How to disable T9 on Android Xiaomi

Disabling T9 on Xiaomi

Xiaomi has MIUI OS, which is a custom version of Android (with significant changes in the system, both graphical and functional). The same phones use a proprietary keyboard from Xiaomi with a wider range of settings than a “pure” Android. Disabling T9 there is as follows:

  • go to “Parameters”;
  • select “Advanced”;
  • tap “Language and input”;
  • select the currently used keyboard (if only one is installed, it will be automatically selected);
  • select “Settings” (menu of 3 points);
  • in the “Text correction” tab, select “Disable” (there is not only a correction, but also the selection of the entered words by the first characters. it is also recommended to disable it).

There is a nuance: sometimes even with T9 disabled, automatic text correction continues to work. To fix this defect, just restart the device.

How to enable T9 on Android: on different devices

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The universal grammar correction feature is useful for all users. The famous “T9” appeared in the old models of push-button telephones, but has not lost its relevance even now. Modern smartphones also have this “assistant”, and how to turn on T9 in Android will tell the given information.

Disable autocorrection

If the information on how to configure autocorrection turned out to be meaningless, and you continue to be tormented by the question of how to disable T9, use the following scheme of actions:

  • Open “Language & input” in settings.
  • Go to the default keyboard setting.
  • Find “T9 Mode”. How to remove autocorrection, you will quickly understand. just slide the switch to the “Off” state.

The T9 text input mode is familiar to many since the days of simple push-button telephones. Remember those funny days when you spent days flying in ICQ from your mobile phone? It was in those days when mobile messengers began to slowly enter our lives that T9 became especially popular.

In this article, you will learn how this typing mode works, and we will also tell you how to disable and how to enable T9 on Android.

Compared to simple “letter by letter typing”, this method can significantly increase the speed of typing. This is achieved through the use of an algorithm that intelligently, referring to the built-in dictionary, is able to predict which word the user is currently typing.

The principle of operation is simple. we quickly type a word, and the system detects it right in the process of typing and displays it next to the keyboard.

It is noteworthy that errors are also made during input, since in most cases the system is able to correctly identify the word based on only 50-70% of the characters correctly entered by the user. Conveniently? Not that word!

Of course, the possibilities of intelligent word selection are limited by the m dictionary. As a rule, most modern Android keyboards are able to independently memorize new words entered by the user, which were not previously in the dictionary. Also, in some cases, you can download additional dictionaries created by developers or other users.

Initially, T9 mode is already enabled on most devices. However, in some cases, for example, if a “bare” Android is preinstalled on a new device, the dictionary for T9 may not be installed.

Problems and solutions

Approximate route of action:

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Select the menu “Language and input”.
  • Find the keyboard here
  • In the settings of the device, we are looking for “Smart Dial” or a function with a similar name.
  • Usually the smart input function is called “T9 Mode”.
  • Next, you need to switch the activation slider to the required position (disabled / enabled).

How to disable T9?

Most Meizu phones allow the T9 to be quickly turned on and off. To do this, you need to go to any of the applications where you need to enter text. For example, you can go to text messages. We hold our finger on the input field for a few seconds, and the “Input Method” window will immediately pop up. One of the proposed options would be T9. By tapping on it, you can both turn on and deactivate the system.

T9 is a technology designed to make it easier to type on mobile phones. The name of this technology is an abbreviation for the English phrase “Text on 9 keys”. T9 was developed by Tegic Communications back in the late 90s and is still used in mobile phones. Now T9 is also found in Android smartphones. And in this article we will tell you how to enable T9 on Android.

In order to enable T9 on Android, this technology must be supported by the keyboard used in the smartphone. For example, the standard Samsung keyboard supports T9, while the regular Google keyboard does not. In order to find out if your keyboard supports T9 or not, you need to go to the Android settings and open the “Language and input” section.

In this section, a list of keyboards that are installed on your Android smartphone will be available. Here you need to find the keyboard you are using and go to its settings.

Please note that Google Voice Typing is not a keyboard. It is a technology for typing using dictation

The keyboard name may be Samsung Keyboard, Google Keyboard, LG Keyboard, or the like. If your Android device has several different keyboards, then you need to enable T9 in the one that is currently active. If the active keyboard does not support T9, then first you need to install another keyboard, where such support is available.

After you have entered the settings of the active keyboard, you need to find the function responsible for turning on the T9 and activate it.

If there is no mention of T9 in the keyboard settings, then this keyboard does not support this technology. In this case, only installing another keyboard from the Play Market can help.

Usually in Android keyboards besides T9 there are other additional functions to make typing easier. These functions are also disabled and enabled exclusively in the keyboard settings. To find these functions, go to the active keyboard settings and look for the settings subsection called “Advanced”.

Here you can disable or enable additional features to make typing easier.

The universal grammar correction feature is useful for all users. The famous “T9” appeared in the old models of push-button telephones, but has not lost its relevance even now. Modern smartphones also have this “assistant”, and how to turn on T9 in Android will tell you the information provided.

The first mobile device with an autocorrect function was released back in 1999. Since then, the program has undergone a long evolution and has become a full-fledged assistant for fast typing of messages. By the way, the name comes from the abbreviation “Text on 9 keys”, which means “typing on 9 keys”. The modern program is much more adapted to new opportunities and is called Smart type (“speed dial”), but even manufacturers can position this function as the same T9. Unlike its predecessor, Smart type can replace whole words, which is convenient at the same time, but can also create some awkward and comic situations.

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How to remove T9 on Android: step by step instructions

There are a number of ways you can turn off auto-corrections for text messages. A simple and affordable function is included in the standard settings of the phone, so you do not need special settings and downloaded programs to deactivate it.

How to TURN OFF Automatic Text Correction on Xiaomi Phones

Why do I need T9

The main purpose of T9 on Xiaomi smartphones is to predict words when typing text notifications or search queries in the browser bar.

Already from the first letter you will get several options for ready-made words, which significantly speeds up typing.

Since the keyboards on Android differ from each other on different smartphones, including the Xiaomi Redmi, the menu items of the T9 function are organized in different ways.

As an example, consider the Gbord keyboard as one of the most common. It can be purchased on Google Play.

The keyboard has a distinctive feature. you can enter text in the traditional way, and using gestures. Also in the settings you will find voice input, filtering of obscene words, contact names.

All these additions significantly speed up typing.

Many smartphone owners consider this feature alien and want to turn it off right away.

Since on most keyboards the function is enabled automatically, you need to find in the settings menu how to disable T9 on Android Xiaomi.

How to disable T9 on Xiaomi

In most cases, T9 is a handy feature on your smartphone. When typing, she predicts the word to be typed. Since sometimes it is not possible to find the right words, there is a desire to remove this function. Let’s try to figure out whether and how to disable T9 on Xiaomi.

How to enable autocorrect

Increasingly, the T9 function on smartphones is called autocorrect or autocorrection. Initially, this add-on was invented to save time when entering text notifications by correcting typos.

Since this function is disabled, many users of smartphones Mi6, Mi8 and other models deactivate it.

After a while, to send SMS and email notifications by mail, there is a desire to turn on the autocorrect mode.

This can be done by enabling the automatic error correction mode via the virtual keyboard. All Xiaomi smartphones have this function. Each user can customize its work individually.

To do this, go to the settings of the virtual keyboard. Then we select the line “Text correction”. Go to the points and activate them one by one.

  • the prompt line is turned on;
  • blocking of obscene words is activated;
  • automatic replacement of mistakenly entered words is turned on;
  • capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and a period at the end are automatically set

Here you can turn on or off a hint when entering messages in the form of emoticons.

How to disable T9 on Xiaomi

If you are using Gbord keyboard, but do not want to use autocorrection, you need to perform some operations in the smartphone settings.

In this case, the user’s dictionary is still empty and it is difficult for the system to select the words you use most often. After a few weeks of use, AutoCorrect will help and the desire to turn it off will automatically disappear.

If, nevertheless, you decide to turn off T9, you need to go to the settings of the installed keyboard and perform several operations.

Since Xiaomi has a variety of keyboards, consider disabling the T9 using the example of devices such as Mi5sPlus and Mi Mix.

Disconnection takes place in the following sequence:

  • We go to the settings menu and look for the “Advanced” item. Then in the menu that opens, select the line “Language and input”.
  • On the panel that appears, select the type of installed keyboard. For example, Gboard or SwiftKey. A menu with keyboard settings will open. We are looking for “Text correction”.
  • You will see a list of available functions with switches, such as “Prompt”, “Suggest options” other. Here you can deactivate items one by one by moving the switch to the “Off” position.

In this way, the T9 function is disabled for the specified smartphone models with the Gboard keyboard type.

Interesting recommendations

The work of the autocorrect function in Xiaomi smartphones is based on the use of a dictionary. That is, the system compares the first letter of the word you typed with the combinations available in the dictionary.

During auto-correction, the program independently replaces the misspelled word with the one matched from the dictionary.

User text notifications may contain specific words that cannot be auto-replaced. In this case, you can add them to the dictionary yourself via the notification line.

The nuances of working with the keyboard

If there is no desire to completely disable the programmable input, then you can customize it to suit your desires.

Spell checker

To enable spell checking without autocorrection, in the Language and Input menu, go to the Spell Checking tab and activate the corresponding function in it by moving the slider to the right side.

It should be noted that if the option does not work after the procedure, then it will be pointless to search in the settings where it is activated additionally. The fact is that Google has recently removed the option to underline incorrectly entered words. In connection with what this happened, it is not yet clear. Perhaps this is just some kind of technical glitch. It remains only to leave the function enabled and wait for it to work again.

Attention! It is useless to update the application. It has been verified that this will not affect the functionality of the function in any way, but the frames that frame each letter can change the style. This will take some getting used to or uninstalling keyboard updates. However, in the latter case, you will have to adjust the keyboard size, T9 positions, themes and other data again.

How to disable T9 on Xiaomi

These functions are not always needed. They often only get in the way. To turn off the option, you need to go to the device settings. Here you can disable T9 on Xiaomi using standard methods.

Go to “Settings”. “Advanced settings”.

Select the virtual keyboard application you are printing from. By default, this is Gboard and go to “Text correction”.

Move the sliders to the left in those paragraphs that might interfere with comfortable typing. These include suggestions with corrections, word suggestions, and displaying names from the address book when typed.

On this, the problem can be considered solved, now the text input will be comfortable, without annoying factors in the form of prompts.

Why do I need T9

By default, Xiaomi uses an application from Google called Gboard. It provides options for correcting text, prompts, automatic setting of punctuation marks, etc. All this is called T9 functions. However, they are not always needed.

This program is a virtual keyboard for smartphones running Android. In all smartphones on this operating system, it is installed by default. The keyboard has flexible settings and many possibilities. In it, you can change the background, the size of letters, enter text with a swipe (gesture control), and also type sentences using T9. To dial with a swipe, you will need to sequentially lead from one letter to another without lifting your finger from the display.

How to disable on Xiaomi T9 and other nuances of the keyboard

Xiaomi smartphones are among the most powerful devices on the market. But with all their advantages, they may have some problems. Many of them relate to the standard MIUI shell, where the arrangement of interface elements is not entirely familiar to users. And sometimes it is very difficult to turn off T9 on Xiaomi, as you need to look for the desired item in an unusual place.

Swipe input in English

Many owners have noticed something strange. You can swipe in Russian, but not in English. Of course, not everyone needs such a function, but quite often users ask this question.

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The solution to the problem is pretty simple. The reason for the lack of a swipe in English is that the Gboard keyboard is originally set not in English, but in Latin. The letters are the same. but the dictionaries are different. Rather, they are not in the Latin alphabet.

In order for the input to be carried out without lifting your finger from the display, you need to go to Settings. Advanced settings. Language and input. Gboard. Languages. Going sequentially to the last section, uncheck the box “System languages” and then select English.

There is a peculiarity here. English is spoken both in the USA and England, as well as in Australia, Canada and other countries. But, based on the specifics of some words, which may differ in both pronunciation and spelling, it was decided to develop separate dictionaries.

In this case, select English (US). Further, so that the system does not get confused, find the Latin alphabet in this list and uncheck it. After that, the swipe in English will be activated.

How to disable T9 on Android?

At one time, we could not imagine working on a phone without T9. Writing text without this technology turned into a real torment. T9 in those days was absent only on super-budget devices. Now the situation has changed. The real T9 finds its place on smart gadgets less and less. The large screen allows a full QWERTY keyboard to be used instead. How to enable it. will be described in today’s material. We will also mention how to remove auto-correction.

Disable T9

Some modern smartphones still suggest using T9 for text input. In this case, the keyboard takes the form that is familiar to us from push-button mobile phones. But often, such a virtual keyboard does not have a rich vocabulary, which is why it picks up words incorrectly. As a result, the user gets upset and starts thinking about how to disable T9 on Android. And this is done very simply.

Attention: on some proprietary shells, the process of disabling T9 may differ. Our example is for TouchWiz. that is, for Samsung smartphones.

Go to “Settings”.

Go to the Language & Input section. It contains all the settings related to virtual keyboards and even voice input.

In the “Keyboard and Input Settings” tab, you must select the virtual keyboard that you are using. Which one you are using. you can find out by looking above, at the item “Keyboard by default”.

You are in the settings of the selected keyboard. Here look for the item “T9 mode”. Deactivate the switch next to it.

Please note: many virtual keyboards do not have T9 support. For example, Google Keyboard offers a QWERTY layout by default, so after installing this utility, you will not need to visit the settings. Yes, and on modern Samsung smartphones, the need to turn off T9 is extremely rare.

Disable Auto Correction

Sometimes by the words “disable T9 on Android” the user does not mean the notorious technology, originally from the 90s, but autocorrect. The Android operating system in general and virtual keyboards in particular can automatically capitalize letters, dot and correct words. Sometimes the user doesn’t need all of this. You can easily turn off auto-correction.

Please note: this time we will show the steps on the example of “bare” Android. this is how you see the operating system on devices of the Nexus family.

Go to device settings.

Go to the section “Language and input”.

Now pay attention to the subsection “Keyboard and Input Methods”. Here select the virtual keyboard that you use to write text.

On the page that appears, click on the item “Text correction”.

Now you can turn off the auto-correction items you don’t need. So you can make the smartphone not capitalize the first letters in sentences. You can also turn off automatic word correction.

You can also disable auto-correction on your T9 phone in another way. To do this, just launch any application and bring up the keyboard. After that, click on the gear icon and in the window that opens, select “Text correction”.

This is where you can customize various typing options. For example, turn off “Autocorrection” and “Hints”. Depending on the version of the application and other features of the device, the names of some items may differ.

This is how you can easily remove T9 mode from the keyboard designed by Google. In other similar applications, a similar method is used to disable auto-correction. And some virtual keyboards do not support this function at all.

What is T9 mode on Android

It is a typing system that automatically tries to predict the word the user is trying to write. This function is most effective when typing SMS messages, as well as when working on Internet resources.

Activation of the mode of automatic typing of words in the phone settings on the Android operating system

Note! You can delete T9 on Android both in the phone settings and by using additional software downloaded from Google Play.

Turning off T9 on Asus

This procedure is similar to the previous one. In general, the process of disabling the auto-typing function on phones from Asus is as follows:

  • Launch device settings and open the “Language and input” section.
  • Click on the line AOSP. This is the ASUS System Keyboard.
  • Click on the gear icon located at the top of the touchscreen.
  • Next, you need to tap on the section “Substitution options”. On some models of smartphones, this item may be called “Auto-typing” or “Automatic word correction”.
  • A window will appear in front of the user, in which there are three lines: “Always”, “Offer”, “Activation at discretion”, “Never offer”. In this case, you will need to select the last option and click on “Ok”.

Remove T9 on Huawei

This procedure can be carried out by performing simple actions:

  • In the same way, open the phone settings menu and click on the line “Language and input”.
  • In the window that appears on the display, click on “SwiftKey Keyboard”. This is the standard keyboard, which is usually installed by default on all mobile phones from the Huawei developer.
  • Tap on the “Aa” symbol, which will be on the display after starting the menu.
  • At this stage, the user needs to click on the symbol responsible for entering and filling in words. As a rule, it is called that.
  • A menu with adjustments for this mode will open. Here you need to select the line “Autocorrection” and deactivate the function by moving the slider to the right.

T9 deactivation procedure on Huawei smartphones

Note! Modes similar to T9 can be left on on Huawei phones.

Disabling T9 on Xiaomi

You can complete the task using the following algorithm:

  • Open the gadget options menu by clicking on the gear icon on its desktop.
  • Click on the “Language and input” section, thereby going to it.
  • In the options window, you need to find the “Current operating system keyboard” tab. After going to this item, you need to make sure that the virtual keyboard Gboard is used on the smartphone.
  • Return to the previous menu and click on Gboard, going to the mode settings.
  • After completing the previous action, a window will open with adjustments that you can change at your own discretion. Here the user should be interested in the line with the title “Text correction”.
  • In this section, there is no such name as T9. To disable the mode, you will need to move the sliders near the items “Suggestion of options”, “Show words”, “Hints of names” in the inactive position.

After completing the above procedures, the T9 mode on Xiaomi will turn off. You can verify this by typing in any application.

The appearance of the Gbroad keyboard on smartphones that operate on the Android operating system

How to disable T9 on different Android devices

The principle of disabling this mode will differ depending on the phone model. Next, we will consider the procedure for turning off T9 on the most popular brands of smartphones.

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The process of deactivating the T9 mode on phones from Xiaomi

Why and when to disable T9 mode on Android

There are several reasons why you have to disable this feature:

  • incorrect prediction of words. On earlier versions of Android OS, this mode is ineffective. In this case, the user constantly has to correct the added words, since T9 predicts them incorrectly;
  • there is no need for such an addition. Some people do not need T9 because they are afraid to make mistakes when writing texts or messages. It is easier to write a word in full than to entrust it to the automatic dialing mode;
  • the smartphone has weak technical characteristics. For such devices, the T9 mode is disabled by default, since it consumes certain system resources. As practice shows, if you activate this function on phones with a small amount of RAM, then in the process of writing messages there will be crashes and freezes.

Adjustments to the “Language and input” item in the smartphone settings on OS Android

How to disable T9 on Android. step by step instructions

On many Android devices, you can enable T9 mode, which allows you to predict the words and expressions that the user is typing on the keyboard. However, under some circumstances, this function is useless, so the smartphone user needs to turn it off. How to remove T9 on Android will be discussed in this article.

How to remove T9 on Android: basic ways

How to disable T9 on Android is a question that worries many gadget owners. T9 mode is a typing technology built into almost all modern smartphones. Convenient and useful function of auto-correction of the text is based on guessing words by the principle of selection, taking into account the buttons used. Thanks to the individualization of prompts, the system remembers only frequently used words without professional terms or jargon dialect, and gives them as a version.

The advantage of this option is the speed of typing text, but this can cause personal inconvenience, for example, if during correspondence in Internet browsers, social networks or instant messengers, another word with an awkward meaning is automatically inserted and an incomprehensible set of words is obtained. Despite its obvious convenience, T9 technology often lets the sender of a letter down, which is why you have to dial it again or apologize for the sent SMS.

By default, this system is enabled in mobile phones, and many users are wondering how to turn off T9 on Android in order to write words without fear of automatic correction. Disabling the function will shorten the time of writing the necessary words and guarantee the sending of a competent message.

On Samsung

Samsung devices also actively use the special capabilities of the Android operating system for high-speed typing. The algorithm for disabling T9 on Samsung is similar to the operation on Huawei, only some models have different section designations.

  • go to “Settings”;
  • go to the submenu with voice input and keyboard;
  • deactivate the T9 dictionary.

On modern Samsung mobile devices, the T9 mode is disabled with a difference in the name of the function, for example, “Corrections Option”. To turn off the option, select “Never offer”.

Almost all modern mobile devices have a special technology installed by the manufacturer. She memorizes the words or phrases most often used by the smartphone owner so that they are displayed first on the screen when typing. After active use of the new gadget, the system will remember the basic words, if suddenly the user finds it difficult to master the T9 dictionary.

On Xiaomi

Many Xiaomi gadgets have a Qwerty keyboard to make it easier for the owner of a mobile device to enter letters, as well as to automatically check grammar rules. In the settings, the T9 dictionary is not displayed by default, since there is no need for it. If autocorrection still works, you can use the following algorithm.

How to turn off T9 on Android on Xiaomi:

  • select the “Advanced” line in the settings;
  • in the column “Language and input” click on the active keyboard;
  • click “Fix”.

Here you can enable or disable various options, as well as set convenient combinations of a set of “hot” keys. After starting the settings, in Xiaomi devices with MIUI shell, T9 is disabled in the following sections: “Language and input”, “Default keyboard”, “Advanced settings”, “Correcting words”, as well as disabling the “Suggest words” option.

How to remove T9 on Android: step by step instructions

You can deactivate text autocorrect using various methods. An uncomplicated option is located in the usual settings; to disable it, you do not need to download special programs. If you are tired of correcting mistakes after the T9 function, then you can delete it.

  • Enter “Settings” and then select the line “Language and input” with a list of available mobile keyboards.
  • To turn off the T9 function, tap the gear icon next to the selected keyboard. If the device has several keyboards, such as “Keyboard Asus” or other firms, and “Keyboard by default” is set, then you must turn off the currently active option or deactivate it.
  • The T9 option in the keyboard settings should be turned off by dragging the slider to the side of failure, or otherwise abandon auto-correction.

The active program in the “Language and input” column can be found by default. This option can be indicated by the “Input Parameters” key, and may also have the name “Smart Input”.

On Android 7 version

Based on the above algorithms, the user can figure out for himself how to turn off T9 on Android 7 version. For users of version 7, it is much easier to disable autocorrect on Android, since the standard program has already been replaced with a more advanced one. In addition to replacing and fixing, Android has the ability to adapt the T9 dictionary.

In some Android 7 devices, the T9 option may have different names, for example, “fix options”, “autocorrect”. The disconnection principle is similar to the algorithm on Xiaomi. The T9 function is deactivated by moving the slider to the side.

Go to the section “Text correction”, then to the subsection “Autocorrection” and click the “Disable” button or uncheck the boxes.

On Huawei

In Huawei devices, the T9 option is called the ability to automatically predict the text, and can be denoted by various terms. You can search for a dictionary in the Predictive Input submenu, or you can find it using the menu prompts.

Many people are interested in how to remove T9 on Android Huawei. On this Android, the instruction for disabling the function implies entering the following items: “Settings”, then go to “Language and input” = “Keyboard” = “Autocorrection” by moving the slider to the left.


If it was not possible to remove T9, then a special application is probably used as a keyboard. You can then use the shutdown method via the SwiftKey keyboard, adhering to the following algorithm:

  • launch the SwiftKey keyboard;
  • in the “Settings” you will need to click on the “” at the top left;
  • select the “gear” icon in the menu;
  • remove tick marks from the “Autocorrection” section.

This is the easiest way for those who want to know how to turn off T9 on Android 7. The same principle applies to other keyboards with the difference in the designation of the word replacement technology and the location of the menu keys. In addition, manufacturers produce alternative keyboards with TouchPal X Keyboard emoticons. To disable the function, go to the “Smart Input” category, disable Prediction and Context Prediction.

Additional features include disabling substitution options and word suggestions, after which the owner of the smartphone will no longer be offered auto-correction, and the words will not be corrected without notifying the user.