How To Control Xiaomi TV From Phone


How To Control Xiaomi TV From Phone

DroidMote is another great development, especially if you want to induLGe yourself with desktop games on your device. DroidMote supports Android, Linux and Windows. The program is very friendly to gamers. Compatible with Android TV. This system has already been appreciated by professional gamers. Although it is not that good for general manipulation, there are better options.

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is often used in commercial structures to work remotely with various operating systems. Most IT professionals who work with a remote desktop of an office computer using a phone do it in VNC Viewer.

Remote Link

Remote Link uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to a computer. Differs in a large number of additional functions. For example, Joystick Mode allows you to use your phone as a joystick for games, you can restart your computer with a single button or turn it off completely. For beginners, the application may seem rather complicated, so it is recommended to choose it for more experienced users.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an administration tool from Google. To control your Windows 10 computer remotely, you need an additional Chrome browser plugin and a Google account. One of the most interesting features of the utility is the presence of a flawlessly debugged screen sharing function.

Many people find Chrome Remote Desktop to be a very useful tool, as it is very practical and user-friendly. You can work in the application with a touchpad or mouse. To get started, you need to log into your Google Crhome profile.

Unified Remote

The Unified Remote communicates with a computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Includes support for over 75 programs. Supports not only Windows but also Linux and Mac. Basically, Unified Remote turns your phone into a universal remote control. Additional keyboards are supported, such as SwiftKey and Swipe. You can download a free version with limited functionality or get access to all the features of the utility after a one-time payment.


TeamViewer is arguably the most popular and reliable software for the job. There is also a desktop version, with which you can access from one computer to another. Differs in rich functionality. It is very easy to copy files from the gadget to the PC and vice versa. To connect your smartphone to your desktop using TeamViewer, use your existing user ID and password.

Setting up is extremely SIMple, even a person who is poorly versed in computer technologies can easily cope with all stages of installing and launching an application. The download link is located at the top of the official TeamViewer page.

After the application is installed and launched, a window appears with a user ID and password for entering these data in the Android application. The user who controls the computer transmits the identifier and then the password to the person who wants to get remote access to the PC.

After a couple of seconds, a virtual bridge will be created and the desktop interface will be displayed on the smartphone display. At this stage, you can move the cursor around the screen, select and open files, in a word, completely control the computer at the other end.

10 apps to control your computer from your Android phone

Microsoft allows users to access a Windows 10 computer through their phone. Remote connection to an office PC is a great opportunity at any time and from anywhere not only to connect to a work computer, but also to do whatever you want with it remotely. And without getting out of bed, driving a car or in a tent on the river bank.

There are several Android programs with which you can control your computer using your smartphone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any available Internet connection. In this review, we have collected the best of them!

Splashtop 2

Splashtop 2 is a high-performance program with a number of advantages, including a high degree of protection. Great for games, especially racing SIMulators. Splashtop 2 is also popular with IT professionals. Software administrators and customizers often use it to access client machines. Free trial available, but it is recommended to purchase the paid version.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

How could we forget the good old Microsoft Remote Desktop? At least Windows 10 users will clearly not have any compatibility issues, since the application is from the same company as the operating system.

Despite the fact that you do not need to install the client-server on your computer, you still need to perform some SIMple manipulations. On Windows 7 and 8, go to Control Panel, select the System and Security category, then System. Here, in the panel on the left, click on the line “Configure remote access”.

Check the box “Allow remote assistance connections to this computer.” You can set the option “Allow connections only from computers that are running a desktop with network-level authentication” and create a list of users to whom you open access. In case of failures during the communication session, you can try to disable authentication at the network level.

How to control xiaomi TV from phone

Today’s TVs go beyond TV monitors. They are increasingly dominated by the capabilities of a low-power computer, in particular, they can access the Internet, install applications, synchronize with other devices. One of the capabilities of modern TV is the ability to control them using a tablet or smartphone, clearly how to do this will be described in this article.

In order to control the TV, it is necessary that the TV and the smartphone / tablet are connected to the same local network. It is also necessary that the corresponding application be installed on the smartphone / tablet. In practice, it looks like this, you need to connect your TV to a router (via Wi-Fi or a network cable) and connect to the same router from a mobile device.

LG TV Remote 2011. this application should be used for TVs manufactured in 2011

LG TV Remote. this application is suitable for TVs produced in 2012-2013.

LG TV Plus. this application is for 2014 and later TVs with Web OS.

You can find more information in the description for each application.

In my case, I’m using an LG TV with Web OS. therefore, further we will talk about setting it up.

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Attention. In order to avoid problems with the connection of mobile devices and control, we recommend updating the TV firmware.

After installation, launch the app and turn on the TV you want to connect to.

Allow the program to send you notifications.

Click the Start button.

Accept the license agreement.

The program will scan the network for TVs and indicate them in the program. Select the one you need, in this case it is one.

A pin code appears on the TV.

Enter it on your phone / tablet.

Next, a window should appear about the successful connection to the TV.

As a result, you will see a control menu, which is quite easy to understand.

Please note that there is more than one menu. In one of them, you can launch the Smart application or switch the input to another device.

In the other, you can use the touch panel.

The peculiarity of using a phone / tablet as a control panel is that you can control the TV from another room, in general, where your wireless network will be “caught”.

As you could see for yourself, you can control the TV not only using the remote control or the youngest in the family, but also using a smartphone / tablet.

How to control a TV from a phone: control a TV from Android or iOS, how to make a remote control from a smartphone

A bulky TV with a lamp tube and a mechanical channel switch has evolved over the decades to a compact computer that allows not only relaying the signal, but also watching IPTV and streaming. store files, surf the Internet, a number of other useful options.

In such a situation, controlling the TV from the phone can solve the problem. This option can be implemented in several ways, depending on the TV model, mobile phone.

Samsung Universal Remote

Program. the development of a South Korean brand, focused primarily on the management of models of its own production.

If the apartment has several TV panels, you can create several virtual remotes. The functionality of the application allows you to:

  • create your own remote control, combining several household appliances in it;
  • configure macros that allow you to execute commands with one click;
  • enter custom infrared codes into the database;
  • clone settings to other mobile phones, tablets;
  • create a widget for easy access to TV controls.

The developer declares that he will refund the full cost of the application if it turns out to be incompatible with any TV model.

TV Remote Control

The peculiarity of the application is that it is available to users of all versions of Android starting from firmware 2.2, which is quite rare. The interface is available in English, which will not be a hindrance for those who speak only Russian. setup and operation are intuitive, do not require reading the instructions.

The application is compatible with all TV models, regardless of their release year. You can download the application for free. However, sometimes pop-up ads may be shown to users.

TV control technology from the phone

Technology is constantly evolving. If earlier an ordinary user could be surprised by switching television from an ordinary clock, now it is considered normal to use a mobile phone as a remote control.

Depending on the communication capabilities of the TV, you can control it through:

  • Wi-fi or bluetooth connection. The option is available to SmartTV owners when connecting an Android set-top box to an outdated device;
  • infrared port. Suitable for any TV.

They are available in the Play Market and have a clear interface. But there are also universal solutions that allow you not to think about the TV brand, which is especially important if the user interacts with models from different manufacturers.

How to connect your phone to your TV

You can control the TV from a smartphone even if it is over 10 years old. It is enough that the smartphone is equipped with an infrared port, which is available on most Xiaomi models. The device is paired according to a single aLGorithm. It is necessary:

  • download the application from the Play Market;
  • at startup, select the brand, modification of the TV from the list;
  • select the type of signal transmission.

Easy Universal TV Remote

The app is offered as free, but users will sometimes come across adware. There is no way to remove them.

The user has access to a basic set of management tools: turning on the panel, changing channels, setting sounds. To set up, SIMply select a compatible TV model and signal transmission type.

Ways to Control TV Using Your Phone

TV assistant

A program where management is conveniently implemented. Its installation turns an Android smartphone into a wireless functional mouse. You can not only switch channels, but also use the applications installed in the memory of the Smart device.

The plugin developer is Xiaomi, known for its ability to create user-friendly software products. TV assistant is capable of:

  • run programs;
  • move through the menu items;
  • communicate in chats, social networks;
  • take screenshots from TV, saving them on the phone.

For all its advantages, users note a number of disadvantages. Functions do not always work properly, the facts of freezing, mouse freezes are periodically recorded. Problems are associated with both the hardware features of a single smartphone, and with an insufficient level of software implementation of developments.

OneZap Remote

The program is from the paid category. There are more than 200 brands of TVs in the list of supported models. Minimum requirements for a mobile phone. “Android4.0” and higher.

The user can not only use the standard menu, but also create his own. Available for customization:

  • size, shape of buttons;
  • colors of the virtual remote control of the application;
  • the ability to add on a single screen control DVD-player, set-top box.

connecting a mobile phone to a TV. Controlling TV from iPhone or iPad

Controlling a TV from iOS devices feels SIMilar. Of course, they will need a suitable version of the application. But global companies release applications for TVs for all operating systems at once. For example, the Philips TV Remote app is available for both iPhone and iPad. This will allow you to control the TV from any mobile device available at hand. You can also display an image from the screen of a mobile device.

Controlling the TV from a tablet is more convenient than from a phone

Controlling TV from your phone

All you need to link your phone to your TV are these two devices. They must meet the following characteristics:

  • the phone must be on Android or iOS. Depending on the operating system, you will have different TV control applications available;
  • the TV itself must support Wi-Fi. The largest number of controls are available for Android TVs. Some applications can also be connected via a regular Ethernet cable;
  • old TVs can also be connected from a phone if your mobile device has an infrared port. Unfortunately, in modern phones it is less and less common and it is rather difficult to find an up-to-date model with an infrared port.

It turns out that with the right combination of devices, you can connect from your phone to almost any TV.

Universal TV Remote Control app

The TV Remote Control app isn’t made for a specific TV model. it’s a universal app that can connect to dozens of different devices. It is this fact that is the main feature of the program. basically it is just a remote control without any additional features. The app is free but contains ads. For the application to work after placing the devices in the same wireless network, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the device and start the automatic TV search. It will select a TV that is available for connection.
  • Click on your TV. In addition to the name, you will be given its IP address.
  • After a while, the devices will be synchronized, and you can start using the remote.
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A universal TV control application is available in the Play Market

Sony TV app

The Sony TV app is called TV Side View. It has a user-friendly interface. three screens are available for work at once, with which you can work independently. And also in the application, control using voice commands is available.

Sony TV app has three active screens

TV binding is even more automated than in previous applications. the TV is automatically detected within the phone’s communication range. Confirmation is also performed using the code from the screen.

Samsung TV app

With the Smart View app for Samsung TVs, you can display images on your TV not only from your phone, but also from your computer. All the basic features of the TV remote control are also present in the application. For Smart View to work, do the following:

    Connect the TV and the device from which you want to control it to the same network.

Your devices must be on the same network for the application to work

Enter the code from the Samsung TV screen into your phone

Features of TV control for different phone models

Some phone models are different when used to control TVs. For example, Xiaomi phones have an infrared port. As mentioned above, this allows you to control your TV without using a Wi-Fi connection and even connect older models. This port is also available in some Huawei and Lenovo models.

Universal phone: we use a mobile phone as a remote control

Modern TVs are a real miracle of technology and have many interesting possibilities. In this case, they are still controlled using the remote control. But did you know that the remote can be replaced with a regular mobile phone? This useful feature can help you out in a difficult situation.

Connecting a mobile phone to a TV

Usually, a mobile phone is connected to a TV using Wi-Fi. The TV and phone must be connected to the same network. Typically, the connection is performed approximately as follows:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi data on your device.
  • Launch the application through which you want to control the TV.
  • Select your TV model in the app if it is universal and not specifically designed for your model.
  • Once the connection is established, you can control the TV from your mobile device.

But despite the SIMplicity of connecting the phone to the TV, you may still have questions when connecting certain models.

Modern technologies allow you to control your TV using applications on smartphones. over, modern developers and manufacturers of TVs are not limited exclusively to the functionality of the remote control. Users have the ability to display smartphone content on a TV screen.

What do you need to get started? Smartphone, TV and special software. TV remote control application. The most popular option is to connect via a wireless network, as this allows you to download and install various programs on your TV. In this article, we will look at the most popular software products for controlling TV with TV, as well as connecting your phone to your TV.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Another interesting option for controlling your TV from your smartphone. The main difference is in the interface. As for the functionality, it almost completely repeats the set of commands of other applications. You can switch between channels, use the numeric keypad, increase or decrease the sound.

Before starting, you must select one of the proposed connection modes. As with most other apps on the subject, banner ads will appear from time to time. You cannot disable them, since there is no paid version.

Android TV Remote Control

The app is used to control TV from Android phone. Before the first launch, you need to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi network. Further, after launch, the user grants all the necessary permissions, including access to multimedia. From the list of devices, you must select the appropriate TV and you can start using the remote control.

The features of the application include security, localization (there is support for the Russian language), technical support from Google. Controlling your TV from your Android phone with this app is easy and SIMple.

ZaZa Remote

Another universal virtual item with basic functionality. As in the case with the previous application, ZaZa allows you to work not only with a TV, but also control other household appliances. The interface is English, but even those who do not speak foreign languages ​​will be able to understand it.

Immediately after the first launch, instructions and requests for location are offered, as well as access to media files. After entering, you need to synchronize with the TV. To do this, select the desired model and type of device.

The software product is offered free of charge and is supported by all versions of the Android operating system. ZAZA has a user-friendly interface and a large number of device models in the database. Pairing with a TV is fast enough. With the app, you can also control the projector from your phone. Can be installed on a tablet.

TV Remote Control

This program is a universal TV remote control via a phone, that is, it allows you to control a TV of any model using your mobile phone. Despite the absence of a Russian-language version of the software, it has a clear interface that any novice user will understand. To work with the application, it is enough to synchronize the program, smartphone and TV via IrDA interface. The creators of the software product have implemented support for the most popular models of Smart TVs from well-known manufacturers Samsung, PanSonyk, LG, Sharp and Akai.

Using the application for a mobile phone, you can control the numeric keypad (for example, to search for the desired content on the Internet), switch channels on the TV from the phone and change the sound settings. The software product is downloaded in the public domain, so from time to time various advertisements will appear.

Onezap remote

Working with this application allows you to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control for different models and manufacturers of TVs. The database contains more than 250 devices from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Pioneer and others.

The application offers flexible settings for the main menu. In addition, there is a basic version, which can be used immediately after downloading and installing the program. If you want to create your own universal remote, you are offered color settings, as well as the ability to set the size of the keys.

If other devices such as DVDs are connected to the TV, they can also be controlled via the Onezap Remote app.

Samsung TV Remote

This program is designed exclusively for controlling Samsung TVs from your phone. over, you will not be able to connect to TVs of another brand using such a virtual remote control. First, you need to download the application to your phone and make the basic settings. The application is offered exclusively for Android and will not work with other OS.

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Immediately after the first launch of the application, you must allow access to multimedia documents in the phone memory. You can then turn on the TV and connect it to the same network as the smartphone. Finally, you need to make basic settings and you can use the program.

Such a remote for Samsung TV via phone offers a number of advantages. These include the ability to play music from the phone memory. over, streaming is also supported, when several files are selected for their sequential download.

In addition, the developers have provided the ability to view images from a smartphone on the TV screen and turn on the device. Finally, the Samsung TV remote app can be configured to go to sleep when the TV turns off at a specific time.

Controlling TV from your phone

Samsung SmartView

The South Korean company offers to make a remote control from the phone to control the TV. Samsung SmartView is not only a way to control TV devices from this manufacturer, but also the ability to work with other brand household appliances.

The main feature is that you can stream multimedia files from your mobile device to your TV and vice versa. After synchronization, users can watch programs or movies even if they are away from the TV.

Unlike most other TV applications of this type, Samsung SmartView offers richer functionality. For example, if you have several TVs, you can bookmark each of them in the application. In addition, using a smartphone, you can configure the operation of any gadgets connected to the TV device.

The main features of the application:

  • Ability to customize and add your own buttons.
  • One-click action list setup.
  • Creation of infrared codes and commands.
  • Fast sync.
  • Data backup.
  • Widget for the main menu. You can operate the virtual console without turning on the software product.
  • The ability to turn on the TV through the phone.

Universal Applications

For those who are not happy owners of TV from the above brands, there is no reason to be upset. For Android there is a lot of third-party software that will also allow you to make a remote control for a TV out of a smartphone.

Controlling your TV from your smartphone: the best apps

Losing your TV remote. what could be worse? There is no person who would not come across the fact that the remote control is under the pillow, behind the sofa, or taken to another room, and you have to look for it for a long time. The problem is solved by controlling the TV from the phone.

Samsung Smart View

Samsung TV Remote App supports models from 2011. The catalog is constantly updated, while the company takes into account the type of TV. So, there were separate options for managing and configuring the Frame series. The utility is good in that it has full functionality. it allows you to turn the device on and off, switch channels, control the volume and much more.

Separately, it is worth noting the unique interface that allows you to use all applications installed on your TV, smartphone or tablet. For example, you can watch your favorite program on TV, and go to pour tea, not interrupt watching, but continue to do it on your mobile phone.

This software from Samsung, among other things, allows you to control the TV in standby mode (turn it on remotely), provided that there is a network connection. Voice control is also available. Connection. IR, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. The widest functionality is achieved with the last type of connection.

TV Remote

Another universal application with infrared operation. It’s created by third-party developers, so there are ads in it, which can be annoying. The program allows you to perform standard actions, such as turning on the TV, adjusting the volume or adjusting it. The developers promise compatibility with more than 200 thousand TVs and home theaters from a variety of manufacturers.

LG webOS Magic Remote

It’s no secret that LG has created the best Smart TV remote with gyroscope and pointer. It is indispensable for those who actively use the Smart capabilities of their device, as it works by analogy with a mouse, which is very convenient. The previous application is reliable and functional, but still it does not replace the mouse. Therefore, the LG webOS Magic Remote was developed separately, which completely repeats the functions of the real Magic Remote and uses a gyroscope for this.

This utility works via Wi-Fi or infrared (in the second case, the functionality is cut down).

Air Sync Remote-Z

This program allows you to use the phone as a remote control, and also has a mirroring option. displays a picture from a smartphone on the TV screen.

The utility is free, connects only via Wi-Fi, in addition to the standard functions, there is a mouse emulator, which SIMplifies the use of Smart TV options. The program is relatively young, marked as a beta version, but many users have already highly appreciated its capabilities.

LG TV Plus

To use the smartphone as a remote control, the LG brand has created its own utility. It has existed since 2014, but is constantly updated to manage new manufacturer models and support fresh versions of Android OS.

You can download the program for free in the Play Market, the weight is only about 30 MB, which will allow you to install it even on a budget gadget. It can be used not only to turn on / off the TV, change channels or control the volume, but also to view photos and from the gadget on the big screen. The connection is made via Wi-Fi.

VideoTV SideView: Remote

Sony’s software works with Bravia TVs. The connection is carried out exclusively via Wi-Fi. The functionality includes all standard options for controlling and configuring TV.

Also, the user can choose in which mode to use. remote control or media library. In the latter case, the smartphone acts as a content source. Users are satisfied with the functionality, but note that there is no “remember mode” option. you need to choose each time you connect.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV

Quite often, buyers have doubts: will the universal application remote work with the TV, and how to make the connection. Don’t worry about connectivity as most Wi-Fi TVs have Wi-Fi Direct options. It works by default, and you do not need to perform any additional steps to enable it. You just need to install the application on the TV, turn on the search, and the device itself will detect the devices to which it can connect.

The connection via the infrared port is carried out by analogy.

Everything else is done automatically. just follow the steps that appear on the smartphone screen.