How to customize the screen on Samsung A 50

Icon customization

You can change the icons from the same menu where all branded Samsung Galaxy Themes are located. Many users do not particularly like customizing shortcuts, since the changes concern only standard system images, the icons of third-party applications will remain in their previous form. In any case, this way of making your smartphone different from everyone else also has a place to be and is often used to give individuality by updating the images that are boring from daily use.

Alternatively, you can use a good third-party application OxyPie Free Icon, which supports not only Samsung smartphones, but also Huawei, OnePlus and others. For example, you can install branded sets of shortcuts that are used in branded skins from other manufacturers. In general, the choice is huge, there are hundreds of variations for creating a personal screen.

Installing the keyboard

The reason to change this interface element on a smartphone, for example, may be the transition from Apple devices to Samsung. Users get used to the specific layout and functionality of the buttons and no longer want to use the standard keyboard from South Korean developers. But it may be a completely different reason, just wanted something new.

There are a lot of applications on Google Play that offer different functionality and type of keyboard, but we liked the SwiftKey option the most. The key feature of the program is the set of symbols using the swipe method, that is, you do not need to take your finger off the screen, but simply translate from letter to letter.

With a certain skill, this is a very convenient typing method that significantly increases the typing speed. This analyzes the typed text and automatically includes frequently used words. Definitely, the swipe keyboard will become an indispensable assistant.

Setting up lock screen notifications

By default, notifications appear inside a solid “bubble”, blocking the selected wallpaper on the lock screen. If you want to get rid of these annoying alerts once and for all, then go to “Settings”. “Lock screen”. “Notifications” and set the transparency level to maximum, so everything will disappear. Also in the section “Viewing style” you can change the amount of content display or simply activate the display of some icons or completely hide the content in order to remain as anonymous as possible, because often third-party people can see unwanted information.

Customizing the status bar

Traditionally, the status bar is located at the top of the screen and displays all the vital functions of the smartphone, here you can find out the time, track the battery level and see how reliable the mobile connection is.

When you receive a lot of notifications, this overload of unnecessary information makes it difficult to quickly find out the basic information. In order to avoid this, you can limit the number of displayed notifications, select “Settings”. “Notifications”. “Status bar” and activate only three icons at a time or completely disable this function.

10 ways to customize your Samsung smartphone

What’s the best way to personalize your Samsung smartphone? You will learn about this from our recommendations in this article.

Despite the fact that in modern models of Samsung smartphones, a lot of various functions have been added that allow you to individually customize the appearance and other functionality, many users still want to expand their capabilities in this regard. over, for this on Google Play there are many programs that are easy to download and convenient to use.

Most of them are suitable not only for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy M30, M20, M10, Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A60, A70 models, but also for last year’s devices, increasing their functionality.

We have selected ten methods, where we will also offer several Android applications that will help you customize your Samsung smartphone and turn it into a unique device in terms of visual effects and software chips.

How to change the theme?

When there is no desire to look directly for a new lock screen or a specific wallpaper, then you can completely change the entire theme of the smartphone OS desktop. This is done through the same menu item “Settings”. “Wallpapers and Themes”, which also has a lot of all kinds of Galaxy Themes to choose from.

And if you can’t find a suitable one, you can use the Zedge Companion application or any other. But you need to take into account the factor of full compatibility with Samsung smartphones, otherwise distortions may appear or some functions may not work correctly.

Adjusting the screen resolution

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, you can change the screen resolution whenever convenient. Just select “Settings”. “Screen” “Screen resolution” and get three options: HD. FHD and WQHD. This will allow not only to achieve the optimal size of the displayed information, but also to save battery power when setting a lower resolution.

Display (screen) not working in Samsung phone

Remember, if the screen on your Samsung phone is not working, then it’s time to contact a service center. If the mobile body looks completely intact, there are no slightest cracks, there are no smudges on the display, then the reasons may be as follows:

Sometimes the display on a Samsung phone stops working due to the fact that the screen itself, that is, the matrix, is damaged. Most modern smartphones from Samsung (A-series: Galaxy A3, A5, A7; S-series: Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8; also some J-series models) use amoled matrices, one of the disadvantages of which is fragility. If they are damaged, as a rule, outwardly there may be no signs, since small cracks are under the glass and they can only be viewed from a certain angle. The outer glass very often remains completely intact, the phone boots up, makes sounds when touched, you can even pick up the phone from memory for an incoming call, but there is no image or backlight, only the touch buttons at the bottom of the screen next to the home button are lit. Do not try to make repairs yourself: not only is it difficult, but you can also aggravate the breakdown by damaging the loop of the touch buttons, the back glass cover, etc. Remember, our service center will solve your problem in a matter of hours: we always have the right original parts. If even you have the slightest doubt, then do not risk it: immediately take the phone to the masters, because only they will carry out a high-quality replacement.

Samsung Display Repair Prices

Model Glass replacement (rub.) Display replacement (rub.)
Galaxy A5 2017 (A520f) 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A7 2017 (A720f) 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A6 3500 from 5000
Galaxy A6 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A7 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A8 3500 from 6000
Galaxy A8 3500 from 6500
Galaxy A9 4500 from 6500
Galaxy A10 3500 from 5000
Galaxy A20 3500 from 5000
Galaxy A30 3500 from 5500
Galaxy A40 3500 from 6000
Galaxy A50 3500 from 6000
Galaxy A70 4500 from 7500
Galaxy A80 5500 from 7500
Galaxy S6 Edge 5500 from 6500
Galaxy S7 Edge 6500 from 11000
Galaxy S8 7500 from 11500
Galaxy S8 8500 from 12500
Galaxy Note 8 9000 from 13500
Galaxy S9 9000 from 13500
Galaxy S9 10000 from 14500
Galaxy Note 9 9500 from 13500
Galaxy S10e 9500 from 14000
Galaxy S10 10500 from 16000
Galaxy S10 11000 from 17000

Often, a black screen appears in a Samsung phone: if the microcircuit that is responsible for controlling the screen, or some components in its strapping fail. It is quite difficult to replace them with improvised tools.

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In rare cases (one in a thousand), the display does not turn on in a Samsung phone due to the fact that it has recently “landed” on a hard surface and the connector has come off the main PCB. In our center, it can be done in the shortest possible time or even in the presence of the client.

Of course, there may be a completely different kind of problem that can only be identified after a thorough diagnosis.

Function does not work

If the function does not work after turning on the image rotation. triggered with delays or when the device is tilted more steeply:

  • open the Phone app. Expand the dialing;
  • enter the combination #. press the call key. The engineering menu of the smartphone will open;
  • find the category “Sensors” in the list;
  • find the “Gyroscope Sensor” field in the list. Check the indicators by tilting the devices about in different directions;
  • when nothing changes, use “Gyro Selfest”. It will automatically calibrate the gyroscope if you put your smartphone on a flat surface.

There is no engineering menu on new models. To fix problems with the reversal, it is recommended to roll back the system to the factory settings. The latter option will help if the display rotation icon disappeared after updating the operating system or software.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on Samsung phone, how to disable it

Auto-rotate the screen on Samsung is a basic function that is found on all devices of the brand. Explain how to set up, disable or enable screen auto-rotate on old and new Samsung models.

customize, screen, samsung

How to turn on

On Galaxy A 10, A 30, A 40, A 50, A 51 and other devices with a One UI graphical interface, this happens like this:

  • unlock your smartphone, open your desktop;
  • swipe from top to bottom. A notification curtain will appear;
  • hook your finger on the dash below the gray scale. Pull it down to expand the full list of settings;
  • in the list, tap on the icon above the “Book Screen”;
  • the icon will turn blue, change its appearance and name to “Auto-rotate”.

Now automatic rotation will work after turning the device body 90 °.

To turn off reversal. repeat the above steps, only switching “Auto-rotate” to “Book screen”.

How to set up auto-popping

Users were given access to the image rotation settings. For this:

Samsung Galaxy A50 Lcd Screen Replacement

  • expand the curtain with a set of parameters again;
  • tap on the inscription “Auto-rotate” or “Book screen”.

The user will be presented with advanced options. Display rotation is activated in the category “Switch to landscape mode”:

  • on the desktop;
  • on voice calls.

For those who are uncomfortable when the orientation of the image changes on its own, pay attention to the category “Rotate manually”. After activating the “Rotation buttons on the navigation panel” when you rotate the case from the bottom to the right, an icon will appear with a proposal to rotate the image. When finished with enabling / disabling functions, do not forget to click on “Done” at the bottom of the page.

Do it. for auto-rotate to work in the same way, you can use a tablet from Samsung, smartphone models S10 and A 70.

How it works

The gyroscope built into the device is responsible for changing the orientation of the picture: it determines the position of the device in space and, after tilting the body by 90 °, horizontally changes the position of the image. The system works automatically. but the developers left the option to adjust the screen rotation manually.

Auto-rotate screen on older models

On older smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and A 7, built on top of the Samsung Experience GUI, to set the automatic image orientation:

  • go to the settings of the parameters of the smartphone. Find and open the “Display” tab;
  • among the list of options, check the box next to “Auto-rotate screen”.

The common thing on Android is to activate the image reversal through the notification shade:

  • with the display on, swipe from top to bottom of the display;
  • among the available functions, click on the icon with an inverted smartphone.

The orientation will change with every turn of the body.

On Samsung smartphones, the auto-rotate screen is enabled in a similar way to other Android-based devices. The advantage of the interface from the South Korean brand is the extended set of function settings.

Basic camera settings for Samsung A50

For snapshots, the system automatically selects the default coverage. The camera has an “AUTO” mode, but it is often necessary to manually select the shooting parameters for better images. A common problem is the wrong lighting level of the system, which negatively affects the photos.

Other camera settings Samsung A50

ISO is a value that determines the camera’s sensitivity to light. Often in smartphones, you can select a value from 50 to 3200. The higher the value, the more the device reacts to light.

Low ISO settings allow you to get a better image in good natural light. A higher value is used at night or in darkened rooms.

For photographs in the sun, select a low ISO level. 50, 100. If there is a lack of natural light and when shooting indoors, you should set the parameter to 400 or 600. Do not select 800, as the image may have a noise effect.

White balance is a function that determines the light source that affects the matrix.

It is recommended to use the flash in low light conditions. Often, this option allows you to create a better quality photo than setting the maximum values ​​of shutter speed and ISO.

On professional cameras, an optical zoom is installed, which enlarges images by changing the positions of the lenses inside the lens. In phones, however, digital zoom is used, when used, the picture loses its resolution and, accordingly, quality. It is not recommended to activate the digital zoom function. To get closer to the subject, the most correct option would be to mount the lens on a smartphone.

Customize Samsung Camera Modes

5 shooting options have been added to the Galaxy Samsung A50 smartphone model:

  • “Live focus”
  • “Hyperlapse”
  • “Panoramic mode”
  • “Slow shooting”
  • “PRO mode”

Setting each of them affects the changes in the values ​​of all functions.

For full control of photos, you need to disable “Night mode”. This requires automation, and professional mode is required to create high-quality images on cloudy days.

The modes allow users to avoid editing pictures in third-party applications. The taken photo can be immediately sent to social networks if the settings are selected correctly.

To use the “Panorama” option, an area without moving objects is required, which will not disturb the final image.

The “Hyperlapse” mode makes it possible to create a small film that will be changed by the system and accelerated several times.

Night Mode automatically sets additional lighting when there is not enough natural light in the photo area. The function often performs well, but the lack of optical stabilization limits the option.

How to set up camera on Samsung A50

“How to set up a camera on Samsung A50” is a question of interest to users who want to get high-quality photos from a smartphone. The developers have added a powerful front camera. 25 megapixels to the A50 model. This allows you to open images in good resolution on any device.

Professional camera mode

Pro mode opens up additional settings and a function editor for the user. To use it, you need to find the “PRO” mode and select it.

Shutter duration is a value that can be changed to increase the speed at which the shutter opens. The parameter is indicated in seconds. (1/1000, 1/500, 1/250). Faster exposure increases the amount of light affecting the sensor.

A higher exposure value is recommended for shooting dark areas, but too high a value will cause blur.

When using 1/10, it is recommended to use a tripod.

How to set up the front camera on Samsung A50

There is no direct function to increase the resolution in the settings, but you can change the value using the aspect ratio editing option. The problem is with the 4: 3 ratio turned off, so the pictures come out in 16: 9. For high-quality images, select 4: 3.

Selfie Tips on the Samsung A50

When using the front camera, it is not recommended to set the face retouch and blur setting to maximum. Better to choose the average.

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Image Adjustment

When it comes to how to set up your Samsung TV, look at the picture as well. This can be done in the simplest way using the remote control. Often, the picture on the screen may seem too dark or too light. in order to get the desired color, you need to go to the color rendition settings. You will need to open the Service menu using the button indicated above and select the Image section, then go to the menu with the appropriate parameters.

  • Using the Contrast, you can set the parameters of the ratio between the brightest and darkest image.
  • Clarity helps to adjust the sharpness of the image.
  • The Brightness command allows you to make a picture lighter or noticeably darken it.
  • An option called Color helps you make colors richer or lighter, and switch to black and white.

Correctly adjusted color rendering mode is very important, because the perception of the image depends on it.

There is also an additional and very convenient option that allows you to reset the image completely in the event that you cannot fix it after changing several settings modes.

Channel setup

Of course, right after connecting the TV, users have the question of how to properly set up the reception of TV channels? The predominantly Russian-language interface is selected by default, so you just have to perform simple actions in accordance with this step-by-step algorithm:

  • Open the main menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Go to the basic settings section.
  • Click on the section “Search and configure TV channels”.
  • Choose one of two ways to search for channels. manual or automatic.
  • Wait for the TV to find channels, then save the programs to your Samsung TV.

If the user nevertheless begins to set up television broadcasting in automatic mode, then, in fact, the whole process will take several minutes. The device will find available channels, and then assign them numerical values, by the way, you can change them later.

As soon as you finish setting up your Samsung TV, the first channel in the list will automatically turn on. For a complete list of broadcasts, use the corresponding buttons on the remote control.

Many do not know how to connect and configure an external receiver, especially if it is a satellite box. In fact, it is also not difficult to do this, since mainly the interface of modern receivers has also been translated into Russian and is as simple and understandable as possible.

Now let’s talk about the features of automatic and manual channel search, which are included in free digital TV multiplexes.

Adjusting the picture and sound

When it comes to how to adjust the picture or adjust the volume, many users run into problems. This is actually very easy to do. You will need a remote control.

Often, the picture is too dark or light, to adjust the optimal color reproduction, go to the appropriate settings. Open the service menu by pressing the button on the remote control, and then go to the “Image” section.

  • by changing the contrast, the user adjusts the ratio of dark and light tones;
  • clarity allows you to get rid of the blur effect, the sharpness of the image is adjusted;
  • adjusting the brightness will make the picture darker or lighter, depending on the situation;
  • color correction allows you to make the image as saturated as possible.

Correctly adjusted color reproduction will provide the best possible picture quality. Samsung TVs also allow advanced picture adjustments, but this command is more suitable for advanced users.

Also, a few words need to be said about how the sound is tuned. Believe me, this parameter affects viewing no less than image adjustments. Go to the service menu, namely the “Settings” tab, and then select the “Sound” subsection, here you need to select “Quality and method of sound transmission”.

Newer models of television equipment are equipped with additional functionality for adjusting sound parameters. First off, EQ, Dolby and Surround Mode should be noted.

The speaker system of absolutely all TV models has individual characteristics, which undoubtedly need to be taken into account in order to properly adjust the sound. Each parameter in the final score affects the overall sound.

Of course, Smart TV models are equipped with a more detailed system of sound and picture settings, so the user will be able to adjust the operation of the television equipment for himself. When adjusting the picture, open the image and compare by it how much the template you created differs from the default parameters.

That’s all. We examined all the subtleties of Samsung TV settings and gave specific recommendations that will allow you to choose the optimal settings.

Adjusting the TV picture: step by step

The easiest way is to go to settings. To do this, you need to press the corresponding button on the remote control. A menu will appear with a list of all components. Move the sliders, setting the values ​​we need.

But there are ways to customize the components at a professional level. For instance:

  • For brightness, download the “Pluge pattern” image (use the Internet). We will have a vertical strip of several cells going in a row. The cell on the left will be completely black. We need to expose the image in such a way that all the cells are different shades (starting from black, they become brighter until it turns out that the right one is completely white). It is important to clearly see the difference between all the cells. Special discs are also sold to set the brightness.
  • The contrast is adjusted accordingly, only the left cell is completely gray. Adjust it so that in each next cell the gray tint becomes whiter. The last cell is completely white. It is necessary that all cells are in different tones.
  • To determine the saturation, you need a high-quality photo. It is necessary to compare the picture on the device and on the photo, making it identical. We select several different images (be sure to take pictures of nature, since they have a lot of green colors). This shade is the most difficult to perceive, so it will be very difficult to expose it to the eye. In addition to pictures of nature, a high-quality photo of a person is required (for comparisons of skin tones).
  • To adjust the focus, download the Sharpness pattern application. Using this program, we adjust the clarity. First you need to choose a comfortable location in order to see all the pictures on the TV. Launch “Sharpness pattern”. We build clarity in such a way that everyone is visible, even the thinnest mowing lines.

To install formats, you hardly need any special programs. The size of the picture does not provide for settings at a special level, standard enough.

Reference! The difference between normal and professional settings is that you can adjust all the parameters of the images, taking into account the smallest details. The picture will become better.

There are many programs on the Internet that will help you customize the pictures on your device. We download the appropriate ones and install them on the TV.

Samsung TV Features

The well-known company Samsung is deservedly considered one of the leading brands in the home appliance market. The TVs of this company are considered one of the best, which is confirmed by numerous users. The manufacturer strives to expand the available range of device models and every year releases a certain number of new options equipped with a full set of all the necessary options. Each series has its own peculiarities of settings, and sometimes it is not so easy to understand them. A modern LCD TV set, for example, the 5500 model, with improved functionality is equipped with additional options and is able to be easily configured.

In fact, setting up an LCD TV from this brand rarely causes problems for users. You can set up such a TV as quickly as possible, even if you lose the instructions: all the menu interface options are extremely clear and precise at an intuitive level for everyone. For this, the remote control and the existing connection to the most standard antenna will be enough. So that the question of how to properly set up a Samsung TV could not confuse you, you should remember that all options are available in the Service menu, which can be accessed by pressing the Menu button on the remote control.

Any new TV owner wants to figure out how to tune the channels on their new TV. This can be done through the Menu, where the default language is English, which you can change if you wish. Samsung TV features make it easy.

It is better to change the language in advance, since the Russian-language interface will help you quickly get used to the functionality of the new TV.

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Manual mode

To re-tune TV channels on an already old Samsung TV model manually, without calling the wizard, you need to take into account several extremely important nuances at once:

  • old models differ from new ones in a complex and incomprehensible interface, because of this problems arise;
  • outdated TVs are not equipped with automatic tuning;
  • old Samsung TVs are not capable of broadcasting high-definition images.

Manual tuning involves changing many important basic parameters. Sometimes this scares off users, although in fact there is nothing difficult about it, you just need to adjust the frequency correctly, you definitely cannot break the TV.

How do I tune my TV manually? Follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

How To Customize Samsung Galaxy A50, A70, A80 & Any Samsung Devices Like A PRO

  • Open the main menu, and then go to the “Antenna” section.
  • We select “Setting manually”. “Setting up digital TV channels”.
  • Click on “Create”, as a result of which a window will open with additional indicators: purity, module, transfer.
  • First you need to set the following parameters 170,000 kHz, 128 QAM and 6900 KS / s.
  • The TV will tune in for a certain time while searching for channels. Images will change, and TV footage will start to appear.
  • After the end, you need to click on the “Save” button, after which a window will appear for adjusting the frequency, module and transmission, leave the last parameters unchanged, but indicate a new frequency. 178000 kHz, start the search again.

By the same principle, you can continue to search for TV channels, constantly adding 8000 kHz to the frequency. Experiments of this kind can be carried out up to an indicator of 226,000.

In this way, the sound and picture quality can also be significantly improved by making them very clear. Go to the menu and select the “Image” section, and then arbitrarily adjust the clarity, brightness, contrast and other parameters.

You can also sort the channels manually. To do this, open the main menu, and then go to the “Broadcast” section. Check the boxes next to the required programs. Here you can add your favorite channels to favorites or save the current arrangement.

Auto mode

It is the auto-tuning function that is the reason that many experts define Samsung TV-equipment as the “smartest” among all on the market. Each user will be able to automatically tune TV programs, arrange them alphabetically.

First you need to choose a signal source: antenna, cable, satellite. Some Smart TV models are offered to the user by the most popular providers: NTV, Telekarta, Rostelecom, Tricolor. If you want to use the services of the listed operators, then the channels will be found automatically and arranged according to the traditional order.

After completing autotuning, select the programs of a specific provider. They will be arranged in accordance with the settings of the TV broadcast operator. To change the location of channels, use the “Move” function:

  • Press the Main Menu button on the remote control.
  • Then select the command “Broadcast” it is presented in the form of a white satellite dish icon.
  • Scroll down until we come across the command “Change the channel number”, activate it by selecting “Enable”.
  • To go to the next step, return to the “Home” tab, and then open the “Broadcasts” section again, press the right and select the “Change” command.
  • Select the channel, the location of which you would like to change, select it with a tick, and then click on “Change number”.

You can start automatic search without a remote control. If you are using LCD TV Smart TV, then you can enable auto-tuning using a keyboard, mouse, or the most ordinary smartphone. Conventional TVs can be configured via the navigation buttons located on the front of the device.

If frozen

Hanging Samsung A 50 can be tried to revive a simple, but very effective method: pry the cover and remove the battery from the device. A cardinal solution will not eliminate the failures that have arisen, but will return the smartphone to work.

If the freeze problem persists, then you need to eliminate the root cause. Think, are there any dubious applications or programs installed on your smartphone that can conflict with Android? First, you need to delete them, and then reset them, removing their traces in the system:

  • Open the “Settings” Samsung A 50.
  • Tap “General settings”.
  • We select the item “Archive and reset”.
  • Tap “Reset”.

We are waiting for the phone to reboot and enjoy a clean system that works without crashes due to conflicts with installed dubious applications. Reset allows you to troubleshoot the functioning of Android without affecting user files.

How to restart a smartphone

The method of how to restart a Samsung A50 smartphone does not fundamentally differ from the restart methods of the entire line. For this:

  • Hold down the Power, Volume Down and Screen Activation buttons at the same time.
  • Wait until the phone prompts you to select an action and tap “Restart”.

The Samsung Galaxy screen will go out, and after a while the screen saver will appear and the phone will enter the operating mode again, getting rid of the existing Android crash.

If it does not turn on

A reboot is sometimes required for a smartphone that has stopped turning on, although it is definitely charged. To restart and fix the system crash, follow these simple instructions:

  • Clamp the power and volume down buttons together.
  • Do not release the keys and hold them for at least 7 seconds.

The device should then start up, and the legendary Samsung screensaver will appear on the screen. If the problem recurs frequently, we recommend that you reset your phone to fix system problems.

Features of the model

The budget model burst into the market and immediately impressed users with its technical characteristics, which are not inferior to the flagship lines. Features of face recognition and fingerprint protection against unauthorized access appeared in inexpensive devices only from Samsung, and this is a significant breakthrough. Two microphones and a unique noise cancellation system make the use of a budget gadget convenient and comfortable, and the high performance, economical battery consumption and fast charging with the original charger were immediately appreciated by the owners of the novelty.

The smartphone supports the functions of custom settings, in addition, the gadget has a night mode, perfectly takes pictures and shoots videos tolerably. A 50 has standard security and privacy features, and also allows the owner to have multiple social media accounts and clone applications.

A large number of positive aspects do not protect the smartphone from malfunctions. Often the device requires a reboot, and this can be done in different ways.

How to reset Samsung Galaxy A50

You may need to restart your Samsung Galaxy A50 if the device malfunctions, often freezes or does not want to turn on at all.

Possible problems

Samsung A 50 is a fairly new model, so serious malfunctions in its work, despite careful study, often occur. Some of them are of a temporary nature, for example, problems with the rapid consumption of the charge, which is gradually leveled out by itself. Users also note failures in the identification of fingerprints, but even here the craftsmen have found a way out. instead of three different pads, they scan the same one, which allows Honor to have all the nuances of reading.

Other problems arise already during the operation of the device due to the fault of the users. Samsung may freeze and require a reboot due to full memory, mechanical damage to internal parts due to the fall of the smartphone or deformation, moisture ingress. Android malfunctions can also occur when dubious applications or not yet stable updates are installed on the device.

If you suspect damage or a factory defect, it is advisable to seek professional help. On the official website of the manufacturer, a list of service centers is presented, where qualified employees of the company will diagnose the device and identify the real cause of constant malfunctions.