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How to distribute Wi-Fi from a modem MTS, Megafon, Beeline and not only

Hey! Don’t know how to distribute Wi-Fi from a modem? Do you really have a modem? In this article, I have prepared a universal crazy instruction that will help anyone with absolutely any device to solve this problem.

As an introduction, I note that there are several options for problems that you may encounter:

  • You have a USB modem without Wi-Fi. and you want to share it through your laptop.
  • You have a USB modem with Wi-Fi. and you just don’t know how to turn it on.
  • You have an ADSL modem and you don’t know how to set it up.

All of these options and solutions will be covered in this article. But if you suddenly have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments. Our Wi-FiGid team and personally I will try to figure it out and answer them.

Create an access point

Our task here is simply to raise Wi-Fi on a laptop so that everyone can connect to it. How to do it?

For the distribution of wifi, I have already prepared the most complete instructions earlier. If you have any problems, read it HERE.

Yes, I highly recommend using the article above. there are all detailed instructions with pictures for any worst case. And the main thing is to work everything. There is distribution both through the command line and through a mobile hotspot. Third-party programs like Connectify, Switch Virtual Router, etc. have not been forgotten either. In general, lift the access point and go here.

For the lazy, I suggest a universal method for any Windows. Run the command line as an ADMINISTRATOR (it is not highlighted by chance) and run this command there:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = ”Wi-FiGid” key = ”12345678 ″ keyUsage = persistent

where Wi-FiGid is the name of the new network being created, 12345678 is its password (change the values ​​for yourself).

For reference. Stopping the network operation is performed by the command:

Experienced ones can place all these commands in a.bat file so that they do not enter commands every time after restarting the system.

A message should appear stating that the network has started successfully as in the image above. If everything is fine, go to the next step, you can first make sure that a new network has appeared through the same phone. In case of a problem, we restart the computer, try again more carefully, we believe in supporting the distribution of the network with our adapter.

USB modem with Wi-Fi

If you have built-in Wi-Fi in your modem, everything is simple there. Usually it is enough to insert this USB modem into a PC or laptop. After that, you will be prompted to launch some application for installation (standard operators work through the application) or without it (for example, Iota can work immediately without installation). As a result, after the initial installation, Wi-Fi itself will be distributed.

To set the settings for access, you need to clarify your model and go to the corresponding article on setting up your particular modem. There are many of them, the interfaces are different, it is impossible to show everything in one article. So use our search.

We allow distribution of the Internet

Now it remains to allow the new access point to use the Internet from USB. There is nothing complicated here, just a few clicks. The interfaces on Windows 7 and 10 are slightly different. I will use a more modern native “top ten” with a reserve for the future, but lovers of the classics will easily find similar elements at home. Let’s get started.

  • We go to “Network and Internet Settings” (in the past there was the Network and Sharing Center):
  • Configuring adapter parameters (Changing adapter parameters on the “seven”):
  • In the window that appears, you will see several of your network adapters, including the newly created access point. There will also be an established connection via a modem (usually referred to as an operator). We will work with him. Right-click on it and select “Properties”:
  • Go to the “Access” tab. We put the checkbox for allowing access to the Internet to other network users and select our access point in the allowed ones:

Do not forget to click “OK” to save the settings. The normal thing to do is to restart the internet connection to apply the settings (turn on. turn off the internet on the modem). At this point, the internet should be distributed quietly. With which I congratulate!

In case of any problems, just write about it in the comments. Most likely, we already have a ready-made answer article for your mistake. Just do not use general phrases like “does not work” without details. it will not help anyone.

The same mobile hotspot allows simultaneous connection of 8 users.

Tuning Algorithm

The whole process of setting up a distribution comes down to 3 steps:

  • Make sure that the USB modem is connected and distributes via USB Internet to the laptop.
  • We create a Wi-Fi access point on a laptop.
  • We allow a connection via a USB modem to distribute the Internet to our access point.

With the first stage, everything is already clear, it remains to do the last 2. Complete customization in

USB modem without Wi-Fi

A case for those who bought a USB modem with 3G / 4G, which for some unknown reason ended up without built-in Wi-Fi. This is the most common situation in humans. It happens to this day. What we have: the modem is configured and, when connected to a laptop or computer via USB, it perfectly connects it to the Internet.

Can such a modem distribute Wi-Fi? Not by itself, but you can do it via Wi-Fi of third-party home devices. a laptop or computer with Wi-Fi.

Objective: to distribute this Internet from USB via Wi-Fi to all home devices.

The task is set, we are starting to fulfill it. This article provides instructions for owners of operating systems Windows 7. Windows 10. But having understood the technique, you can safely transfer it to other systems.

Some modems support USB connection to routers. You need to make sure in advance that the router and modem are compatible. It’s easier, more reliable, but you need to take care of compatibility in advance and spend money on an appropriate router. This article is not about this and does not provide for additional costs.

In the distribution technology itself, there is no dependence on the Internet provider (be it MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Iota, Tele2 or others) and the modem itself, but pitfalls are possible, for example, in the form of restrictions on the distribution of the provider itself. This can be circumvented, but look for details in our respective articles. This section shows only the technology of the distribution itself, excluding operators and devices.

ADSL modem

With ADSL modems and Wi-Fi distribution through them, everything is more complicated. You can’t do this by simply plugging them into the USB port, they really need to be configured. But how to configure a specific version of the modem will be difficult to describe here. Easier to drive your model into our search, most likely you will find yourself on an article on detailed settings. There you will find out everything with text, pictures, video. In general, this article is not about.

I hope you have succeeded, and now the Internet is distributed wherever you need it. Both from the computer and from the laptop to the phone. Use, write comments, stay always with wifa!

Configuring the distribution of Wi-Fi from the TV

Go to TV settings. This can be done with a special SETTINGS button on the remote.

Go to the Network tab and select the Wi-Fi access point item (when you hover over it, information about this function will appear).

Another window will appear. Hover the cursor over the Wi-Fi access point again and press the button to the right or to the left. What would the status be On. (at the moment of turning on, my menu hung for a couple of seconds).

In fact, everything, the TV is already distributing the Internet via Wi-Fi. But we still need a password to connect to our network. The password is indicated in the same window, opposite the Security key.

You can change it, just click on the Change button and specify a new one.

Now, this window can be closed and the necessary devices can be connected to the Internet. The TV will distribute Wi-Fi not only in Smart TV mode, but also when watching TV channels. Also, immediately after turning off / on, the network will start automatically until you turn off the “Wi-Fi access point” function in the settings.

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We connect the device to the wireless network

Any devices can be connected to the wireless network that our TV broadcasts: phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

The process itself is no different from connecting to a regular network that a router creates. For example, you can read about connecting devices that run on Android here.

I will show using an example of connecting an HTC phone.

Simply, turn on Wi-Fi on the phone and select our network. You will recognize it immediately, there will be the name of your TV.

Click on it, enter the password (which we saw when starting the access point on the TV) and click Connect.

Attention! If the password contains capital letters, then they must be entered in capital letters.

That’s all, you can use the Internet.

Now you can go back to the TV settings and open the access point settings. It will indicate that one device is connected (or how many you connected there).

The connection is stable. The signal is good. The speed is also very good. True, I have not connected more than one device.

That’s the whole instruction! I hope you succeeded. Good luck!

Easy TV Connect Guide | LG USA Support

Use the color code table as a reference and connect the correct cables to the appropriate devices.

Important: Make a note of the input number of the audio receiver you are connecting the cable to. You will need to refer to this later.

Insert all cables into the appropriate devices. Use the color-coded notebook described earlier to double-check the device colors.

Connect the other ends of these cables to the input ports of the soundbar.

Using a laptop, mark the port to which each device is connected.

At this stage, all wires should be connected to the TV, and the devices are laid out on the floor.

Use the color code table as a reference and connect the correct cables to the appropriate devices.

We distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi from the LG TV. We turn the TV into a router

Hey! We continue to explore the capabilities of modern TVs. And today I will write about how to turn your LG TV into a Wi-Fi router and distribute the Internet to other devices using it.

Most likely, all modern LG TVs that have the Smart TV function (and have a built-in or external Wi-Fi receiver) have this opportunity. I will show on the example of LG 32LN575U. How things are with other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Philips, SONY, I do not know yet. I would be grateful if you share information!

We have already turned a laptop into a router, even in two ways, you can read:

It’s time for the TV :), let’s make it distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi!

Sometimes, this is very convenient. Of course, it will not replace the regular router that I recommend installing. But still, this function works very well.

  • Our TV must have a built-in Wi-Fi module (perhaps an external one will do, I have not tested it).
  • And the TV must be connected to the internet with a network cable. How to do this is written here

In principle, everything is logical. You have a cable Internet connection, you connect it to the TV and distribute it to other devices.

  • You can connect a maximum of four devices at the same time (at least on my LG 32LN575U).
  • The TV only gives out Wi-Fi when it’s on (well, that’s understandable).

Product Support: Reference Library | LG USA Support

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Connecting a Sony TV

Step-by-step instructions for connecting a Sony Bravia TV:

  • Using the remote control, go to the main menu of the TV settings. You need to press the Home key and the select button.
  • We select the last item “Network settings”, then select the line “Wireless Setup”.
  • The TV system will offer several options for connecting the TV to a wireless network. We select “Scan” (“Scan”). After scanning, a list of available networks will be displayed.
  • Select the desired network and connect to it by entering the network security key.

Preparing iPhone for WI-FI Sharing

Almost from the very first models (starting from 3), the iPhone already had the function of distributing the Internet from the phone. Before activating the access point itself, you need to remember to turn on the mobile Internet, which we will distribute to other devices. The instruction is as follows:

  • Go to the phone settings and find the “Cellular” section.
  • Turn on cellular data by switching the corresponding slider. Enable 3G / 4G support if it has been disabled, since these are the standards that support high-speed data transfer, which is required to transmit high-quality images on a TV.
  • After activating this option, you can turn on the modem itself and distribute the Internet from the iPhone. You need to click on the corresponding line and set a password for the wireless access point. When entering a password, keep in mind that it should not be simple (so that intruders do not connect), and also do not use the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • After registering the password, you can already activate the modem by clicking on the button “Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth”.

It should also be borne in mind that some tariffs of mobile operators do not support the ability to distribute the Internet from the phone to other devices. In some cases, an additional fee may even be charged for this, as, for example, on MTS. And even if your operator does not prohibit distributing the Internet, watch the traffic if your tariff is not unlimited. After all, if the traffic ends, then the speed will drop sharply, or even the Internet will be completely disconnected.

Possible problems with the distribution of WI-FI

The shared network is not displayed in the list of available

In some cases, the wireless network may not be displayed on the TV. Then you will have to enter the network name manually and connect in this way.

You can also try turning off and on the TV itself, as well as restarting the hotspot on the phone.

In extreme cases, you will have to reset the TV settings to factory settings. This is done as follows:

  • We open additional settings. Selecting “General”.
  • Click on reset to factory settings.

Connecting a Philips TV

To connect your Philips TV to a wireless access point, you need to do the following:

  • On the remote control, click on the Home button, then go to the “Settings” section and select the line “Connect to the network”.
  • Choose “Wireless”.
  • Two options for wireless connection will appear. via WPS or through scanning for available networks and connecting with a password. We need the second one (“Scan”). WPS only works with routers with the corresponding function.
  • From the list, we find the network whose name we set on the mobile device, and connect.
  • You will need to enter a password to complete the connection. If the connection is not made for the first time, it means that the password has already been saved on the TV, and you can skip this step by simply clicking on the “Next” button.

How to distribute Internet from phone to TV LG, Sony, Philips. step-by-step instructions with screenshots

Modern phones can be used as sources of the Internet, instead of routers, and any home devices can be connected to it. Mobile internet is sometimes cheaper than wired internet, and some operators have unlimited tariffs. Below we will take a closer look at how to distribute the Internet from phone to TV.

Connecting a Samsung TV

All Smart TVs have Wi-Fi adapters by default. But, if your TV is an older model, it’s worth finding out if it supports an over-the-air connection. If not, you need to purchase an external Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the USB port on the TV. Not every adapter will work, so choose carefully to ensure compatibility (consider devices from the same manufacturer, Samsung).

When you turn on the TV for the first time, auto tuning will start. This will cause Samsung to start looking for wireless networks. But if this is not the first time you run it, then you need to connect to the wireless network by finding the appropriate item yourself in the settings. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Open the TV settings menu, look for the “Network” tab, then click on the nested item “Network settings”. On the remote control, you need to press the Settings button to go to this item.
  • A dark screen will appear, indicating the start of the configuration process. We launch it by clicking on the corresponding “Start” button.
  • The screen will have a choice between the types of connection, including cable, wireless, WPS. Choose wireless and proceed to the next configuration step.
  • You need to wait a few seconds for the TV to find and display a list of all currently available wireless connections. The search is carried out on a frequency of 2.4 GHz (most modern phones can also distribute a wireless connection only on this frequency).
  • In the list that appears, we find the network whose name we have set on the phone, click on it and write a protective combination. After that, the TV will connect to the smartphone, and it will be possible to use the Internet on it.
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After connecting, it is recommended to go to the TV settings menu and turn on the Smart Hub option to access Internet content.

Preparing a smartphone for WI-FI distribution based on Android

On Android mobile devices, the function that allows you to share Wi-Fi is in most cases called the “Hotspot”. Some devices (for example, HTC) have a different name. “Mobile Wi-Fi router”. This option allows you to use your smartphone as a router and connect other devices to it that will use the mobile Internet (it must be turned on before that).

In this way, you can distribute Wi-Fi from your phone to tablets, TVs, laptops, other stationary PCs with a wireless network adapter, game consoles, etc. This function is very convenient, since mobile Internet is sometimes somewhat cheaper than wired.

You don’t need any additional equipment to connect your Android smartphone to your TV. The process of setting up a connection is as follows (for example, let’s take an HTC One V phone):

  • On the mobile device itself, you need to activate the mobile Internet.
  • Now you need to activate the wireless access point. To do this, in the settings in the “Wireless connections and networks” section, click on the line “” to display additional parameters.
  • Next, click on the item “Wi-Fi router and USB-modem” and on “Router settings” to set the parameters of the wireless access point.
  • Fill in the network name (SSID). the name that will be displayed on the TV when connected.
  • Leave the security protocol unchanged. WPA
  • We come up with and write a password of 8 characters or more. It is recommended to use numbers, letters (large and small) and special characters. Letters should only be in Latin.
  • After entering the necessary data, we activate the access point. A window will open with tips on how to connect other devices to the network. In this window you need to click on “OK”.
  • Now the access point is active, and you can connect various devices to it in order to use the Internet, to which we indicate the icon in the notification area on the Android smartphone.

How to connect Wi-Fi from phone to Sony TV

To connect a wireless network, perform the following list of actions:

  • on the smartphone, open the Settings tab;
  • go to the Modem mode and Access point section;
  • connect the point of access;
  • to set up the network, go to the section Setting up a mobile access point, where they make the device invisible, select the power saving mode;
  • if necessary, change the password in the Access point settings window;
  • save changes, connect phone to TV.

On TV, a menu is opened, where the Network item is selected. In the window that appears, connect to the selected phone by entering the password.

Is it possible to distribute the Internet from phone to TV

Not everyone knows how to distribute Wi-Fi from a phone to a new TV. On older models, the wireless network is connected via USB by connecting to the Internet cable. In this case, the speed is obtained maximum, since the network is transmitted directly.

Modern TV devices have a Wi-Fi connection function. You can get it through your home Internet or mobile phone. But this can only be done with the help of modern devices. Therefore, when buying a TV, you need to watch all its characteristics, identifying whether the TV can receive and distribute Wi-Fi.

Interesting! In the absence of other possibilities, the Internet is distributed to the TV via the phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The TV device can be brands Sony, LG, Samsung. The manufacturer does not matter. you need the device to support Wi-Fi. Then the internet connection will go smoothly. Transferring Wi-Fi from a smartphone to a TV is not difficult, for this you need to follow a small instruction.

Share Internet from phone to Samsung TV

Internet can be shared by people whose television or mobile devices are manufactured by Samsung. Smartphones with an operating system of Android 7 or higher are suitable for Samsung TVs. It is not supported on older versions. How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a TV, so that the speed is high, the optimal settings are preserved:

  • Turn on the smartphone, go to the main menu.
  • Connect the internet function if it is not already configured.
  • Go to Settings, where they go to the Connections section.
  • They go to the Modem and access point section, if they cannot find it, use the Search option.
  • Connect the Mobile access point section so that it lights up in blue (there is a switch there).
  • When the Mobile Hotspot turns on, you need to automatically turn off Wi-Fi, the system will offer this function itself, otherwise restrictions on Internet transmission will remain.
  • Wi-Fi password and name are generated automatically, but can be changed in settings.

Interesting! The mobile phone is ready for use if all these steps are completed. However, some operators restrict the distribution function of the network. To get it, you need to switch to a certain tariff.

When Wi-Fi sharing on your smartphone is turned on, it is better to put it on charge, because the battery runs out quickly. How to distribute Internet to Smart TV from your phone using a step-by-step plan:

  • on the TV remote control, press the menu;
  • open the Network item, then Network Settings;
  • in the window that appears, click the wireless connection;
  • Smart TV will determine the list of networks to which you can connect;
  • in the window that appears, enter the password from the mobile phone;
  • press the OK button.

If the TV is of a different brand, the connection principle remains the same, but the names of the buttons change. When connecting the network, you need to test the connection. To do this, go to any application via Smart TV, choosing to watch a TV program or a movie.

Attention! If the speed is good, loading will be fast even on high-resolution movies.

How to connect internet to LG TV via phone

On LG devices, the principle of connecting Wi-Fi via a mobile phone to a TV remains the same. Only the name of the selected buttons changes. To connect your TV to the Internet via your phone, follow these steps:

  • go to the main menu;
  • go to the settings;
  • go to the Network item;
  • select the Shared modem and networks option, Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • create a new access point;
  • if necessary, change the password through the Security option;
  • save settings.

The Wi-Fi connection from the smartphone to the TV device occurs via Smart TV. Select the desired phone from the list of networks, and then click connect. If everything is done correctly, the connection takes a few seconds, no more.

Access point settings

Setting up distribution from phone to Android TV

In order for the Internet to appear on the Android TV device, you need to carry out the initial launch of the device. To do this, adhere to the following points:

  • turn on the device, after which the main menu with the launch function appears in front of the person;
  • select the country and language for the Android device;
  • enter an account on Google, which was already created by the client earlier;
  • further, new windows will appear in front of the user, where you need to press the Agree button;
  • after completing the installation, click on the gear icon to make the settings;
  • when a user is asked to connect to the network, all possible names of devices to which he can connect will appear in front of the user;
  • choose the name of the phone through which the distribution is carried out;
  • the device is ready to work.

Important! A TV device with an Android app uses the same system as a Smart TV. Selecting and using all functions without a Wi-Fi connection is not possible.

How to distribute Internet from phone to TV

Television sets that are produced today, capable of transmitting a high-quality image, connect to the network, and perform other functions. One of the important options is Smart TV. But to connect to it, you need the Internet. Usually they use Wi-Fi, which is transmitted through the home network. If it is not in the house, Wi-Fi is distributed to the TV through the phone.

Smartphone connection with TV

Using Bluetooth for Internet on TV

Interestingly, distribution is feasible not only via Wi-Fi, but also via Bluetooth. It is much less qualitative, since the speed is slow. But if there is little battery left on the phone and it is impossible to charge it, this is the best solution. A small amount of energy will be consumed on the mobile phone, so the connection will be long.

To activate the network on the TV by connecting to the phone via Bluetooth, do the following:

  • open the phone by swiping down the additional menu;
  • click on the Bluetooth icon so that it is activated (will light up in blue);
  • you can activate Bluetooth by going to the phone settings;
  • the TV is also connected to the Bluetooth function;
  • find the desired phone via the Bluetooth network, connect to it.

The network will be slow, so you can’t watch big movies. But you can include small videos on YouTube channels.

Bluetooth setup

Thanks to modern technologies, you can connect your TV to the Internet in a matter of minutes, even if the house does not have a separate network. To do this, use a phone of any model and brand. But you need the cellular operator to allow wireless Wi-Fi distribution. Then the connection to the TV will go through without problems. If the internet speed is high, you can even watch movies via Smart TV.

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If the device is modern and supports wireless connections, then you can create a connection as follows:

  • You must click on the “Network” tab in the parameters and select “Network Settings”.
  • Go to the item “Wireless network”. In this case, a screen with available access points will appear. You need to select a home network and enter a password.
  • For Samsung devices, it is possible to connect using WPS or Ad-hoc.

The South Korean company “LG” is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances. Internet connection is made in this way:

  • Turn on router and TV.
  • Open the network parameters section under the same name and click “OK”.
  • The system will indicate the possibility of various connection methods, you must select a wireless.
  • A list of available connections will appear, you need to select the one you need and enter the password.
  • The system may offer a simplified installation method. This allows you to make a connection using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup or Ad-hoc service. If the router supports these connection methods, then you can use them.
  • After the completion of all operations, a message should appear stating that the connection was created successfully.

Samsung (Samsung)

This manual applies to smartphones with Android 7.0 and higher system. However, on older versions of the system, only the names of the items in the settings will differ. What should be done:

  • Open the shutter by swiping your finger down from the top of the screen.
  • Turn on mobile internet if you haven’t already.
  • Click on the “Settings” button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, go to the “Connections” section.
  • Then in “Modem and access point”.
  • Slide the switch in the Mobile Hotspot line to the on position. If you are connected to Wi-fi, the system will offer to turn it off, since the simultaneous use of these functions is impossible.
  • The smartphone will generate the network name and password itself. To change them, click on the line “Mobile hotspot”.
  • In the window that opens, you can change the items you need. Any network name can be set, but only in English, and the password must be at least 8 characters long.
  • That’s it, now Samsung works for you as a router.

When distributing the Internet, it is better to keep the phone on charge, since this function consumes a lot of battery power.

Setting up Wi-Fi “Hotspot” distribution on Android

This method is one of the simplest options for getting the Internet out of Android. Its essence lies in using a mobile phone as a Wi-fi router, to which several devices can be simultaneously connected. For implementation, we need a smartphone with access to the mobile Internet and a sufficient amount of traffic.

  • Go to the Settings of your device.
  • Depending on the version of the system and the phone model, select the item “Mobile networks”, “Modem mode” or something similar.
  • Turn on the function through the switch on top.
  • Then click “Configure Access Point”.
  • Here we indicate any network name you like, the type of protection and password if desired. If you are not sure which security to choose, WPA2 PSK is recommended. The network password is entered in Latin letters.
  • That’s it, the setup is over. Now any device within a certain radius, including a TV with Smart TV, will perceive your phone as a router that distributes the Internet.

Distribution in this way is prohibited on the tariffs of some operators. most often this happens on tariff plans with unlimited Internet.

When you try to enable the function, you will receive an SMS with a description of the problem on your phone, or the connection will occur, but the Internet on the other device will not work. Check with your operator for details. The principle of setting up distribution on all phones is similar, but in some respects it differs. Below we will analyze in detail the connection on different models of smartphones.

How to transfer an image from a phone to a TV without a router?

If there is no router in the house, you can connect your phone to the TV via Wi-Fi directly using Wi-Fi Direct technology.

Unfortunately, not all modern TV signal receivers are equipped with WI-FI support. The availability of this function can be checked in the menu section “Settings” or “Network”.

To connect to the TV via your phone, you first need to enable Wi-Fi Direct on your Android mobile device.

To do this, go to the “Wireless networks” section and activate the Wi-Fi Direct function here (by single clicking on this tab or by using the “OK” button).

Then go to the main menu of the “big screen”:

Press the Options button on the remote control, then select Manual. Other methods and write down the SSID and WPA information. you will need them to connect your phone.

Go to the “Security Key” subsection and set a unique password for connecting to this wireless network.

On your Android mobile device, select this access point from the “list of available connections” and, if necessary, enter the required authentication data (password, SSID and WPA).

To open the picture from the phone on the TV, find the file you need in the device’s memory, click the Share button and select the name of your TV in the context menu.

Wi-Fi over USB

However, not all computers have a module for connecting via Bluetooth. In this case, the only way to connect to the mobile internet is to use USB. Before sharing Wi-Fi on your iPhone or Android, connect your smartphone to your computer via a cable. Then you need to go to the “Access Point and Modem” section and there activate the switch that is opposite the USB-modem item.

A new network connection will appear on the computer. It is through him that you can access the World Wide Web.

Important! If you are the owner of a device from Apple, then for a correct connection via USB, you need iTunes to be installed on your computer.

In the “classical” view, a local area network is a conglomerate of all kinds of computers, buried in a web of network wires. However, advances in wireless technology make it easy to network even devices such as printers and TVs.

And in this article we will look at how to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI, and whether it is possible to transfer an image from Android to an LG TV (Samsung, Sony) without a router.

By the way, this function is of greatest benefit to fans of the mobile Internet. After all, through WI-FI you can transfer images, watch your favorite movies and videos, as well as broadcast games from your phone to your TV.

Connecting the phone to the TV via WI-FI: possible methods

As withwireless printer connection, connecting the phone to the TV via WI-FI can be done in three different ways:

  • – connect devices directly using the built-in Wi-Fi Direct function on modern TVs (LG, Samsung, etc.);
  • – connect both devices to a local Wi-Fi network;
  • – manage the “home screen” from your phone via a router.

Let’s consider each type of connection in more detail.

Access point settings

A mobile hotspot, like any router, can be configured (i.e. change the name of the access point, set a password, etc.). This is done as follows:

  • Go to the “Mobile hotspot” menu (how to get to it was mentioned above).
  • Tap on the “Advanced” button, which is located in the right corner of the screen. It looks like an ellipsis.
  • In the drop-down list, tap on the item “Setting up a mobile hotspot”. A new window will open. In it you can see the current password, set a new access key, change the name of the hotspot.

How to connect a network to a device with Smart TV via Wi-Fi?

After you have set up the distribution of the Internet, it remains to connect the Smart TV to the network. In this article, we will look at the connection process on more popular Samsung models. Connection:

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control or the TV itself.
  • The settings menu will open, select the “Network” item in them, then “Network Settings”.
  • A window will appear on the screen where you will need to select the type of connection, select wireless and click next.
  • Smart TV will start searching and display a list of available networks.
  • In it we find our phone, which acts as a router. Enter the previously set password and connect.
  • Everything, the TV is connected to the Internet, click “Ok”.

On other TV models, the connection differs only in the name of the items in the settings.

How to set up an end-to-end internet connection

Pass-through is a type of data transfer over Wi-Fi or any other method in which one device catches a wireless signal from a router and transmits it to other devices. Whether it is possible to distribute the Internet to a TV using an end-to-end connection is a frequent question. In this case, the TV is configured to connect to the router as an access point and broadcasts a signal to other network subscribers. It is the TV in this case that is through. Ways to solve problems with connecting Samsung TVs to Wi-Fi

Setting up this type of connection is identical to the described activation of the access point, since they are one and the same. On some TVs, this feature may be called “modem mode”. The meaning is the same.

Sharing a Wi-Fi signal using a TV is easy enough.

Note! It must be equipped with a dedicated network module and support this type of connection. If all this is correct, then you need to enable access point mode. After that, the device is ready to transmit a signal to several devices.

LG Smart TV: How to Connect/Setup to WiFi Network