How to enable channels on Smart TV

We make Smart-TV from a computer

After finding all the necessary sources for watching TV channels, you can make a computer that looks like Smart-TV. This will help the tablet function, which is in the Windows operating system:

  • In the lower right corner, click on the center of the notification and click on the first icon “Tablet mode”.
  • Next, click on search and, having found by the name of each application you need, use the “Pin to the start screen” function to pull everything up for quick launch.
  • Click WinI and navigate to “System”. “Display”.
  • Change the display scale to 125% or 150% so that fonts are clearly visible when you perform functions at a distance.

IPTV setup

Many Russian-language channels are available on the Internet for free. They can be viewed through special programs that have collected all these channels. For an additional fee, of course, you can expand your list of programs.

This option is also offered by Internet and mobile operators. In general, if you need stability and quality, and not viewing once a month, take a closer look at the providers’ offers.

  • IP-TV Player.
  • VLC Media Player.
  • SMPlayer.
  • ProgDVB.

Each program requires sources from which to pull IPTV. They can be found on the Internet in the form of IP addresses and port, format Usually, such IP addresses for broadcasting video are combined into playlists in M3U format, which are also available on the Internet.

Using VLC as an example, let’s look at how to start streaming IPTV on a computer for free TV viewing, as in Smart-TV:

  • Download an M3U playlist for your computer.
  • Open VLC player and go to “Media”. “Open file”.
  • Select a playlist from the list and launch it.
  • Right click on the player and select “View”. “Playlist”.
  • Then click “Show video in full screen” to view the video and return to the standard state of the player.
  • Some sources are self-renewing. Therefore, it makes sense not to download the file, but simply provide a link to its location. To do this, click “Media”. “Open URL”.

To understand how to use the base, a tutorial is provided.

There are also special programs with which you can search for working addresses of broadcasting channels. This will be useful for more advanced users and those who want to create their own playlist.

IPTV scanning programs are presented in the following

Video content services

Unofficial video content services are becoming obsolete due to various factors, but giants with licensed video and audio are coming to replace them. Among such services:

  • YouTube is a video hosting service from Google that everyone knows about. There are free and paid versions.
  • Netflix is ​​a supplier of films and series (including its own production) and other media content. Paid use, but there is a trial month for 1.
  • MEGOGO is the largest video service in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Can be watched for free with ads or paid version.
  • IVI is a service of a Russian media company operating in the legal online video market.
  • TVZavr is a home theater. Available in paid and free version.
  • Divan.TV is a Ukrainian service for watching channels and films. Paid and free versions.
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Basically, for the Windows platform, there are no desktop clients from these services, as everything looks great on the web version. But they can be downloaded and installed through the Microsoft Store.

Cable connection

The standard system unit (or rather, the motherboard) does not have an input for a TV cable. But this can be fixed by using TV tuners that connect to the computer via the PCI bus or via USB.

The second option is more autonomous, suitable for owners of portable equipment (laptop, tablet-transformer).

An antenna can be included with the tuners, but you can also use your own. There is also an instruction, a disk with drivers and a program.

  • Connect the device via USB or via PCI-E bus to the system unit, disconnected from power.
  • Connect the antenna connector of the TV tuner to the cable.
  • Start your computer.
  • According to the instructions from the disc or the manufacturer’s official website, install the drivers for the device and the corresponding software.
  • Open the program, then the channel list.
channels, smart
  • Done. Now TV channels, like in Smart-TV, can be watched on a computer for free.

Making Smart TV on PC: how to watch free channels and applications?

If a computer monitor allows you to freely watch various kinds of content on it, then why not transform it into a full-fledged TV? It’s not difficult to build Smart-TV on a computer, you just need to understand exactly what tasks it should solve.

Setting up TV on a computer

  • viewing channels from a connected antenna (television, satellite or cable TV);
  • digital television over Internet protocols (IPTV);
  • media services YouTube, Netflix, MEGOGO, IVI and others.

If there are usually no problems with the last item on a PC (viewing in a browser or client program with the Internet connected), then it is still desirable to configure the first two.

If you have a huge monitor on which it is convenient to watch movies, series and television, then there is no need to connect a Smart TV. It’s easier to make Smart – TV on PC. To do this, you should tighten up all the necessary sources of media content and perform a few simple settings to transform the Windows interface for better interaction at a distance.

Watching movies and IPTV channels on unofficial applications for Smart TV


This is the name of the application for devices that support Smart TV. It combines a variety of functions. There is a section “Cinema”, which presents a lot of sites that offer films. The TV section contains both paid and free services that allow you to watch IP-TV. Users here can add their own playlists using the Personal Account and use the cloud to save bookmarks. Download XSMART widget here.

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How to watch movies, TV series and IPTV channels on Smart TV TV absolutely free

Today’s realities are such that the market is literally flooded with new TV models, which we could not even dream of some ten years ago. This made a large number of people think about how to watch movies and series on Smart TV TV absolutely free of charge.

Smart TV technology is found on almost all modern TV models made by companies such as Philips, LG, Samsung, Sharp and many others. With this very useful function, you can watch movies, and sometimes some IPTV channels for free. And do it online, using only the TV. How can this be done? Let’s figure it out.


The full name of the Lmod application is nStreamLmod. It was developed specifically for Samsung. The number of its possibilities is literally huge. Using it, consumers get online access to videos posted on YouTube. It makes it possible to watch films in hundreds of online cinemas, including showing films in HD quality.

In addition to this, the viewer can get acquainted with the full program schedule when using IPTV television. And movies located on torrents can be viewed without downloading them first. True, for this there must be a combination of a TV with a computer.

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

The possibilities of the program do not end there. Installing it on a TV will give you many pleasant minutes, but I must say that they will not be free. However, before purchasing the application, you can install the widget for thirty days. a test period. If at the end of this period you do not pay for the full version, then the functionality will be significantly limited. You can download the nStreamLmod widget here.


In addition to films and TV series, users of the GetsTV widget are given the opportunity to enjoy watching digital television absolutely free of charge. Since you do not have to pay for viewing various television channels. In addition to the main channels, there are also cable channels. And all this despite the fact that GetsTV is ready to please its users with a huge number of films, including the latest news.

For the convenience of those who like to spend time watching TV series, GetsTV uses a function that allows you to automatically switch episodes. With a weak Internet, channels can be viewed in low quality. The TV section offers the ability to choose low or medium signal transmission quality. You can download the GetsTV widget here.

How to watch movies, series and IPTV channels for free on Smart TV

Setting up free channels on Smart TV

Many owners of Smart TVs continue to use cable TV, unaware that the same capabilities can be enjoyed for free using IPTV applications.

We really hope that there will be no representatives of cable TV providers among the readers, because this information may offend them. But we will not do anything illegal: just see how to set up free channels on Smart TV.

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We reviewed the best free Smart TV apps in a separate article.

IPTV setup

The first thing to do is connect your TV to the internet. You can use a wired connection or Wi-Fi, there is no difference. After that, you can start setting up IPTV.

When you start SS IPTV for the first time, you will not find any playlists in the settings. This is not a bug, you just need to add them yourself. There are two options: find the address and register it manually in the TV settings or sync via Wi-Fi with a laptop (PC) and manage playlists through it.

Playlists can be added to external addresses that are posted on the sites of IPTV providers or downloaded from the SS IPTV site using a code that changes every time. You can add an unlimited number of external channel lists and only one internal.

To load an external playlist, go to the “Content” submenu, select “External”, then click “Add”. Provide a name for the list and a link to it.

To add an internal playlist, open the “General” section in the program settings and click “Get”. It will be valid for 24 hours or until another code is generated. It must be entered on the SS IPTV website in the playlist editor and click “Add”.

Instead of SS IPTV, you can use other programs to work with IP TV: for example, forkplayer, which we have already talked about, Vintera.TV or PeersTV.

What you need for free viewing?

You have a smart TV. What is needed for a channel to be shown on it without buying a package from cable TV providers? Very little:

The biggest problem is choosing a channel list. You can try different options for a very long time, because it is always interesting what else IPTV can offer.

Viewing Public Channels

If you want to watch regular free TV on Smart TV, then there will be no problems with this either.

  • Press the Settings button on the remote to open the settings. The button may have a different name, it all depends on the model.
  • Select “Channels”.
  • Activate automatic search.
  • Specify the source of the signal antenna or cable TV.
  • In the field “Supplier” select the option “Other”.
  • Set the frequency range.
  • Select to search for digital and analogue channels (yes, they are still in the regions).
  • Click “Run” and wait for the search to complete.

Done, now the TV shows public channels that any box catches, even without the smart filling. But why do you need them if there is an IP TV with a huge assortment of the same channels in HD resolution? Use Smart TV and don’t be afraid to experiment with its functions: your TV can do more than you imagine.