How to delete a WhatsApp group on iPhone

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How to recover in a WhatsApp group?

If you left the group, and now want to return to it, the group admin will have to re-invite you to the group chat. If you were the only group admin, a different group member was randomly selected after you assumed the admin role.

How to prevent WhatsApp from being added to groups?

After updating the program in the messenger, a new section “Groups” will appear in the menu “Settings. Accounts. Confidentiality”. It will be possible to choose exactly who will be able to add a user to groups. There are three options to choose from. “All”, “My contacts” and “Nobody”.

How to block someone on WhatsApp so they don’t recognize?

To block a contact in WhatsApp and no longer receive messages from him, enter the correspondence with this contact, then on the top right, click on the three dots to open the menu and click on “”. Then click on “Block”. Done. Now the contact flew to the ban and no more messages from him will come to you.

Is it possible to discreetly leave a group on WhatsApp?

  • Open the WhatsApp group chat and tap the group subject. You can also press and hold a group in the CHATS tab. Then click options.
  • Click Exit group EXIT.

How to delete a group in whats app?

  • Open the WhatsApp group, then tap on the group topic. You can also swipe left on the group in the Chats tab. Then click
  • Click Delete Group Delete Group.

How to block a WhatsApp group on iPhone?

  • Open the WhatsApp group chat and click on the group topic.
  • Click on the phone number of the admin you want to block.
  • If prompted, click Message Phone Number or Send Message.
  • You will see an empty chat with the admin.
  • Click Block Block.

How to delete all media in WhatsApp?

  • Open the Chats tab, tap options Settings Chats Chat history.
  • Click Clear All Chats.
  • Check or uncheck the box next to Delete favorite messages and Delete media in this chat.

How to delete archived chats in Whatsapp?

How to delete archived chats on Whatsapp

  • Launch messenger on your smartphone.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the three dots icon.
  • From the context menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  • The menu will automatically jump to change the basic parameters.

How to delete a message in WhatsApp from the interlocutor if deleted from himself?

Deleting a WhatsApp message from a sender

  • Press and hold the message with your finger until the context menu appears.
  • Select “Delete” or trash can icon.

How to remove a photo from a chat in Whatsapp?

To delete a message from a chat, hold the message, select Delete from the menu (or tap the trash can icon on your Android device), and then tap Delete for all. If you do this within 7 minutes after sending the message, it will be deleted on all smartphones.

How to Delete WhatsApp Conversations without Recovering on iPhone?

Open the Chats of the WhatsApp application, find the one you want to clear and navigate to it. Click on the menu button in the form of 3 vertical dots located in the right corner of the top panel. From the list of options, select and then Clear Chat. Confirm your actions in the request window by clicking “Clear”.

How to leave a WhatsApp group?

Leaving a shared WhatsApp conversation is easier than deleting a group: every user can do this. even those who haven’t yet learned how to take high-quality HDR photos.

You can remove yourself from the WhatsApp community as follows:

  • Going to it, call the context menu in the upper right corner and select “Group data”.
  • Go down the page that opens, find the “Leave the group” button and tap on it.
  • Select the “Exit” item in the new menu that opens. If the user wants to take a break from communication, it will be enough to click on the link “Silent mode”.
  • In a new window, the owner of the smartphone will see a message stating that he is no longer a member of the general chat.
  • If self-deletion was made by mistake, you can write to the community administrator and ask to add yourself again by tapping in the list of participants by his name and selecting “Write”.
  • If, on the contrary, the former group member does not want to be added again, you must click on the “Report the group” button at the very bottom of the same page.
  • In a new dialog box, the system will prompt the user not only to leave the group, as has already been done, but also to delete all messages left by him.
  • In this case, the community chat along with all multimedia files will be deleted automatically.

An administrator who wants to leave the Watsap group, but does not intend to terminate its existence, can transfer his powers to the selected member before leaving:

  • Go back to the “Group data” section, go down the page and select by pressing the interlocutor.
  • In the context menu, select the item “Assign group admin”.
  • Now, next to the username, the same bar will appear as the creator of the WhatsApp group.

Important: to remove administrator rights for a participant, you should again tap on his name and select the line “Cancel admin”.

How to leave a WhatsApp group and delete it?

Using Vatsap will not be difficult even for a beginner: the functionality of the messenger is great and covers most of the needs of a smartphone owner, and you can get access to any of the options in just two clicks. So, the application allows you to create interest groups and delete them, invite friends and acquaintances there, and exclude members. How to delete a group in WhatsApp and delete yourself. let’s try to figure it out.

How to delete a WhatsApp group?

Only the administrator can completely delete a group in WhatsApp. the user who created it or is endowed with the necessary rights by the creator. The rest of the participants can only leave the general chat and block it in order to avoid repeated additions. this is where their powers end.

Important: it is not possible to completely and irrevocably erase the correspondence. yours and the participants. Data can be archived on every mobile device connected to the Watsap group, so you shouldn’t rely on 100% confidentiality. however, for most thematic communities, it is not needed.

And creating and deleting a group in WhatsApp is no more difficult than registering in Viber or leaving Telegram: all the user needs is to have an authorized smartphone connected to the Internet at hand and follow the step-by-step instructions below.

To delete the general WhatsApp chat, a user with administrator rights needs:

  • Launch the application and select the group to be deleted by tapping on it.
  • Once in the chat window, click on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Select the topmost item “Group data” in the drop-down list (depending on the modification. “About the group”, “Information about the group” and so on “).
  • In a new window, the administrator can temporarily turn off the notifications coming from the community by moving the slider to the “Enabled” position. this is a great alternative to deleting if you just want to take a break from annoying interlocutors.
  • Going down below, the owner of the smartphone will see a list of group members. Before deleting it and deleting it yourself, you should exclude other contacts.
  • To do this, by sequentially clicking on each of them, select the “Delete” item in the context menu.
  • And confirm the deletion by clicking on “OK”. In the future, the user can be returned back by tapping on the button “Add participants”.
  • Returning again to the main window of the general conversation, you should click on the same three vertical dots and go to the “” section.
  • By checking the box in a single checkbox, the group owner will clear not only messages, but also the media files transferred to the community.
  • Now, again returning to the “Group Data” and making sure that there are no participants at all, you should tap on the “Leave the group” button
  • And confirm the decision using the “Exit” option.
  • Finally, the user can delete the WhatsApp group by clicking on the button of the same name in a new window.
  • The WhatsApp group has been deleted. As you can see in the example, the correspondence remains on the devices of other participants; at best, they will not be able to recover archived data, however, this is also questionable.
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In order to guarantee the removal of the Watsap group, not only for yourself, but also for all members, before leaving, you certainly need to exclude other members. Otherwise:

  • And one of the other members becomes the administrator, who, in particular, can again invite the former owner of the community.
  • If this is enough, the user who has transferred the rights to another and no longer wants to participate in the conversation should long-press the group he created, tap on the basket icon in the upper right corner
  • And confirm the deletion of the chat. For other participants, as shown above, the correspondence is preserved.
  • You can delete a group in the “stationary”, as well as in the web version of WhatsApp. The procedure is similar: the user calls the pop-up menu in the upper right corner of the chat, selects the “Group info” item by clicking the mouse and repeats the previously described manipulations.

Summing up

You can delete a group in WhatsApp if you have administrator rights: to do this, you should exclude all members, leave the community yourself, and then click on the “Delete group” button. To leave the community, just use the button of the same name in the “Group Data” section. Before leaving, the administrator of the general WhatsApp chat can delegate their authority to any other member.

How to become invisible on WhatsApp on Android

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Select the “Account” section there.
  • Then go to the subsection “Privacy”.
  • Here you can specify who will have access to your photo, status and data about your last visit. There are three options to choose from:
  • Everything
  • My contacts
  • No one
  • Below, in the same section, you can turn off the message read report, after which your interlocutor will not know whether you have read his messages or not.

    delete, whatsapp, group, iphone

    How to become invisible on WhatsApp

    Have you found yourself in a situation where you have to deliberately not read messages so that you do not have to respond to it? Or it may happen that you deliberately disconnect your phone from the Internet so that someone does not see that you are “online”. Or find yourself in other awkward situations, which are caused by the read report of the message and information about when you were online?

    If so, then it’s time to become invisible in WhatsApp and forget about such misunderstandings, and how to do this you will learn from the instructions below.

    Invisibility in WhatsApp on iPhone

    • Go to settings by clicking on the gear in the lower right corner of the screen
    • Open the “Privacy” section
  • In this section you can customize your invisibility by changing the parameters of the “Was (s)” item. Choose one of three options to whom to tell the time of your last visit:
  • To all
  • To my contacts
  • To anyone
  • You can also regulate access to profile photos and status.
  • And if you want to always stay in the shadows, do not forget to turn off the read report
  • How to delete a Whatsapp group if you are an admin

    How to delete a Whatsapp group you created? The popular messenger allows you to create communities and communicate in them with friends, family and colleagues, as well as create information groups with the function of one-way broadcasting to share information and entertainment content. Anyone can create a group and it is very easy to do, but when it comes to deleting, many have difficulties. In our material, you will learn how to do it easily and quickly.

    How to delete a Whatsapp group on Android

    If your phone is on Android, do the following:

    • Open the “Chats” section, select a group and click “Group info”;
    • remove each participant in turn by holding down their name and choosing the option “Delete name” from the context menu;
    • When the list of participants is clear, click “Leave group”. A system message will appear stating that you have left the group. At the bottom of the screen there is a button “Delete group”. Click on it. the community will be deleted.

    Delete Whatsapp Group on iPhone

    The process for deleting a group is slightly different on phones that support different operating systems. To delete a group on iPhone, repeat the following steps:

    • go to the messenger, select the group you want to delete;
    • select each community member one by one by calling the context menu, select the “delete” item in it. Repeat this procedure for all participants;
    • hold down the dialog. a context menu will appear;
    • select “Leave group”. Since you are its administrator, you will be immediately offered the option “Delete group”. Click on the button, confirm the action. the group will be deleted.

    We delete the group via the computer

    It is possible to completely delete a community only from an application on a smartphone. this feature has not yet appeared on the browser version. On the computer version, you can exclude members from the community (just click the “Menu” button next to the contact and select “Delete” and then “Delete” again). You can also leave the group and remove from the list of dialogs if you are not an administrator, but if you are the creator of the group, you can only erase it completely from your phone.

    How to delete a Whatsapp group

    Life is sadness, I’m tired of everything at once or just freaked out, but you don’t know how to delete a group in Whatsapp, if you are also an admin ?! Okay, I will help as much as I can) There are several solutions in your arsenal. You can either just log out yourself, or clean up and close the entire chat. It will depend on the goals you are striving for. Let’s consider both options now.

    How to delete a group in WhatsApp on Android?

    • Go to Whatsapp chat;
    • At the top right next to the name there are three dots vertically, click on them and a menu will open;

    How to Delete WhatsApp Group Messages on iPhone Without Leaving Group

    • Hold your finger on each person in turn, a new menu will open and select the “Delete participant” item there. Yes, everyone will have to be removed;

    If you want to leave the platform for communication in Vostap to your friends, then you can simply complete step 5 and leave yourself. They will chat without your participation. Or, you can remove only a few people by mutual agreement of the parties or by the sole authoritative decision of the administrator, by completing only clauses 1-4.

    If you are just a member of a group and you have Vostap on Android, then just leave the group directly in the chat menu (hold your finger on the group for a long time, press “”, “Exit”, then delete.

    How to delete Vostap group on iPhone?

    If you are an administrator you must first remove all members! An iOS device will require a similar list of steps to achieve the desired effect. Go for it, bro! Features of deletion on iPhone:

    • First you need to “Exit the chat” (if you are just a member);
    • Go to chat. Chat info;
    • And the menu with a swipe to the left. select Archive “

    We hope you figured out how to delete a Whatsapp group.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group on Android

    If you want to completely delete the group so that no one else can communicate in it, then delete all members of the group, if you want to leave your group to friends and leave, skip the third paragraph of this instruction:

    • Go to the group
    • Click on the name of the group to change its parameters

    Select any member of the group, just not yourself, in the menu that opens, click Remove. Repeat the operation with all contacts. (if you want to leave the group to friends, but you yourself want to leave it, skip this point)

    Leave the group, to do this, at the very bottom of the settings, click on the “Leave group” button (see picture above, right) or in the Chats section, press and hold for a few seconds on a group chat, and then in the menu that opens, select “Leave group” (see picture above, left).

  • Only after you have left the group, you can delete it. To do this, at the very bottom in the group settings, click on the “Delete group” button
  • You can delete a WhatsApp group at any time. But this can be done in different ways: you can delete it only for yourself, in this case the other participants will continue to communicate or completely, then you first need to delete all participants, and only then the group chat itself. Find out how to do it on different operating systems from our instructions.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group on iOS

      Open the group chat you want to delete

    Select any contact, in the menu that opens, click Delete. Do the same with all participants.

  • At the very bottom of the options, click on Leave group
  • Only after that will the inscription Delete group appear, by clicking on which you will send the group chat to the archive.
  • How to delete an account (profile) in WhatsApp on iPhone?

    The last point for today is to delete the profile. Perhaps you are just tired of the WhatsApp messenger and you just don’t want to see it on your iPhone anymore.

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    As you understand, if you delete your account, then nothing will be returned later. It will be removed once and for all. Then you have to create a new one.

    We follow these steps if you intend to be very serious:

    • go to the Settings tab and click Account;
    • then select Delete account;
    • enter your phone and press Delete account again.

    Even if you did it by accident, you won’t be able to get all the data back. First of all, you delete all account data, you will also be deleted from all groups, and finally, the message history will be deleted both from the phone and from the backup in the cloud.

    How to delete correspondence (chat) in Whatsapp on iPhone?

    The next object to be deleted in WhatsApp are chats. Most often, people have temporary correspondence, which then simply is not necessary.

    Therefore, so that there is not a lot of unnecessary information, people often clean this list. Why unnecessary text, because it can only interfere with the search for the desired chat.

    • just swipe left on the desired correspondence to display an additional menu;
    • click and Delete chat;
    • and then delete chat again.

    Deleting one or more conversations:

    • click Change and select the desired objects to be deleted by checking the box;
    • select Delete at the bottom right;
    • confirm our intentions by clicking Delete chats.

    How to delete WhatsApp group in iphone

    • go to Settings and look for the Chats item;
    • looking at the very bottom Delete all chats.

    There are three such methods, and here you have to choose according to the situation. It happens that you want to delete only one chat, but it may be that you need to clear several specific.

    How to delete a contact in WhatsApp on iPhone?

    There are situations when you have unnecessary people in your contact list with whom you have not communicated for a long time and would like to simply remove them from WhatsApp.

    As you know, contacts are pulled from your address book. Therefore, we simply delete the contact from your address book on the iPhone:

    • click on the Phone shortcut and look for the desired contact;
    • then click on it and select Change;
    • scroll to the bottom and click Delete Contact.

    To check whether there is a contact, click on the create chat button and if the desired name is not in the contact list, then you have successfully completed the task.

    If you want this contact to be in your address book, but he could not communicate with you, then you can simply block him.

    All in the same list of contacts of the messenger, we are looking for the desired one, click on its name and then at the bottom there will be an item “Block”.

    How to Delete WhatsApp Message on iPhone?

    The most popular question with this messenger is exactly message deletion. We often send something without thinking and then try to delete it so that the other person cannot read it.

    The scheme in Votsap is this: if you see one check mark, then there are still chances to delete it. But if there are two, then this means that this person will read this text one hundred percent.

    Usually you see two check marks due to the fact that you are using a program with the Internet enabled. After writing the text and sending, exactly two checkmarks appear, because this means that it is already on the server.

    When they turn blue, the message has been read. I think you already know this, but it was worth reminding and maybe someone forgot.

    However, deleting the message will look something like this:

    • click on the message that you want to delete and click on the arrow on the right;
    • then select the Delete item;
  • checkboxes appear on the left as in the list and the desired message is already highlighted, if you want to delete others, then mark them as well;
  • we complete this procedure by simply clicking on the basket in the lower left corner and confirm.
  • Now you will not see this message, but this does not mean that it also disappeared from the interlocutor. Here is the same scheme as with regular SMS. If sent, then nothing can be fixed.

    How to delete message, chat, group, contact, WhatsApp account on iPhone?

    Messengers have long been a part of our life. One of the most popular today is WhatsApp and iPhone users are happy to use it.

    But sometimes there are small problems and people are looking for how to delete the most common message, correspondence, group, contact and, of course, an account in WhatsApp.

    Let’s take each moment in order. I will show and tell you how this is all done and what the consequences may be. If you are interested in a specific item, then just go to the desired item in the list.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group on iPhone?

    Group chats are very popular in any messenger and, oddly enough, WhatsApp is no exception. Very convenient, added the required number of people and talk to yourself on the iPhone.

    To delete a group, you must meet two points:

    • you must be an administrator;
    • you need to remove all members of the group (go to the group. click on the name. click on the member. Remove from the group).

    After the conditions are met, you will have the option to delete. The deletion scheme will be exactly the same as with chats.

    Basic ways

    On Android or iPhone, there are two ways to get rid of the dialogue:

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    • If you are an administrator, then exclude all participants and log out yourself at the end. Thus, the dialogue will disappear forever.
    • If you are a regular participant, leave the conversation and archive it, then delete it from the archive.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group: basic methods and recommendations

    How to delete a group in WhatsApp in different ways, taking into account all the nuances. There are several removal methods that should not make it difficult for smartphone owners using the popular messenger. Let’s deal with them in more detail.

    It is worth noting that WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers, which is almost twice as popular as its closest rival Viber. And this is not obvious, because the service is very convenient for communication. It allows you to:

    • Connect phone contacts to conversations just by number (unless, of course, your interlocutor registers). When registering your friend through the phone number, you will receive a notification that he is in WhatsApp and you can start chatting with him.
    • Conduct both personal correspondence and whole conversations, conferences (useful for study, work, parents for school conversations, travel).
    • Share photos, videos in messages,
    • Record voice messages, send them, which significantly saves time compared to plain text,
    • Send emoticons, stickers to enhance the attractiveness and beauty of messages,
    • Create and delete chats, assign administrators.
    • Delete correspondence, if after all someone may not want to communicate, erase messages.
    • The user has the ability to customize notifications in the smartphone. It is convenient and simple. Notifications can open important messages and communities.
    • Create backup copies of correspondence and files so as not to completely lose photos, videos and correspondence.

    The messenger is very convenient, as there is practically no possibility of receiving unnecessary messages and spam. This is a purely service for communicating with close friends, relatives, colleagues at school and work. Nothing superfluous, besides the hedgehog encryption algorithms will help protect data from theft and hacking.

    Group management involves the dialogue of several people, among whom there is an administrator. He can remove both the group and members from it. But by the way, we came to the first method of deletion. Let’s take an example of an Android application on a Samsung s10 smartphone. On any Android smartphone, the algorithm will be the same, and on iPhones it will not be significantly different. The main thing is that you are the admin.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group you created yourself?

    Step-by-step instructions for deleting group correspondence that you yourself created or yourself are given below:

    • Open the WhatsApp app,
    • Enter your conference (group, chat),
    • In the upper right corner, click on the ellipsis (settings),
    • Go to the section “group information”,
    • A list of participants will open, after which you need to click on the field of each participant and hold until the button “remove participant” appears,
    • Delete everyone one by one and the group chat will disappear.

    All members will be notified that they have been expelled from the WhatsApp community. If you decide to close the group, then it is better to warn that people are not offended for the sudden exclusion from the dialogue.

    When you are alone, click on the “exit” button at the bottom of the screen to leave the dialogue yourself. Then it will close completely, without the possibility of recovery.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group for all members

    How can I delete a WhatsApp group that I myself created on Android, and for all members? For this:

    • Go to the general dialogue,
    • Click on the menu item “group information”,
    • Remove all interlocutors one by one, pinching on each,
    • At the end, leave the chat yourself.

    All participants will receive a notification that the group is closed.

    Without deleting members

    If you are an administrator, then you will not be able to close the chat without deleting the participants. But if you are a simple participant, then you can not touch others. And here is the instruction using the iPhone example:

    • Select the conference you want,
    • Open it, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, thereby opening the settings,
    • Go to “chat information”,
    • Scroll down the chat, click on the “leave the group” button,
    • Go back to the chat list, select the conversation you just left,
    • Swipe it to the left and click on the “archive” button,
    • Go to the archive, delete it.

    Thus, you do not need to exclude interlocutors, you can exit the dialogue yourself.

    Now you know both methods and have broadened your horizons in using the popular messenger from the creators We hope that the instructions were clear.

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    How to remove a number from WhatsApp

    The question of how to delete a contact from WhatsApp arises from many users of the messenger. Data about people with whom the account owner does not communicate takes up space in the device’s memory and clogs up the phone book. There are several options for clearing the list of subscribers on Android and iPhone.

    How to get rid of the interlocutor forever

    After deleting a number from the phone book, the chat remains in the messenger. To get rid of it permanently, you need to clear the correspondence. On Android, this can be done like this:

    delete, whatsapp, group, iphone
    • Open Chats. Click on the name of the desired conversation and hold for a few seconds.
    • After a check mark appears under the username, select the trash can symbol at the top of the screen. If you wish, check the box “Delete media in this chat”, then confirm your actions.
    • Open Chats. Swipe left in conversation.
    • Select on “”, then select “Clear chat”. You can clear all correspondence or all messages except favorites.

    How to get rid of a blocked subscriber

    You can clear the list of blocked accounts as follows:

    • Open the application, click on the ellipsis, go to “Settings”.
    • Go to “Account”, “Privacy”, “Blocked”.
    • Click on the avatar, then on the inverted exclamation mark. The card of the blocked subscriber will open.
    • Tap on the ellipsis, select “Open in Address Book”, “Delete”.


    Will the subscriber receive a notification that I removed him from the phone?

    No, he will not see this and will not be notified in any way. This would violate the privacy of WhatsApp users.

    Yes, the user can write and call you, send messages to general groups, since his data is not deleted. His phone number will be displayed as the name of the conversation with him.

    How to delete someone else’s WhatsApp conversation?

    If you want to delete one of your contacts in WhatsApp, you need to click on this person, click on “View contacts”, then select “Delete contact” in the menu that appears.

    What does it mean to delete a chat in WhatsApp?

    The “Clear Chat” option allows you to delete all messages within a chat. At the same time, the chat will still be displayed in the chat list.

    How to delete WhatsApp group to admin on iPhone?

    • Open the WhatsApp group, then tap on the group topic. You can also swipe left on the group in the Chats tab. Then click
    • Click Delete Group Delete Group.

    How to delete a message on WhatsApp for everyone after 7 minutes?

    To delete a message, hold it until the message management menu appears. Click on the trash can icon that denotes the delete option. If 68 minutes have not passed yet, select “Delete for all”.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group for all members?

    How to delete a WhatsApp group on Android

    • Go to the group
    • Click on the name of the group to change its parameters
    • Select any member of the group, just not yourself, in the menu that opens, click Remove.
    • Leave the group, for this, at the very bottom of the settings, click on the “Leave the group” button (see.

    How to delete a WhatsApp group on iPhone?

    • Open the group chat you want to delete
    • Click on the group title
    • Select any contact, in the menu that opens, click Delete.
    • At the very bottom of the options, click on Leave group

    How to delete a group in whats up?

    First you need to select a group in WhatsApp. Select a group, just click on the group name and a menu will open. Next, you need to click on the heading of the group. You will see a menu where you need to select “Delete”.

    How to delete WhatsApp messages from the server?

    Open the Chats of the WhatsApp application, find the one you want to clear and navigate to it. Click on the menu button in the form of 3 vertical dots located in the right corner of the top panel. From the list of options, select and then Clear Chat. Confirm your actions in the request window by clicking “Clear”.

    How to delete a WhatsApp conversation from an interlocutor?

    • Open the WhatsApp chat where you want to delete the message.
    • Press and hold the message in the menu select Delete. You can also select multiple messages to delete them at the same time.
    • Click Remove Remove for everyone.

    How to remove a person from Viber?

    • Open Viber.
    • Open the screen
    • Select “Settings”
    • Select “Account”
    • Select “Disable Account”
    • You can now uninstall Viber.

    How to delete chat in Viber on iPhone?

    How to clear chat in Viber To do this, click on the “Clear chat” button in the upper right corner of the screen (on Android) or swipe from right to left (on iPhone). You will continue to receive new messages in this chat, but old messages will be deleted.

    Delete message for everyone

    Let’s simulate the situation: you sent a message and only after that realized that you made a mistake with the chat. What to do? Highlight the message as soon as possible and erase it from the dialogue. A similar function has been working in Telegram for a long time. WhatsApp appreciated the convenience of the solution and also added the ability to delete a message for itself and for everyone. To erase a message:

    • Open the dialogue.
    • Find the message. Press on it and hold your finger until an additional menu appears.
    • Scroll to the right and select the Delete option.
    • Click on the trash can icon in the lower left corner.
    • Specify the deletion mode. only on the device from which the message was sent, or for all recipients.

    You can delete a message from private and group chats, even if someone has time to read it. The recipient (or recipients in group chats) will see a notification that the message has been deleted, so get ready to explain what was written there and why you first sent it and then deleted it.

    The only limitation of the function is that you can delete a message for everyone within 7 minutes after sending. After this time, there will be only one item: “Delete from me.” Removal works in a similar way on Android, so it doesn’t matter which platform you are communicating with.

    The main requirement is that the latest version of WhatsApp must be installed on the device, since this is a new function that arrives in the application along with the update.

    If you or the recipient are not using the latest version of the app, the feature will not work. If the message was not deleted for everyone, you will not receive a notification about the successful completion of the operation.

    Clearing chats

    We figured out how to delete a sent message in WhatsApp on iPhone, but there are a few more questions related to dialogs in the messenger. For example, how to completely clear the chat from messages. You need to understand that it will become pure only with you; the interlocutor will keep the correspondence in full if he does not delete it on his own.

    Individual and group chats are cleared according to the same scheme:

    • Open the Chats screen and swipe left on the conversation you want to clear.
    • Click “” and select “Clear”.
    • Select the cleaning mode: “Delete all” or ” all but the favorites”.

    You can clear all existing chats at the same time using a special function in the messenger settings.

    • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Select the “Chats” section.
    • Click “Clear All Chats”.
    • Enter your phone number.
    • Click “Clear All Chats” to confirm your intentions.

    All messages from all chats will be deleted, but only on your phone. You can ask the interlocutors to follow the same procedure, but until then, all correspondence will be stored on their devices.

    Delete a sent message in WhatsApp on iPhone

    How to delete a message in WhatsApp on iPhone if you accidentally wrote to the wrong chat, made a mistake when typing, or just changed your mind about communicating information to other people? Previously, there was no such opportunity, but at the end of 2017, the developers of the messenger began testing the “Delete for everyone” function.

    Delete chats

    Even dialogs cleared of messages will be displayed in the messenger on the “Chats” screen. To remove them from there, you need to perform one more operation. delete the chat. For an individual chat, the following instruction will work:

    • Open the Chats screen.
    • Find the dialogue you want to remove. Swipe your fingers from right to left.
    • Click “”, select “Delete chat” and confirm the decision.

    You can use a different procedure: open the “Chats” screen, click “Edit” in the upper left corner, select a chat and click “Delete”.

    To get rid of a group chat, you first need to log out. For this:

    • On the Chats screen, swipe from right to left on the dialogue you no longer need.
    • Click “”, select “Leave group” and confirm.
    • Swipe the chat to the left again, select “Delete group” and confirm the decision.

    If you want to delete all chats at once, then know that this can only be done with individual dialogs. After using the bulk delete function, group chats will remain on the screen, and you can get rid of them only in the way described above. But there are usually many more individual dialogs, so the main job of clearing the messenger screen can be done in five steps:

    • Open WhatsApp settings.
    • Select the “Chats” section.
    • Click “Delete All Chats”.
    • Enter your phone number.
    • Select “Delete All Chats”.

    Individual conversations will no longer be on the screen, and with group dialogues, you will quickly figure it out one by one, using the algorithm proposed above. You can do nothing at all, but simply delete the application. the effect will be the same.