How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Smart TV

We connect radio headphones to the TV

Radio headphones, as the name implies, use radio waves to transmit sound. The principle of operation is SIMilar to a walkie-talkie, only the signal goes in one direction. Headphones act as a receiver, of course you also need a transmitter. Many models of radio headphones are sold with a transmitter, so you just need to connect it to the TV, turn on the headphones and enjoy watching your favorite TV show.

Wireless radio headphones for TV 5in1 FM radio

The transmitter can be connected using a 3.5 jack to a dedicated headphone output or tulip to AUDIO OUT (white and red). Please note that electrical appliances operating in the room may interfere and therefore distort the sound.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to Android TV

Many Philips TV models. Sony and other brands use Android TV. Here you need to open the Android TV menu and go to the “Wired and Wireless Networks” section, then turn on Bluetooth and search for devices.

After the device is found, select it and click the “Connect” button.

In the next window, you need to select the type of connected device, in our case “Headphones”.

Setting features for some TV models

Due to the abundance of different models and manufacturers, it is impossible to create a universal guide for setting up and connecting wireless headphones to a TV, so we will take a look at some of the popular models. In all cases, before setting up the TV, you need to turn on the headphones and put them in pairing mode.

Connecting Wi-Fi headphones to a TV

Wi-Fi headphones give a pretty good sound quality, and the presence of a Wi-Fi transmitter in almost all models of modern TVs and set-top boxes contributes to a SIMple and fast connection.

If the TV supports Wi-Fi connection, then just go to the sound settings and pair with the headphones. If you already have Wi-Fi headphones, and the TV does not support the required technology, then it is not necessary to buy other headphones. Headphones often have an audio input that needs to be plugged into the headphone jack on the TV.

There are also special Wi-Fi transmitters on sale, but their purchase is impractical due to the high price.

Connect Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung TV

Names and locations of items may change depending on the model and firmware version.

  • Turn on the headphones, activate pairing mode on them and place them next to the TV.
  • Open the “Sound” section and go to the item “Speaker Settings”.
  • Open the “Bluetooth headphone list”, select your headphones and connect.

For K series TVs, you need to open the section “Sound”. “Select speaker”. “Audio Bluetooth” and pair with headphones.

How to connect wireless headphones to your TV

Headphones connected to the TV undoubtedly offer a number of advantages. You can watch a movie at night without disturbing your household, and completely concentrate on watching it, without being distracted by external stimuli. Of all the options available, wireless earbuds are the preferred option and eliminate a lot of wiring problems. But you have to pay for everything, and, of course, there is a problem of a dead battery at the most inopportune moment.

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Types of wireless headphones and connection features

Wireless headphones come in different types and use different audio signal transmission technologies, which will determine the connection method.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your TV

Perhaps this is the most common type of wireless headphones. Connection to TV is carried out via built-in or external Bluetooth adapter.


If you have Bluetooth headphones, but the TV itself does not have the required interface, then you can purchase a special transmitter. It costs a penny, connects in a few seconds. The transmitter itself must be connected to the audio output of the TV, press the pairing button and connect the headphones to the transmitter.

It’s much easier if the TV is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. Go to the TV settings, turn on Bluetooth and pair with the headphones.

If you are using an Android set-top box to a TV, then it may also have a built-in Bluetooth adapter and can be connected directly to the set-top box.

Bluetooth headphones and LG TV

Open Bluetooth settings, go to “Bluetooth headset” and click on the search for devices button. After completing the search, select your headphones and connect.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Smart TV

Connecting wireless headphones to Samsung TVs

The Korean brand does not need recommendations, and modern Smart TVs are sold out like cakes. Reliability, reliability, excellent picture and sound characteristics. qualities that cannot be taken away from the TVs of this company. But there are also disadvantages, one of which is the peculiarities of its own control software. It is very difficult for beginners to understand it, including when it comes to connecting wireless headphones.

Compatibility issues are a common cause of unsuccessful connection attempts, so it is preferable to use a headset of the same brand.

The specific connection aLGorithm depends on the model and firmware version. General recommendations are as follows:

  • go to the “Sound” menu item, select the “Speaker settings” button;
  • we turn on our headphones with a Bluetooth interface, located at a distance of no more than a few meters from the television receiver;
  • we wait until the blue LED starts blinking on the device, indicating a successful connection;
  • click on the menu item “List of Bluetooth headphones”;
  • choose our model.

Note that the menu interface itself and the names of its items may differ slightly, but in general, the aLGorithm is the same for all Samsung models.

An exception is the TV K series, where after selecting the “Sound” menu item, you need to sequentially click on the “Select speaker” and “Audio Bluetooth” tabs.

Infrared port

This uses a different type of analog signal transmitted in the infrared range. Headphones amplify and reproduce the converted sound. The range of infrared transmitters is small. about 10 meters, while the sound quality is not the highest. any interference leads to its distortion. Accordingly, such headphones are very rare, and you should completely forget about the possibility of using them with a TV.

This method of connection is the second most popular after Bluetooth, but it is not used so often in headphones. for this they must have a modem mode. Otherwise, the connection is possible through a router, and this is much more difficult and less reliable. The advantage of Wi-Fi is a high transmission speed that allows you to broadcast an audio signal without compression, that is, with the highest possible quality.

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A rather exotic interface that requires synchronization of devices that are at a minimum distance from each other (literally a few centimeters). Of course, both devices must have the NFC function and the ability to activate it.

How to connect wireless headphones to LG TV

Another Korean brand, LG, uses its own operating system. The aLGorithm for connecting a wireless headset for WebOS has its own characteristics, it is much more complicated and it is not always possible to find documentation or reference information on these devices.

The main limitation is the ability to use only branded audio components. With headphones from other brands, you are unlikely to be able to create a working connection.

In most cases, for synchronization, you must select the “Sound” menu item and the subsection “Sound synchronization (wireless)”. But note that LG engineers, when turning on the Bluetooth interface, focused on using it to connect the Magic Remote and some other branded gadgets. So there is a possibility that you will need a separate Bluetooth adapter to connect the headphones.

Here is a more complex alternative scheme for connecting an acoustic headset:

  • go to the settings menu of the Bluetooth interface;
  • click on the “Bluetooth headset” sub-item, confirm;
  • press and hold the green button to initiate the search for available devices;
  • select the headphones of our model, confirm;
  • enter the PIN, which can be found in the user manual.

There is another way. using third-party programs. For example, TV Plus. this application is available on Google Play, you can also download it on the Apple Store. This method is applicable only for webOS version 3.0 and higher. Install the application on the smartphone, launch it, synchronize via Bluetooth with the TV, find the “Bluetooth Agent” section in the menu and use it to connect the headphones.

How to independently connect wireless headphones to TV

Most TV models are equipped with built-in speakers, the quality of which can only be discussed very conditionally. Usually, lovers of high-quality acoustics connect expensive systems to TV, but this option does not suit everyone. One of their budget solutions to get natural and clear stereo sound is to use headphones. But since in the modern world mobility is above all, we are talking about their wireless version.

But if there are no problems with connecting a wired analogue, then wireless headphones still need to be able to synchronize with your television receiver, and this is not an easy task at all.

What is needed to connect

The standard wireless interfaces that have become widespread are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. They are most often used to interact with headphones and TV. Many TVs have the necessary settings for these types of wireless connection.

Another thing is the models that do not support these data transfer formats (by the way, they are not the only ones). To pair them with a TV receiver, you need a device called a Bluetooth transmitter.

How wireless headphones of different types connect and work with TVs, we will consider a little below. Let’s just note that a lot depends on the TV set itself. For example, most models from LG are equipped with a special application that allows you to synchronize with any external device. The implementation of this function in Smart TVs depends on the operating system used, there is such an opportunity for ordinary TVs.

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Since this type of connection is considered the most popular, most of the questions related to this topic sound something like this: “how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV receiver”.

In general terms, the pairing mechanism is SIMple and applies to all devices that support this interface:

  • activate Bluetooth on both devices;
  • on one of them (usually more intelligent), we search for equipment with Bluetooth enabled;
  • activate the connection.

The same aLGorithm applies to wireless headphones, the TV acts as a head unit. If the TV receiver works under Android and iOS OS, then in these operating systems this option is present initially, as on laptops. Built-in Bluetooth is rarely present on computers.

Radio waves

The principle of using this technology lies in the transmission of an analog signal by the head unit at FM frequencies, while the headphones act as an amplifier for this analog signal. This technology is good in that the range of the short-wave transmitter is quite large. about 100 meters, and only reinforced concrete structures will be serious interference. But, alas, few devices are equipped with such a transmitter, if radio headphones are still found, then it is almost impossible to find TVs among them.

Classification of wireless headphones

Since we are interested in the possibility of connecting acoustics to a TV, we will consider the classification of wireless headphones on this basis. There are several methods for transferring audio data without using wires:

  • via Bluetooth interface;
  • by means of radio waves;
  • using Wi-Fi technology;
  • via infrared port;
  • use of NFC technology.

Consider the features of each of the technologies.

Connecting wireless headphones to an Android TV

TVs from Philips, Hyundai and Sony operate on this operating system from well-known brands. The general scheme of how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV receiver, described above, is applicable in this case:

  • go to the main TV menu, select the “Wired / Wireless Networks” menu item;
  • select the “Bluetooth” sub-item, activate the interface;
  • select the button “Search for Bluetooth device”, press OK. A message will appear asking you to activate Bluetooth on the connected device;
  • turn on the headphones, and since Bluetooth is built-in here, you do not need to activate it, you must immediately click on the “Search” button;
  • the successful connection of the devices will be indicated by a blinking LED on the headphones, if this does not happen, try again;
  • after switching, the name of your headphones will appear on the TV (possibly other devices with Bluetooth enabled), select them and select the “Connect” menu item;
  • it remains to choose the type of device. In our case, this is “Headphones”. After specifying them, the message “Connected” will appear to the model name of your headphones.

Note that the sound from the TV will now only go through the Bluetooth interface, even if the headset is turned off. You can disable it in the “Removing device” section.

Of course, to re-enable the wireless interface, you will have to do all the settings again.