How to connect your phone to your iPhone 8 TV

How to connect Action Camera to your phone

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Action cameras work with a similar algorithm. But each manufacturer has its own differences, which need to be told.

  • for correct operation, you need to download special applications from the manufacturer;
  • if the action camera does not connect to the phone, you should double-check the stability of the connection and the version of the installed software.

Yi Action Camera for Xiaomi smartphone

Connecting Action Camera starts with turning on gadgets and configuring phone settings.

  • Turn on the device by pressing the large button next to the lens. She is responsible for turning on / off the camera. To quickly find it, you can see the instructions.
  • Press the button on the right side (in the instructions it is indicated as the Wi-Fi On / Off button) until the indicator light comes on. This is a wi-fi module to which the mobile device will be connected.
  • Download from Google Play for Android gadgets or AppStore for iOS devices YI Action Cam app.
  • Connect your smartphone to the camera’s Wi-Fi network, which will look like YDXJ-XXXXXXXXX. The password is specified in the Xiaomi camera manual.
  • Connect your phone to this network by syncing your gadgets.
  • Turn on the downloaded application and select the required device.
  • Click on the desired model and wait for the synchronization process.

Important: Updates will be received for this application. The software itself will signal the presence of drivers and offer to install them.

Action Camera Sony

The connection mechanism of the action camera depends on the device model and the technologies supported by the mobile phone. Sony gadgets work via WI-FI and NFC. To find out what a particular device works with, you should look at its instructions.

Important: Before connecting the camera to a smartphone, you need to install the PlayMemories Mobile app, as the devices will be connected through it.

When connected via NFC, gadgets connect automatically.

NFC connection algorithm:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the camera and select one of the shooting modes.
  • Enable NFC on Smartphone.
  • Attach gadgets to each other.

When connecting via Wi-Fi, the algorithm is as follows:

  • turn on Wi-fi on the camera and select any shooting mode;
  • launch PlayMemories on mobile;
  • select a camera (network name. its serial number);
  • enter the password that is printed on the sticker with the serial number;
  • go to the application and start working with the camera.

Instructions on how to connect Action Camera to a phone, using the example of 3 popular manufacturers

Action cameras are some of the most purchased gadgets for extreme photography. They are compact and at the same time can work in any conditions: from a simple walk around the city to mountain climbing or a long swim. To control the device remotely, it is synchronized with a smartphone. How to properly connect an action camera, what applications to use for phones with Android and iOS. in the material below.

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Why connect Action Camera to your phone

This will allow control directly from the phone. The smartphone will replace the external monitor and viewfinder (if the device does not have one), so that you can see the entire frame on the screen of the mobile.

With this connection, you can transfer files “over the air”, which simplifies work in those conditions where it is impossible to quickly send data by other means.

Action Camera GoPro

To work with devices of this brand, you should download the GoProApp app. It can be used to control the camera remotely.

To start connecting a GoPro camera and a smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on Wi-fi on devices.
  • Enable shooting mode.
  • Select a Wi-fi network. Its name repeats the serial number.
  • Launch application on mobile.
  • Select a camera (the network name will correspond to the serial number of the device).
  • Enter the password that is printed on the serial number sticker.
  • Go to the application and work with the camera through the GoProApp application.

Apps from Play Market to synchronize Action Camera and smartphone

What applications should owners of other popular brands use, such as SJ, Sigma, Delta, etc.? In this case, you can use third-party applications.

Universal software is listed in the table:

Mobile connection allows you to view, edit and share video even when you are at a distance from the camera. The main thing is to adhere to the instructions from the manufacturer, and then the connection between the gadgets will pass quickly and without problems.

Connection via additional devices

You can use additional devices to link your iPhone to your TV. Most often used:

  • Google Chromecast;
  • Apple TV.

Google Chromecast allows you to connect a TV and an iOS device. Externally, the device resembles a USB flash drive. Chromecast connects to a mobile device via a cable, and to a TV via an HDMI port. Thanks to Chromecast, you can watch movies, run games, and surf the Internet. No special knowledge of setting up the device is required.

Apple TV is a multimedia player. To configure the device, you must sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Turn on your TV and Apple TV receiver;
  • Switch TV to signal input;
  • The device interface will appear on the screen. It is recommended to recheck the settings;
  • Connect iPhone to your home network using a wireless connection.

After that, all devices will be synced. It remains only to transfer any video files or graphic images to the TV.

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HDMI connection

To solve this problem, you need to additionally purchase an Apple Digital AV Adapter. This adapter has an HDMI connector. When you have all the components in your hands, you can connect them to the phone and TV.

First, you need to turn off your iPhone, as well as your TV. Now you can connect the wire. One end plugs into the TV (the connector is located on the side or back). The other end connects to the adapter, which in turn needs to be connected to Lightning.

When the wire is connected to both devices, you can turn on the TV and iPhone. In most cases, devices are detected and configured automatically. After finding the TV, the Mirroring option is activated. Thanks to this function, the image is transmitted to the TV screen.

Sometimes there are cases when the connection cannot be configured in automatic mode. If this happens, you need to do everything manually:

  • The iPhone needs to enable data transfer via HDMI. The parameter is enabled in the settings;
  • On the TV, you need to turn on the signal source. HDMI;
  • Wait 10-15 seconds.

After that, the image will be transferred to the TV screen. It should be noted that this type of connection allows you to transmit not only the image, but also the sound to the TV display.

How to connect iPhone to TV

A device like the iPhone is becoming more popular every year. That is why the developers are doing everything to ensure that the device meets the expectations of buyers. Mobile device owners sometimes wonder how to connect an iPhone to a TV. In fact, there are several ways to connect:

  • Using wireless communication;
  • Via HDMI cable;
  • Through an analog cable;
  • With the help of additional devices;
  • Via USB cable.

It should be noted that each method is unique and has its own capabilities. Connecting with some cables only allows you to transfer photos. Other methods allow you to watch movies and run games.

How to transfer an image via USB

It should be noted that you cannot duplicate the contents of the screen of a mobile device to the TV if you synchronize them via the USB interface. The Iphone will act as a storage medium. To connect your iPhone to your TV via USB, you need to use an appropriate cable. It is best to carry out the entire procedure sequentially:

  • Disable TV and iPhone;
  • Connect the cable to both devices;
  • Turn on the TV and then the mobile device.

How to display video on TV screen if devices are synchronized via USB interface? To do this, you will need to use the TV settings. First, go to connected devices and then select video mode. It is important to note that modern TVs are capable of reproducing almost any popular formats.

As you can see from the instructions, it is not difficult to connect an iPhone of any version to a TV via a USB cable. It should be noted that it is also better to disconnect the wire after disconnecting the devices.

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Wi-Fi connection

Before you start synchronizing your mobile device and TV, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of TV. It doesn’t matter which device is used, Samsung or LG, the main thing is that it can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If your TV supports wireless, you need to set it up. To do this, just go to the settings, and then turn on Wi-Fi. As soon as it is possible to organize the connection of the TV with a local network, you can proceed to the next step.

Users need to connect iPhone to the same local network. To do this, you need to select the appropriate connection in the settings. Costs Honor that a password may be required.

In the next step, you need to launch an application such as Twonky Beam on your smartphone. The program can be downloaded from the Apple Store. When the application is installed and launched, you need to check the box next to the “Show or hide the visual”.

When iPhone setup is complete, you need to select the video you want to transfer to the TV screen. Now it remains only in the additional menu to select the TV to which the connection will be made. After the inscription “Beaming” appears, the video will be broadcast.

Broadcast via analog cable

You can display the image from the iPhone on the TV screen using an analog cable. Such a wire is popularly known as the “Tulip“. The disadvantage of this connection method is that it is impossible to transmit high-definition video through an analog cable.

You can connect to TV using one of the following wires:

  • Composite;
  • Component;
  • VGA cable.

So how do you connect your iPhone to your TV via composite wire? It’s simple, the “bells” are inserted into the TV, and the remaining end of the wire into the mobile device. With such a connection, you don’t need to set up the TV, just turn on AV, and you need to turn on “Mirroring” in the phone. The function can be found in the settings.

With iPhone version 4 and above, the picture can be transferred to the TV using a component cable. The connection principle does not differ from the composite one. One end is inserted into a mobile device and the other into a TV.

The VGA cable is more complicated. To connect such a wire to a mobile device, you need to purchase an Apple Lightning VGA Adapter. Honor should be able to connect iPhones version 5 and higher in this way.