How to enable Samsung watch asset

Reply to received notifications

When your phone receives a notification, it will appear as a small preview at the top of the Galaxy Watch screen. If the display is in idle mode, the notification can be displayed in full screen.

To view the notification later, you need to:

Rotate the bezel counterclockwise on the Galaxy Watch. This action will result in the last received notification.

Click on a message, be it SMS or WhatsApp. This will allow you to see the full text of the message.

Sending ready answers

Scroll down to the bottom of the message for a complete list of template messages that can be sent with one touch.

They are not tailored to a specific message, but you can add your own. Scroll down almost to the end, and get to the entry “Edit Answers”. Click on it, and you can write your own. Templates really don’t always work.

We highly recommend using the bezel for viewing messages. It’s too easy to accidentally send an incorrect message using the touchscreen.

Wear FAQ: WHATSAPP on Samsung Galaxy WATCH

Messengers take a huge place in our life. Few people do not use them for everyday tasks. Text and voice messages, file transfers and, of course, calls. Naturally, WhatsApp is one of the main applications on any modern smartphone. And this choice is independent of the operating system you are using. The same trend is now actively spreading to wearable electronics. Oddly enough, but not every smartwatch model supports WhatsApp. Samsung Gear and Galaxy wearable devices. one of the few devices that support this largest instant messaging app. And they support it, starting with the first generation Gear watches!

Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active 2 also support WhatsApp Messenger. Despite the support, you won’t be able to find WhatsApp in the Gear / Galaxy App Store. Samsung has dropped it from the Galaxy App Store. By the way, even Android Wear OS and Apple Watch still don’t have an official app on their smartwatches. For gadgets running on an operating system from the search giant, there are several third-party applications, which we talked about earlier.

Now we’ll show you how to use this app on your Samsung watch.

First, you need to connect your watch to your smartphone. To do this, you need to download the application from the Play Store or App Store, enter it and perform pairing. After successfully pairing both devices, follow these steps:

Go to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and select “Notifications”

The window will open a list of applications, notifications from which can be displayed on the watch.

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Find the WhatsApp application in the list (scroll down the list) and move the slider to the active state.

You can now read text messages and other supported files on the smartwatch screen.

After completing the setup, incoming messages will be displayed on the main screen. They can be viewed, answered. edit and delete.

We will tell you about working with notifications on the watch itself below.

Writing your own answers

Three small icons can be seen above the list of pre-written responses. The first allows you to dictate a message using the built-in microphone of the Galaxy Watch.

The second offers a library of emoticons and allows you to choose the one you want to send. After all, almost all of us communicate using emoticons from time to time, isn’t it?

The last badge. keyboard. It is he who allows you to type messages manually using a T9-style keyboard. You can press on the keyboard, each representing 3-4 letters of the alphabet as you type, Galaxy Watch guesses the word using predictive text.

As for the smartwatches themselves from the Korean company, this is one of the most interesting gadgets on the market. Large battery, improved processor and RAM, excellent Gorilla Glass display, the latest version of Tizen 4.0 software, many fitness apps, more than 60,000 watch faces for every taste and color, and many other attractive features. To learn more about this Smartwatch, we invite you to read

Due to the emergence of a large number of questions about the display of incoming calls in various messengers, we decided to supplement the review.

At the time of writing, incoming calls on the smartwatch were really not displayed.

The situation at the beginning of October has changed. Managed to establish that Whatsapp incoming call display works on iPhone (tested on iPhone X model).

As for smartphones on the Android operating system, the situation here is ambiguous. Many users note that calls suddenly appear on some Samsung smartphones.

So far, the following list of smartphones is known, paired with which WhatsApp voice calls are displayed on the smartwatch screen:

As for working with other phone models, does not work on Samsung Galaxy S6 and older.

There is also no official information on this yet.

In one of the recent updates for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the developer added the ability to view incoming messages with internal images on the smartwatch. Naturally, when activating the automatic media download on the paired smartphone. Thus, you can see WhatsApp images on Active 2. In the near future, the update may appear in the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active.

Инструкция Подключение часов Samsung к XiaomiНастройкаПокупка циферблатовКупоны

If you have information on working with other models of devices, please share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, this will be useful to many of our readers.

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The Galaxy Watch Active comes with a removable 20mm rubber strap. The watch mount is standard, so it can be replaced with any other one. The trench is interestingly implemented. here it is not separate, but in the form of a gap in the strap, where the extra part is inserted. Thanks to this, the strap does not open and does not cling to clothing. The strap itself is very comfortable and soft. You get used to it very quickly and in everyday life you don’t even notice it, even while sleeping and running.


The watch comes in a small package, which also has a charger with a magnetic mount and an additional part of a smaller strap for a thin wrist.

How to manage them?

To navigate the menus, the watch has a touch screen and gestures, as well as two buttons on the right. There is no rotating bezel here. For those who are comfortable wearing the watch on their right hand or having buttons on the left. no problem, the case can be turned over and the display will turn over with it.

This can be done in both the watch and the Galaxy Wearable app.


Galaxy Watch Active is equipped with a 1.1-inch AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 360×360. The display is completely round in shape, and juicy, bright and contrasting in color, which is not surprising for this type of matrix. The viewing angles are in complete order. The display is not very large in relation to the case and is surrounded by frames with a noticeable thickness, but if you choose some minimalistic dial, it is imperceptible.

The only noticeable drawback is visibility in direct sunlight. It fades in the sun, even at maximum brightness. But in all other situations, the first few gradations of brightness in the settings will be sufficient. There is an automatic brightness control and an Always On mode. The matrix is ​​covered with a protective glass with a good oleophobic coating, the finger easily glides over the display, and prints on the glass itself are almost invisible.

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In early 2019, Samsung held a presentation. which showed its new flagship smartphones and a number of other gadgets. One of them is the new Smartwatch aimed at sports fans and active lifestyles. Let’s take a look at how much “Smart” is in the Galaxy Watch Active and how “sport” they are.

Design, body materials

Compared to the Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch, the Active version has become noticeably smaller in size. Now this is not a large, frankly men’s watch, but a very neat gadget that will suit women, not only due to its dimensions, but also additional colors, among which there are light gray and rose gold. In addition to these, standard black and dark green are also sold.

samsung, watch

The watch case is made of aluminum, and the display is covered with Corning Gorilla Glass. The weight of the watch is small. 25 grams (without a strap) and they are absolutely not felt on the wrist. The watch is also thin, and thanks to the smoothed edges, long-sleeved clothes do not cling to them. The case is protected to IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards. According to the manufacturer, the watch can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres. In the watch, you can wash your hands, take a shower and swim, you can not be afraid of water penetration inside.

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Description Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active R500 Silver

Smart watch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Your next level of functionality

Meet the updated generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. This unique fitness watch not only collects and organizes your activity data, it also provides helpful tips to help you stay a leader.

Galaxy Watch Asset Creator Tutorial

Design for active users

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a modern gadget enclosed in a harmonious sports body. Planning to attend a party or conference? A large selection of straps in different colors will help you easily change style and image depending on your mood or dress code.

Simple laconic beauty

With a variety of visual options in stock, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active dial adjusts to your beat to match your style and functional needs. Whatever goal you set for yourself, Samsung Smart Watches will help you achieve it.

Always stay fit

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active keeps you in shape. The “Daytime Activity” mode will help you achieve your goals: do not sit, move, be active. Advanced high-sensitivity motion sensors automatically measure and track seven different types of activity to provide you with accurate information about your daily exercise. The watch has a GPS sensor. Their water resistance is 5ATM.

Manage your stress levels

An integrated heart rate sensor monitors your heart rate and sends you a message if abnormalities are detected. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active detects your stress level and suggests relaxation breathing exercises. Observe stress levels before and after relaxing breathing.

  • Control stress and energy with just a few taps
  • Relaxing Breathing Exercises Can Help You Bounce Back
  • Meditation exercises to restore inner balance

The Samsung Health app helps you stay in control of your well-being at all times. View your health data on the watch display, use a large number of tools to manage not only your physical activity, but also your overall well-being.

Always stay connected. Send emoticons, text or voice messages with the Galaxy Watch Active, even when your phone is charging.

Advanced charge technology

The innovative Wireless Power Share technology can quickly recharge your device. Galaxy Watch Active tracks your activity for up to 45 hours on a single charge.