How to disable ivi on TV via phone

How to unsubscribe ivi on TV

It is very easy to disable automatic subscription to ivi in ​​TV.

    To do this, open the application and search for “My ivi”.

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Click “My ivi” in the app

  • Click “Manage ivi”.
  • Then click “Disable ivi”.
  • Confirm that you are deactivating the subscription by clicking “Deactivate”.
  • Click “Disable” to confirm

    When the disconnection is successful, you will see an information window on the screen. Read this block of information and click “Back”. If you do not have an account and have lost access to the TV, where the paid subscription was connected, contact Support on the service and you will definitely be helped.

    How to turn off ivi subscription on TV

    Ivi is one of the most popular online movie theaters. One of the attractive aspects of the service is that most of the content in it is available to all users for free, moreover, you do not need to register to watch the movie online. All projects are available at But some content is available to you only with a paid subscription. After its registration, all ivi content is available to you without restrictions. But few people know how to unsubscribe from this TV subscription. In this article you will find the answer to this question.

    Subscription to

    For all users who get to the service, it offers more than 60 thousand new licensed programs, films, cartoons, programs for adults and children. All of this content is free, but with ad impressions. For everyone, a separate ivi catalog is offered, in which you can view content without ads.

    There are two types of subscription for users.

    • In Ivy Plus, you are offered more than a thousand different TV series, films for 30 days, you can watch any content from this package. It is available for 400 rubles to everyone. All videos in this pack are marked with a blue pen icon.
    • The second paid package is called “IVI Blockbusters”. a collection of the best films from around the world, including domestic films. To watch one of these films, you need to pay from 100 rubles each. These films have a special distinctive blue star icon.

    Pros of the online cinema

    The service has significant advantages over its competitors, let’s consider them:

    • The site was created by a large group of people who did a great job on the design of the service. All categories are appropriately and conveniently arranged, there is a convenient and quick search for content. is a Russian service, this is also to some extent an advantage, there are no problems with translation.
    • Although there is advertising in a free use case, it does not interfere with viewing, navigation.
    • With a free account, you have access to a large database of licensed films, cartoons and TV series.
    • Convenient, intuitive interface.

    It is also worth mentioning the shortcomings, because they also exist:

    • When developing the player, the programmers were obviously cheating. Inconvenient video rewind, rewind step as much as 10 minutes. If you missed a couple of frames, you will have to re-watch about 9 minutes of the plot you have already seen.
    • You can watch all the most interesting films only when you subscribe.
    • Users of Android and iOS devices often complain that the ivi application often crashes. Apparently the company overpays programmers.

    Disable IVI subscription via mobile app

    When managing and using the IVI service via a mobile phone, you can unsubscribe using the application. To do this, we launch the application and go through the authorization. Open the tab with the account and select the item “Subscription”.

    Next to the current button with an active subscription, click “Disable”. In a new window, we confirm the cancellation of the subscription. The refund operation is similar to the previous paragraph of the article.

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    Canceling a subscription using your IVI account

    This method is probably the most optimal for IVI service clients. The required and ongoing steps to deactivate a subscription are carried out through the site exclusively in the user’s account.

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    • We pass authorization to the personal account of the IVI user.
    • Go to “Subscription Management”.
    • We see an active subscription, click “Manage” under it.

    The subscription will be disabled next month. How do I get my money back? If you unsubscribe in the middle of the month, you will not get a refund for this and previous months. Over the next months, you have the opportunity to return the balance of funds by contacting technical support. But it is not exactly.

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    How to disable IVI subscription on your phone

    So, IVI is a service, a mobile application is a video archive with the most popular movies and cartoons. It is possible to connect to Smart TVs. What does the IVI subscription give? Disables ads and allows you to watch and download videos marked SUBSCRIBE. However, what if there is no need to use the service and the money for the use has been paid? The solution is simple. unsubscribe. Let’s analyze popular methods.

    Deactivation of the service via MTS

    MTS mobile operator subscribers connect IVI services through MTS services. If the subscription to IVI was obtained in this way, most likely it will not work to disable the service using the previous options. To unsubscribe from the IVI service via MTS, you must enter a USSD request 1522 # press the call button. Next, select the option to deactivate the service. The phone will receive an SMS notification about the disconnection of the service.

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    You can deactivate the service by having the My MTS application (if you are an MTS subscriber). Select: Services = Paid = IVI move the slider to the inactive position. As soon as you make the cancellation, the withdrawal of funds will stop.

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    How to disable ivi subscription (Unsubscribe)

    We offer you 3 options for unsubscribing from the IVI service. Check out all of the proposed and choose the best option for you.

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    In this article, we examined three options for unsubscribing from the IVI service. Try not to purchase a service subscription for more than one month. Difficulties may arise with the return of funds after the completion of the unsubscribe. If you still have questions, ask them under the article in the comments. We will be happy to help you, it’s not difficult for us!

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    How to unsubscribe from Evie

    New generation televisions offer interesting content. On IVI, 80,000 unique films and series of various genres are available by subscription. The first time you don’t even have to pay. You just need to provide your payment details. And for 1, the user gets two whole weeks of free viewing. But how to cancel your subscription to Evie later. we’ll tell you about it now.

    How to unsubscribe from Eevee on your phone

    If the subscription was made on an Android phone, then most likely it can be turned off through the Google Play service. In some cases, this service is issued through a cellular operator. In this case, you need to call support. And ask for help with disabling the services of the online cinema IVI.

    Click on the menu button in the Play Market
    Click on the Subscription line;

    Select the Subscriptions section in the Play Store
    In the list, select Evie and in the settings window, click Unsubscribe.

    On the subscription page, click Unsubscribe

    Then you should confirm the cancellation. The undo section in the Google Play menu may be in a different location, depending on the Android version and firmware type. Where to look for cancellation. you know, so we hope there will be no problems with this. If you have any questions, you can ask them in this VK topic.

    Disable iPhone subscription

    IPhone users can turn off subscriptions in their Apple ID profile. You can also do this on your computer using iTunes. Consider an example of disabling a subscription to an IVI video service on a phone or tablet.

    Open Settings on your iOS phone or tablet

  • Choose your ID and find iTunesStore and AppStore;
  • Select the Subscriptions item;
  • Select Subscriptions in iPhone or iPad settings
    A list of applications where you have subscribed will appear on the screen. Select Evie;

    Select Evie subscription
    Click Unsubscribe and confirm this action.

    Click on the Unsubscribe button

    Remember that simply deleting an app from an iOS or Android phone or tablet does not cancel the subscription. You still need to open the section following these instructions and explicitly disable the subscription. Once canceled, the app will disappear in the list as soon as the subscription is completed.

    How to disable IVI subscription on TV

    If you carefully read the contract before signing up for Eevee’s services, then you know that after the end of the free period, money will be debited from the card (about 80). And this will happen automatically on the 15th day of using the online cinema. To prevent this from happening:

      On your TV, you need to open the section with applications and select IVI;

    Find and select IVI in the TV apps
    On the next window, you need to open your profile. This section is located in the upper right corner;

    Select your IVI profile on TV
    In the middle of the screen, you will see a main block called Subscription. Select it with the TV remote control;

    Select the Subscription section in the IVI app on the TV
    In the viewer’s personal account in the Evie application, you can find the Disable renewal button. You must press it and confirm the shutdown;

    Click on the Cancel IVI cinema renewal button

  • Select your reason to unsubscribe and complete the process.
  • How to get money back for Eevee’s subscription

    Even when you untie your bank card or try to get rid of the subscription in another way, you can see its expiration date in the IVI application’s personal account. It cannot be interrupted even by canceling the subscription. There is also no way to return money for the already paid period of services.

    If the money was debited one month in advance, then even after the cancellation, the subscription will be valid until the end of the period. But after that the money will stop being debited.

    How to cancel your IVI subscription and remove the card

    Now let’s figure out what to do if you connected the services of the Evie online cinema on your computer. And they used a bank card for this. Following the instructions below, you can delete a payment instrument. To exclude the possibility of activating IVI services in the future.

    • If you connected a subscription on the Evie website, then you must have data to enter the site. Select the icon on the right and click the Login button;
    • Open your profile and select the Payment Methods item;

    Select Payment Methods in LC IVI
    Select the card that you linked to your profile from the list;

    Select the linked card to IVI

  • Below we select the Subscription Management item;
  • Click on the Disable renewal item. We write the reason and confirm;
  • Select Disable IVI subscription renewal

  • After that, we get back to our profile and click the Payment Methods item again. Choosing your card;
  • In this window, instead of the Manage subscription button, there will be Delete card. click it and confirm the deletion.
  • Click on the Remove card button at the bottom

    You can check that the card has been removed from the list. Such an instruction is suitable for decoupling Sberbank, VTB, Tinkoff cards from Ivy.

    Evie technical support contacts

    Sometimes users need to solve their individual question about IVI video service. These contacts will help you find help through popular means:

    • IVI ;
    • IVI to ;
    • IVI in Odnoklassniki;
    • Phone: 8-800-234-49-23;
    • Email:;
    • Viber.

    On the website, you can watch some films for free and without a subscription. To do this, just go to the main page and find a movie with the Free status in the movie feed.

    Select a movie on IVI to watch for free

    This can also be done without registering on the site. If you find this article helpful, please share it on your social networks. Ask questions in the comments of canceling a subscription to the IVI cinema.

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    Online cinema feedback

    Despite the fact that it is quite easy to unsubscribe from the paid services of TV, some users face certain difficulties when disconnecting a subscription. In case of any problems or questions, you should contact the Support of the online service by phone 8-800-58-595-95 (calls are free from anywhere in the Russian Federation). You can write an email to support@more.TV or contact the managers in the official TV communities on Odnoklassniki,. Instagram or

    How to unsubscribe from a TV

    In order to unsubscribe from a paid subscription on a TV, you need to open a special program for devices that support Smart TV and follow these steps:

    • Log in to the application using your username and password.
    • Go to the “Subscriptions” section and click on the button “Disable auto-renewal of subscription”.

    After deactivation of the paid subscription at the beginning of next month, access to the multimedia content of TV will be limited, but the subscription fee will no longer be charged from the linked bank card. It will not be possible to return money for the unused period in the event of an early shutdown. Most of these online services adhere to this policy.

    How to turn off a subscription on your phone

    In order to deactivate a subscription to TV on a mobile phone running Android OS, you need to go to the Play Market and follow these steps:

    • Click on the “Menu” key, which looks like three parallel lines and is located in the upper left corner.
    • Find the “Subscriptions” section, select “Sea TV” in the list that opens and deactivate the paid subscription.

    On the iPhone, you will need to perform almost identical steps by visiting the App Store and deactivating the unnecessary subscription by clicking on your Apple ID. Apple device owners can deactivate any paid subscriptions using the following algorithm:

    • First you need to open the “Settings” application.
    • Then click on your name (or “View Apple ID”).
    • Click on “Subscriptions” and select “Unsubscribe”.

    If there is no option to cancel the subscription on the phone, this means that it has already been deactivated and will not be automatically renewed.

    How to unsubscribe from TV

    TV is an online cinema owned by the National Media Group and the CTC Media company. The service provides access to a huge archive of TV series, films and cartoons for a monthly fee of 299 rubles per month. The following guidelines will help you unsubscribe from TV, via portable devices running Android and IOS, as well as computers and TVs with Smart TV.

    Features of the Sea TV service

    Online service TV is an entertainment portal that provides access to a library of films of various genres, TV series, shows and sports events. You can use this service both through a browser and using a special application that is installed on smartphones, tablets and TVs equipped with Smart TVs. The TV portal has a simple interface: the main page contains a convenient division into categories (films, series, children’s content, online TV programs, etc.). All films are accompanied by a short description and helpful information such as release date, cast and audience ratings. Among the main advantages of the TV online service:

    • simple and convenient shell;
    • a huge archive of multimedia content;
    • the option to watch TV channels online;
    • live broadcasts of UFC fights and various sports events;
    • the ability to watch films and series before their official release on TV.

    The disadvantages include the lack of a function for adding your favorite media files to favorites and premieres of world cinema. Mobile application users can watch a limited number of TV channels, films, cartoons and series for free. At the same time, viewing of multimedia content will be accompanied by intrusive advertising. To gain access to the full library of TV after a free seven-day trial period, you will need to subscribe to a paid subscription per month. Citizens of other countries may face a number of restrictions on viewing content, so they should consult with the managers of the online service support service before subscribing.


    During the pandemic, I subscribed to TV, as the service provided free access to everyone for a period of one month. I forgot to unsubscribe from the online service, and at the end of the trial period, 299 rubles were withdrawn from the card. We managed to untie the card and delete the account on the more.TV website, since navigation through the portal is very simple and understandable even to people who are far from a computer like me.

    Yesterday I decided to unsubscribe from more.TV services, because I found several excellent online cinemas on the Internet with free access and a minimum amount of advertising. First, I went to the Play Market and canceled the subscription. Then I thought about it and decided to completely remove the mobile application “TV” from my device.

    I connected a free period of 7 days in the TV application. It’s good that on the last day I remembered about my subscription and prevented the leakage of money from the card by selecting the option “Disable auto-renewal”.

    Disable ivi subscription on phone

    The app allows you to manage settings from your tablet and phone. To correct them in order to change a paid package to another or be on a free viewing, you need to choose a method based on the operating system of the gadget. The user can easily cope with this task and start watching a TV series or movie for free.

    Some users try to turn off ivi subscription when they have financial difficulties. But in order for the site to provide access by subscription, it is not necessary to pay the full amount. Helps to reduce the cost of a promotional code. On the last day of the package, enable this option. Then a request for a discount amount will be sent to the account.

    Unsubscribe from Evie on TV

    It is very easy to unsubscribe from subscription packages of an app on TV. This can be done at any time of the day. The subscription will continue automatically. To refuse, you need to perform a few simple steps. We present detailed instructions on how to disable Eevee’s subscription on TV:

    • Turn on the TV.
    • Find a list of Smart TV apps.
    • Find Evie among them.
    • Go to the online cinema.
    • At the bottom of the screen in the menu, select “My Ivy”.
    • Once in the cabinet, go to “Management ivi”.
    • Subscription data will appear, at the bottom find the inscription “Unsubscribe”.
    • Activate the waiver by clicking on this inscription.
    • Then click on the “Disable” button.

    If you later want to watch films by subscription and return everything back, make a connection in the same tab.

    Disable viewing through your personal account

    Money does not always allow you to watch a large library of paid content. Since the quality of the movie does not suffer, but advertising is added, some people prefer to be patient and save money on free views. To suspend the validity of paid packages, you can use the control in your personal account on the website. To get into it, there are several ways: through the login button, by entering a phone number or email address, the social icon. networks VK,. Yandex. If the data is entered correctly, and the personal account has opened, cancel the ivi subscription in several steps.

    • Open the section “My ivi” on the main menu.
    • Select the line “Subscription Management”.
    • The next moment, options will appear on the screen so that the user can make changes to them or make a choice.
    • If you need to remove all of them, find the button “Disable ivi” below.
    • The system will prompt you to confirm your actions. Select the appropriate button.
    • Check if there is a record that the status of the service has been changed.
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    What is ivi

    The ivi application is an entertainment Internet portal that provides many different content for viewing: feature films and documentaries, series, TV shows, sports broadcasts, cartoons. All paintings and projects are legal, of high quality in sound and image.

    Ivy was created for a Russian-speaking audience, so Russian users do not need translation. The application interface is convenient and intuitive. Easily find the movie or category you want. Viewers can watch the video without even registering on the site. This ivi compares favorably with other cinemas.

    Among the partners of the portal there are many Russian and foreign copyright holders: authors, film studios. By signing a contract with NBC Universal, the film service began to show licensed content from all Hollywood majors.

    All settings are located in your personal account, for this registration is required. They are installed when filling out the user profile. You can change or disable them at any time.


    A device with an Android system allows you to connect, disconnect, change settings using the application download program. Let’s consider an algorithm on how to cancel an ivi subscription on a phone or tablet with a given operating system, in order to switch to another or not to issue it at all and watch videos in free mode.

    • Activate the GooglePlay app on the gadget.
    • Find the mark “folders with an arrow” and enter the settings.
    • In the settings go to the subsection “My applications”.
    • In the list that opens, click on the cinema line.
    • The period of use and the date of debiting for the next month will be indicated there. “Cancel” will appear next to it. Activate this button.
    • You will be asked to confirm your actions. If you are confident in your decision, cancel the paid content.
    • Then again go to “My Applications” and make sure that the option is disabled.

    Apple’s iOS device also allows you to delete a subscription for money with simple steps. If you decide to watch movies for free, but with advertising, we unsubscribe from ivi according to the instructions.

    • Click on the “Settings” button.
    • In the menu, find the section “iTunes store, App Store”.
    • Log in to your account on the line “Apple ID”.
    • From below choose “Subscriptions” in the catalog.
    • Activate the “Manage” button.
    • Find Evie among the opened applications, go.
    • Information will open with the price of the package for one month, the date of validity. The line “Auto-renewal” with a green field will appear below.
    • Move the Auto Resume slider to inactive mode. Then the subscription renewal in automatic mode will stop.

    Disable Ivy subscription to MTS

    The MTS operator gives its customers a free use of a paid package within 2 months after connecting the tariff plan. Then the MTS subscriber can continue to use the paid service within the tariffs set by the operator or turn it off.

    The user receives available video content in two ways: through the MTS set-top box and the phone. Cancellation of paid cinema services in the first option is identical to removal from the TV. Let’s see how to unsubscribe from ivi if the subscription has to be turned off via the phone. There are two ways.

    • Via SMS. This method is used when funds on Eevee come from the balance of a mobile phone. To cancel further withdrawals, dial 1522 #. An SMS will come to confirm the action.
    • Through the app. This method is used if there is a “My MTS” street on the phone. Open the application, log in, find the “Service Management” button. When you see the name “Ivy”, activate the “Disable” column.

    How to unsubscribe from paid Ivy

    All films, cartoons and shows are divided into paid and free content. In the first case, you can issue one of 2 subscriptions. Before moving on to information on how Evie’s subscription is disabled, let’s figure out what he is:

    • A subscription gives you access to Evie’s extensive filter library. Exceptions include some cult films and recent theatrical premieres.
    • per month. If you immediately take it for 3, 6 or 12 months, you can save
    • All content is provided to subscribers without ads and viewing restrictions
    • Sometimes subscribers get a discount on the purchase of content that is not included in the subscription
    • By default, the subscription is auto-renewed. If you decide to cancel it, you should do it before the end of the paid period, otherwise the funds will be debited automatically

    You can watch a TV series, a movie or a cartoon for free. The viewing is accompanied by commercials. This is how the organizers of the online cinema pay off the free content. But Honor shouldn’t show premieres and mega hits for free. You need to pay to see them.

    How do I cancel my Eevee subscription if I want to disconnect but I lost my account information or can’t access my TV? To stop auto-renewal and withdrawal of money from your account, write to the Support site.

    How to unsubscribe from ivi

    Eevee’s online entertainment service is known to almost everyone who has access to the Internet. In all smart TVs with Smart TV functions, it is already included in the menu from the beginning. The user only needs to register at the cinema, set up the application in his personal account, and activate a subscription if desired. Watching or not watching Evie’s content is voluntary. You can change the settings if you want. Let’s figure out how to turn off Eevee’s subscription on TV, phone, MTS operator and in other cases. This is true for subscribers who change their mind about using paid cinema services.