How to connect your TV to your home internet

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Is it possible to connect the Internet to a TV?

It’s worth starting with whether it is possible to connect the Internet to a TV? In general, yes, but there are a lot of features depending on the type of device used.

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How can I connect a TV to watch video over the Internet:

  • Co Smart TV. Smart TVs with any operating system are very easy to connect to the Internet. To do this, we can use a home Wi-Fi network, cable or even a mobile device, computer.
  • No Smart TV. By default, such TVs do not have the ability to connect to the Internet, this is simply not required, because the TV will not be able to properly process the signal. They do not support surfing apps, YouTube or other services. And yet it is possible to make the TV work via Wi-Fi, only for this you will have to use auxiliary devices. A TV set-top box, PLC or Wi-Fi adapter comes to the rescue.

Advice! We recommend connecting your TV via Wi-Fi, as this is the most convenient and functional way. The router itself is inexpensive, setup takes a few minutes, the speed and quality of the Internet remain at the proper level. The use of a wire, although it reduces the delay in the transmission of traffic, is associated with the inconvenience in the form of the complexity of laying the cable.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet?

If your TV has a Smart platform, the connection process will be very simple. Such devices already have all the necessary functionality.

using a smartphone or computer

Here a couple of methods are combined at once. The first one is connecting via a smartphone. The peculiarity of the solution is that the user on the smartphone connects to the Internet 4G or Wi-Fi and only broadcasts the picture to the TV. At the same time, the quality suffers, but the speed of searching for content increases, as does the number of possibilities: you can play videos in a browser, broadcast games, etc. For this we need a TV with support for Miracast technology or similar. This is the only way to connect your TV to the Internet via your phone, as you will most likely not be able to use it as a modem.

How to watch video on TV from the Internet via a smartphone:

  • Open the TV settings and in the “Network” section look for “Miracast”. Also, the connection as a wireless monitor can be rendered as a separate application on the home screen.
  • We take the smartphone and unfold the notification curtain so that all the icons are displayed. Here we select “Wireless Monitor”.
  • We wait a bit until the phone detects TV, and enter the password from the TV screen into the application on the smartphone.

Another option is to connect the TV to a computer via HDMI and configure the PC to use the TV as a second screen.

  • Connect TV to PC via HDMI cable.
  • On the computer, press Win I, go to the “System” section to the “Display” tab.
  • Drag the window with the movie to the area of ​​the second monitor (TV) and enjoy the image.

How to connect the Internet to a TV without Smart?

Before connecting a regular TV to the Internet, it is worth noting that this is not possible by default. You will need either an additional device, or you can use the method of broadcasting a picture from a computer (the previous method).

6 ways to connect your TV to the Internet: via Wi-Fi, cable, adapter, set-top box

Television has long ceased to be just a device for watching television. Now we can use it to watch YouTube, movies (both in paid and free applications), watch information in a browser, listen to online radio, etc. For all of the above, we need access to the World Wide Web, and almost every person already has a connection to the network. The main question is how to connect the TV to the Internet. As part of this guide, we analyze all the relevant methods for TVs with and without Smart.

via PLC adapter

The PLC adapter allows you to use the electrical network at home as a conductor of the Internet signal. The method eliminates the need for new cables. The adapter connects to an outlet (not to a surge protector or extension cord, necessarily directly) and distributes the signal.

The principle of connecting the Internet to TV via a PLC adapter:

  • We connect one Ethernet cable to the router, connect the PLC adapter to it and plug it into an outlet.
  • The second cord is connected with one plug to the receiver, and the second to the PLC adapter.
  • We connect the TV receiver and TV tuner.

using a Wi-Fi router

The method is interesting in that we can use it to set up a connection without a wire, that is, if there is a router, the whole procedure comes down to setting up the network parameters. You just need to take care that the TV is in the coverage area of ​​the router. We will take a closer look at how to connect a TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi for several popular TV manufacturers.

How to connect a TV to the Internet via a router using Samsung as an example:

  • Open the TV menu with the Home button on the remote control and go to the “Settings” section.
  • We select the category “General”, and then. “Network”.
  • Click on the button “Open network settings”.
  • We select the type “Wireless” and wait for the search for available Wi-Fi networks.
  • After the name of the home network appears, select it.
  • Enter the password and click “OK”.

Connecting LG TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi:

  • Open the TV settings and select “Advanced settings”.
  • Go to the “Network” tab and click on “Connect to a Wi-Fi network”.
  • From the formed list (it takes time), select the home network and enter the password for it.

On TVs from other manufacturers, the principle is similar, although the names of the sections may differ.

What you need to connect

Setting up a network connection on TV requires:

  • Internet access;
  • TV with LAN connector;
  • TV instructions.

Also, the user should first define his own IP-address, which may be needed in the future. Instructions:

  • Open the computer control panel.
  • Go to the “Network and Internet” section.
  • Go to the subsection “View network status and tasks”.
  • Click on “Local Area Connection”.
  • In the “Status” window, click on the “Details” button.

The peculiarities of connecting wired Internet to the TV are also determined by the type of connection. dynamic IP or PPPOE. It is also better to check this point with the provider in advance. When everything is ready, you can proceed to setting up the connection.

Connecting and setting up the Internet on the TV

To connect your LG TV to the Internet, you need to use a network cable. The main advantage of this synchronization is reliability and maximum connection speed. In some situations, the Wi-Fi signal strength is poor. Since the router distributes a signal to several devices. Therefore, the speed is noticeably reduced.

Mostly, users prefer connecting Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi. If the equipment is not equipped with a built-in wireless module, then cable connection remains the only available option.

How do I set up the Internet on my TV? There is nothing complicated, just follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Find the LAN connector. Mostly this interface is located by manufacturers on the back of the TV.
  • If you plan to connect to the “World Wide Web” not only a TV, but also other devices (computer or laptop), buy a special hub. splitter. The main line is connected, on the one hand, to the connector, and to the additional line we connect PC and TV.
  • Take your remote control and turn on your TV. Click on the “Home” button to enter the main menu.
  • In the tab that opens, select the “Settings” subsection, and then you need to select the “Network” item.
  • Select the “Network Connection” line. In the window that opens, you need to select the “Configure connection” command.
  • Click on the “List of networks” command. A list of available connections will appear on the TV screen, you need to select “Wired network”.
  • Select “Refresh”, and wait a bit for the TV to process the information. As a result, a notification will appear that the Internet connection has been successfully configured.
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TV is connected to the Internet, which means you have access to all websites, applications and content playback online.

Instructions for connecting the TV to the Internet via cable

Connecting TV to the Internet will significantly expand the functionality of the device. How to connect a TV to the Internet via a cable? Setting up the connection is possible only on modern models that are equipped with a LAN connector and corresponding hardware modules.

The connection process itself is reduced to connecting the Ethernet cable plug to the LAN connector of the TV. However, periodically additional subtleties may arise, for example, entering the MAC address. Therefore, a lot depends on which provider you use.

If you can’t connect

Of course, you can connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN connector directly. However, this option is suitable for users whose providers do not use authorization on the network using a MAC address, username and password. What if the provider asks for server data, login and password? The best solution is to connect the TV to the router via a cable. How to do it? Let’s figure it out now.

  • Install a router and set up a home network.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable to the WAN connector on the back of the router.
  • Configure the router through your computer. Enter (0.1.) In the address bar to enter your personal account.
  • Install on the PC or laptop the drivers that were included in the basic package of the router.

Use a UTP cat 5 patch cord to connect to the LAN input located on the back of the TV. The other end must be inserted into the corresponding connector in the router (such interfaces are most often found in yellow or orange). When the two-way patch cord is connected, the indicator on the router will blink, indicating the network load.

When the connection is set up, you can start setting up your TV. It is carried out as follows:

  • Press the “Menu” button on the remote control.
  • Select the “Network” section.
  • Click on the subsection “Network Settings”.
  • As the main mode, you need to set “Connection via cable”.
  • Activate the connection.

This is an effective solution to problems associated with connecting TV to the Internet via cable. Wait for the automatic configuration of synchronization settings to complete, and then select “Finish”.

What to do if a MAC address is requested during authorization? There are several ways to solve this problem. The simplest is the cable connection through the router, which was described earlier. You can also dictate the TV’s MAC address to your provider. To view it, find the “Support” section in the settings, and then go to the “Product Information” tab.

Setting up a cable Internet connection on your TV is far from the most difficult process. Each user will cope with this kind of task.

How to connect LG TV to the Internet via LAN cable

The functionality of modern LG TVs makes it possible to use them not only for watching TV channels, but also as multimedia entertainment centers: watching movies and TV shows, as well as listening to music on streaming services, downloading games and other applications to your TV. All this is made possible thanks to the Smart TV function.

To take full advantage of your LG TV, you need to connect it to the Internet. This can be done in several ways, both wirelessly using Wi-Fi and via a LAN cable. Recently, most TV owners prefer the wireless method, but sometimes due to various conditions it is not possible. In addition, connecting via a LAN cable has an important advantage: the Internet signal will be more reliable and stable, the likelihood of interference is significantly lower than with a wireless connection.

Connecting a TV LG Smart TV to the Internet using a cable LAN: step-by-step instruction

You can connect a TV using a network cable in two ways: through a router or directly. The first method is preferred. Here’s what you need to do for this:

  • A network cable is usually supplied with a TV or router.
  • Connect the cable to the corresponding connectors of the router and LG TV (RJ-45). On LG TVs, it is located on the back panel and is marked with the abbreviation LAN.
  • Wait until the warning “Established connection to a wired network” lights up on the TV screen, this will mean that your TV is connected to the Internet and you can use all its features without restrictions.
  • Some LG TVs manufactured before 2018 may require manual activation of the connection. To do this, press the Smart button on your TV remote control. In the menu that opens, select the “Network” section, in it find the “Configure connection” item and activate the “Wired network”. Confirm the action by clicking on the “Finish” button.

If you don’t have a router, you can connect your LG Smart TV directly. Before that, you will need to make sure that your provider uses a dynamic IP (DHCP), connection is possible only in this case.

The TV will not work with PPoE, L2TP or PPTP connections. In this case, you must use the option of connecting the TV to the Internet through a router.

The connection algorithm is the same: connect the LAN cable to the TV connector and, depending on the model, wait until the connection is automatically activated, or activate it manually through the TV settings menu.

In rare cases, ISPs use a static IP. In this case, connecting the TV to the Internet via a LAN cable is also possible, but you will have to set the IP and DNS addresses manually during the settings.

  • Connect the LAN cable to the corresponding socket on the TV.
  • Press the Smart button on the remote control (Input if you have an LG Magic Remote).
  • In the menu that opens, select the “Network” section, in it find the “Configure connection” item and activate the “Wired network”.
  • In the lower right corner of the pop-up menu, you will see a Manual Configuration button. Click her.
  • You will need to set the required IP address, subnet mask, gateway and in some cases DNS.
  • The TV itself will build a network map and display the connection result. In case you did everything correctly, a pop-up message “Established a connection to a wired network” will appear.

You can find your IP address on your computer. For this you need:

  • open the computer control panel,
  • find the section “Network and Internet”,
  • in it go to the item “View the status of the Network and tasks”,
  • click on the line “Local Area Connection”,
  • In the subsection of the “Status” menu, click on the “Information.

How to connect a TV to the Internet via a mobile phone?

  • Open the network settings on the TV and turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function.
  • On your smartphone, go to Settings → Wireless & networks → Wi-Fi → Wi-Fi Direct.
  • After scanning for available devices, select your TV.
  • Use the “Send” menu on your smartphone to transfer photos, videos and audio to TV.

How to go online from Samsung Smart TV?

Internet access from Samsung Smart TV

  • Open the Smart TV menu with the button on the remote control. It usually looks like this:
  • Launch the browser.
  • Most likely there will be some bookmarks on the main browser screen.
  • In our case, we opened a specific site on a Samsung Smart TV.

How to connect a TV to the Internet via a modem?

To connect a USB modem to a TV, you need:

  • connect the router to a TV receiver using an Ethernet cable;
  • insert the modem into the router;
  • configure the equipment.

How to connect to the Internet to a DEXP TV?

When connecting via the Internet cable, you must connect the cable from the router to the LAN connector on the back of the TV. Press the Menu button and select the desired Settings section. We select the item Network. Next, go to the network configuration and do a few actions.

How to connect an LED TV to the Internet?

How to connect a TV to the Internet via WI-FI

  • Connecting the TV to the network
  • Select: [Wired or Wi-Fi] [Connect to Network].
  • Select the type of connection you are going to use
  • WPS (Recommended)
  • Select [Connect] on the TV
  • Select your wireless home network
  • Enter the encryption key for the wireless network.
  • Wired

How to connect a TV to the Internet via cable?

Setting up the Internet on the TV when connected via a router

  • Connect one end of the LAN cable to any LAN port of the router.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into your TV.
  • Go to the TV settings. To do this, press the “Settings” button on a conventional control panel.
  • Then select “Network”. “Wired Ethernet”.

How to connect the Internet to a Samsung Smart TV via a router?

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi router

  • Hover the cursor over the “Settings” item, go to “Network” from above and select “Network Settings”.
  • Or open the “Settings” and go to the “General”. “Network”. “Open network settings”.
  • Next, you need to select the type of network.

Is it possible to connect an old TV to the Internet?

Yes, all models definitely have a LAN port that allows you to connect to the Internet via cable. But you must admit, this is very inconvenient. You need to lay a network cable from the router to the TV. Perhaps your TV does have Wi-Fi and can be connected to a wireless network.

How to connect a TV to the Internet: the main ways

There are many alternative options for connecting to the Network, however, due to the individual characteristics of the TVs that the manufacturer has provided, the methods may differ or be completely inaccessible. Consider a few basic ones that are suitable for modern TV models.

Internet via TV set-top box on TV

It is very convenient to communicate on TV in instant messengers and video networks if you have a webcam. To implement this method, you need to get a special set-top box with Smart TV. To connect to the global network, you can use both wired and wireless. If you plan to access the Internet on TV via Wi-Fi, then you will have to get a router. You can use a wired connection. To do this, purchase a crimped cable with an HDMI plug (you can use an adapter). Insert one end of the cable into the corresponding output on the set-top box, and the other into the HDMI connector on the TV. After that, Smart applications and video viewing will be available on the TV.

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How to connect the Internet to a TV via a phone

If your internet provider does not allow you to distribute free Wi-Fi, then you will have to get a router that can be used as a distributor that synchronizes both the phone and the TV. People living in the village often face the problem of lack of internet. That is why most of them have a mobile Internet connection. From it, you can also make a distribution of a wireless network for TV. This does not require any additional equipment. Go to the settings of your smartphone (may differ depending on the OS) and find the “Wi-Fi” item. Activate the access point here, after which the phone will be able to distribute a wireless network, and it will not be difficult to connect the TV.

How to connect the Internet to Samsung TVs: top recommendations

Internet connected TVs are also prone to spam, so don’t forget to install antivirus. New models of Samsung TVs perform all the settings for connecting an external network independently, the user only needs to insert a plug with a wire. See the possible connection methods in the previous sections. In terms of mechanical features, they are similar to those discussed earlier.

Option of connecting the TV to the Internet via a PLC adapter

The ability to connect to an external network via Wi-Fi without additional equipment is not always welcomed. This is what we will talk about in this section. To be more precise, consider a method of connecting to the Internet through a special PLC adapter. It works directly from an electrical outlet and transmits a wireless network signal at speeds up to 1 GB. It is convenient to use such equipment if you have a standard modem without a Wi-Fi signal. After connecting the adapter, you just need to correctly connect it to the TV. To do this, use the settings provided by the provider. You can buy such a device from Beeline, Megafon and others.

Features of Internet connection on LG TV

Smart TV is a popular technology found on most modern TVs. With this feature, it is possible to use all the possible services of the Network. But first. they need to be connected.

The entire Internet has special ciphers that protect it from hackers.

Is it possible to connect the Internet to a TV via a PC or laptop and how to do it

Synchronizing a TV and a personal computer is possible, and this has significant advantages for the owner: a high-speed connection for watching movies, convenient video calls, and convenient listening to music. To get started, connect the devices to each other via a wireless LAN or using a special adapter. After that, you need to turn on the DVD output on the TV, and launch two screens on the computer (on a laptop, this is done by pressing the FN button and the key, which shows two screens). It turns out that you seem to be connecting a large monitor (in the form of a TV), and the TV, accordingly, gains access to the Internet.

Connecting a TV via Wi-Fi

If you already have a configured wireless network, then connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi will not be difficult. It doesn’t matter if the TV receiver has an integrated or external Wi-Fi adapter. To be able to view the content of the world wide web, you need to go to the settings menu, where you select the network item. Its settings will offer a choice of two options:

  • Wi-Fi;
  • cable connection.

You must select the first option, and then start the scanning process. The TV will display a list of all available connections on the screen. Among them, you need to go to your access point. The network name can be indicated by the name of the router used or specified in the settings of a computer or laptop. If the general access to the network is closed, then you will need to enter the password.

Having connected the TV to the Internet via a router, you need to check for the presence of a signal. To do this, you can open a browser or any available application. It is worth noting that to view high-quality resource-intensive content online, you will need a stable data transfer rate of at least 30 Mbps.

How to connect a TV to the Internet

The latest generation TVs are very different from their predecessors. This is evident in the improved picture quality and the TV receivers’ screens have become even thinner. But with the development of Internet communications, the worldwide network has become available to every user. Television faded into the background because people were more attracted by the diversity of the content of the world wide web.

TV manufacturers had to react to this fact. As a result, all modern TV receiver models have the Smart TV function and are adapted for using Internet resources. But no matter what advanced technologies they use, each TV is not able to autonomously connect to the network. To do this, you need to make certain settings and use additional equipment.

Ways to connect your TV to the Internet

Interactive television provides users with great opportunities. Now you can schedule TV viewing, compose your own program, record your favorite sports events and movies, and remotely monitor their release. In addition, smart TVs have a basic set of popular Internet sites and social networks that can be viewed on the big screen.

There are two ways to connect your TV to the Internet:

  • wireless connection of a TV receiver;
  • connecting a TV with a cable.

Before you start using the worldwide network, you need to prepare and clarify the technical capabilities of your home equipment. To use Wi-Fi, your TV must have a built-in wireless module. Its availability can be checked upon purchase or in the device’s passport.

If this module is absent, then you need an external Wi-Fi adapter that connects to the TV receiver via the USB input. It is better to purchase such a module taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations for each TV model. You will also need an internet access point. It can be a router or a computer with a configured wireless network.

How to connect a TV to the Internet via cable

If your TV with Smart TV function does not have a built-in or external Wi-Fi adapter, then you can connect the Internet to it using a wired connection. There are two ways to do this:

  • direct cable connection;
  • cable connection from a router.

If you have cable Internet in your apartment or house, then you can connect it to the TV directly. But for this, your ISP must use dynamic IP address technology. At the same time, it follows from Honor that by connecting a single cable to the TV, you will not be able to use the Internet on other devices.

In addition, most Internet service companies bind the user to a specific MAC address. In this case, the connection is possible through a router or router in which the network is already configured. To do this, you need to connect a TV to it with a cable.

On many models, an information window immediately appears indicating that the cable connection is active. If this did not happen, then it must be activated in the network settings. Then you can use the Internet.

How to connect a TV to the Internet?

After a hard day at work, you really want to relax in front of the screen and watch a good movie, program or just an interesting program. But, alas, almost all channels are forced to acknowledge not the quality of programs, but the presence of advertising and mass consumption as the main source of income. Therefore, more and more young people and the older generation are abandoning ordinary television in favor of watching an interesting film. And, therefore, the question of how to connect a TV to the Internet is relevant. It has several solutions, depending on the type of equipment and your capabilities.

What you need to connect your TV to the Internet?

We will look for a solution based on the available knowledge and resources. In fact, connecting the existing equipment to the Internet is not a problem, since the availability of all kinds of devices for an ordinary TV allows you to do this in a short time. So, from the list below, we will look for the most acceptable option for ourselves:

  • Many TVs of the latest generation have an Internet port, like computers and laptops. All that remains is to plug the cable from the Internet into the LAN connector and enjoy watching the selected content. Usually the necessary settings are picked up without your participation. If you suddenly have problems, look for the “Network” tab in the TV settings, indicate the cable connection method, and then enter all the data in the line point by point and set up the IP address.
  • Many people manage to connect different TV models wirelessly, since in this version there are fewer wires and access to the Internet via WI-FI is no worse. This path is bifurcated: it all depends on the type of technique. There are TVs with a built-in tuner, for others we buy it separately. After connecting, enter all the data. But not everyone succeeds in connecting a regular TV via wireless WI-FI, since here you need to have certain knowledge in the settings for the Internet, although often computer owners succeed in this right away.
  • It’s even easier to connect your home TV to the Internet like a normal monitor. You are literally displaying the image on the screen. You will first have to purchase an HDMI cable and connect to your home PC. Now you will have a large screen instead of a monitor, while the image quality will remain at the level.
  • Finally, the most common option is to buy a receiver. There are many receivers from the simplest to the premium ones with many additional functions. This is one of the simplest and most affordable options.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet?

If you immediately decided to act radically and buy smatr, it means that you will not be looking for a cable and the rest of such good once again. Since many Smart TV models are similar, connecting most of them to the home Internet will be approximately the same method.

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We will divide the whole process into several simple steps:

  • After turning on, we are looking for a tab in the “Network” settings, our goal is the “Network Settings” tab.
  • After turning on, you will see a darkened screen with the “Start” button, after pressing it, the technician will begin his work, namely, the search for existing nearby networks.
  • Smart will ask you to indicate the type of connection and you should select the option “Wireless networks”.
  • After a while, he will find networks, among which there will be your home.
  • Choose your own, enter the password.
  • Now the last step. go to the menu, select support and Smart Hub.

Now you can not only select a movie from the network, but also watch social media pages, search for videos with popular characters. In a word, the TV completely takes over the functions of a computer.

Configuration via WPS

If you cannot set the correct network parameters or do not know its name and password, try automatic configuration in WPS mode. In the TV-menu, among the network settings, find the item “Connect via WPS”, go to it. Within 2 minutes, go to the router and hold down the small button with the WPS signature on it for 10-15 seconds. To establish a connection, TV will ask for a pin code. it is indicated in the instructions for the router or on a sticker on its back.


Connecting to a TV via Wi-Fi does not restrict you with wires, but the speed of the Internet is highly dependent on the signal strength. To access the Internet, go to the Wi-Fi setup. the procedure is slightly different on different models. How to connect your LG TV to the Internet:

  • in the settings menu, go to the “Network” tab;
  • go to “Network Connection”;
  • click on “Configure”;
  • the system will display a list of available networks, select the one you need;
  • enter the password from the router;
  • the network will connect, click “Finish”.

To turn on Wi-Fi d on a Samsung TV, do the same with one difference. at the beginning of the setup, select that you need to establish a wireless connection, and not by cable.


The TV’s wired internet connection is reliable, but not very convenient. It is necessary to connect the TV to the router with a standard patch cord wire, plugging it into the LAN port on the back of the TV. In order not to pull a new cable, you can use PowerLine adapters. they plug into the sockets next to 2 devices and allow you to transfer Ethernet data between them over the electrical network.

After connecting the TV to the Internet via cable, set up the connection. Launch the menu in TV, find the item “Network Settings”. Select the type of connection. wired. and run the setup program. The device will receive an IP address, close the menu and check the Internet in a browser or other widget.


If the TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, first check the network access via the router from other devices. computer, smartphone. If the sites do not open anywhere, the problem is in the settings of the router. If the problem only appears on TV, try the following solutions:

  • restart TV and router by turning off and on after 2-3 minutes;
  • if the router is behind a pair of concrete walls, the connection will break, the speed will decrease. move the router closer to the TV;
  • when the connection is broken under load or there is not enough channel speed for watching video. the reason is as a router, buy a more powerful router.

If all else fails, set the connection parameters manually. Turn off the DHCP function in the router parameters, enter the IP address and gateway on the TV. In the IP settings, select manual input and fill in the IP, DNS, subnet mask fields. If you do not know what values ​​to enter, go to a computer connected to the same network in the information about the network connection. Rewrite the corresponding parameters in TV, increasing the last digit in the IP-address by a couple of units. At the end, write down the MAC address of the TV in the router settings.

If your TV doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi

If your TV has a Wi-Fi module, you just need to configure it correctly. If the device does not have built-in Wi-Fi, it is still possible to establish a wireless connection to the network. Buy an external Wi-Fi adapter that plugs into a USB port. When choosing an adapter, be sure to pay attention to compatibility with a specific model of your TV. universal devices do not always allow you to transfer media content.

Another way to set up wireless Internet without built-in Wi-Fi is to connect the TV to a router or repeater. Take a router. even budget models will do. and put it into adapter or bridge mode, connect a network cable to the LAN port of the TV.

How to connect a TV to the Internet

You can watch movies from video hosting sites, chat on social networks or read news in a browser not only on a computer and smartphone, but also on TV. To do this, the TV must have a built-in Smart TV function or an additional set-top box for it and a stable network connection. We will tell you how to connect the TV directly to the Internet. for this you need an Ethernet cable or a router and a Wi-Fi module.

We figured out how to connect television to the Internet. Choose wired or wireless connection and connect devices. Modern manufacturers have made the process as easy as possible, so complex settings will not be required.

How to connect a Smart TV to the Internet via WI-FI

Smart TVs are actually a transitional option between old boxes for watching terrestrial TV channels and a computer. The word Smart itself implies “smart”, but still a TV. Now new generations of television receivers are appearing on the market, in fact already endowed with intelligence in the form of a full-fledged operating system. For example, Sony on Android TV. Against their background, Smart TVs are becoming cheaper, which means more affordable. One of the main “tricks” of any such devices is the ability to access the Internet through a home network to view video hosting sites such as YouTube or RuTube, visit social networks Odnoklassniki,. and other portals. Therefore, today we will consider a question that is very common among the owners of such devices. how to connect a Smart TV to the Internet via the WI-FI network of a home router.
As part of this article, I will tell you about Samsung and LG TVs, which hold leading positions in sales in Russia. For Phillips TV owners, I recommend watching this article. link.

Internet setup via WI-FI on LG Smart TVs

To enter the Smart TV settings menu for LG TVs, press the “Settings” button on the remote control. In the menu that appears, select the “Network” item. “Network connection”:

The following informational message will appear:

Click the “Configure connection” button. In the next window, click on the “List of networks” button:

A search for Wi-Fi networks will start, at the end of which you will see a list of available ones:

Attention! In cases when you need to manually set the parameters of the wireless network used (WPS, hidden SSID, etc.). click the “Manual setup” button

At the next stage, Smart TV LG TV will ask you to enter a password to connect to WI-FI:

After entering the security key, click “OK” and enter the configuration of the IP protocol parameters:

As a rule, if you connect to a home Wi-Fi router, the receipt of addresses is left in automatic mode. If you need to register a static IP address or specify a different DNS server, select the “Enter manually” option and enter your values. Press the “OK” button.

This information window indicates that the TV has successfully connected to the WI-FI network. Click on the “Finish” button and check access to the global web.

In the upper right corner, you should see a green wireless network icon, which indicates that LG Smart TV is successfully connected to the Internet via WI-FI.

Connecting Samsung Smart TV to WI-FI

To enter the Smart TV settings of Samsung TVs, you need to press the Menu button on the remote control. The following options menu will appear:

We select the “Network” section, and in it. “Network settings”. After that, the following window should start:

Mark with a green dot the type of network connection “Wireless network (shared)” and click on the “Next” button.
The TV should start searching for Wi-Fi networks and display a list of available for connection.

Choosing your home grid. After that, the system will ask you to enter the connection password:

If you have forgotten the security key, then this instruction will help. In case of successful connection of Samsung Smart TV to WI-FI, you will see something like this:

Click the “OK” button. After that, the TV should have Internet access.

Note: If you need to register an IP address or manually specify the addresses of DNS servers, click the “IP Settings” button and write the required values.

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If the TV does not connect to the Internet

In this case, I would advise first to connect a laptop, tablet or phone to the same home Wi-Fi network and check access to the global web. This will immediately determine in which direction to look for a malfunction.
As a rule, one of the most common reasons is a disabled DHCP server on the router. To check this, you need to go to the web interface of the router and in the LAN section find the DHCP server settings and check that it is enabled (enable).