How to create mail on iPhone 7

login via computer

You can enter Icloud from a computer in different ways:

  • Use a Windows program. It can be downloaded from the official website. After installation, you can log into your account by entering the ID and password to it.
  • Use Outlook for Windows. Here you need to configure the server according to IMAP or SMTP standards.
  • Server name: or
  • SSL: Yes.
  • Port: 993.
  • Username (email).
  • Come up with a password.
  • Server name:
  • SSL: Yes.
  • Port: 587.
  • SMTP: Yes.

After these settings, you can use the email address on the Outlook resource to the fullest.

How to adjust email on iPhone?

“Apple” device leaves the ability to customize e-mail to the needs of the user. What options are available to the owner of the iPhone, it is easy to find out by going along the path “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars” and clicking on the name of the mailbox.

At the very bottom of the “Account” section there will be a subsection “Additional”. you need to go there.

The subsection “Advanced” contains the following blocks of mail settings:

The behavior of the boxes. The “Mailbox behavior” block is used to configure the correspondence between mailboxes on the iPhone and on the server. For example, with this configuration, which is shown in the figure below, letters sent to the Trash from the iPhone will be saved in the Outbox folder on the server.

A place to move unwanted messages. If you set in this block “Archive box”, and not “Deleted”, letters erased through the iPhone will be transferred to the archive on the server. just in case.

Deleted messages. In this block, you can set after what period of time letters from the mailbox will be deleted irretrievably. There is an option “Never”. for the most cautious users.

Setting up incoming. This block contains several parameters:

  • Use SSL. If the slider is activated, letters are sent via a secure channel. as a result, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality.
  • Authentication. You can configure the iPhone so that the user is authorized by mail not by entering a username and password, but by other means. for example, through an MD5 Challenge response. It is better not to go into the authentication settings: entering a password is the easiest way to enter the mail.
  • S / Mime. The S / Mime option allows you to send encrypted messages. We note right away: to use S / Mime, you need to have a digital certificate.

Do not change anything in the “IMAP Path Prefix” and “Server Port” fields. The first field does not need to be filled in at all, in the second the value is set automatically when the user adds a mailbox.

How to setup?

Today we will discuss how to set up mail and your mailbox on an iPad or iPhone. For example, consider the most popular e-mail service in Russia The actual setting of is not much different from other similar services. the algorithm is the same everywhere.

We start by going into the settings of our mobile device:

We find the section Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and in it the subsection “Accounts”, in which you need to click on the item “Add”.

A dialog for adding an account will open:

Now click on “Add Account”:

Here we enter your email address and password. Click on “Next”.

It remains only to correctly enter the addresses of the mail servers:

On recent iOS versions, this window may be slightly different:

But do not be afraid. all parameters are the same. Select the type of protocol used. IMAP or POP, and then simply enter the server addresses and password for authorization.

It is not difficult to add a mailbox registered with Google (Gmail), AOL or Yahoo to your Apple gadget. However, when it becomes necessary to add an account for a Russian-language mail service. for example, Rambler. the user of a mobile device has to puzzle over. The difficulty lies in the fact that when setting up mail on the iPhone, it is not enough to enter a username and password. the “Mail” application requires you to specify information that is usually unknown to an ordinary user. Where to get such information and how to set up mail on iPhone successfully, you will learn from this article.

login from Android device

From Android, you can sign in to iCloud in two ways:

  • Use a browser.
  • Use special mail applications.

The first option is similar to logging in through a computer browser. You need to go to the official website and enter your ID and password.

To enter through an additional program, you will need access to the server.

Generally, Android uses Gmail by default. Server setup process looks the same as in Outlook.

iPhone login

Apple has created a dedicated Icloud Mail app. It is very easy to log in from your phone this way. To do this, just open the settings menu and click on the section of the same name. You need to confirm the action with your Apple ID and password. In the event that the passwords are lost, you will be able to enter the application only after they are restored.

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How to sign out of mail on iPhone

Click on Account. You will see the “iCloud” option and the names of the other mail services that you added to the Mail app.

    For example, the option “Gmail” or “Yahoo!” may appear.

Move the slider under Mail to the left. It will turn white. The account of the selected mail service will be removed from the mail application, that is, you will be signed out of this account.

    You can also click Delete at the bottom of any email account page (except iCloud) to remove the account from the Mail app.

create, mail, iphone

How to set up Yandex mail and other services

By default, the Mail app on iPhone only prompts you to set up mail for a few services: Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo !, Aol, and Outlook. However, it is possible to add any mail service to the application.

Launch the standard Mail application and select Other, which is at the bottom of the list.

On the page that opens, select “New account”.

On the next page, you need to specify:

  • Name. your name, it will be displayed in the automatically generated signature when sending letters.
  • E-mail. mailbox address.
  • Password. password for the mailbox.
  • Description. this field is filled in automatically, but you can specify any information in it for easier identification of the mailbox.

When all the fields are filled in, click “Next”.

At the last stage of setting up mail of any service on the iPhone, you will only have to click the “Save” button.

Done! You have successfully configured your mail service mail on iPhone, even if it was not in the standard list.

How to set up first mail on iPhone

Launch the standard Mail application and select your mail service.

Important! If you are using mail from. “Yandex” or another service that is not on the list, then scroll through the instructions below. it tells in detail how to set up any mail on the iPhone.

Enter the username and password for your mail account.

If the data is entered correctly, then you will see the last page for setting up mail on the iPhone. On it, the application will offer to synchronize with the smartphone various content stored in the mail service, for example, contacts or calendars. Uncheck or, conversely, check the boxes on the necessary items.

Be sure to click “Save” to finish setting up mail on iPhone.

Done! Your emails will instantly appear in the Mail app.

How to set up mail on iPhone (from Gmail to and Yandex)

Detailed instructions for setting up any mail on iPhone.

The standard iPhone Mail app is on par with most third-party email clients. Many users of “Mail” do like more analogs at all due to its simplicity. In this tutorial, we showed you how to add any mailbox to the Mail app on your iPhone. In addition, we considered the possibility of adding additional boxes.

iPhone 7: How to Add an Email Account

How to set up mail on iPhone for second and subsequent mailboxes

Most modern users have more than one mailbox. Fortunately, adding new mail on iPhone is easy.

Go to the menu “Settings” → “Passwords and accounts” and select “Add account”.

In the list that opens, select the desired postal service or the “Other” item (by analogy with the previous instruction).

Enter your username and password for your account.

Confirm adding mail by clicking the “Save” button.

Done! In this simple way, you can add an unlimited number of mailboxes to the standard Mail application.

Automatically set up mail on iPad

To synchronize an e-mail box in automatic mode on other devices, the scenario is different from the previous one.

If the e-mail is synchronized on the iPad, then at the next stage you will need to enter the phone number for this gadget. The phone must support 3G. You will also need a cellular data number. You can find it out by going to the “Settings” section of your mail service. The information will be in the “General” tab = “Details” = “Cellular data transmission system number”.

Then you need to choose a service provider. If the telecom provider is not indicated in the list, you will need to send a link to your e-mail box, which is tied to a phone number.

After following the link, you will need to click the “Install” button. If the phone is protected by a code, you must enter it during installation.

After that, you need to enter the password for the e-mail box. Then the message “Confirmed” appears, and you can click “Finish”.

How to set up mail on iPhone

The emergence of smart technology obliges owners to use all its capabilities to the maximum. The variety of all kinds of applications allows you to do not only without paper media (for example, a diary), but even exclude the possibility of using a browser. Setting up mail on iPhone. simple business, but requires care.

Set up mail on iPhone automatically

Synchronization of mail for gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol, exchange mailboxes for an iPhone user. the procedure is easy, since they are all used by their own or friendly resources. A mail client is already built into the operating system of the phone, which will allow you not to use manual input of settings, but will automatically pull up all the necessary data.

Already when you open the settings, you can see that the above mailers are highlighted separately.

Setting up any mailbox on the iPhone, including setting up gmail on the iPhone, starts with Settings = Mail = Accounts. It is necessary to click “Add an account” and select the required mailbox At this stage, you will need a username, an e-mail address, a password from it and a description of the mailbox.

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After all the data has been entered, click “Next”, the mailbox will be connected automatically. Setting up Russian-language mail servers is done in a similar way.

Additional mail settings

To use the e-mail box as comfortable as possible, after installation, you can continue to configure the program. Using the Drawer Behavior section, you can configure the correspondence of folders in a drawer on an iPhone to folders on a server. The section “Where to move unwanted messages” will allow you to create a move to the “Trash” or “Archive” folder. In order not to clog the email inbox with deleted messages, you can ensure their complete destruction after a selected period of time.

It is best if messages are sent over a secure protocol. This will require enabling SSL. In addition to password authentication, you can also use NTLM, MD5 Challenge response, HTTP MD5 Digest.

Additionally, you can synchronize the server port, path prefix and encryption standard. After securing the last parameter, all messages will be sent encrypted, so the recipient must have a digital certificate.

How to delete an email account

To delete e-mail from the phone, you need to use the same algorithm as with the synchronization of the mailbox. That is, log in through “Settings” = “Mail” = “Accounts”. After selecting the entry you need to delete, you need to click on it. Going to the next window, click “Remove Account” = “Remove from iPhone”.

After the confirmation received, the entry will be deleted from the phone, messages will stop coming.

How to add a second iCloud to iPhone?

Click the Apple () System Preferences. Click Family Sharing, then click Info next to your name in the list of family members. Click the “Change” button in the shopping and music section of your account. Enter the Apple ID and password you want to use.

Can I create a second account on iPhone?

Go to iCloud Settings and click Create New Apple ID. You will be prompted to enter your date of birth, name and email address (you will need to enter different email addresses for different iTunes / Icloud accounts).

How to create a new mail on iPhone?

Add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Go to the “Settings” “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Click “Add Account” and select a mail service.
  • Enter your email and password.

How to find your account on iPhone?

If you have connected your Apple ID in iPhone / iPad Settings, you can find your Apple ID in: “iCloud” menu. App Store, iTunes Store menu. Menu “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” in the iCloud account.

How to change email address on iPhone?

How to set up mail on iPhone or iPad

  • Open device settings and select Mail, addresses, calendars.
  • Select Add Account.
  • Select Other.
  • Select New Account.
  • Enter the details and click Next.
  • 6.1 Specify the type of mailbox: IMAP or POP.
  • 6.2.
  • Click the radio button next to the mail so that it turns green and click Save.

How to delete iCloud account?

  • Go to the Data & Privacy web page. Log in with the required Apple ID account.
  • In the “Data Management” section, we find the item “Account Deletion” and select “Start”.

Set up an account manually

To set up an Emeil account manually, we will take the e-mail settings that we use for the main account. When you do not know the settings you need, you can find them by contacting your postal service provider. After that, you need to follow these steps:

  • We enter the “Settings” tab, then in the new window we tap on the command “Passwords and accounts”;
  • Then, we need to click on the “New Account” tab, then select “Other” and select “New Account”;
  • Then, we need to enter our own name, Emeil, password and, preferably, describe your account;
  • Tap “Next”. The Mail program will try to find the necessary Emeil parameters and complete the configuration of your e-mail box. If you have already found the necessary e-mail settings, you need to tap on the “Finish” button to complete the setup of your account.

How to create email on iPhone with the Mail app and in manual mode?

Good afternoon friends. How to create email on iPhone? Basically, creating mail on a mobile gadget is no different from creating mail on a computer. Therefore, on the Iphone, you can create it in the same way as on a computer, that is, by registering it in a specific search engine using a browser. In addition, Apple mobile devices have applications to help customize your account.

There are 2 methods of setting up your profile on an iOS mobile gadget using the Mail program: automatic and manual. Let’s take a look at both methods.

We set up mail on Iphone automatically

If you use the iCloud mail service or use mail from the search engines Yahoo and Google, the Mail utility will automatically set up your account when you enter your email and password. To do this, we will perform the following steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” tab of your iPhone, then go to another tab “Passwords and Accounts”;
  • In the new window, click on the “Add Account” command and select one of the email services representative (Yahoo, Google, Aol, etc.);
  • Then, we need to create an unoccupied login before @, this sign is followed by the search engine or the service of the desired mail, after which we must enter the password. Thus, we create an email address;
  • Click on the “Next” button and we will have to wait until the newly created email address is checked by the “Mail” application. If you have a ready-made email address, enter it. So things will go faster;
  • Then, we need to select the email account information. For example, “Contact”, “Calendar”;
  • Tapnem “Preservation”.

If you do not have this service, then we will add a mail profile using a different method.

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Let’s enter profile settings manually

When you still cannot find the parameters of the e-mail box, you will have to enter them manually. Click on the “Next” button and start performing the desired operation:

  • In this window, you need to select the type of the created account. IMAP or POP. Do you know which type you need to take? In this case, you need to contact your postal employee;
  • Next, you need to fill in the lines “Incoming mail server” and “Outgoing mail server”. After that, click on the “Next” button. It may be that you do not know the information you need, in this case it is advisable to try to find it or ask to provide the data to your postal employee;
  • If you entered the parameters correctly, click on the “Save” button to complete the procedure. If the information is incorrect, you will be offered to change it.

Takeaway: You now know how to create email on iPhone and that it’s pretty easy, especially when using the Mail app. But, even if you do not have this program installed, creating an email is quite simple and manual. Success!


Google, like Apple, also has its own mail service. Gmail. You can create a new mailbox in the app of the same name for iOS.

    Install the mail client and run it. On the main screen, click “Login”.

If you are using or have used a Google account on iPhone, select it to sign in and tap “Done” in the upper left corner, or immediately tap “Add account” and go to the next step.

If you already use Gmail and are authorized in it, to register a new mailbox, click on your profile picture and select “Add account” in the pop-up window.

Like Apple’s Mail app, its Google counterpart provides the ability to use different mail services, but not all of them can be registered. In our example, the first option will be considered. “Google”.

After selecting it, click “Continue” in the pop-up window.

On the login page, tap on the words “Create an account”

Enter your first and last name, not necessarily real ones, and then click “Next”.

Enter your date of birth and gender, then go to “Next” again.

Choose a Gmail address automatically generated by the service based on the name you entered, or click “Create your own Gmail address”.

Come up with your own name for the mailbox, and then go to “Next”. Please note that many may already be busy, so you will need to come up with a unique value.

Set a strong password for mail and confirm it by entering it again, then click “Next” again.

In the final window, check the specified information. name and email address, then click “Next”.

and noting your preferred options. To complete, tap “I Accept”.

The created mail will be added to the Gmail app and ready to use.

“Post office

You can register a new mailbox on the iPhone in the standard Mail application. If for some reason you removed it, use the following link to install.

    Launch “Settings” and scroll down to the list of standard applications.

Click on the words “New Account”.

We’ll take iCloud as an example, Google registration is also available. Other services are either not very popular, or do not provide the opportunity we are interested in in the interface of the standard “Mail”.

On the authorization page, use the link “Create Apple ID”.

Enter your first and last name, not necessarily real ones, and also indicate your date of birth, then go to “Next”.

and then “Get e-mail in iCloud” in the pop-up window.

Think up and enter the name of the box, if you wish, activate or, conversely, deactivate the “Apple News” switch, and go to “Next”.

In the notification window, tap “Create e-mail”.

Come up with and confirm a password by entering it in the appropriate fields, and again go to “Next”.

Enter your phone number and select the “Confirmation method” of registration. “Text message” or “Phone call”. Click “Next”.

Read the Terms and Conditions by scrolling down,

then tap “Accept” first at the bottom,

This completes the creation of iCloud mail, which is also a new Apple ID account. In the settings section, opened after the completion of the procedure, you should define what data will be synchronized with it. You can leave active all or only “Mail”, after which the changes must be “Save”.

The registered account will be displayed in the “Accounts” settings section (“Mail” application), which we went to in the second step of this instruction.

The very same e-mail box is available for use in the standard Mail application.


Another possible option for creating a mailbox on the iPhone is provided by the Outlook service, owned by Microsoft. Let’s consider how to register in it.

    Install the application, launch it and click on the “Add accounts” button on the main screen.

Select the domain where you want to register mail. Outlook or Hotmail. Better to give preference to the first.

Then come up with a unique name for the box and click “Next”.

Create a password and go to “Next” again.

Enter the characters on the captcha image, then click “Next”.

Check the privacy settings by first clicking “Next”,

and “Go to Outlook” on the last page.

This completes the registration of the mailbox in Outlook, but by default it will be opened in the web version.

Restart the application to start using the new mail and, if you think necessary, “Enable” the function of sending notifications.