How to connect wired headphones to your LG TV

How to connect wireless headphones with bluetooth transmitter

Headphones with a built-in transmitter are considered the best solution for wireless sound transmission. It is quick and convenient to connect them; you do not need to buy additional components for this. To connect devices with a wireless adapter inside, repeat the following steps:

  • Open the TV menu and find the item “Bluetooth”.
  • Then select the “Bluetooth headset” section.
  • Press the green button on the screen. this way we start the search for active devices.
  • In the list that appears, find the name of your device and click on it, then click on the “OK” button.
  • Enter your PIN (by default it is 0000 if you have not changed it).

If the entered data is correct, a message about successful connection will appear on the screen, after which the sound will immediately begin to be transmitted through the portable speakers.

Connecting headphones without bluetooth transmitter

If your headphone model does not have a built-in transmitter, you can also connect them to the unit using the supplied or commercially available adapter. To connect, you need to connect it to a special connector and then follow the following instructions:

  • Press the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control.
  • A QR code will appear on the screen. You need to scan it using your smartphone. The phone will open the LG TV Plus app page. You need to download and install it on your smartphone.
  • Run the program. A list of ready-to-connect devices will appear on the screen. Select your TV model.
  • Enter the PIN-code that appears on the TV screen in the field that appears on the smartphone.
  • Next, the application will be activated. The remote control buttons appear on the smartphone screen. An image of your account will appear on the TV screen.
  • Reopen the mobile application and select the “Bluetooth Agent” section.
  • Activate the wireless device and turn on the search mode.
  • On your smartphone, tap on the “Select device” line, highlight your name and click “Connect”. The sound will start to be transmitted through the headphones.
connect, wired, headphones

To turn off the device, select the “Connect a TV speaker” section. the sound transmission will be returned to the native speakers.

How to connect wireless headphones to your LG TV

Wondering how to connect wireless headphones to your LG TV? Modern TVs support several options for connecting wireless gadgets, and headphones are some of the most commonly used. Today we will analyze the features of the work of built-in and externally connected Bluetooth modules on LG TV screens.

Sync your headphones to your LG TV over Wi-Fi

Separately, we note the class of Wi-Fi headphones. They are no less convenient than the aforementioned Bluetooth gadgets, and their main advantage is the long distance at which the connected devices can be. Some models support a signal up to 100 meters!

Connecting this type of gadgets is possible only if the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi sensor. With it, you can even connect several devices at the same time. Devices can be synchronized through a third-party router or directly with each other.

  • Start the Wi-Fi module on the TV device and activate the headphones.
  • Open the TV menu and select “Wireless Connection”. Search for active devices.
  • When the name of the gadget appears in the list, you need to select them and click the “OK” button.
  • Select the optimal volume level and put on the headphones. now the music will flow through them.
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Bluetooth connection instructions

Wireless headphones can be connected to TVs of the popular LG brand in various ways. The main feature of TV receivers from this manufacturer is that they run on a unique webOS operating system. Therefore, the process for connecting the headset to LG TVs is different from the one used for other brands. Experts strongly recommend using only branded headphones from the above manufacturer for synchronization. Otherwise, synchronization may not be possible.

How to connect wireless headphones to your LG TV?

Despite the versatility and practicality of modern TVs, only a few of them are equipped with a built-in high quality sound system. Otherwise, you need to connect additional equipment to get a clear and spacious sound. Most users opt for wireless headphones. This is a practical way to get the sound level you want without using a large speaker system. Synchronization of a TV receiver and a headset has certain features.

What is necessary?

The list of required devices to synchronize the TV and headphones will differ depending on the individual characteristics of each model. If you use a modern and multifunctional TV for pairing, equipped with all the necessary wireless modules, then you will not need additional equipment. To connect, it will be enough to perform certain actions and configure the equipment.

  • The transmitter is placed in the TV audio jack. It is also possible to connect to the “tulip” using the appropriate adapter.
  • Next, you need to turn on the headphones and start the wireless module.
  • Enable search for new equipment in the transmitter. Synchronization between devices must happen on its own.
  • The equipment is now ready for use.

Connection via settings

The first pairing method, which we will consider, is performed according to the following scheme.

  • First you need to open the settings menu. The easiest way to do this is by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • The next step is to open the Sound tab. Here you need to activate the item called “LG Sound Sync (wireless)”.
  • Turn on the headphones. They should work in pairing mode.

Note: the built-in Bluetooth technology, which modern LG TV models are equipped with, is primarily designed to connect additional branded gadgets and a remote control. When pairing the headphones, you may experience system malfunctions. In this case, it is recommended to use an optional Bluetooth adapter.

Synchronization via code

If the above option did not work, you can do the job as follows.

  • Open the “Settings” section on your TV. Next. the “Bluetooth” tab.
  • You need to select the “Bluetooth headset” item and confirm the performed action by pressing the “OK” button.
  • To start a search for gadgets suitable for pairing, click on the green button.
  • The name of the wireless headphones should appear in the list that opens. We select it and confirm the action through “OK”.
  • The final stage is entering the code. It should be indicated in the instructions for the wireless device. In this way, manufacturers protect the connection.

In order for the headphones to appear in the list of connected devices, they must be turned on and put into pairing mode.

Using the program

To make the process of controlling the TV receiver simpler and more understandable, a special application has been developed. With its help, you can not only run various functions, but also monitor the process of their implementation and connect equipment to the equipment. LG TV Plus is designed for two operating systems. iOS and Android. You can use the program only with TVs that run on the webOS platform, version. 3.0 and higher. Legacy systems are not supported. Using the app, you can pair the TV receiver with any Bluetooth device.

The work is carried out according to the following scheme.

  • You can download the application to your smartphone through a special service. For Android OS users, this is Google Play. For those who use Apple brand products (iOS mobile operating system). App Store.
  • After downloading and installing, you need to go to “Settings” and select “Bluetooth Agent”.
  • The next item is “Device selection”.
  • The enabled headset should appear in the Available Devices list. After that, we select the necessary device and wait until the program independently performs pairing.
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Note: download the LG TV Plus program only from the official resource available for users of a specific operating system. Downloading an application from a third-party resource can lead to incorrect operation of the equipment and other undesirable consequences.

How to connect to a TV via Wi-Fi?

In addition to headphones with built-in Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi headphones occupy a special place in the range of wireless gadgets. Due to the lack of wires, they are convenient to use, however, wireless Internet is required to connect. The connection and setup of such a headset depends on the TV model and its specifications. The main feature of such headphones is that they can work over a long distance. up to 100 meters. However, this is only possible when using an additional router that acts as an amplifier.

connect, wired, headphones

To make the connection, the TV receiver must be equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. Its presence indicates the ability to synchronize with several external gadgets at once. Pairing can be done through a router or directly between equipment. The distance at which a technique works depends on many factors, including the novelty of the technique, the signal level, and so on. High quality signal amplifiers that are used to extend this distance can transmit sound with virtually no compression.

[LG WebOS TV]. How to connect wireless/wired headphone with LG Smart TV

  • You need to turn on your wireless headphones and start the Wi-Fi module. Depending on the model, you must either hold down the power button or press the corresponding key. For a successful connection, the headset must be at an optimal distance from the TV.
  • Having opened the TV menu, you need to select the item responsible for the wireless connection and start searching for paired gadgets.
  • As soon as the headphones appear in the list, you need to select them and click the “OK” button.
  • Then you should check the device and set the optimal volume level.

The above instructions are for informational purposes only and describe the connection process in general terms. The procedure may differ depending on the TV and headphones used.

For information on how to connect wireless headphones to a TV, see the following video.

Connecting wireless headphones to an Android TV

The Android operating system is used mainly in TVs from Sony and Phillips. Connecting wire free devices usually does not cause any particular difficulties. The algorithm of actions is the same:

  • First, turn on the pairing mode in the headphones. Usually, for this you need to hold down the power button for a while, some models have a separate key. They must be within Bluetooth range;
  • In the TV control menu, go to the “Wired and Wireless Networks” section, here you need to activate the wireless adapter. Turn on the search for devices available for connection;
  • We pair the devices by pressing the “Connect” button;
  • Sets the type of connected device by selecting the “Headphones” item. Everything, you can use.

Please note, these instructions are approximate and may vary slightly for different TV models.

Connecting wireless headphones to a TV

Connecting wireless headphones to your TV is sometimes just necessary. This allows you to watch TV even if you have a small child or just someone relaxing. It makes no sense to pair wired devices with a TV, if only because it will not be very comfortable to sit. So how do you connect wireless headphones to your TV? Let’s try to answer this question and analyze some of the most popular cases.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to Samsung TVs

How to connect headphones to a Samsung TV? This question is difficult for many users. Smart TV devices are quite popular. However, pairing Wire free gadgets from other manufacturers with them can cause problems, it is advisable to use devices from the same Samsung. It is worth noting that in the latest TV models from the South Korean manufacturer, this problem has been solved, they can be paired with wireless gadgets from any brands.

So, connecting wireless headphones to a Samsung TV in general boils down to the following sequence of actions:

  • In the settings, open the “Sound” section where we select “Speaker settings”;
  • We activate the pairing mode on the connected device, do not forget to place it nearby;
  • We select the item “List of Bluetooth headphones”. If there is none, you should look in the service settings;
  • After the devices have “seen” each other, we establish pairing.
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Connecting TV related to the “K” series from this manufacturer is somewhat different. In the menu, you need to go to the “Sound” section, here we select the item “Select speaker”, and activate the headphones through the line “Audio Bluetooth”.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to LG TVs

You can connect wireless headphones to your LG TV only if the latter is an original device from the same manufacturer. The company uses a proprietary operating system for its devices. WebOS, which is why certain problems may arise. The algorithm is simple: in the menu, go to the “Sound” item, where we select the line “LG Sound Synchronization (wireless)”.

You can also use the LG TV Plus smartphone app to set up the connection. There are versions for Android and iOS. In the application, you can connect headphones to TV through the menu item “Bluetooth Agent”.

Types of wireless headphones

The method of connecting wireless headphones largely depends on the pairing technology that is used in a particular model:

  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Radio channel;
  • Infrared port;
  • Optical.

It is she who is most often used to connect with a variety of devices (smartphones, tablets, players). Can also be used in conjunction with TV. In this case, the wireless communication range is up to 10 meters. There are two ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to your TV:

  • Via built-in Bluetooth adapter. Some modern TV models already have it. In this case, in the TV settings, you must activate the wireless transmitter. After that, you need to start a search for devices that can be connected and enter a confirmation code. Usually it is 0000 (sometimes 1234), but in any case, you can always clarify the code in the operating instructions;
  • Via an external Bluetooth adapter. Connects to TV via USB port, rarely via HDMI.

Since Bluetooth headphones are the most common type, the following discussion will focus on connecting devices in this way.

If the TV is not equipped with a Bluetooth module

If your device does not have a wireless transmitter, you will need to purchase it separately. Such a device will also come in handy for connecting with other wire-free devices. If the TV does not have a USB input, you will need to purchase a special transmitter that connects to the TV via an audio cable. So, to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV through a transmitter, the following algorithm must be followed:

  • Connect the transmitter via an audio jack or an adapter to the “tulip”;
  • Turn on the headphones and search for pairing in the headphones;
  • Set up a search for a new device in the transmitter.

The connection should be established without problems.

What you need to connect

The list of equipment required for connection is determined by the characteristics of the devices. If your TV is equipped with a wireless transmitter, then you do not need to purchase anything extra. It will be enough just to set up the equipment. If your TV is not equipped with Bluetooth, then you will need an additional wireless adapter. This is a small device that looks like a flash drive.

Connecting to other brands of TVs

Connecting a wire-free headset to a TV from other manufacturers, provided that they are equipped with a built-in wireless adapter, should not be difficult in general. It is worth looking in the menu for the necessary item to activate the search for paired devices.

TV can differ in the number of simultaneously paired devices. Most often, only one connection can be established. You can only connect a pair of headsets to a premium TV. To connect several devices at once, you can use a special adapter, for example, Avantree Priva.