How to connect your phone to your iPhone 7 TV

Connection via additional devices

You can use additional devices to link your iPhone to your TV. Most often used:

  • Google Chromecast;
  • Apple TV.

Google Chromecast allows you to connect a TV and an iOS device. Externally, the device resembles a USB flash drive. Chromecast connects to a mobile device via a cable, and to a TV via an HDMI port. Thanks to Chromecast, you can watch movies, run games, and surf the Internet. No special knowledge of setting up the device is required.

Apple TV is a multimedia player. To configure the device, you must sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Turn on your TV and Apple TV receiver;
  • Switch TV to signal input;
  • The device interface will appear on the screen. It is recommended to recheck the settings;
  • Connect iPhone to your home network using a wireless connection.

After that, all devices will be synced. It remains only to transfer any video files or graphic images to the TV.

How can I connect an iPhone to an LED TV

Mobile developers are constantly working on their products. The same goes for the iPhone. Modern models have excellent screen resolutions. In this regard, users get the opportunity to view not only photos, but also movies in high quality. Despite the functionality of the iPhone, sometimes there is a need to connect a mobile device to a TV.

Broadcast via analog cable

You can display the image from the iPhone on the TV screen using an analog cable. Such a wire is popularly known as the “Tulip”. The disadvantage of this connection method is that it is impossible to transmit high-definition video through an analog cable.

Screen Mirroring iPhone 7 (No Apple TV Required). 2017 New Method

You can connect to TV using one of the following wires:

  • Composite;
  • Component;
  • VGA cable.

So how do you connect your iPhone to your TV via composite wire? It’s simple, the “bells” are inserted into the TV, and the remaining end of the wire into the mobile device. With such a connection, you don’t need to set up the TV, just turn on AV, and you need to turn on “Mirroring” in the phone. The function can be found in the settings.

With iPhone version 4 and above, the picture can be transferred to the TV using a component cable. The connection principle does not differ from the composite one. One end is inserted into a mobile device and the other into a TV.

The VGA cable is more complicated. To connect such a wire to a mobile device, you need to purchase an Apple Lightning VGA adapter. Honor should be able to connect iPhones version 5 and higher in this way.

HDMI connection

Is it possible to display an image on a TV using an HDMI cable? In fact, it is possible to make such a connection, but there are some difficulties. The problem is that any Apple device has a proprietary Lightning connector.

To solve this problem, you need to additionally purchase an Apple Digital AV Adapter. This adapter has an HDMI connector. When you have all the components in your hands, you can connect them to the phone and TV.

First you need to turn off your iPhone and also your TV. Now you can connect the wire. One end plugs into the TV (the connector is located on the side or back). The other end connects to the adapter, which in turn needs to be connected to Lightning.

When the wire is connected to both devices, you can turn on the TV and iPhone. In most cases, devices are detected and configured automatically. After finding the TV, the Mirroring option is activated. Thanks to this function, the image is transmitted to the TV screen.

Sometimes there are cases when the connection cannot be configured in automatic mode. If this happens, you need to do everything manually:

  • The iPhone needs to enable data transfer via HDMI. The parameter is enabled in the settings;
  • On the TV, you need to turn on the signal source. HDMI;
  • Wait 10-15 seconds.

After that, the image will be transferred to the TV screen. It should be noted that this type of connection allows you to transmit not only the image, but also the sound to the TV display.

Wi-Fi connection

Before you start synchronizing your mobile device and TV, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of TV. It doesn’t matter which device is used, Samsung or LG, the main thing is that it can connect to a Wi-Fi network.

If your TV supports wireless, you need to set it up. To do this, just go to the settings, and then turn on Wi-Fi. As soon as it is possible to organize the connection of the TV with a local network, you can proceed to the next step.

Users need to connect iPhone to the same local network. To do this, you need to select the appropriate connection in the settings. Costs Honor that a password may be required.

In the next step, you need to launch an application such as Twonky Beam on your smartphone. The program can be downloaded from the Apple Store. When the application is installed and launched, you need to check the box next to the “Show or hide the visual”.

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When the iPhone setup is complete, you need to select the video you want to transfer to the TV screen. Now it remains only in the additional menu to select the TV to which the connection will be made. After the inscription “Beaming” appears, the video will be broadcast.

How to connect iPhone to TV

A device like the iPhone is becoming more popular every year. That is why the developers are doing everything to ensure that the device meets the expectations of buyers. Mobile device owners sometimes wonder how to connect an iPhone to a TV. In fact, there are several ways to connect:

  • Using wireless communication;
  • Via HDMI cable;
  • Through an analog cable;
  • With the help of additional devices;
  • Via USB cable.

It should be noted that each method is unique and has its own capabilities. Connecting with some cables only allows you to transfer photos. Other methods allow you to watch movies and run games.

How to transfer an image via USB

It should be noted that you cannot duplicate the contents of the screen of a mobile device to the TV if you synchronize them via the USB interface. The Iphone will act as a storage medium. To connect your iPhone to your TV via USB, you need to use an appropriate cable. It is best to carry out the entire procedure sequentially:

  • Disable TV and iPhone;
  • Connect the cable to both devices;
  • Turn on the TV and then the mobile device.

How to display video on TV screen if devices are synchronized via USB interface? To do this, you will need to use the TV settings. First, go to connected devices and then select video mode. It is important to note that modern TVs are capable of playing almost any popular formats.

As you can see from the instructions, it is not difficult to connect an iPhone of any version to a TV via a USB cable. It should be noted that it is also better to disconnect the wire after disconnecting the devices.

Modern smartphones have many useful features. It is worth recognizing that these gadgets have become an inseparable part of the existence of a modern person. Watching videos, surfing the Internet, playing games. this is just a small list of what you can do with your mobile phone. The only disappointment is the screen size. Despite the abundance of the market where models with a large display are available, they cannot provide the completeness of the picture when viewing content.

The solution will be to connect the smartphone to a larger screen. A TV is perfect for your plan. There are many ways to connect. both wireless and cable. It is enough that the TV supports at least one protocol suitable for connecting with a mobile phone.

HDMI, MHL and SlimPort. we connect the phone to the TV by wire

A more advanced protocol for connecting the phone to the TV through a special cable (or adapter) USB and HDMI ports. MHL. the adapter provides power to the devices with which it works (there is no need to additionally charge the smartphone’s battery). In addition, the content transfer rate and its quality are significantly higher than that of HDMI.

There are two types of MHL. passive, active. The second requires auxiliary power. Why does the adapter have an additional USB connector through which it is connected to a TV.

connect, phone, iphone

To use a passive device, both gadgets must support the MHL protocol. The active does not have this. It is enough for him to have MHL only on the receiver (TV).

MHL connection process is identical to HDMI.


Another new idea to combine telephone and TV into a single organism. It is carried out by connecting a special adapter through the USB connector of the phone and HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, DVI TV. This is where the advantages of SlimPort relative to MHL end. Further cons. The SlimPort adapter does not recharge the smartphone battery (although there is an additional USB). The second drawback is that it can be used only when both devices support this technology, and there are not many of them.

Manufacturing technologies

Connections via Intel WiDi, Wi-Fi Miracast, Wi-Fi Direct are the most convenient. But some manufacturers have taken it one step further by introducing standards specifically tailored for communication between devices of the same brand.

So, to connect gadgets from Samsung, you need to enable the AllShare function on both devices.

List of manufacturers and connection name of devices of the same brand:

The manufacturer’s protocols have some improvements in contrast to the standard ones. This is the ability to use a smartphone as a remote control, convert video / audio to a format that supports TV and much more.

Wi-Fi Direct

Many modern TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi module. This allows you to watch videos online, surf the Internet, download special content from the manufacturer. Additionally, Wi-Fi Direct technology is built into the TV firmware. The protocol is supported by almost all smartphones (with the exception of models running on the first versions of Android). The essence of the technology is the connection of various devices without an access point. During communication, the smartphone is recognized not as a storage device (flash drive), but as a multimedia center.

Here are the instructions for connecting (depending on the phone / TV model, the names of certain menu items, their locations may vary).

How to connect your phone to a TV using Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast

Wi-Fi Miracast

Advanced technology over Wi-Fi Direct. But it is supported by fewer gadgets. Here, as in the previous method, the devices are connected without an access point.

There is a similar technology. Intel WiDi. It can be used if Miracast is not available. There is almost no difference between these protocols, and the connection is carried out in the same way.

How to connect your phone to a TV via USB

Connecting an Android smartphone to a TV via USB is one of the easiest ways to transfer any multimedia content to it. This is due to the fact that the bundled cable that came with your mobile device will most likely suit you.

When connecting an Android smartphone to a TV via USB, the first one acts as an external storage device. Therefore, after you have connected the cable, on the screen of the mobile device, most likely, you will need to select the appropriate connection mode. use as a removable disk. After that, using the TV port, you will also need to specify USB instead of the source or use the file manager, if such is provided. The TV will show exactly those files that it supports, and will make it possible, if there are no problems with the codecs, to play them on the big screen.

  • additional equipment is most likely not needed;
  • wide range of supported TVs and smartphones.
  • cannot be used on iPhone;
  • possible problems with codecs. the TV will not be able to play all files from a mobile device;
  • it is unclear what will happen for this method of connection after the implementation of Scoped Storage.
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How to connect a phone to a TV via AirPlay

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary technology, which, among other things, is designed to wirelessly connect an iPhone to a TV. It makes it possible to organize screen replay through the switch of the same name in the “Control Center” or simply send a specific movie or other video to the TV. To use AirPlay, the receiver and mobile device should preferably be connected to the same Wi-Fi. The quality of their connection depends on the bandwidth of the wireless network, as well as the amount of interference from walls and home equipment.

Previously, to connect an iPhone to a large screen via AirPlay, you needed a proprietary set-top box from the manufacturer named Apple TV. Nevertheless, TVs with native support for this technology appear on the market today. their full list is available on the official Apple website.

  • ease of use on iPhone.
  • cannot be used on Android;
  • high cost of additional equipment.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a wireless connection standard that makes it possible to connect a smartphone to a TV without using an intermediate link in the form of a router. It makes it possible to transfer files to a large screen, sitting in front of it on the couch, without any additional equipment.

In order to use Wi-Fi Direct, you must first activate the corresponding feature on a TV with support for the technology. usually it is hidden in the wireless connection settings. After that, you need to go to the “Settings” of your smartphone, find the item of the same name, which can be hidden in the advanced Wi-Fi parameters, and select a device for connection, focusing on the name of the TV. You can then transfer files and even use screen repeat. The latter is especially convenient if you need to do more than just show the latest photos on the big screen.

Officially, Wi-Fi Direct also works on iPhone. However, to use it, you will need additional software, which is often extremely unstable. For example, I personally tried the iMediaShare application, which Sony recommends on the official website, and it often refused to work at all, so for the iPhone it is still better to find another way to connect to the TV. over, it is also important to note that the Wi-Fi Direct function is not supported by all TVs. you can check this by setting the parameters of their wireless connection.

  • additional equipment is most likely not needed;
  • wide range of supported TVs and smartphones;
  • the ability to repeat the smartphone screen on the TV.
  • cannot be fully used on iPhone;
  • security experts also point out that Wi-Fi Direct is relatively easy to use to intercept broadcast data.

How to connect a phone to a TV via HDMI

Yes, a smartphone can also be connected to a TV using an HDMI cable. this applies to both gadgets running the Android operating system and the iPhone. For the former, you will have to find a suitable adapter, and for the latter, even Apple itself offers a “Lightning Digital AV Adapter” that is suitable for iPhone 5s and newer devices. of course, you can also look for alternative solutions with more interesting cost and appearance. Via HDMI, you can arrange to repeat the screen of your smartphone on the TV, and it is convenient to use both for movies and for games.

Of course, it is important to take into account that nothing will work without a suitable cable and adapter. However, no additional manipulations are required. just make a connection and select a specific port as source.

  • no need for any additional setting;
  • wide range of supported TVs and smartphones.
  • you need a suitable cable and adapter.

How to connect your phone to your TV: 7 simple and advanced ways

The smartphone is connected to the TV in order to transfer multimedia files to it. These can be photos, videos, and even music tracks. over, in some cases it will even be possible to repeat what is happening on the screen of a mobile device, which is also useful in some scenarios. This article will help you connect your Android phone and iPhone to Samsung, LG and any other TV for watching movies and multimedia.

How to connect phone to TV via DLNA

Connecting a smartphone to a TV via DLNA is not particularly different from using Wi-Fi Direct for the same. The main difference in this case is the use of a shared Wi-Fi network from the router, to which both devices must be connected.

In order to use DLNA, you must first activate the corresponding feature on a TV with support for the technology. usually it is hidden in the wireless connection settings. After that, it is enough to go to the gallery with photos and videos on your mobile device, select the required content and define the TV in the players section. The content will immediately appear on the large display. Yes, screen repetition via DLNA will not work. nevertheless, the need for this is most often secondary, so I will not single out it as a serious disadvantage of this connection method.

  • additional equipment, most likely, will not be needed;
  • wide range of supported TVs and smartphones.
  • cannot be used on iPhone;
  • it is unclear what will happen for this method of connection after the implementation of Scoped Storage.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Bluetooth

To connect a smartphone TV in this way, you will need to purchase a special module. This method is used infrequently due to its unjustified high cost, but it is also possible. You can test the operation of the Bluetooth module using your laptop. There is an article on our site that will help you do this.

How to connect your phone to a TV using a USB cable

This connection is possible via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) via microUSB. This option is considered the most convenient in terms of power consumption of the device and even allows it to be recharged during operation (Figure 5).

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Note: The only drawback of such a connection is that the resolution of the picture on the big screen will be the same as on the phone, but it can be controlled even from the remote control of your TV.

Connect your phone to TVs of different models

The methods of connecting to the TV differ from the features of the specific model. How to connect certain models to a smartphone will be discussed below.

How to connect your phone to your TV

The “Screen Mirroring” function allows you to display everything that happens on the device on the big screen. In fact, you get the opportunity to use your smartphone more conveniently and even use it as a tool for working and watching media. How to connect a smartphone and TV will be discussed in this article.

Manual for Samsung

To connect Samsung to your Android smartphone, try the following:

  • Press “Source” on the control panel.
  • Select “Screen Mirroring” from the list of signals (Figure 6).
  • On your smartphone, open the quick settings panel.
  • Choose “Smart View”.
  • From the list, select the name of the TV to which you want to connect.
  • Wait for connection.

After performing these actions, an image should appear on the big screen.

Instructions for iPhones

IPhone can only be connected wirelessly. This can be done as follows:

  • Make sure Apple TV and iPhone are within range of the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the “Control Center” on the device.
  • Click “Screen Repeat” (Figure 3).
  • Select TV from the list of devices.
  • Duplicate the appeared code on iPhone for pairing.

Then you will be able to see on TV what is happening on the phone. You can try using special broadcast applications that are available on our website.

How to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI

For such a connection, it is necessary that both devices are within the coverage of the same network and be connected to it.

  • Go to the smartphone menu.
  • Choosing a standard video player.
  • Specify a video from the list.
  • Press the button for streaming playback in the program (in different models it can be placed in different places) (Figure 4).
  • In the displayed window, select the desired TV among the devices.
  • Confirm consent to play video.

After that, you can safely watch the video using a wireless connection.

Manual for LG

To connect your phone to LG, you need to do the following:

  • In the settings, find “Wireless connections and networks”.
  • Click “” (this button may be called differently, depending on the model).
  • Click on Wi-Fi direct to activate the function.
  • Confirm Action.
  • Wait for confirmation to enable the option.
  • Go to TV settings.
  • Find the “Network” tab.
  • Find Wi-Fi direct and turn it on.
  • Wait for the device to find the smartphone (Figure 7).
  • Agree with the changes and, if you plan to use the function repeatedly, indicate “Connect automatically without prompting”.
  • Wait for confirmation of the operation.
  • Confirm the connection on your phone.

Connection confirmation should appear on the TV.

How to connect iPhone to LG Smart TV via Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI

“How to connect iPhone to LG Smart TV?”. a question that interests many users of the technique of the same name. Smartphones have accessibility features and sometimes replace standard computers. The iPhone is considered the leader among mobile gadgets. Despite the high cost, this smartphone has impressive technical characteristics, which makes it stand out from other brands on the market. Built-in memory, multimedia capabilities and large screen resolutions are the main advantages of the gadget. In addition, the phone can be easily connected to another device, including a TV or TV set-top box. The article will tell you how to quickly sync devices with each other.

LG TV Plus

With the help of this software, the user can determine the channels for viewing, adjust the sound volume and use the convenient IOS keyboard. In this case, you can additionally synchronize the iPad. The software is fully adapted for all LG models.

Google chromecast

If your TV doesn’t have an additional adapter, then get a Google Chromecast. In design, it resembles a regular flash drive. Further it is necessary:

  • connect the equipment using a special connector;
  • download to mobile software Google Home;
  • connect to home Wi-Fi;
  • enter the data of your Google account via mobile;
  • find the device you need in the list and click the “Next” button.

A special password will be displayed on TV, which is entered on the mobile.

Image output via HDMI

Another option is the digital HDMI interface. There is no such connector on mobile, so get the right adapter. Connect the cables together and wait for the automatic setup. Be sure to identify the correct signal source. Otherwise, an error will appear on the screen. Enjoy watching your favorite movies on a wide screen.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV via Wi-Fi?

The device for wireless connection to the network is built into the Smart TV. Thus, the user can spend time on the Internet without using a cable or additional devices. It should be noted that syncing via Wi-Fi is the most convenient way. In any case, you need to download the additional Smart Share software. To connect to an LG TV with an IPhone using Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

  • run the program and in the “Main Menu” check the box next to “show or hide the visual indicators at the edge of the screen”;
  • define the file to be shown on the big screen, then the receiver and TV;
  • click on the “Bearning” button to start.

If your TV has built-in Wi-Fi, then you can connect without a router. To do this, on TV, launch the “Main Menu”, then select the “Settings” item, then click on “Network”.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV via USB

Every user has a USB cable. In addition to connecting, the gadget will be charged in parallel. Most often, such a cable is used for viewing presentations or photographs. Standard 30-pin cable, micro USB or Lighting can be used.