How to enable NFC on Samsung

How to enable NFC on Android?

The most convenient use is with a curtain. Lower the curtain on your device, then find the NFC icon. If it is off, it will have this color.

When pressed, the icon changes color, which indicates the activation of the function.

over, the NFC icon will be displayed in the status bar.

The second method is suitable for those cases if, for some reason, there is no NFC icon in the curtain. this may be the case. Therefore, open the “Settings”.

Go to the section “Device Connection”.

Attention! If there is no such item on your smartphone, do not be alarmed, but use the menu search by the word NFC.

Click on the switch. The function will be enabled.

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How to Enable Safe Mode on Samsung Phone for All Models and OS

Using Safe Mode for a smartphone is a lot like using a computer. Only the preinstalled system applications will work during the download. The downloaded files will temporarily “disappear” from the device, even the download shortcuts will not be visible. Here’s how to enable Safe Mode on your Samsung phone.

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How to Boot into Safe Mode Samsung Galaxy with Android OS 4.0 and Higher

A distinctive feature of such devices can be considered an improved security system, but viruses are also developing at a rapid pace. It’s better to know in advance how to start your Samsung phone in Safe Mode and what it will do for your operating system.

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How to Boot in Samsung Safe Mode from Android OS 2.3 and Below

Similarly, you can follow the procedure on how to enable Safe Mode on Samsung. This method works on older Android models released before version 2.3.

How to Enable Safe Mode on Android Samsung Galaxy

The algorithm of actions will be almost the same for devices from this manufacturer. This is necessary to test the operation of the device in offline mode. With such a download, you can identify a potential threat, for example, when installing software with malicious “stuffing” or general system diagnostics. If the system works correctly in “clean” mode, the cause should be looked for in recently installed applications. If so, it would be wiser to uninstall some programs and update the system. If this is not done in time, further problems and the risk of damage to your smartphone are possible.

System updates and the development of new versions of Android are constantly updated, so you can enable Safe Mode on Samsung in a variety of ways. You need to know the version of your Android, and you can see it in the system settings. You should take into account the possible incorrect operation of the device when a virus enters it, therefore it is advisable to immediately turn off the smartphone, and after that try to start it again. By the way, if you do not have Russian firmware installed, the transition will be displayed with the inscription “Safe mode”.

It is impossible to perform the usual actions in the system, so you should not use this mode all the time. In severe cases, when it is not possible to calculate the main “culprit” of device malfunctions, it would be more expedient to throw off all the settings to the factory settings. This procedure will result in the loss of all saved data, but the information on the SD card will remain, so it is better to remove it from the slot beforehand. You can do this procedure without leaving safe mode.

What needs to be done:

  • Turn off device.
  • Hold down the power key on the side panel.
  • After “Samsung” appears on the screen, press the volume down key. Possible problems with this can arise when the key is sticky.
  • If everything was done correctly, the device will display the inscription “Safe Mode”. The interface may differ significantly from what you are used to, but this is normal, as it will not reflect recent changes. Also, Android updates may not be shown, but applications on the system can be uninstalled without hindrance.
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How to turn on NFC on Android phones.

In the future, the necessary actions are taken to eliminate the malicious software, or the selected mode is tested. If necessary, you can return the previous downloads by simply rebooting the device, which is carried out in any convenient way. After the update, there may be some “clutter” on the device screen, which you will have to fix on your own. Usually we are talking about changing the location of shortcuts to programs and applications. At the same time, some changes may affect the operation of widgets. Device Safe Mode is a last resort, not for daily use. Such intervention is a good alternative to flashing, but in some cases it is not as effective and may be simply useless.

How to remove T9 on Android on Samsung?

You can deactivate this function in the same way as you turned it on. Only in the keyboard settings, you need to move the slider to the off position. The procedure for deactivating the option will not cause problems.

On older models

  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Open settings.
  • Go to the item “General management”.
  • Open Language & Input.
  • Go to the section “On-screen keyboard”.
  • Open Samsung keyboard.
  • Find the item “Predictable text” or “T9”.
  • Move the slider to the on position.

Why T9 is useful for the user?

T9, or auto-correction, is an option that first appeared on push-button devices. Previously, phones used a compact 3 × 4 keyboard. To implement typing on it, manufacturers hung several letters on one key.

Entering words on a keyboard like this took a long time. It is necessary to press one button several times to select the desired letter. Therefore, typing text messages turned into a real test for the user.

How to use NFC on Android

To facilitate the task, the T9 function was invented. It keeps track of the entered characters and suggests possible word suggestions to the user. You do not have to enter them completely, and typing is greatly accelerated.

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Additionally, the system records frequently used words. Thanks to this, it adapts to the owner of the device, becomes a faithful assistant for him when typing text messages.

Another T9 feature is bug fixing. The system independently removes typos from words when typing, and the user does not need to waste his opinion on this. Naturally, T9 can be wrong, generating unpleasant and funny bloopers.

Now smartphones have switched to virtual keyboards. But the T9 function remained in telephones, in many devices it is called Autocorrection. Her task is simple. to suggest words as you type and remove mistakes.

Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10: How to Enable / Disable NFC and Payment

How to enable T9 on Samsung J2? In the future, we will provide instructions on how to activate this option on your smartphone.

How to enable T9 on Samsung?

On old and new Galaxy devices, the procedure for activating the function is slightly different, as they have different versions of the operating system. Therefore, we will study how to configure this option on them.

On new models

An easy way to activate automatic fix on modern machines:

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Management” section.
  • Go to Language & Input.
  • Choose among the options the Samsung keyboard.
  • Find “T9 Mode” in the list and activate it.

How to enable T9 on Samsung

How to enable T9 on Samsung? It is not difficult to activate this function, you will need to spend no more than a minute on it. In our material you will find instructions describing the procedure.

How can you replace T9 with Samsung?

You have learned how to enable T9 on Samsung J5 and other smartphones from the Korean manufacturer. Most owners use a standard keyboard, which is set by default as the main one. She copes well with her tasks and is quite convenient to use.

But the manufacturer allows you to replace the standard keyboard if necessary. Gbord is in demand among Android users. This is a keyboard from Google that provides comfortable typing, has a lot of settings to adapt to the owner of the device, supports changing the design.