive, therefore, I flashed the TV from a USB flash drive, which had other files. Everything worked out. But, if you don’t have anything important on the flash drive, or you have another blank drive, then it’s better to take it.

Connect the USB flash drive to your computer, open it and create a folder called LG_DTV.

Next, open the firmware archive that we downloaded and copy the file that is in the archive to the LG_DTV folder (which we created on the flash drive).

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We disconnect the drive from the computer and connect it to the TV. If everything was done correctly, then a window should immediately appear with information that the drive is connected to which there is software. The current software version and the one on the USB flash drive will be indicated. Also, read the recommendations.

To start the update, just click the Run button (sorry for the photo quality).

The firmware process will start. We don’t touch anything.

The TV will turn itself off and on. A window like this will appear:

This means that everything has been successfully updated, the versions are the same. You can disconnect the drive from the TV.

If after updating the software, the TV starts to freeze, or other problems appear, then it is recommended to initialize the application. This should help.

Go to the TV menu and go to the Support tab. Select Initialize Application. Confirm execution by choosing Ok.

We update the firmware on the LG TV (Smart TV) via the Internet, or from a USB flash drive

Hey! If you went to this page, then most likely you are interested in the question of how to update the firmware on your TV. You have come to the address. In this article, I will tell and show in screenshots how to update the firmware on an LG TV (Smart TV). I think this guide will work for all LG TVs.

I will show on the example of the LG 32LN575U model. I have updated the firmware on this TV twice already. over, in two different ways: the first time directly, via the Internet. And the second time from a USB flash drive.

To make our instruction clear, we will divide it into three parts:

  • Preparing to update the firmware.
  • Updating the software on your LG TV directly via the Internet.
  • Firmware update on LG (Smart TV) from USB stick.

It seems to me that this will be convenient and understandable. Yes, and I will not be confused

Preparing to update the TV firmware

At this stage, we need to learn and understand two things.

We need to find out the model of our TV. But, if you are going to update the firmware directly via the Internet, then this is not necessary. If you update from a flash drive, then you need to find out the exact model. And best of all, watch it in your TV settings. And at the same time, we will see the current version of our firmware.

Press the SETTINGS button on the remote control.

In the menu, go to the Support tab, and select Info. about product / service.

A window will open in which we will see the TV model (mine is 32LN575U-ZE). and the current firmware version (item Software version).

You can leave these settings open for now, rewrite the model and the current software version on a piece of paper, or take a picture on your phone, as I would

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You must understand that the firmware (not only of the TV, but also of any device). this is serious. And you need to follow strictly the instructions so as not to turn your TV into a brick. Although no, what a brick from the TV, rather a concrete slab

Well, you get the idea, you can “kill” the TV if you do not follow the instructions. During the firmware process, on the TV, there will also be different security instructions. Here are the main ones:

  • Do not turn off the TV while flashing.
  • If you update from a flash drive, then make sure that the firmware that you will download from the manufacturer’s websites is for your model.
  • When the firmware is in progress, do not pull the USB flash drive from the TV.
  • And in general, it’s better not to press or touch anything.

Updating the software on your LG TV directly via the Internet

This is a very simple and convenient way. The main requirement is that your TV is connected to the Internet. Good, fast and preferably unlimited internet. The TV itself will download the necessary software (software) and install it. I noticed that the firmware takes an average of 500 MB. At least for the 32LN575U model.

If you have already connected the Internet to TV, then you can check if there are any updates.

Press the SETTINGS button on the remote again (screenshot at the beginning of the article) and go to the Support tab. Select the item Software Update.

We see the current software version there. To check (is there a new version). click on the button Check for an update.

If there is new software, a window will appear in which the version will be indicated. In order to start updates, just click on the Update button.

The download process will begin. You can hide it, and continue to watch TV, for example. When the software is fully loaded, the update process will begin. Then it is better not to touch anything, the TV will turn off and on by itself. That’s it, the update process is over. You can go to the settings again and make sure that you have a new software version.

If the TV is connected to the Internet all the time, and the update is turned on, then if there is a new version of the software, a window will appear prompting you to update the software.


I hope I managed to prepare a simple instruction by which everything worked out for you.

The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions. If, for example, you notice that electricity is often lost today (for example, a thunderstorm, or electricians are repairing something). it is better to postpone the software update for another day.