How to Delete a Theme on Android Samsung

How to uninstall apps on Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy how to uninstall unnecessary apps and games or how to stop them on Android.

How to uninstall applications on Samsung Galaxy Do you want to delete unnecessary applications, games on Samsung Galaxy and do not know how to do it? In this article, you will learn how to uninstall or stop installed and native apps on Android.

Not all Samsung Galaxy apps can be uninstalled from your smartphone, some native apps and games cannot be uninstalled, but you can stop them.

Now let’s see how to remove unnecessary apps from Samsung Galaxy and similar androids. Open Settings on your smartphone and select the Applications item. perhaps instead of the application item there will be an application manager item right away. Next, a list with applications will open, you can select by sliding the screen towards the items: downloaded. on the memory card. working and all applications. To remove the application, select it and you will see what you can do with the application. Select Uninstall or Stop Application. If you don’t want to uninstall apps, but don’t want it to work on Android Samsung Galaxy, just disable it. To enable a disabled application, open it from the application screen.

What is the stop app function for Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices? As we already wrote above, not all applications can be removed from the smartphone, mostly these are native applications that cannot be removed. There are users who uninstall both native applications and games to free up the memory of the smartphone, but for this you need to hack the Samsung Galaxy after which the smartphone warranty is lost. Of course, we will write an article on this topic in the future, maybe someone will come in handy.

For now, let’s continue answering the question why stop apps on Android. Since not all applications we can delete from Samsung Galaxy can be deleted, we can stop them so that it does not load the processor, does not drain the battery and does not use the Internet. Since there are applications that can start independently and use the resources of the smartphone and which you do not use it is better to stop, in the future you can start them simply by opening it on the screen with applications. You do not need to stop all applications in a row, as they can perform the necessary tasks for the smartphone to function properly. Basically, they stop social applications. networks, video calls and similar factory-installed applications.

How to remove an installed update?

Uninstalling updates via Settings or Windows 10 Control Panel

  • Go to the options (for example, using the WinI keys or through the Start menu) and open the “Update and Security” item.
  • Under Windows Update, click Update History.
  • At the top of the update log, click “Uninstall updates”.

How to uninstall an update in Windows 7?

In Control Panel, select Programs and Features, and in the left menu. View installed updates. Right click on the update that is causing the problem and select Uninstall. Tell the system if Windows updates can be uninstalled by clicking OK. The update will be removed.

How to uninstall a downloaded update on Samsung?

How to disable updates on different versions of Android, read the link. How to disable updates

  • For version 4.4. go to settings.
  • Select “About phone”.
  • Open “Update Center”.
  • Then click on “Software Update”.
  • Uncheck the box “Check and download updates automatically”.

How to uninstall iOS 14 update?

To uninstall the downloaded iOS update, follow our simple guide.

  • Open the menu “Settings”. “General”. “iPhone Storage”.
  • Find the update you want to remove in the list.
  • Click the “Uninstall the update” button, then confirm the action in the dialog box that opens.

How to remove an installed theme from Android phone

Most want to make their Android phone stand out in some way: Xiaomi miui, Samsung, Honor, Huawei and so on.

One of these options is to put a new theme, but you may not like it, and you will want to remove it from the desktop.

Do you think this can be done as simply as uninstalling applications?

Yes, usually you can uninstall an installed theme in your phone in the standard way, but not all.

Therefore, I propose two options: delete the theme as standard and what to do if it is not deleted by the built-in tools.

Note: to remove standard themes you will need ROOT rights. it is impossible without them, only downloaded and installed independently, including purchased.

Yes, I remembered, there is another excellent, one might say, a universal way to remove even non-removable themes from an Android phone. here is its description.

Standard way to uninstall theme app from android phone

delete, theme, android, samsung

It is removed by default in the same way as all other applications. your parameters may differ slightly from mine. it depends on the android version.

To do this, you need to go to the settings (gear icon), move to the “Applications” section (maybe “Application Manager”), select the theme you are going to delete and click on it.

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After that, move to another tab. That at the very top will have two options “Delete” and “Stop” or “Disable”.

Naturally, we choose the first one. One click and after one two to three seconds the process will end and the application, as it was not.

Completely remove downloaded and installed theme from Android Samsung phone if it is not removed

I recently came across a beautiful 3D theme on the internet. According to the description and pictures, I really liked it. let’s install it, I decided.

Installed on my Samsung. When I launched it, I shuddered. advertising is at every step, and the view, not only not beautiful, but directly annoying. it is impossible to look at the phone.

Naturally, I immediately wanted to remove it, but that was not the case. The parameter was not removed. it was turned off instead, but it did not turn off.

In short, the topic is not deleted. Of course, it was designed in this way on purpose so that phone owners would watch as many advertising plots as possible.

Then I did not think for long in the Play store I downloaded another one. Samsung themes and installed it. Only after that did the icon appear in the “Delete” settings.

In such a simple way, I got rid of this parasite, but I don’t remember the name anymore, so that someone would also not risk downloading it. Success.

How to return the default theme to Xiaomi?

  • Select the section “Themes”.
  • If you have Internet enabled on your phone, you will see something like the following:
  • Click on the profile icon. it is highlighted with an arrow.
  • And choose a theme that has been used before.
  • After clicking on the topic, tap “Apply”.
  • The theme will be installed.

How to return the default theme to Xiaomi Redmi 7?

If you are looking for how to return a theme on Xiaomi to the default one, it is very easy to do it. To do this, go to the Themes app and find the emoticon icon at the bottom of the screen. On a new tab, select “Default”. and a standard theme will be activated on your gadget.

How to remove a theme from Xiaomi?

In order to remove a theme from the MIUI shell, first of all go to the Themes application and click on the Offline item. A list of themes previously installed on the smartphone opens. We are looking for those that are not needed, and with a long press, select them. If at least one theme is selected, a Delete button appears at the bottom of the screen. May 9, 2017.

How to remove a theme from your phone?

You can delete a theme if you no longer want to keep it on your phone.

  • From the Home screen, tap. and then find and click Themes.
  • Click My Themes and then go to the My Collections tab.
  • Click Remove.
  • Click on the themes you want to remove from your collection.
  • Click Remove.

How to uninstall Galaxy Themes app?

Open “Settings”. “Application Manager”. “All”. In the list that opens, select unnecessary applications and click either “disable” or “force stop”.

How to remove a theme from Android?

How to turn dark theme on or off on your phone

  • Open your phone settings.
  • Select Display.
  • Turn Dark Theme on or off.

If there is no “Delete” button

We are talking about system programs. You cannot remove them, but you can turn them off. They will no longer be active until you turn them back on. This will save battery power and phone space.

Go to the menu “Settings”. “Applications”. select the unnecessary and click “Turn off”.

If this button is not present, then the program does not turn off. It is needed for the normal operation of the system.

How to uninstall system apps on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

It is known that the Galaxy S4 and other Samsung flagships have a large number of applications and proprietary services of the company, many of which are not needed by ordinary users.

If you have Root rights, you can delete or freeze applications you do not need, thus cleaning your smartphone from all unnecessary.

Method Removal via file manager.

Path for placing system applications: system / app (you need any file manager, with support for displaying hidden system files, for example Root Explorer)

To be safe, we recommend that you do not delete system files, but simply move them to a memory card or to another directory. Thus, they will not work, and if necessary, you can always return the file you need to its place.

If the files are not deleted or moved, in the upper right corner of Root Explorer, click on the R / W button (after that it should change to R / O).

To do this, again, we need ROOT rights and the wonderful Titanium Backup utility.

As already noted, it is better to freeze applications so that later it will be possible to restore them.

How to do this is shown in the screenshots below.

Select the applications that we want to freeze and click on the “checkmark”.

Method Special Utility SystemApp Remover

By analogy with the previous method, applications can also be removed with a special program SystemApp Remover.

Method Samsung standard interface

This method does not require root rights, but it can only disable some applications. Services and services you will not be able to disable.

Menu → Settings → Applications → All tab.

After selecting the application you need and clicking on it, select the “Force stop” item. The application will be frozen.

Which applications can be removed and what this entails. read here.

Important: The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5, S6 have very little junk, and apps and processes are fairly well optimized. We even conducted an experiment that confirmed this. Therefore, before deleting any system applications, think several times whether it was worth doing. The results are unlikely to be noticeable, and if some program interferes, then it can always be disabled using standard Android tools.

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How to uninstall apps on Samsung phones

While the process for uninstalling or uninstalling apps on Android devices is relatively similar, each phone may have unique steps specific to a brand. For example, uninstalling apps from a Motorola or LG phone will be different from uninstalling apps from a Samsung device.


Therefore, it is helpful to know exactly how to uninstall apps from your Samsung phone. This guide will help you do this using whichever method you prefer. I also advise you to read the topic about “Third Party Applications”.

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Note: Older Samsung models may have one or two menu items that are different, but the process should essentially remain the same. Hence, you must follow this guide regardless of the Android version installed on your device. We also read “How to close background applications on Android”.

How to uninstall apps on Samsung from home screen

On newer phones, the fastest way to get rid of apps on the device is to simply interact with the app icon on the home screen.

Note: If the app shortcut is missing from one of your home screens, you can also do it from the app drawer. You will find instructions for this below.

Press and hold (long press) on the icon of the app you want to uninstall.

Select the Delete option from the pop-up menu. Select “OK” at the prompt that appears.

Note: If this is a system application and not one that you installed yourself, the uninstall option will not appear. Instead, you need to disable the app, which basically hides it from view. To do this, open the same pop-up menu, but instead select “Application Information”, denoted by the icon with the letter “i” inside. On the screen that appears, select “Disable” and click “OK” in the command line

How to uninstall apps on Samsung from the app bar

Another quick way to uninstall apps from your device, especially if they are not showing on the home screen, is to follow the same process as above, except that you will interact with the app icon on the taskbar.

On the home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the icon on the taskbar. if you have a theme that displays it.

Find the icon for the app you want to permanently uninstall and then press and hold (press and hold) to bring up the context menu.

Select the uninstall option. Select “OK” at the prompt that appears.

Note: If this is a system application (not one that you installed yourself), the uninstall option will not appear. Instead, you need to disable the app, which basically hides it from view. To do this, open the same pop-up menu, but instead select “Application Information”, denoted by the icon with the letter “i” inside. On the screen that appears, select “Disable” and click “OK” in the command line.

How to Get Rid of Apps Using Samsung Settings Menu

The more common way to permanently uninstall apps from your Samsung phone is to use the system settings menu.

For the most part, Samsung’s settings are almost identical to the standard Android settings. This means that the process for uninstalling apps should be the same as on any other Android device. One or two steps may differ, but the general procedure should be easy to follow no matter what phone model you have.

On an unlocked phone, swipe down from the top of the display to open the notification panel.

Samsung Galaxy S9 : How to Enable or disable Samsung Themes shortcut (Android Oreo)

Select the settings option represented by the gear icon in the upper right corner of the notification panel.

Scroll down until you see an application menu item and then tap on it to select it.

Next, you will see a list of all applications installed on your device. Scroll through the list until you find the app you want to uninstall. When you find it, click on the app name to open the info page.

Note: By default, apps will be listed in alphabetical order. In the upper left corner, you can filter the list of applications by enabling or disabling them. This makes it easier to find a specific application when you have a lot of programs installed.

At the top of the next page, you should see two buttons: Delete and Force Stop. Select the “Uninstall” option to permanently remove the application from your device, and click “OK” at the prompt that appears.

Note: If this is a system application (not one that you installed yourself), the uninstall option will not appear. Instead, you’ll see a Disable button that basically hides it. Select “Disable” and select “OK” in the prompts that appear.

How to uninstall apps on your phone using the Google Play Store

Note: This only applies to apps that you installed yourself, not system apps that were pre-installed on your phone.

Open the Google Play app.

Click the menu button in the upper left corner, represented by three horizontal lines.

Select the “My Apps & Games” option right at the top.

Click on the Installed tab to see a list of apps that are currently on your device.

Find the app you want to uninstall by scrolling through the list. When you find it, click on the app name or icon to open its Play store page.

Note: By default, the list of apps will be sorted by apps that were recently updated. If the app you want to uninstall hasn’t been updated for a while, you will have to scroll down the list.

Select the “Delete” option in white (on the left) and click “OK” in the prompt that appears.

How to uninstall apps installed through the Samsung Galaxy Store

Note: The Galaxy Store is not like the Play Store. There is no page available to view installed applications. So, keep in mind that this method is not ideal.

Samsung Galaxy How to Change and Revert Back to Original Icons, Themes and Wallpaper

Open the Galaxy Store app.

Click on the search icon in the upper right corner, indicated by the hourglass. Start typing the name of the app you want to uninstall and hit the blue hourglass that appears on your keyboard instead of Enter.

On the page that appears, select the white delete option on the left. Select “OK” at the prompt that appears.

How to properly uninstall an app from your phone

You can correctly uninstall the application from your Samsung smartphone by following the instructions:

  • Opening the smartphone menu.
  • Tap “Settings”.
  • Go to the section related to applications.
  • We tap “Application Manager” if the device has this section.
  • We are looking for an application that we no longer need, and we tap on the name.
  • We press the button “Clear data”.

Manipulation erases not only data, but also the cache left by the application.

For “clean” removal of applications, you can also use special utilities that are used to periodically clear the phone’s memory of unnecessary files. In popular programs there is a special tool for high-quality erasing applications. Utilities completely remove software from memory along with data, cache and leave no trace of them in the smartphone.

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with root rights

In this case, the first thing to do is to get ROOT rights on Android. The procedure is individual for each Samsung model, and I will not dwell on it in this manual. Superuser rights give you tremendous control over your phone, as well as a lot of responsibility. And remember that receiving them will void your warranty. In addition, with ROOT rights, some banking programs start working in a limited mode, not allowing money to be withdrawn.

You can use different tools to uninstall firmware, such as Root Uninstaller, Titanium Backup, Root App Delete, Root Explorer. The paid version is not required. the free version will do. I will describe the steps in the popular Titanium Backup program:

  • Install it using Google Play.
  • Open Titanium Backup and agree to grant ROOT rights.
  • Select “Backups”.
  • Decide which application you want to remove from Android. I will give recommendations on this issue below.
  • Important tip: first create a backup by clicking “Save”.
  • Click Remove.

How to uninstall an app on Samsung Android.

Samsung Galaxy

Hey! Today, I will show you how to uninstall an app on your Samsung Galaxy Android phone. You can uninstall any application on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone very simply and quickly. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

The easiest way. On the home screen, press and hold the app icon. Then, in the window that opens, click on the Delete tab. Confirm the deletion. All is ready. The application will be completely removed from your phone.

No such function? Find the Play Store app icon on the home screen and tap on it.

This will open Google Play. On the main page, at the top left, click on the Menu button.

In the menu window that opens, click on the My Apps and Games tab.

Next, here you need to go to the Installed tab at the top. Find the app you want to uninstall here and click on its name.

On the application page, click on the Delete button.

All is ready. After confirmation, the application will be completely removed from your smartphone.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

use explorer

This method also requires root rights. It gives you the greatest control to uninstall stock apps on Samsung. It is very easy to make a mistake and delete an extra file here, so use it wisely and carefully. I will describe the method using the example of a common ES Explorer, but you can use another.

  • Open ES File Explorer on Android.
  • Expand the menu.
  • Select “Tools”.
  • Click on “Root Explorer”.
  • You will be prompted to grant rights to this program. Confirm them.
  • A list of actions will automatically appear on the screen. Select “Connect as R / W”.
  • In the window that appears, mark “RW” for the “/ system” folder.
  • In Explorer, go to the root folder by clicking on “/”. Then go to “system” and in it. to “app”.
  • Here is a list of all files of Android system applications. These are usually one or two files with long names. You can delete any. Therefore, I repeat, approach the process carefully. You can check the entire list by referring to the recommendations I wrote below.
  • Just delete the selected files. The system can then inform you that these applications have stopped. This is a normal process.
  • Reboot your phone.

How to install a theme on your smartphone

Consider the algorithm for installing wallpaper from specialized portals. The latter contain skins created in APK files. After downloading using a computer:

  • connect a mobile phone to a PC (as a removable storage device or connect a card reader with a phone flash drive);
  • drag the downloaded content to the memory of the connected device;
  • run the gadget configuration;
  • open the item “Security”;
  • activate the “Unknown sources” checkbox;
  • disable the program check option;
  • go to the file system of the mobile phone through the ES Explorer manager. When there is no suitable application, install from the Play Store;

How to delete a theme on Samsung? At this stage of work, it is not too late to get rid of unnecessary elements before installation.

  • run the wallpaper and confirm the installation process;
  • in the phone settings, go to the skins section and set an arbitrary list item as the external design.

How to Install or Uninstall a Theme on Samsung Phone. Step by Step Guide

How do I install a theme on Samsung using an Android device? The specified operating system supports several ways of connecting skins. If we talk about One UI, powered by the latest Android upgrade, a regular template designer is available, from which your own styles are created. But such a module is at the disposal of some developers.

How to choose a theme for your phone

Here’s another way, how to remove a theme from a Samsung phone, or how to install it. It will be useful for owners of devices running Android Q. Within the Hex Installer utility, you can send a cover created by yourself. For the designated operating system, a plug-in has been written that expands the functionality of the software for the design of new wallpapers.

You do not need superuser rights to use the Hex Installer. Similarly, using ADB is an unnecessary option. Software requires investment of funds to use, 65 rubles.

Where are the Samsung themes

In order for an ordinary user to install the discussed interface element on Samsung Galaxy, it is enough to use the following sources:

  • the official website of the smartphone manufacturer;
  • Google Play, through which third-party programs are launched.

How to Remove Theme from Android (Samsung) Phone

We got to the quick instructions on how to erase the installed wallpaper on Samsung Galaxy. Since it was previously reported about the removal of covers at the creation stage, without installing into the operating system of the phone.

  • tap on the “Galaxy Themes” icon in the main frame of your portable gadget;
  • move the top curtain of the screen. the “My Themes” section will appear with a stack of custom skins;
  • click on the preview of the skin;
  • there will be a transition to the page of the installed template, where tap on the delete button (in the lower left part).