How to disable password on Samsung phone

Why Samsung doesn’t remove the key from the entrance screen?

In the normal mode of Samsung operation, disabling the digital or graphic code is done as follows:

  • In the phone settings, find the “My device” section and enter it.
  • Open the “Lock Screen” tab.
  • All available protection methods (face control, PIN, sketch, etc.) will appear in the menu that appears. How to disable the screen lock how to remove the lock. For removing

lock screen

There are several reasons that may prevent you from canceling

Decrypt Samsung Smartphone or Memory Card

Encryption is necessary to protect information stored on a memory card or device from hacking. Let’s talk about how to disable screen lock on Samsung and remove the key in this case.?

You will have to remove the encryption of the memory card or device. depending on what was encrypted by you earlier.

  • Go to the settings and find the line “Security”;
  • Click on the “Lock Screen and Security” or “Security” button;
  • Look for the “Other Options” section;
  • If the device has been encrypted, the “Decrypt” icon will appear;
  • If the memory card is encrypted, you will see the item “Memory card encryption enabled”;
  • To decrypt a device or memory card, you must select the appropriate item on the screen and click on it;
  • Try again to unlock the screen in the usual way.

If the required line is in an inactive state, it means that no certificates were found on the smartphone. In this case, other actions must be taken to unlock the display.

lock screen

and how to remove a password from a Samsung phone in similar cases.

Disable VPN

Remove VPN. Secure Internet Connection:

  • Open the smartphone menu;
  • Go to settings;
  • Find the “Connections” section (if this section is not there, ignore this step);
  • Find the line “Other settings / networks”;
  • Click on the “VPN” item. a list of services added to the device will appear;
  • Sequentially try to remove all the items in the list and try again.

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How to remove screen lock password on Android phone in settings?

Not so long ago, our site talked about how to set a password to unlock the screen of a smartphone or tablet based on the Android operating system. If for any reason you need to remove the password, you can do this through the settings. We will show the procedure from start to finish.

Please note that this instruction is relevant only for those cases when the user knows the password and can unlock the desktop. We will talk about cases when the user has forgotten the password another time. An example is shown based on a Huawei smartphone, but in general, the instructions are universal, therefore it is suitable for other smartphones based on Android.

How to turn Passcode on/off Samsung Galaxy S7

If you press the power button of your smartphone, you will see this:

Next, make a swipe across the display and you will be prompted to enter your desktop password. Indicate it.

Find the section “Screen lock and passwords”.

Enter the password to unlock the device again. Next, a page like this will open:

Choose “No” or, as in some cases, “Swipe across screen”. After that, the password will be removed.

Please note that if a fingerprint scanner is also used to unlock the screen, it will also be removed.

What if a pattern is used?

There is no difference, it turns off in the same way.

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How to Hard Reset Samsung Password?

To remove Samsung password, first turn off your phone. Just press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Before performing Factory Reset, remember that you will lose all data on your Samsung phone as a result. You see, Factory Reset is basically a software restore, and will return your gadget back to its original system state, deleting all the files saved on it.

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Some good news: Factory Reset will not erase data stored on your SIM or Micro SD card. This method does not actually recover your password, but it deletes all user data, including any set passwords or security patterns, on the device’s memory so that you can access your Samsung password again.

The volume buttons are on the left side of the phone, the power button is on the right, and the Home button is in the very center of the bottom of the screen.

1) Turn off your phone. The normal way to press the power button will not work. Instead, hold and press these buttons at the same time: Volume up or down Power Home.

2) Pressing the Volume Up or Volume Down button depends on the Samsung tab you are using. Try trial and error with both buttons.

3) Select to perform a factory reset. In the previous step, a welcome screen will appear where you can select the “Wipe data / factory reset” option using the volume keys. Confirm your choice using the power button.

4) Option can also be presented as “Yes, delete all user data”. Just use the volume keys to select an option and the power button to confirm.

Give the system a minute or two to complete the process.

Select “Reboot System Now.” It will appear on your screen. Confirm the system reboot with the power button. Wait a couple of minutes for the process to complete, after which you can use your Samsung password again. If none of the above methods helped you, see: How to reset Samsung to factory settings?

How to remove password from Samsung phone

How to turn off the lock on a Samsung smartphone? A seemingly simple task sometimes becomes impossible. There are several effective ways that, regardless of the reason, can successfully solve the problem.

Customization option

  • On the main page, open the “Network” section and go to “Wi-Fi”.
  • In the right window, open the “Security Settings” tab.
  • Install WPA2-PSK in Authentication Settings.
  • Enter a new password in the PSK encryption key field.
  • Click the “Change” button and reboot.

Questions and answers

And now. answers to popular questions related to password change.

The answer is yes, it just needs to be restored. To do this, use the password recovery form located at

Answer: of course, because changing the password does not require confirmation in the form of a code, which comes in an SMS message.

The answer is no. In any case, you will have to go to your page, this can be done both from a PC, and from a phone or tablet.

Hello dear readers of my blog. In this article, I want to tell you how to change the password in a contact, under different circumstances. The password change itself is a useful procedure, which I recommend to be carried out every six months, as well as in cases where you have suspicions of hacking your page, or a stranger found out your password.

How to change the password in a contact in the standard wayChange the password if the old one is forgottenChange the password if there is no access to the phone number or other data are forgotten

Go to your page on the social network and in the left side menu select the item My settings.

A page will open in front of you, where in the General tab there will be a block with the name Change password, in which you need to in the line:

Then click the Change password button.

If everything is done correctly, then you will see a notification message that the password has been successfully changed.

You can log out of your account and log in with the already changed password.

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How to change the password in a contact if you forgot your password?

Very often there are situations when the user wants to change the password, but does not remember the old one. In this case, you need to go to the main page of the website, and if you are authorized in your account, then log out.

As a result, you should have a window like this, with blank fields for entering a username and password.

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Important! Regardless of what data you specified for recovery, you need the phone number that was previously registered in your account. He will receive a special SMS with a code

If the phone number is lost, you can immediately go to the last method of changing the password.

For example, I will indicate an email address (you can enter your username or phone number) and click the Next button.

I will enter the security code and click the Submit button.

Another window will appear in which you need to confirm that this is your page by clicking Yes, this is the desired page.

After that, in the next window, we indicate the code that will come to you in an SMS message to your phone number, and click the Change password button.

Enter the new password 2 times and press the Change password button again.

A notification window will appear stating that the password has been successfully changed.

You can log into your account with a new password.

How to change the password in a contact if there is no access to a mobile phone?

In the window that appears, specify your page ID, and click the Next button.

And finally, in the last window, we fill in the provided form as fully and accurately as possible (if you don’t remember any data, it’s better to leave the fields blank) and click the Send request button.

Based on the result of consideration of the application, the administration will make a decision to restore your page. Therefore, be careful about filling it out.

And finally. Try to remember (perhaps write down on paper) your password so that you do not have any difficulties in recovering it in the future.

On this I have all friends. Hope my ways to change your password will help you.



I have come across two types of menus from this manufacturer: standard and extended. in more expensive models.

Another way

If you have forgotten your password, you can do “HardReset”. For most Samsung models, you need to turn off your smartphone, hold down the power button and the Home button at the same time. After the company logo appears, you need to find the item “Wipe Data Factory Reset”, then “Delete All User”. Moving through the points is carried out with the volume buttons. Confirmation is done with the Power button.

Then you need to select “Wipe Cache Partition” and confirm. After all the actions, select the item “Reboot”. The smartphone will restart.

This option has a minus. all user data is deleted, as well as contacts that were in the phone’s memory.

For other models without the Home button, a similar menu is entered by simultaneously pressing the power and “” or “-” buttons. After the logo appears, the buttons must be released. This option is not suitable for iPhone.

There are two standard situations in which a pin code becomes necessary. the desire to block the TV and situations when it is already blocked, but the user has forgotten the password he entered. There are also times when a person changes the factory code, setting his own, and forgets about it.

If the device is locked, you can find out about it by seeing, instead of TV programs, a blue screen with a key or a field for entering a password displayed on it. Also, if you want to enable, for example, child lock, you cannot do without knowing the pin code. Regardless of the circumstances, in this case there is no unsolvable problem.

To unlock your Samsung Smart TV, you need a remote control (RC). Without him, the issue will not be resolved. The user needs to know a special combination of numbers. Sometimes, in extreme cases, you will have to go back to the factory settings, reset the channel settings and tune them again. In the most difficult cases, the wizard flashes the software on the Samsung TV again.

In most situations, the owners can cope on their own, without the help of specialists. This is especially not difficult if the instruction from the TV has been preserved.

With Recovery

It is easy to reset the PIN code on Android using the Recovery mode, the name in translation means “recovery”. In our case, the point is to restore the system before setting the PIN. The fact is that when the lock is turned on, system files appear in the OS, the deletion of which will unlock the gadget. This operation will require:

  • Unlock Bootloader. By the way, some do it right away, without waiting until the question appears, how to remove the PIN code from an Android phone.
  • Install custom Recovery.
  • Download file to a memory card.
  • In the Recovery menu, install the archive-update
  • Reboot device.
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This, of course, is not a complete reset, but it allows you to solve the problem one hundred percent if USB debugging is pre-enabled on the device.

Using Android Device Manager

In addition, Google has an Android remote control service that also allows you to reset your PIN by setting a password. This requires:

  • Log in to the site (another device is used).
  • Select the locked one and click on the lock button located next to it. Instead of a PIN, the system will offer to create a password.
  • After confirmation in 5-10 minutes, the device will receive a password that can be removed immediately.

If the gadget was purchased with a preinstalled SIM card, you can call the Support of the cellular operator and ask if the unlocking service is provided. As a little hint, there are also sites where IMEI unlocking is possible.

The easiest way to unlock

The system will prompt you to unlock Android if you forget your PIN. Five times in a row, an incorrectly entered code will prompt a message on the screen asking you to sign in with your Google account. The method is recommended by the OS developer, is simple to implement and very effective, but you need to remember the login identifiers. the password and login that were used on the locked device.

  • After entering five incorrect combinations, the device will remind you that the number of attempts has been exceeded, and a link will appear on the screen with the inscription: “Forgot the key?”.
  • After clicking on the link, the user will be taken to a page where you need to specify the password and login of the Google account. Usually one account is used, so it is easy to restore it on another device.
  • After logging in, the device is unlocked.

How to remove password or lock screen on Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile, AT&T Verizon or Sprint

It is important to consider that the device must be connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or mobile). After that, in the settings, you can easily change the forgotten PIN-code.

Disable administrator rights

A number of applications require administrator rights for stable operation, but providing them with this functionality sometimes leads to errors when trying to remove the smartphone screen block. It is easy to fix the problem by following the instructions:

  • Go to Samsung settings and look for “Lock Screen”.
  • Here we stop at “Other parameters”, then tap on “Device Administrators”.
  • The list contains all the “privileged” programs. Next to each, move the sliders to disable administrator rights for them.

In standard cases, all sliders move, but if one of them is inactive, a virus is sitting on the Samsung device. Remove it using a mobile antivirus, and then perform the manipulation to disable administrator rights again. The culprit program, of course, will also need to be removed from the phone, thoroughly cleaning up its traces on the device.

How to enable Safe Mode on Samsung

Reset password from Android

  • Account.
  • Emergency call.
  • Complete reset.
  • Flashing.

Basically, the set of tools is the same as for PIN removal.

If you want to remove the pin code

To do this, open the “Settings” menu, go to the “Device” section. “Lock Screen” and switch “Screen Lock” to “Off”. To confirm, you will need to enter the existing PIN code again (and that, not a fact), after which it will be removed, and you can use the phone immediately after removing the screen lock.

Top Reasons to Remove Password from Samsung Phone

There may be several reasons to learn how to remove a password on an old Samsung:

  • you keep forgetting your pin;
  • you gave your smartphone to relatives who find it difficult to enter the key;
  • you were given a smartphone or you bought it from your hands;
  • the key was installed accidentally and is absolutely unnecessary;
  • the smartphone screen is damaged, due to which the touchscreen does not respond well to touch.

Another reason is the presence of an outdated smartphone that has already worked out a sufficient period of time, and the touchscreen reacts with malfunctions. Entering a password in such a situation becomes a real torment.