How to enable siri on iPhone

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Apple’s Siri voice assistant

Siri’s personal assistant on iPhone and Apple Watch, what it is and how to use it.

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Recently, voice assistants have increasingly penetrated into our daily life. Most users of iPhone and other Apple products are familiar with one of them. Siri, but few understand all the perspectives of virtual assistants and know how to use all their capabilities and functions.

Siri’s voice assistant has new and interesting commands. We have developed an app with commands for Siri. which we regularly update. By installing this application, you will always have the most up-to-date list of commands at your fingertips. The app is available for Android and iOS:

How to launch Siri on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Start by pressing the Home button

Siri is available on all iPhones from iPhone 4s on iOS 5 and above. To launch Siri on iPhone (excluding iPhone X), press and hold the center Home button.

To launch Siri on iPhone X, you need to press and hold the side button.

After the beep, you can speak the request. On some devices, wait for Siri to appear on the screen before giving a command.

What is Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence-based program that can recognize human speech, give voice responses and execute specific commands.

Imagine that your devoted friend is always next to you, who is ready to talk to you at any time of the day or night, answer any of your questions and carry out assignments. At the same time, he never gets tired, he does not have a bad mood, and every day he becomes smarter and understands you better. These are the voice assistants that are available for everyday use today.

Voice assistants and smart speakers in which they “live”

Voice assistants are built into computers, tablets, phones, smartwatches, smart speakers, and even cars. It is important to understand that interaction with the voice assistant is carried out exclusively by voice, without the use of hands, without pressing any buttons. This is a fundamentally new way of interaction between a person and a program, which is very similar to communication between people.

Giving voice commands is especially convenient when your hands are busy: while cooking, while jogging, driving a car, or when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed to turn off the light.

In addition, voice assistants significantly improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, helping them to interact with the world around them.

Among all existing voice assistants, there are 4 leading ones:

  • Siri from Apple.
  • Google Assistant by Google.
  • Alexa from Amazon.
  • Alice from Yandex.

We have already written about Alice and the Google Assistant, and in this article we will tell you about Siri in detail.

Hey Siri. How to enable Siri by voice

Siri can be launched exclusively with your voice, without pressing any buttons at all. All you have to do is say, “Hey Siri.” After the beep, you can ask a question or give a command.

To do this, the “Hey Siri” function must be activated on the device: Settings → Siri and search → Listen to “Hey Siri”.

On all iPhone models, starting with the iPhone 6s, as well as on the iPad Pro, this function can be used at any time by saying “Hey Siri” so that the microphones of the gadget pick it up. On earlier iPhones and iPads, the “always listening” function only works when your gadget is connected to a charger.

Siri voice assistant

Siri is a voice assistant that was the first to support the Russian language, and only then did the domestic Alice from Yandex appeared, released at the end of 2017, and even later in the summer of 2018, Google Assistant spoke in Russian. Siri recognizes Russian speech quite well, even if music is playing nearby or there are extraneous noises.

Siri in iPhone SE

Siri hasn’t always belonged to Apple. Initially, it was a separate app in the App Store for iOS. In 2010, Apple acquired Siri Inc. and their unique design. Shortly after the purchase, Apple integrated Siri into the iPhone 4S, and then into its subsequent devices. Then, in 2011, Siri became the first product in the market for personal voice assistants.

Siri adapts to each user individually, learns his preferences and begins to better understand his “owner”. This is primarily noticeable in the improvement in your voice recognition after the first weeks of use. It is also possible to tell Siri how to contact you and call the names of your contacts from the address book so that she understands you better. And when Siri pronounces names incorrectly, you can always correct it, show the correct stress.

Siri is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and HomePod, and almost all modern cars via CarPlay. The way to launch Siri and the list of available commands varies by device.

How to use Siri on iPhone?

  • If Siri won’t turn on, go to Settings and select the General tab. Select Siri and then turn the slider to ON.
  • You can set Siri to launch automatically by sliding the Raise to Speak slider to the ON position.

How to work with Siri?

Siri listens to you and recognizes text for only 30 seconds. To view a list of everything that Siri can, you need to press the “home” button and say the phrase “Siri, what can you” also the list can be seen if you press “home” and then on the question mark in the lower left corner of the Siri display.

How to enable Siri on iPhone XR?

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

How to lower the screen on 11 iPhone?

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch and enable the Easy access option. 2. Pull down (swipe down) the bar (gesture bar) at the bottom of the screen in any open application or under the Dock on the home screen.

How to set up Siri iPhone 7?

  • Launch the Settings app. Click the gray gear icon (⚙️) on the Home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Siri.
  • Move the slider beside Siri to the On position.
  • Click Language.
  • Choose language.
  • Click Siri.
  • Tap Information.
  • Click on your contact information.

What is Siri

Active users of apple products are familiar with Siri (aka Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface). It is a cloud-based voice assistant that can answer questions and search for information on the Internet. She is even able to talk to the owner of the smartphone, although the stock of witty answers is very limited. The assistant began to speak Russian only in 2014, in fact Siri is an artificial intelligence. She knows how to process human speech, use a navigator and make recommendations based on user requests. Naturally, Siri changes with the release of updated iPhone models. The assistant can now interact with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and applications installed on the smartphone. Siri will set an alarm on iPhone, find a restaurant and recommend good music. that’s why the voice assistant fell in love with customers.

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Which smartphones have Siri installed

Since Apple’s voice assistant was purchased later than smartphones began to be produced, the function is available for models older than 4S. Previously, this aroused violent envy among the owners of early models, now outdated smartphones are rare, and the assistant works properly on “fresh” phones. Siri turns iPhone into a complete companion that can help you plan your day or remind you of a business meeting, all you have to do is ask. Modern models support the function, with the development of technology, Siri also grows smarter and learns. Apple uses updated concepts, revises the functionality and design of smartphones, but does not remove the voice assistant. the future belongs to artificial intelligence. Users hope that the manufacturer will continue to keep the voice assistant function in its developments, as well as improve the functionality of the software platform.

How to activate Siri

Before turning on Siri on iPhone, make sure that the device supports this function. the model must be at least 4S. You need to activate the voice assistant in the smartphone settings, this is done in several steps:

  • click on the application icon “Settings”;
  • select the “Basic” settings item;
  • go to the “Siri” menu;
  • turn the toggle switch to the “green” position;
  • save the selected settings.

Older models do not support Siri by default, but installing a voice assistant is possible. just equip your smartphone with a jailbreak. Reverse steps for this instruction will turn off Siri if it is not needed. Not all users are comfortable using the voice assistant, and in order not to load memory, it is recommended to delete unnecessary applications and turn off useless functions. This will also save battery power, and if necessary, you can always turn on Siri again.

How to enable Siri on iPhone?

Apple loves to equip its products with “chips” that competitors do not have. An unusual, but thoughtful move. similar ideas that appeared later will not be innovative, but will receive the title of copies. The first association with the phrase “voice assistant” in people is Siri, Apple’s software product that helps the user to quickly find answers and plan things. The assistant was originally an iPhone application, but Yabloko bought the rights and made the mechanical girl part of its own operating platform. “Converts” often do not know how to call Siri on the iPhone, and in this article we will try to understand this issue.

iPhone X: How to Use Siri (3 Ways) Step by Step

How to call Siri assistant

No complicated manipulations need to be performed. the voice assistant will kindly respond to “Hello Siri”. It is possible to form specific queries: “Hello Siri, what is the dollar exchange rate today?” The assistant will also tell you about the weather, events and important dates. Now about how to call Siri on iPhone 10. the concept of the assistant has been changed for the updated generation. To call you will need:

  • press the side button;
  • hold the key;
  • say a voice prompt.

This method is suitable for large requests, because Siri will listen to the owner’s voice until he releases the key. A handy feature that helps you optimize your web searches. Therefore, the voice assistant Siri remains an important part of the concept of Apple mobile devices. competitors cannot yet boast of such convenience and quality of recognition.

How to enable charging percentages on iPhone 11?

Battery charge level on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, XR, X as a percentage: how to enable. 2 ways To find out the battery charge level on all iPhone models is very simple, just go to “Settings” → “Battery” and enable the “Charge in percent “.

Why Siri doesn’t work on iPhone?

To fix this, go to Settings> Siri’s Accessibility and turn off Always listen to Hey Siri. If iPhone Power Saving Mode is turned on, you won’t be able to use Hey Siri.

How to call Siri on iPhone 11?

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

How to communicate with Siri correctly?

You can contact Siri using the Home button

To communicate with Siri, you first need to activate the voice assistant. This must be done in the phone settings, there is a separate Siri item there. To access it, you need to hold down the home button until Siri responds.

How to turn on Siri by voice without charging?

How to use “Hey Siri” even without connecting to a charger

  • First, make sure Hey Siri is turned on. This can be done in Settings → General → Siri → Allow “Hey Siri”.
  • Now activate Siri by pressing the Home button. When it turns on, do not say anything and wait for this screen.
  • That’s all.

How to call Siri on iPhone x?

On iPhone X or later, press the side button, then speak your request right away. If you’re using an iPad Pro model that doesn’t have a Home button, press the top button, then immediately make a request. If your device has a Home button, press it and tell right away what you need.

How to call Siri with the side button?

Say “Hey Siri” or press and hold the side button.

How to summon Siri on iPhone 10?

Hold the side (Power) button on your iPhone X until you see the Siri screen with a small indicator at the bottom, then release the button. If you don’t know, the side button is on the right side of the iPhone X. When Siri is activated, you can ask your question or ask to execute a command.

How to reconfigure Siri?

Go to Settings General Siri. 2. Activate the “Hey Siri” function, if you had it turned on earlier before updating to iOS 9, then just turn it off and turn it on again, after that the settings menu will appear.

How to enter Siri?

  • If Siri won’t turn on, go to Settings and select the General tab. Select Siri and then turn the slider to ON.
  • You can set Siri to launch automatically by sliding the Raise to Speak slider to the ON position.

How to enable Siri on iPhone 7?

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings Siri & Search and make sure Listen to Hey Siri and Call Siri with Home or Side Button for Siri are turned on 1.

How to set up Siri on iPhone?

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap Siri.
  • Move the slider beside Siri to the On position.
  • Click Language.
  • Choose language.
  • Click Siri.
  • Tap Information.
  • Click on your contact information.

How to call Siri on iPhone 11?

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

  • Open Settings → General → Siri.
  • Activate the Listen “Hey Siri!” Function by switching the corresponding toggle switch to the active position.

How to start Siri with the lock button

This method is considered more primitive than the previous one. To use Siri assistance again, you need to hold down the Power button. After a few seconds, a window with an assistant will open.

The method is good if the microphone is out of order or it is not possible to use the first method. The user will be able to set a specific command in the usual way. using the keyboard.

How to enable Siri on iPhone X

To turn on the Siri voice assistant on iPhone X, you need to perform a number of manipulations with the gadget. How to enable Siri on iPhone 10:

  • Go to the settings section. Select the “General” department. Select “Siri” from the list of possible functions.
  • Switch the toggle switch to the active position using the touchpad of the gadget.
  • The assistant prompts you to use the “Configure” button. For better memorization of the owner’s voice, he pronounces a number of standard phrases. It is advisable to observe this point. Otherwise, it is likely that the program will work with strangers.

After that, the owner of the iPhone will be able to call the voice assistant at any time convenient for him. It is worth considering that the battery life with the active work of the mobile assistant will be reduced. It is recommended to turn off the program to save battery power.

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Calling the assistant by voice

To activate the mobile assistant using your voice, you must say the key phrase “Hey Siri.” The user then adds a passphrase in which the question is embedded. For example, where is the nearest restaurant or how the word “apple” is translated into English.

In this case, the gadget must be connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or LTE / 3G / edge). The voice assistant will immediately respond to the command and provide the owner with the information of interest. It doesn’t matter if the gadget is active or in a locked state. The method is relevant only for the latest version. iPhone X. Previous models require an additional launch of the Home button.

How to enable and call Siri on iPhone X

The decision to get rid of the Home button led to a change in a number of algorithms for the iPhone. One of the most requested features is the voice assistant. Let’s take a closer look at how to call Siri on iPhone 10 using several methods.

How to call Siri on iPhone X

The main tools for working with the iPhone X are gestures and the voice of the owner. There are three ways to launch the mobile assistant. The user will be able to decide for himself how best to contact Siri.

Call Siri on headphones or headset

If, in the process of working with audio files, the iPhone owner needs to immediately contact Siri, just hold down the center button. The bell button will work in the same way. Since the microphone is in relative proximity, you can immediately voice the actual request. Only active promotional codes on the website for new casino players

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How to enable and set up Siri on iPhone and iPad running iOS 10 and iOS 11

Siri is a voice assistant that simplifies many of your daily tasks on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. For example, you can use it to set an alarm, create a reminder, make some kind of note in your notes, send a message, dial the desired subscriber, find out information from the Internet, or do many other actions. In other words, this assistant, which “lives” around the clock in a smartphone and a tablet, can really come in handy in many cases, so you should turn it on.

To enable Siri on iPhone and iPad running any version of the operating system, including iOS 10 and iOS 11, simply launch the Settings app and then find the section called Siri. To activate the voice assistant, just switch the toggle switch opposite “Siri” to the green “active” position. Below you can also configure additional parameters. it is highly desirable to do this.

The Lock Screen Access option means you can access Siri even when the screen of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is locked. This is convenient, but you need to remember that in this way attackers, in physical contact with the “apple” device, can see some confidential information, so this item should be activated at your own discretion.

The “Hey Siri” option is very helpful. So, it is enough to say this phrase out loud next to a smartphone or tablet, and the assistant will immediately become ready to perform any tasks. Note that this feature only works on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and iPad Pro tablets. The function is definitely useful, so we recommend turning it on.

To call the voice assistant, it is enough to hold the “Home” button under the screen of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for 1-2 seconds, or aloud “Hey Siri” next to the device.

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How to enable / set up Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max?

How to enable Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to use Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to enable Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to enable Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to add Siri to Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to set up Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to set up Siri in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to Control iOS Using Voice in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to enable voice control in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to enable Siri with “Hey Siri” in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to enable siri using home button in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to turn off Hey Siri voice prompt in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to disable Siri from turning on with the home button of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to enable Voice Assistant in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to change Siri’s voice in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to change Siri language in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max? How to Allow Siri on Locked Phone in Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Siri. an assistant that uses voice prompts and a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and take action, delegating requests to a number of Internet services. It is a very useful tool that makes our life easier and more convenient, it is worth keeping it on your Apple device. Today we are going to explain to you how to enable Siri, you can activate it with the Home button or simply by calling Hey Siri. Follow our instructions and install Siri in a few easy steps!

  • In the first step, open Settings.
  • Second, go to Siri Search.
  • Now you have the opportunity to enable Siri and choose how to activate it.
  • Select activation method or both and confirm by clicking Enable in the notification window.
  • There you can also adjust some of the options to suit your needs, such as language, voice feedback, Siri voice, or turning it on on a locked device.
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How to enable, set up and use Siri on iPhone, iPad, Airpods, Apple Watch, iMac, Apple TV

Siri’s voice assistant has become an integral part of the Apple ecosystem. Within the framework of this article, all methods are considered. how to enable Siri on your Apple gadget.

NOTE! There is no need to install the assistant, since it is immediately sewn into the system.


If you have a Bluetooth headset paired with an iPhone 6 or later, you can hold the center or call button until you hear a beep to activate your assistant.

Through Airpods

When your Apple Wireless Headphones are paired with your phone and in your ears:

  • Double tap the outside of one earbud.
  • Wait for an accompanying beep.
  • Ask your question.

However, you can customize the assignment of headphone options through your iPhone 8 (or younger model). If you are the owner of the second generation of Airpods, you just need to say: “Hey Siri”. so that she turns on and you can use her help.

Apple TV

  • Press the Siri button on the remote control.
  • When the characteristic sound and visual wave appears, please make your request.

Apple Watch

  • Take your watch out of sleep mode by looking at it and say: “Hello Siri.” Next, tell me what you want from the assistant.
  • If you are using a Series 3 or higher, just hold your watch to your mouth and tell me what you want to know.
  • Press the wheel and hold it for a couple of seconds. When Siri works, let us know what you want.
  • If you pinch and hold the wheel, you can ask a long question. When finished, simply release the watch wheel.

How to enable Siri on iPhone

As is often the case, this process begins in the Settings app. Launch the app and scroll down before hitting “Siri Search”.

Under the heading “Ask Siri” you will see three radio buttons. We suggest including them all:

  • Listen to “Hello Siri.” This will allow you to use the phrase “Hey Siri” to grab the attention of the digital assistant.
  • Press the side button for Siri :. This allows you to press and hold the side button on iPhone X models or the Home button on older models to activate Siri.
  • Allow Siri when blocked. This allows you to call Siri using the side / home button or by voice when your iPhone is locked.
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How to set up and use Siri on iPhone

Siri has a bad reputation among many, but it’s perfect for most tasks, and if you’re knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem, it doesn’t matter how much better the competing digital assistant is, because everything is related to Siri. This means you will need to use it, and it is fairly easy to do when you know how to do it. Let’s jump.

How to change whether Siri speaks on iPhone

Depending on the situation, if Siri speaks to you by ear, this may not be the most appropriate course of action. Fortunately, you can change Siri’s behavior in the Siri settings menu.

Open the Settings app, then tap Siri Search.

Next, click “Voice Feedback” to see the available options.

  • Always on. Siri will always hear your answers.
  • Control by means of the switch of calls. Siri will only hear a beep if the call switch is not disabled.
  • Speakerphone only: Siri will only hear a beep if you are using headphones or a Bluetooth device. This includes CarPlay, even when using a cable to connect.

How to change Siri voice on iPhone

You may not like the default Siri sound, but depending on the language you choose, you can choose multiple voices. To get started, open the “Settings” app and click “Siri Search”.

Select the voice you want to use, including gender, if available.

How to use Siri on iPhone

Siri is of no use to anyone unless you know how to use it. If you have the options we mentioned earlier, you have two main ways to get Siri’s attention. First, say “Hello Siri” and the digital assistant will launch. The second, and one that makes you feel less silly, is to press and hold the side button of the iPhone X model (or the Home button on other models) until Siri appears on the screen. When Siri answers, just tell her what you need.

Siri setup

If you didn’t set up Siri when you first turned on your iPhone, open Settings Siri & Search and then do any of the following:

Call Siri with a voice command. Turn on Listen to Hey Siri.

Call Siri with a key. Turn on Call Siri with the side button (on iPhone with Face ID) or Call Siri with the Home key (on iPhone with a Home button).

To change advanced Siri options, see Change Siri options on iPhone.

Typing a command for Siri instead of saying it

Open Settings Accessibility Siri and turn on Typing for Siri.

To make a request, activate Siri, then enter a question or command for Siri in the text field using the keyboard.

If Siri isn’t working as expected on iPhone, see the Apple Support article If Siri or Hey Siri isn’t working.

How to Use Hey Siri on iPhone 6S iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 plus

Your data used by Siri is protected so that you can decide what to share. For more information, see the Apple Support article Ask Siri, Dictation & Privacy.

How to open Siri on iPhone on. How to enable, set up and use Siri on iPhone

Call Siri with a button

When you call Siri with a key, Siri answers aloud if the iPhone is on a call, and silently if the iPhone is in silent mode. See Putting iPhone into silent mode. To configure this option, see Changing Siri Response Methods.

Do one of the following:

IPhone with Face ID. Press and hold the side button.

On an iPhone with a Home button. Press and hold the Home key.

EarPods headphones. Press and hold the center key or the call key.

CarPlay. Press and hold the voice command key on the steering wheel, or touch and hold the Home key on the CarPlay home screen. (See Introducing Siri to Control CarPlay).

Siri Eyes Free function. Press and hold the voice command key on the steering wheel.

When Siri appears, ask Siri a question or ask him to take an action.

Say, for example, “What is 18 percent of 225?” or “Set the timer for 3 minutes”.

To ask Siri a different question or ask him to do a different task, tap.

You can also call Siri by tapping the Airpods. See Embed Siri with Airpods on iPhone.

On which iPhones and iPads does Siri turn on by voice

Calling Siri with your voice will work on supported devices as long as they are connected to a power source. The exception is the best devices such as iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s. iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and iPad Pro, which are almost always ready for the request “Hey Siri!” respond and execute a voice command.

How to turn on and off mobile (cellular) Web or Wi-Fi on iPhone and iPad.

What devices does the “Hey Siri” feature work on?

On phones and tablets of the latest generations, the launch of the assistant is set by default. The assistant is compatible with all devices with an external noise blocking chip. iPhone 4s and older, as well as iPad mini, touch 5G, 3rd generation and higher. AppleWatch is also equipped with a voice module, with which you can control the accessory: set an alarm, call subscribers, dictate text.

Previously, to start the program, you had to hold down the “Home” button, but after the operating system update and the release of iOS 9, the mobile assistant is launched by the voice command “Hey Siri”.

How it looks in practice

Put the gadget face up and just say “Hey Siri” and then issue the command:

  • go online;
  • adjust brightness;
  • call a friend;
  • send SMS to mom;
  • view the feed on ;
  • find out the weather forecast;
  • navigate in space.

The application’s capabilities are varied: the assistant can manage both the server part of the phone and work on the Internet.

How to use Hey Siri

The option “Hello Siri” is a convenient voice launch of the assistant for the technology of TM Apple. In this article, you will learn about which devices the application is compatible with, as well as understand how to set up Siri to work correctly.

Siri Mobile Assistant is a voice assistant from Apple. With it, you can control your phone or tablet using verbal commands without even touching the device.

How to activate Hey Siri! on iPhone and iPad?

Initial start-up of the option is simple. If you do not know how to enable “Hello Siri”, then this step-by-step algorithm will help you figure it out:

  • Go to your phone or tablet settings.
  • Go to the “General” tab.
  • Select the Siri submenu. Opposite the functions “Listen Hello Siri”, “Siri with the” home “button and” Siri with a screen lock “, turn the toggle switch to” On “.
  • Save the settings.

Everything. These simple steps will enable you to activate your voice assistant. In the future, automatic configuration and debugging is performed. The mobile assistant will ask you to say a few phrases and change the intonation of your voice. Do not be surprised, all this is done with the aim of maximizing the protection of the owner from intruders. Thus, the program remembers the vibrations and timbre of your voice and will not respond to commands from other people.


Voice launch of the “Hi, Siri” function is possible only if the gadget is connected to power. Exceptions. flagship models: iPad Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X.

Why “Hey Siri!” enabled but not working

If you figured out how to configure “Hello Siri”, but it still does not work correctly, then most likely the point is in the protection against false positives. This option is controlled by the Facedown Detection add-on. Light and proximity sensors will not be able to read information, if the device lies with the screen down or in a tight. then the function will not work. In this case, you need to check the restrictions settings and disable Facedown Detection.

There may be other reasons, but they are very rare:

  • network problems;
  • a ban on the use of Hello, Siri in a region or country;
  • mechanical breakdown of the microphone;
  • power saving mode enabled.

You will find even more visual information on how to use “Hello Siri” and how to change Siri’s greeting in this video.