How to connect Xiaomi TV to the Internet

Connection methods TV to internet

Using an Android phone (like a tethering for TV)

You may need to distribute mobile Internet from your phone in a variety of cases, for example:

  • your main provider periodically goes to “preventive maintenance” (does not work);
  • you live in a house that is far from the networks of Internet providers, and maintain the line for you. they do not want (this happens in small regional centers);
  • as a diagnosis and search for any problems when setting up a TV / phone.

1) In general, be that as it may, first make sure that the phone from which you want to distribute the Internet. itself is connected to it (and YouTube. and Yandex, and other sites are opened on it).

2) Next, go to the phone settings and turn on the Wi-Fi access point. of course, you will need to specify the name of the network and the password for it (usually, this option is in the “modem mode” tab, which is located in the “wireless networks” settings section or “connections”).

Wi-Fi hotspot created / Android 6.0

3) After, open the TV menu and in the “Network / Network Connections” tab, establish a connection with the distributed Wi-Fi network.

4) In general, the Internet after that should be available for TV (of course, as long as the phone is not very far from it ).

I will note an important detail: not all mobile operators and not all tariffs are allowed to distribute the Internet to other devices. It may become so that it will be blocked and TV will not gain access to the network.

Features of the tariff of a mobile operator!

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How to connect a TV to the Internet (examples with photos)

good time!

Could anyone imagine 15-20 years ago that a TV could be connected to the Internet? Today everything has changed. if it goes like this, soon the refrigerator will also need access to the network: he must inform you online that such and such products have run out?!

Mi Tv WiFi Connection issue Solved||Mi tv 4A Pro||4A||4X

If without lyrics, then the connection of modern TVs to the network today is as easy as possible (in fact, you need a working Wi-Fi network with the Internet and the password from it ). However, despite this, there are still certain “nuances” and questions regarding this process. a lot more.

Below I will consider the most frequent of them that I have to constantly encounter (although I am not professionally engaged in setting up TV, but if you are a “programmer” you should understand everything.).

via a network cable (LAN connection)

This option is good because the connection speed is usually higher and more stable than when working via Wi-Fi (but a cable appears, which may not come in handy.).

1) And so, first you need to connect a network LAN cable from the router to the TV (note: the TV has a special port on the back wall;).

2) After turning on the TV, go to the settings and open the “Network Connection” section. Next, select the option “Connect to a wired network”.

3) Most often, after 15-20 seconds. TV automatically connects to the network and the Internet becomes available.

If this does not happen, open the “Manual Configuration” tab and try to specify the following IP, gateway, and DNS (usually (in 90% of cases). These parameters are identical to my screen , but in some routers there may be differences. you can find them from this note).

An important point!

Firstly, it makes no sense to connect a TV without a SmartTV to the Internet (it simply does not have any applications for watching online videos, websites, etc.). Specialists help to solve this problem. prefixes, I said a few words about them at the end of the note.

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Note: if you do not know if you have a SmartTV. carefully examine the remote control, the documentation for the device or find the characteristics of your TV model on the network.

Secondly, most likely you will need a router (unless, of course, you will distribute the Internet from your phone to TV or connect it to public Wi-Fi).

A router is a “box” with antennas, to which a network cable from your provider is connected and the Internet is distributed to all devices in an apartment / house.

Important: if you want to connect a LAN cable from the provider directly to the TV, you may face the fact that the TV will not be able to connect to the Internet!

The fact of the matter is that most TVs do not have a built-in PPPoE client (or the same L2TP, which are so popular with our providers) and because of this, they simply will not be able to configure themselves and access the Internet.

The router solves this “problem”: it connects to the Internet, and then distributes the network to all devices, including TV.

via Wi-Fi connection

Note: a wireless connection via Wi-Fi is somewhat “inferior” in speed to a cable.

And so, to begin with, you must have a Wi-Fi network configured and access to the Internet must work through it. Before connecting the TV, I recommend that you double-check it using a laptop or phone (if you forgot the password for the network, the links below will help you ).

Next, you need to open the TV settings and select the “Network / Network Connection” section.

1) How to find out the password for a Wi-Fi network (even if you forgot). my recommendations

3) Wi-Fi is connected, but there is no internet. does not work! [pages do not open in the browser]

Next, indicate that a wireless network connection is required. The TV will then start searching for available networks, usually you need to wait 10-15 seconds until the device generates a complete list.

After that, from the list you need to select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password for it. If the data is entered correctly, after a moment TV will establish a connection, and you will see a notification that the network is connected.

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what to do if there is no SmartTV on TV

In this case, the TV can also be connected to the Internet, but not directly, but with the help of specials. set-top boxes (usually, it is called “SmartTV set-top box.”).

  • view all popular video hosting sites: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.;
  • communicate with relatives and friends of the network (using Skype, for example);
  • view videos from flash drives, memory cards, external drives;
  • install the applications you need (for example, from Google Play), and much more.

The photo below shows a set of one of these “smart” consoles. As you can see. nothing tricky: “box”, HDMI-cable, power supply and remote control.

As a rule, the whole connection boils down to the fact that its output port must be connected to the HDMI port on the TV.

Next, turning on the TV and the set-top box, you need to open the settings menu on the TV, and select the HDMI port to which the set-top box is connected.

After that, TV will start displaying the STB menu (). You just need to set up the Internet on the set-top box (via Wi-Fi or using a LAN cable, in the same way as we did just above) and enjoy its work.

You can work with the Internet on TV. YouTube is!

Note: i.e., in fact, the prefix will be explicit. an “intermediary” between TV and the network, handling all your requests (downloading and playing videos, installing applications, etc.). On TV, a simple image is “fed” from it. those. it will act as a regular screen

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