How to distribute from phone to TV

How to distribute Internet from phone to TV

Television sets that are produced today, capable of transmitting a high-quality image, connect to the network, and perform other functions. One of the important options is Smart TV. But to connect to it, you need the Internet. Usually they use Wi-Fi, which is transmitted through the home network. If it is not in the house, Wi-Fi is distributed to the TV through the phone.

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Smartphone connection with TV

Is it possible to distribute the Internet from phone to TV

Not everyone knows how to distribute Wi-Fi from a phone to a new TV. On older models, the wireless network is connected via USB by connecting to the Internet cable. In this case, the speed is obtained maximum, since the network is transmitted directly.

Modern TV devices have a Wi-Fi connection function. You can get it through your home Internet or mobile phone. But this can only be done with the help of modern devices. Therefore, when buying a TV, you need to watch all its characteristics, identifying whether the TV can receive and distribute Wi-Fi.

Interesting! In the absence of other possibilities, the Internet is distributed to the TV via the phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The TV device can be brands Sony, LG, Samsung. The manufacturer does not matter. you need the device to support Wi-Fi. Then the internet connection will go smoothly. Transferring Wi-Fi from a smartphone to a TV is not difficult, for this you need to follow a small instruction.

Setting up distribution from phone to Android TV

In order for the Internet to appear on the Android TV device, you need to carry out the initial launch of the device. To do this, adhere to the following points:

  • turn on the device, after which the main menu with the launch function appears in front of the person;
  • select the country and language for the Android device;
  • enter an account on Google, which was already created by the client earlier;
  • further, new windows will appear in front of the user, where you need to press the Agree button;
  • after completing the installation, click on the gear icon to make the settings;
  • when a user is asked to connect to the network, all possible names of devices to which he can connect will appear in front of the user;
  • choose the name of the phone through which the distribution is carried out;
  • the device is ready to work.

Important! A TV device with an Android app uses the same system as a Smart TV. Selecting and using all functions without a Wi-Fi connection is not possible.

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Share Internet from phone to Samsung TV

Internet can be shared by people whose television or mobile devices are manufactured by Samsung. Smartphones with an operating system of Android 7 or higher are suitable for Samsung TVs. It is not supported on older versions. How to distribute the Internet from a phone to a TV, so that the speed is high, the optimal settings are preserved:

  • Turn on the smartphone, go to the main menu.
  • Connect the internet function if it is not already configured.
  • Go to Settings, where they go to the Connections section.
  • They go to the Modem and access point section, if they cannot find it, use the Search option.
  • Connect the Mobile access point section so that it lights up in blue (there is a switch there).
  • When the Mobile Hotspot turns on, you need to automatically turn off Wi-Fi, the system will offer this function itself, otherwise restrictions on Internet transmission will remain.
  • Wi-Fi password and name are generated automatically, but can be changed in settings.

Interesting! The mobile phone is ready for use if all these steps are completed. However, some operators restrict the distribution function of the network. To get it, you need to switch to a certain tariff.

When Wi-Fi sharing on your smartphone is turned on, it is better to put it on charge, because the battery runs out quickly. How to distribute Internet to Smart TV from your phone using a step-by-step plan:

  • on the TV remote control, press the menu;
  • open the Network item, then Network Settings;
  • in the window that appears, click the wireless connection;
  • Smart TV will determine the list of networks to which you can connect;
  • in the window that appears, enter the password from the mobile phone;
  • press the OK button.

If the TV is of a different brand, the connection principle remains the same, but the names of the buttons change. When connecting the network, you need to test the connection. To do this, go to any application via Smart TV, choosing to watch a TV program or a movie.

Attention! If the speed is good, loading will be fast even on high-resolution movies.

How to connect internet to LG TV via phone

On LG devices, the principle of connecting Wi-Fi via a mobile phone to a TV remains the same. Only the name of the selected buttons changes. To connect your TV to the Internet via your phone, follow these steps:

  • go to the main menu;
  • go to the settings;
  • go to the Network item;
  • select the Shared modem and networks option, Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • create a new access point;
  • if necessary, change the password through the Security option;
  • save settings.

The Wi-Fi connection from the smartphone to the TV device occurs via Smart TV. Select the desired phone from the list of networks, and then click connect. If everything is done correctly, the connection takes a few seconds, no more.

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Access point settings

How to connect Wi-Fi from phone to Sony TV

To connect a wireless network, perform the following list of actions:

  • on the smartphone, open the Settings tab;
  • go to the Modem mode and Access point section;
  • connect the point of access;
  • to set up the network, go to the section Setting up a mobile access point, where they make the device invisible, select the power saving mode;
  • if necessary, change the password in the Access point settings window;
  • save changes, connect phone to TV.

On TV, a menu is opened, where the Network item is selected. In the window that appears, connect to the selected phone by entering the password.

Using Bluetooth for Internet on TV

Interestingly, distribution is feasible not only via Wi-Fi, but also via Bluetooth. It is much less qualitative, since the speed is slow. But if there is little battery left on the phone and it is impossible to charge it, this is the best solution. A small amount of energy will be consumed on the mobile phone, so the connection will be long.

To activate the network on the TV by connecting to the phone via Bluetooth, do the following:

  • open the phone by swiping down the additional menu;
  • click on the Bluetooth icon so that it is activated (will light up in blue);
  • you can activate Bluetooth by going to the phone settings;
  • the TV is also connected to the Bluetooth function;
  • find the desired phone via the Bluetooth network, connect to it.

The network will be slow, so you can’t watch big movies. But you can include small videos on YouTube channels.

Bluetooth setup

Thanks to modern technologies, you can connect your TV to the Internet in a matter of minutes, even if the house does not have a separate network. To do this, use a phone of any model and brand. But you need the cellular operator to allow wireless Wi-Fi distribution. Then the connection to the TV will go through without problems. If the internet speed is high, you can even watch movies via Smart TV.

Connect via USB

The USB connection can be used if the video you want to watch on the TV has already been downloaded and stored in the device’s memory.

The synchronization procedure is generally as follows:

  • We connect both devices to the USB cable.
  • We unlock the smartphone and, among the proposed connection methods, select the one that indicates operation in storage mode.
  • In the TV settings, select the USB port as a signal source.
  • We control the contents of the phone using the remote control and open the desired video through the conductor.

As you can see, the connection process is practically no different from working with a USB flash drive. In addition, the smartphone will automatically start charging, which will allow you to view an unlimited number of files.

We connect via Wi-Fi

To work over Wi-Fi, you need to connect both devices to the same network in advance, and then download any free application from the AppStore or Google Play through which the connection is made. For example, you can use the BubbleUPnP for DLNA tool.

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After installing the application, you need to go to it, select the desired TV and start the synchronization procedure. After a short setup, the image will start streaming to the TV. At the same time, it costs Honor that delays and quality losses are acceptable.

Some smartphones from certain manufacturers have built-in TV software. If your device has such tools, then the configuration can be done through them. you do not have to download additional software.

Important nuances

The second point to note is the quality of the video broadcast. Not every TV is capable of playing video at resolutions higher than Full HD, which is what Honor needs before syncing. The method of connection also imposes a limitation. for example, when connecting via HDMI 1.4, a video in 4K cannot be launched.

The last thing worth noting is the functionality of the interfaces. You can broadcast a picture from a mobile to a TV only via HDMI and Wi-Fi. working via USB allows you to run media files from the smartphone’s memory, but it is impossible to start the broadcast.

Connecting via HDMI

Connecting via an HDMI cable will allow you to quickly start broadcasting images from your phone display to your TV screen. In this case, you will have to control the picture from your smartphone.

Synchronization is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • We connect both devices to the wire.
  • Select “HDMI” as a signal source for TV.
  • We launch the video on a smartphone (for example, via YouTube). the image will be broadcast on TV.

Most likely, your phone lacks microHDMI and miniHDMI connectors. This situation is solved by purchasing a special adapter.

How to watch videos from your phone on TV

Synchronization of a smartphone and a TV reveals a huge number of new functions, among which we can highlight the ability to broadcast images from the display of one device to the screen of another. Depending on the type of connection, the user can either duplicate the picture from the phone to the TV, or open the video from the smartphone’s memory and view it only on TV. In this article, we will look at how to watch videos from your phone on your TV.

A Wi-Fi connection is the easiest way to sync your devices. If the TV does not have a wireless module, then you can use HDMI. To view files from the phone’s memory, a USB connection will be enough. it does not require any additional settings.