How to enable a second SIM card on Samsung

How to disable the second sim card

If you do not need a second SIM card (I have it SIM 1) and in fact it is not in the phone, then you can safely turn it off. To do this, tap on the name of SIM 1, a window will open:

To disable the SIM card, tap on the green slider (in the red frame in Fig. 5). After that, the engine will turn from active, green, to gray, inactive:

SIM card SIM 1 is disabled, so now there is no crossed out circle, which was in Fig. 1 with SIM on.

One SIM card with number 2 is active:

How to configure on honor so that the Internet is from the first or second SIM card.

And so to switch the Internet to SIM-1 or SIM-2 on the Honor phone, do the following:

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In the settings, select the item “Wireless networks”.

Next, in the menu that opens, select the item “SIM-cards settings”.

See below on the attached screenshots the necessary items are highlighted.

Now, so that the Internet on Honor was from the desired SIM card, we need to select “SIM1” or “SIM2” in the window that opens in the “Data transfer” item. Look at the picture below and everything will become clear.

This is how the Internet switches to the first or second SIM card in Honor smartphones and similar Android devices.

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How do dual-SIM card phones work?

Why do I need a second line?

The most striking example is waiting for an urgent call at work or from relatives. Let’s say you are on the phone and someone else calls you. If the option of the second line cutter (or “Call waiting”) is disabled, the person will receive short beeps “Busy”. If call waiting is enabled in the settings, you will receive a second call and you can switch between them. In simple words:

The second line is the ability to switch to an incoming call during an active conversation on the phone. In smartphones, this option is called “Call Waiting”.

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Where to find SIM card management

This can be done using the SIM card manager. To do this, tap (open) on the main page of the phone “Applications” (Fig. 1) and go to Android Settings:

In the Android Settings, we are looking for the SIM Card Manager:

Why set up SIM cards

This must be done in order to receive calls only to one or simultaneously to two SIM cards, as well as to be able to access the Internet from the selected SIM card, as well as distribute Wi-Fi.

An Android phone is essentially a small computer, so many computer approaches are applicable to it. Namely, the setting of SIM cards occurs in hardware and software (hardware software).

For example, if you enable only one SIM card on your phone programmatically, that is, make it active, and leave the second SIM card inactive, but at the same time do not disable it in hardware, then you will eventually see a crossed-out circle icon on your phone. This icon means that the phone has two SIM cards, but at the same time one of them is empty, or rather, it is missing from the phone.

Screenshots are taken on a Samsung Android phone and the settings are described using this model as an example.

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How to enable a second SIM card on Android


  • I need to insert a second SIM card into the phone,
  • then in Settings open the SIM-card manager (Fig. 3),
  • tap on the name of the second sim card (fig. 4),
  • and then the slider from the “Off” position (Fig. 6) to the “On” state (Fig. 5).

The “Active mode” option (Fig. 4) must also be enabled, which provides the function “Accept calls on both SIM cards even during a call”.

If the Internet needs to be configured for a second SIM card, then in the SIM card manager, in the “Preferred SIM card” tab (Fig. 4), in the “Data network” option, select the desired SIM card from the two.

If call waiting is not working

Most mobile operators: MTS, Megafon, Tele2, Iota, Beeline and others have this service enabled by default. If after activating call waiting the second call does not come, you should contact your mobile network operator and ask to activate the service. To contact the operator, use the following numbers: