How to enable bluetooth on a sony vaio laptop

How to reset your laptop to factory condition: Sony VAIO

With this article, I continue a series of materials devoted to restoring laptops to factory state from the recovery section. As the name implies, it will focus on Sony VAIO laptops.

It’s a pity, but Sony VAIO laptops come across to me quite rarely. In this regard, I was never able to write a manual for restoring models running the operating system Windows 7. Several of these computers came to me, but that was even before I started writing a series of articles about restoring laptops from different manufacturers.

Therefore, in this example we will use one of the laptops with the Windows 8 operating system.

However, the basic principles here are the same, so before starting the recovery procedure, be sure to read the article “How to return a laptop to the factory state: introduction”, as these instructions assume that you clearly understand what you are doing and have taken all the necessary measures precautions. Otherwise, you risk irrevocably losing your personal data and even disable your computer.

To start the recovery procedure on Sony VAIO computers, use the dedicated Assist button located on the computer case. You can use it both from under the running operating system, and on a turned off computer.

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We will consider the second option, since it allows you to restore the laptop to its factory state even if the operating system no longer boots.

Pressing the Assist button will load VAIO Care. In its menu, select the item “System recovery or maintenance”.

The VAIO logo appears on the screen and the download starts.

Soon we will be asked to choose a keyboard layout. Choosing what we need.

In the next menu, click on the “Diagnostics” item.

We will be warned that our data will be deleted and the computer settings will be reset. Since this is exactly what we need, click “Next”.

Now we need to select our operating system. Here, I think, everything is clear.

Then we select the option to clean up the disk. I need a full disk cleanup, although this method takes significantly longer.

Finally, everything is ready. Click “Return to its original state”.

The VAIO logo reappears on the display. Below you will see information about the level of recovery readiness from the corresponding section. Now you can leave the computer alone and go about your business, as the procedure is not quick. Especially if you chose the option with a full disk cleanup.

An indication that your Sony VAIO has successfully returned to factory state will be a prompt to select the language of the operating system interface.

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There is no such device

If your eyes do not see the transmitter at all, then in the “Other devices” subdirectory you will see suspicious devices with uninstalled drivers and yellow triangles. There are several types of solutions for installing firewood.

  • If your PC is connected to the Internet, then you can search for drivers on the official Microsoft services. To do this, click opposite each one with the right mouse button and select properties. In the driver section, select “Update”. After that, the PC will think and start trying to install drivers from the Internet.
  • On modern gaming laptops, drivers come on a separate built-in drive. Just open your computer, there should be a section of your hard drive called “Drivers” or “Drivers”. We go in and run the file with the type exe. Next, just install the entire driver package. Or select the Bluetooth driver separately from the installer list. Do not confuse it and it will be called.
  • If there is no such hard disk, then try to find the disk from your motherboard, which should have been included in the kit. Just insert it into DVD or CD-rom and install.

For external Bluetooth modules

If you have an external module in the form of a flash drive, then you should try to find a driver for it. If there was no disc in the kit, then just look for the manufacturer’s official website. Enter the full name of the device from the box (sometimes the name is written on the module itself). The search engine will find the office. a site from which you can download and install drivers.

NOTE! There may be a problem of driver incompatibility with Windows 10. nothing can be done about it, if possible, return this flash drive under warranty.

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Turning on

First of all, you need to check if the device is turned on. By default, the Bluetooth adapter is disabled so as not to create unnecessary interference with Wi-Fi and not to pollute the radio space with unnecessary waves. Let’s take a look at all the ways. how to quickly find and enable Bluetooth on a computer running Windows (Windows) 10.

Installation in DRS

  • If there is no disk, and the drivers, like the damned, do not want to be installed from official services, then go to the DriverPack website.
  • Scroll to the very bottom to the last item and click “For sysadmins”.
  • In the “Driverpacks” section, select and download both packages.
  • We start and do the installation. Be careful, as the installation may add any garbage if you do not uncheck the box. Otherwise, you will have to delete everything from the PC.


For the fastest, find the Bluetooth icon on your keyboard on the F3, F4, F5 key. Now we simultaneously press the Fn button and this key. Activation of the device should light up in the tray in the lower right corner. You need to understand that the inclusion can be on another key of type F, so just look carefully at the icons in the topmost row. on the keyboard.

How to enable Bluetooth on Windows 10: simple instructions

Hello everyone! Today we will talk about the problem faced by new users of Windows 10. After updating or reinstalling from Windows 7, finding and turning on the Bluetooth adapter can be problematic, since the interface has changed slightly over 2 generations of “windows”.

Immediately, we note that not all modern laptops have built-in Bluetooth. To turn it on, there is a special button on the side of the laptop or on the front panel. Sometimes it is enabled by a keyboard shortcut. For a stationary computer, there are external adapters that look like a small flash drive, but work in the same way.

Through Start

  • Next, select the subcategory “Devices”.
  • Our Blue Tooth should be there. Right click and activate.

After enabling the function, the PC will start searching for already activated devices with which you can contact and transfer data. So don’t forget to turn on the same transmitter on the second device.

VAIO® PC. How to connect a Bluetooth device

I advise, in order not to suffer in the future, go to the options and check the box next to “Display Bluetooth icon in the notification area.” After that, you can enable and disable the transmitter in the tray in the lower right corner of the screen.

In tray

  • In the lower left corner, click on the triangle or on the Bluetooth icon, if there is one.
  • Next, just activate the device.
  • If you right-click, then you can see the “Go to parameters” section, he will be able to configure the data transfer between devices in more detail.
  • After that, you will see a list of devices to connect. Let me remind you that for some wireless speakers, headphones or other devices, this function must be turned on with a button on the device.

How to turn on bluetooth in a laptop

First you need to install the drivers provided by the manufacturer. Even if after installing Windows, standard drivers are embedded in the system, they may not work correctly with different device models. You need to download drivers only from the official websites of laptop manufacturers.

  • in the notification area, click on the oval Bluetooth icon;
  • in the menu that opens, click enable / disable Bluetooth.

Bluetooth in BIOS

Sometimes after changing the hardware configuration, after reinstalling the OS or after other manipulations with the computer, the system does not see wireless devices: neither Bluetooth nor Wi-Fi modules. This is a sure sign that these modules are disabled programmatically via BIOS.

  • go to BIOS. To do this, you need to hold down the DEL or F2 key when starting the laptop. In the latest versions of laptops, the ESC or F1 keys are used to enter the BIOS;
  • check the status of the bluetooth module. Opposite the value “bluetooth” should be “enable”. If “disable” is displayed, change the value. If it is impossible to enable or disable it in the BIOS, it means that it is always active. If you cannot see it when loading the BIOS, you need to flip through the pages and menus;
  • be sure to save the settings change and restart your computer. After that, the OS will detect a new device and request a driver.

Keyboard shortcut

Almost all laptops are equipped with the FN key, which is always used to access additional features of the laptop. Combined with others, this key can control speaker volume, display backlight brightness, and turn on and off accessories.

VAIO® PC. How to connect a Bluetooth device

You can turn on bluetooth in a laptop using the key combinations FN key with the bluetooth icon. This key is usually F3. Often Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are one module. Accordingly, they are also turned on and off together with the FNF5 key combination. Next, let’s look at how you can enable this module without a keyboard.

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How to enable bluetooth adapter on laptop. user manual

Before proceeding with the study of the question itself, we will find out what Bluetooth is and how it works.

What is Bluetooth? This is a module for wireless data transmission. They can be voice, streaming (audio) and regular files. It works in two modes: both as a receiver and as a transmitter. This wireless device is indispensable for transferring files from smartphone to computer.

The Bluetooth adapter can be of different revisions or versions, starting with 1.0, which was released in 1998 and had a number of compatibility problems, and ending with version 4.1 with low power consumption and high speed.

In mobile computers, the wireless module reduces the battery life of the device. Therefore, manufacturers have provided both hardware and software on / off of these modules. Below is the instruction how to enable bluetooth adapter on laptop.

Using the command line

Controlling the status of wireless devices is also possible from the command line. But this method is much more complicated than all of the above.

  • for this we need the DevCon program. We also need the ID of the Bluetooth module. The program can be easily found on the net;
  • The ID can be found in the device manager (the above describes how to get there) by opening the Bluetooth adapter card and going to the “details” tab. Select the hardware ID from the drop-down menu. The first value will be our ID;
  • after unpacking the archive with the DevCon program, copy the devcon.exe file to the C: \ Windows \ system32 directory;
  • run the command line. You can do this quickly by pressing the WinR key combination. Then enter the command “cmd”. A command line will open, in which we enter the following command: “devcon enable ID” (instead of “ID”, enter the real ID of the Bluetooth adapter).

For frequent use, this process can be simplified a little. The command: “devcon enable ID” can be placed in an empty text file, which will then be saved with the bat extension. To enable the adapter, it will be enough to run this file with the command.

How to find out if a laptop has bluetooth

You can try to turn devices on or off, puzzle over why it doesn’t work. But it just might not be in the laptop.

There are several ways to check the availability of a function on a laptop.

  • by laptop part number;
  • by the corresponding stickers;
  • by the presence of the bluetooth status indicator.

The part number is the full name of the laptop model. For example, if we are talking about ASUS, it will look something like this: X102BA-DF010H. By entering this number in the search on the manufacturer’s website, you can find out if the laptop has this function.

Be careful and carefully check if all letters and numbers match your model. The number with one slightest difference can correspond to a completely different laptop.

Sometimes laptop manufacturers indicate the availability of additional options with stickers. So, a sticker with the bluetooth model and version can be glued to the bottom of the case. If there is such a sticker on the bottom of your computer, then everything is in place.

If there is a small Bluetooth logo on the status bar of the laptop, this is a sure sign that it is present in this laptop. If it is not there, then you need to examine the keyboard for hotkeys to enable this option. But the surest way is to check by the partner number, which never lies.

How to enable without keyboard

If the keyboard does not work, the adapter can be turned on without it. Different OS versions provide different ways to programmatically enable wireless devices. Let’s consider the simplest and easiest ways for each operating system. Let’s start with the freshest.

It’s also very easy to do this in Windows 8.1.

  • you need to go to the sidebar on the right;
  • then open Options. Change settings. devices. bluetooth;
  • then the module will automatically turn on and the computer will be visible to all Bluetooth devices.

In Windows 8, this is just as easy:

  • in the same Charms bar, go to the “Parameters” section;
  • then go to Change Computer Settings. Wireless networks;
  • slide the lever under the “Bluetooth” item to the “ON” position.

In Windows 7, the easiest way to monitor Bluetooth operation is using the factory utilities that often come with a laptop, or are available for download from the computer manufacturer’s website. The interface of such programs is extremely simple, and they do not need an explanation.

It is also convenient to control the state of the bluetooth adapter using a special icon to the right of the taskbar. By right-clicking on this icon, you can access the various modes and capabilities of the adapter. You can turn it on and off, pair with devices, control data transfer and more.

Easy setup of WI-FI router MIKROTIK. Located at the link.

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If these methods do not help, make sure that the bluetooth module is enabled in the device manager. Also check if the drivers are installed correctly.

  • open the control panel;
  • in the category “Administration” go to the item “computer management”. The computer control panel will open;
  • by going to the “Device Manager” tab, you will be able to see all the devices and modules running on the computer. Find your bluetooth device.

If an icon with a question mark or an exclamation mark is drawn next to it, the drivers need to be updated or reinstalled.

It may happen that in nature there is simply no driver for your Bluetooth adapter for some older versions of Windows. For example, for XP, many laptop manufacturers do not test or even write drivers. This problem can be circumvented by purchasing an external bluetooth adapter.

How to enter BIOS on a Sony vaio laptop | Sony vaio boot from flash drive or cd-rom

Hello, friends! In this article I want to show you how to enter the BIOS on a Sony vaio laptop and set the priority to boot from a USB flash drive or cd-rom. There are many questions on this topic, users cannot understand how to make the boot from a flash drive or cd-rom in the Sony vaio boise.

I want to note right away that the manufacturer Sony vaio does not stand still and laptop models are being upgraded, so the BIOS may differ slightly, but the essence remains the same. I will use an example to show BIOS Sony vaio, model PCG-71812V.

And so, to enter the Sony vaio BIOS, turn on the laptop and press the F2 key, if the BIOS is not displayed and the system starts to boot normally, then try pressing other keys F4, F8 or the Delete key.

On the Sony vaio PCG-71812V model, the F2 key is used to enter the BIOS. Let’s look at what menu items and settings this BIOS provides us.

First section. Main. This section displays information about the BIOS version, serial number, size of RAM. 4096mv, the size of the hard disk. 500GB. The only thing that can be configured in this section is to adjust the time and date.

The next section. Advanced. There is only one tab in this section. Virtualization technology. You can disable it (Disabled) or enable (Enable). To do this, press the Enter key and use the arrows on the keyboard to select the function. Disable / Enable, then press F10 and Enter.

The next section. Security. In this section you can set passwords.

Set machine password. Set password when entering BIOS.
Set user password. Set user password.
Password when power on. Set a password for login.

To set a password, as usual, select the tab on what you want to put the password on, press the Enter key and write the password. After all that has been done, press the F10 key to save the settings.

And so the most important and necessary section of the BIOS.

Boot from USB stick or CD-Rom Sony Vaio.

To boot from a USB flash drive or cd-rom in BIOS, we need a Boot partition.

External Devise Boot. Loading from an external device
Network Boot. Download over the network

Internal Optical Disc Drive. internal optical drive
Internal Hard Disk Drive. internal hard drive
External Device. external device
Network. network

Select the External Devise Boot tab with the arrow on the keyboard, press the Enter key in the drop-down menu, click Enable. In this way, we allow downloading from external devices.

Next, use the arrow on the keyboard to go down, select the External Device tab and now, not with the arrow, but by pressing the F5 key, raise this tab to the very top, thereby setting the boot priority from the USB flash drive in the BIOS. To boot from cd-rom, you need to select the Internal Optical Disc Drive tab and also use the F5 key to raise it to the very top, then the boot will be from cd-rom. After configuring, be sure to save everything by pressing the F10 key. After rebooting, in some cases, in order for the download to start from a flash drive or cd-rom, you need to briefly press any key. I hope it is clear!

The last section of the BIOS. Exit. There is definitely nothing to configure here, everything is related to logging out and saving from the system.

Exit setup
Get Default Values. Exit and save default settings.
Viscard Changes. cancel changes.
Save Changes. Save changes.
Shutdown. Malfunction.

Well, that’s all my friends, I hope everyone understands how to enter the BIOS on a Sony vaio laptop and set the boot from a Sony Vaio flash drive. If you have questions and additions, be sure to write in the comments, I will help everyone as much as I can. Good luck.