How To Enable Bluetooth On LG TV

Species overview

There are two options for Bluetooth modules. internal and external. Each of the modules differs not only in functionality, but also in the connection aLGorithm.

Internal modules are usually used to work with PCs, acoustics and laptops. This type is very difficult to install, as it is mounted inside the reader. However, it is quite practical and durable.

External modules are suitable for electronics, television and other technology. They look like a regular USB storage device. Very easy to install, safe to use, and affordable.

What it is?

A Bluetooth TV transmitter is a very compact device that is designed to wirelessly transmit sound from a TV receiver to a paired device in a specific format.

The transmitter is an excellent choice for owners of TV equipment that lacks a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. The receiver is quite compact in size and does not take up much space.

Bluetooth modules differ from each other not only in appearance design, but also in operational and technical characteristics: build quality, interface for control, Bluetooth versions, the ability to connect multiple devices at the same time, the absence or presence of an embedded battery, support for various connectors for connection.

How to know if your TV has Bluetooth?

In order to check the TV for the presence of a built-in Bluetooth-module, in most cases it is necessary to use the TV menu settings. To do this, you need to activate the function on the headset, after which, using the remote control, go to the option menu. We select the section “Wired / Wireless Networks”. If there is none, then you should select “Sound Effects” or “Sound Settings”. Then, in the Sound Systems section, the TV will find the headset automatically. If this does not happen, then we launch the automatic “Search for headset”. If this function is not provided, then the TV is not equipped with a built-in adapter.

What is it needed for?

Using this device, you can create a whole multimedia center from your TV. For example, you can use modern wireless headphones for listening to music and watching movies. Such a function will appeal to both experienced users of innovative developments and those who are just mastering this technique. In addition, a TV and a mobile device can be connected via Bluetooth. In this case, the multimedia functionality of even not the most advanced TV model will significantly expand. The TV set can play files of a certain format, which will also delight users.

Modern global brands of TV-equipment are not always equipped with a built-in Bluetooth-module for pairing.

This Bluetooth system is designed to be paired with headphones and audio systems. Thus, it allows you to adjust the optimal sound volume for comfortable listening to music, watching TV and movies. For those with hearing impairments, wireless headphones are the right accessory. And also this gadget will be a good solution for connecting a speaker system without additional wires and bulky docking stations. When synchronized with other electronic devices, it becomes possible to view photos,s, play your favorite games on a widescreen high-resolution screen.

It is worth noting that the Bluetooth adapter will be a useful purchase for owners of Samsung and LG TVs. Since these manufacturers provide the ability to connect to built-in TV-devices certainly branded audio accessories, the Bluetooth adapter will remove the restrictions set by the system.

With battery

The Bluetooth B6 (Transmitter Receiver) model is equipped with a built-in battery, and therefore does not need additional gadgets for power supply, which allows you to use it not only stationary, but also to carry it with you. Manufacturers guarantee the possibility of uninterrupted operation for 8 hours without requiring a recharge. Supports A2DP 1, AVRCP, APT-X, SBC standards and data exchange options such as Mini Jack, RCA, fiber optic cable. However, the above model uses an older version of Bluetooth. In this case, the manufacturers left update 2.1, as a result of which one should not rely on a large coverage radius.

The Receiver AptX HD transmitter likewise has an embedded battery. If AUX is selected as a connecting link, the duration of its operation without recharging reaches 3 days. In addition, working via fiber optic, you can use the device for half a day. Supports standards such as A2DP, AVRCP, HFP. Due to the use of Bluetooth version 5.0, it has the ability to SIMultaneously exchange data from more than one device.

Mpow Streambot is suitable for both transmitting and receiving audio signals. And also, thanks to its own battery, it is possible to synchronize the adapter with any TV.

Bluetooth adapters for TV: how to choose and connect?

Surely many are familiar with such a device for wireless data transmission as Bluetooth. The use of this wireless technology is an extremely convenient way to transfer any information files without using a cable or Internet connection. The range of this device is from 50 to 100 meters.

Unfortunately, most modern TV-equipment is not equipped with a built-in module for wireless communication. This does not always suit its owners and entails the purchase of additional gadgets by users. The choice of the right switch depends directly on the tasks for which it is intended.

How to choose a Bluetooth adapter for your TV, how to properly connect a device, will tell you the article.

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Bluetooth Excelvan B5. This model has sufficient strength and durability, despite its cost effectiveness. And also its characteristic is a rather compact size. This model is powered by a USB connector connected to a portable charger. It has one channel for connection, and therefore problems will arise during the SIMultaneous connection of several devices. Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP standards.

How To Enable Bluetooth On LG TV

How to choose?

Let’s highlight several main aspects that you need to pay attention to before buying an adapter.

  • In no case should you give preference to the most budget devices. A cheap transmitter significantly reduces the quality of the sound output to the headphones. There is extraneous noise during playback. Another disadvantage of cheap models is a strong delay in sound broadcasting. For film enthusiasts, this will be a very big disappointment, since watching an exciting movie can spoil the sound lag behind the picture. The price of this device is directly related not only to the quality of the reproduced sound, but also to the transmitter itself as a whole.
  • When choosing a Bluetooth adapter for your TV, you should pay attention to the possibility of connecting several pairs of headphones to the device. However, it should be noted that it is almost impossible to find a conductor with the ability to connect 3 or more headsets.
  • When purchasing an adapter, you should prioritize the latest and more advanced Bluetooth versions.
  • Bluetooth adapters with NFC support are used for a more SIMplified way to connect gadgets with SIMilar support.
  • If there is a need for a wider range of the adapter, then you should opt for transmitters that have external antennas. Their features include an increase in the range of up to 30 meters.
  • A Bluetooth receiver equipped with a built-in battery will be useful in situations where battery life is required.

How to connect?

After selecting the desired Bluetooth transmitter, you need to connect it to the TV. This is not difficult at all if you follow the standard instructions correctly.

  • If, when buying a transmitter, the choice stopped on a model with an embedded battery, we charge it completely.
  • A smartphone that is already equipped with a cable must be connected to a specific jack on the TV.
  • If the cord is attached as a separate item, you need to choose a more suitable method by which you will connect the transmitter to the TV. On the TV panel with connectors, select the required one into which we insert the cable.
  • Next, turn on the headset or acoustics.
  • If the devices are successfully paired, the blue indicator on the case will light up. After that, the entire sound range of the TV receiver is reproduced on speakers or headphones.

Some TVs require you to manually turn on the Bluetooth function. To do this, you need to go to the options menu in the “Sound” section.

Do not forget that when adjusting the volume individually, you should not be too far from the TV. the probability of interference and sound volume will depend on this. You can install it at the required level. Use keyboard when needed.

Using a seemingly ordinary type of wireless connection like Bluetooth, in fact, may not be so easy. But with a detailed study of the operating manual, as well as making the connection in strict accordance with the recommendations of specialists, this procedure will be carried out quickly and without much effort.

Drawing conclusions, we can say with confidence that for the most appropriate choice of adapter model, it is necessary to build on the goals that are achieved during use. The Bluetooth transmitter is a very interesting and useful device to use. You can think of many ways to use the module. However, one of the main ones is still pairing wireless headphones with a TV receiver. Especially due to the fact that manufacturers of modern TVs, which are undoubtedly equipped with an embedded Bluetooth module, for some reason restrict the connection of headphones to TV.

Regardless of the cost of the equipment, everything will be connected and will work in the absence of any functional defects. However, buying the cheapest adapters is completely inappropriate for these devices.

How to choose and connect Bluetooth adapters for your TV, see the following.

Determine connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to do more than just view files from other devices. Many modern wireless headphones are equipped with Bluetooth functionality, which allows you to connect to a TV and play sound through speakers. Therefore, the presence of this interface in TVs is considered mandatory for modern users. To enable Bluetooth on your Samsung TV, you need to do the following.

  • First you need to go to the settings menu.
  • Then you need to select the “Sound” section and click “OK”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on a paired device.
  • After that, you need to open the “Speaker Settings” or “Headset Connection”.
  • Select the item “Search for devices”.

If in the window that opens there is no inscription “Search for devices”, then this means that the TV is not equipped with the module. In this case, a special adapter is required to connect and transfer data.

How to connect?

Before turning on the module to the TV, you need to install it. Find the Audio input on the back of your TV. To this connector you need to connect the wire that goes from the transmitter. A flash drive is inserted into the USB connector to power the device. You also need to turn on Bluetooth on the paired gadget (on your phone, tablet, PC).

Next, you need to press the device search key on the transmitter. Typically, these adapters are equipped with an indicator light. The search key must be held down for a few seconds. The adapter light will blink during the search process. You need to wait a little while the devices find each other. After connecting, you can hear a beep in the TV speakers. After that, go to the menu, select the “Sound” section and activate the paired device in the item “Connection devices”,

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If the adapter looks like a large battery pack, it must be charged using a separate cable before connecting. A charging cable is included. After charging, you need to choose the best connection method: RCA, mini jack or fiber optic. After the cable is connected to the transmitter, its other end is connected to the TV. After all these steps, you need to check the pairing of devices.

How to choose an adapter?

First, you need to figure out what a Bluetooth adapter is. This device is capable of receiving and translating the signal into read format for any gadget with Bluetooth. The signal is sent via radio frequencies, thereby pairing and transferring data. It is advisable to choose a device with two or three connectors for connecting several devices at once. The Dual Link function is responsible for connecting several gadgets at once.

The choice of a Bluetooth adapter for Samsung TVs is also based on the presence of a battery and a charging socket. Some devices operate on batteries or completely on mains power. Signal transmission devices are distinguished by audio reception. this is a mini jack 3.5, RCA or fiber optic.

Standards support is taken into account when choosing a transmitter. Support parameters for AVRCP, A2DP and A2DP 1, SBC, APT-X, HFP differ in coverage area and audio bit rate. The presence of standards in adapters significantly increases the cost of the device. However, some users advise against buying too cheap models. An inexpensive gadget often delays the transmission of sound or completely interrupts the signal.

With the 5.0 adapter standard, the device significantly increases the data transmission speed range. You can connect several gadgets to such an adapter at once.

When buying a transmitter, consider the compatibility of the device with your TV, as well as the Bluetooth version. For 2019, the current version is 4.2 and higher. The higher the version, the better the sound quality. Stable connection contributes to less power consumption of both the adapter and connected gadgets. It should be noted that when purchasing an adapter of version 5.0 and Bluetooth version 4.0 of the connected device, incompatibility may occur.

There are models of transmitters with the ability to switch tracks and control the volume. Such models are expensive. But for those who love fully stocked gadgets, this device will be to their liking. Some adapter models have several ways of working:

  • signal transmission;
  • reception.

How to turn on Bluetooth on a Samsung TV?

Transferring content from your phone or other device is made possible by a variety of TV connectivity options. One of the most common methods is Bluetooth data transmission. In this case, it is worth considering this type of connection on Samsung TVs. How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung models, how to choose and connect an adapter and how to configure. that’s the topic of this article.


Setting up the transmitter is very SIMple. Usually, the Bluetooth adapter is connected to the TV via the Audio (RCA) input. Modern Samsung models have this connector. But if there is no such input, you need to purchase a special additional RCA to USB / HDMI adapter.

After connecting the adapter, the device to be paired automatically connects to the TV without any settings. It is also worth noting that the TV receiver is able to recognize the connected transmitter. This can be seen by first going to the settings menu. In the menu, select the “Connected devices” item. After that, the presence of connected devices will be displayed in a separate window. If the synchronization between the gadget and the TV has not been completed, the user must restart both devices.

When adjusting the volume, it is worth considering the distance at which the paired gadget is from the TV. At a great distance from the TV receiver, sound may be reproduced with interference or partial loss of signal. Because of this, it will be problematic for the user to adjust the desired volume level.

Connecting devices via Bluetooth is the best option for connecting to a TV. If the manufacturer does not provide this interface, then you can connect via Bluetooth using a special transmitter. These devices are very compact and easy to use.

The recommendations in this article will help you connect the adapter to Samsung TVs. Please note that the above settings for checking and connecting Bluetooth refer specifically to Samsung models. The choice of adapter depends on personal preference and convenience. You can choose the cheapest model with minimal functionality. Expensive adapters have advanced options and more advanced “stuffing”.

See below for what a Bluetooth transmitter is.

Unblock USB on LG TV

This article will focus on TVs of the well-known LG brand. Many modern models have a USB port that allows you to connect external devices and media. This feature is widely used by ordinary users to connect flash drives or external hard drives.

This allows you to play movies directly from a flash drive and is very convenient and efficient. But on some TVs, next to the USB connector, the inscription “service only” or “remote control” flaunts. This means that the installed port is a service port. This limitation means only one thing. this connector cannot be used to play any multimedia files. It is designed for service and repair work, TV diagnostics and flashing. However, this is not a big problem. With a little effort and ingenuity, you can unblock USB and use it for any purpose.

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Important! The manipulations described below were tested on LG TVs of the 2009 model range (on TVs before 2009, playback is not possible). On other brands of TV, the methods may or may not work. And finally, all operations related to firmware and changes in the service menu can “kill” the TV and bring it to an inoperative state.

To use the proposed methods or not is solely your decision) But many have already activated USB connectors and enjoy all its capabilities.

In general, you can unblock the USB port from the service menu. There are two types of them on LG TVs: EzAdjust and InStart. We get into the menu, change a couple of values ​​and everything works. Let’s consider the main ways.

We go into the service menu using the remote control. If your TV has firmware version 3.15 or older, then getting into the service is very easy. Press the “Menu” button on the remote control. After that you need to move the cursor to the “Options” item. Next, SIMultaneously hold down the “Ok” buttons on the remote control and on the TV and hold it for about 5-6 seconds.

Unlock! If everything went well, a window with cells should appear on the screen where you need to enter the password “0000” (four zeros). We get to the menu where you need to select the Tool Option 3. It is necessary to change several values, which, in fact, are responsible for the operation of USB. Go to item EMF (JPEG, MP3) and set the value to “1”. Go to DIVX and set the HD value. We do not touch anything else, we exit all menus, reboot the TV. We go into the TV menu using the “Menu” button and see the desired USB item. Operation was successfully completed.

To rollback the firmware, you need to carry out a number of manipulations. To get started, download the firmware 3.15 for your model or download it here. Unpack the archive to a USB flash drive that is formatted in FAT 32 format. Insert the USB flash drive into the TV and enter the menu using the “Menu” button on the remote control. Hover the cursor over the “Options” item, press the “Fav” button on the remote control 7 times and get into the firmware update window. Roll back the firmware to version 3.15. After that, we perform all the actions described in method 1.

We go into the service menu using LEDs. This method will not do any harm to your TV. True, before using it, you will have to carry out some preparatory operations. So in order to get into the service menu, you can emulate a special signal using a pair of red diodes (some of them did it with green diodes, by the way, infrared glow is not necessary). The diodes must be connected in parallel. over, the connection is made with different poles.

After that, you need to screw the wires to the LEDs (you can use a soldering iron, but this is not essential). Next, you need to play a special sound file and feed it through the amplifier to the LEDs. The easiest way is to use speakers as an amplifier, or rather the output from an active speaker to a passive one. Play this sound file (turn on repeat in the player so that the file is played in a loop and not once). While gradually increasing the volume level, bring the diodes to the panel for receiving a signal from the remote control on the TV. The LEDs will blink with a certain cycle and soon a window will appear on the screen where you need to enter the password. Next, we do everything as in method 1 Unlocking.

We use the irRemote program. This program is installed on smartphones and is used to enter the service menu of the TV and then unlock the USB port. First you need to download the irRemote program and install it on your phone. Then follow the instructions below.

Run the installed application on your smartphone.

In the menu that appears, go to the “Add Device” item.

Then you will see several items, choose “TV”.

Click “Refresh” and wait. At this time, the phone connects to the Internet and downloads information (do not wait long).

Select “LG” (namely “LG”, and not some SIMilar one).

Click “Refresh”, the device list will be updated.

Next, you need to select the “IN. START Service Menu EZ Adjust Service Menu “and then press” Refresh “.

Select “mon” and install a new profile.

Go to the options and make the settings, namely in the “IR mode” item, set “Method 1”.

If you did everything correctly, you will see the following on the phone screen:

If you want to get to the IN menu. START. Press 1. If you want to get into the service menu EZ Adjust. press 2. Next, we do everything as in method 1 Unlocking.

In this article, we have covered all the ways on how to unblock USB on LG TV. As you were able to make sure the activation of the USB port is not such a difficult matter, and after carefully reading the information, you can perform the procedure yourself.