How To Connect Wi-Fi To LG TV

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Connecting to a router

So we come to the question of how to connect a TV via Wi-Fi to the Internet using a router. Everything is extremely SIMple here. First, you need to connect to the global web and configure the router. If this has already been done, then just turn on the TV set and enter the settings menu.

Next, let’s look at how to set up a Wi-Fi connection on a TV. Here you need to find the “Network” item and enable the wireless connection. In principle, there is nothing complicated in the settings. Obtaining information about the network occurs automatically, since the router has a DHCP function. This means that it automatically assigns an IP address to all devices that connect to it.

How to connect a Wi-Fi network to a TV

Modern technologies open up a lot of new opportunities for people. One of the latest achievements is a TV with Smart TV support and built-in Wi-Fi module. This means that TVs that support this feature can connect to the Internet using a wireless connection. This raises the question of how to connect Wi-Fi to the TV? The technology is relatively new, so not everyone has yet had time to understand how it works.

Connecting a TV to a laptop

Now you know how to connect your TV to the network via Wi-Fi using a router. But, there are times when there is no router in the house. In other words, the user does not have a private home network to which the TV can be connected. In addition, sometimes you just need to play the content on the TV on the computer. In this case, we need to create a direct connection to the laptop. over, if it is connected to the cable Internet, then TV will be able to access the global network.

First, you need to organize the distribution. The laptop is equipped with the same wireless module as a Wi-Fi router. This means that the computer can also act as an access point. To organize such a network, you can use third-party programs or built-in tools.

How to connect your TV to a wireless network

Before moving on to the question of how to connect a TV to the Internet, it is worth noting that first you need to organize a home Wi-Fi group, to which you can later connect the TV. This can be done in different ways:

  • through a wi-fi router;
  • using a laptop as an access point.

In any case, to access the Internet, a laptop or router must be connected to the global network. Then everything is elementary SIMple. Despite a fairly wide range of different TV models available on the domestic market, they all work according to the same connection principle.
So, how to set up Wi-Fi on your TV?

How to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on a laptop:

It should be noted that the built-in software of the computer is more stable and reliable, in contrast to third-party applications. So, let’s look at how to create a private Wi-Fi group using a laptop with built-in tools. To do this, open a command prompt. If you are using Windows 8, then press the WindowsX key combination and select “Command Prompt (Administrator)”. In the seven, press the WindowsR key combination, in the window that appears, write CMD and press “Enter”.

Now just write the following command. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = My_virtual_Wi-Fi key = 12345678 keyUsage = persistent. It should be noted that here you should strictly observe all spaces (where they are) and use all characters only in Latin. This command will install the required driver and create a distribution. In order to start the network, write the following command. netsh wlan start hostednetwork.

Our entire network is working and now all that remains is to connect a TV to it. Everything is done according to the instructions described by us.

How to connect to a router:

To search for available connections, enter the Network Settings menu. Then just follow the prompts on the screen. Select the appropriate items and at the end you will see a list of available Wi-Fi connections that you can connect to. Choose your router. If necessary, enter the key and click “Next” or “Connect”.

It is worth noting that if both devices support the WPS function, then the network settings are minimized, further SIMplifying the task for users. In this case, just press the corresponding button on the router. After that, select the appropriate item in the TV connection settings. With this feature, your TV will automatically search for matching connections and establish a connection.

What is Wi-Fi :. Setting up a TV connection

Now, let’s take a look at how to connect TV over Wi-Fi. The fact is that modern TVs are capable of SIMply playing content from a laptop. But for this we need to share the necessary information, provide general access to it.

This is done using programs that keep the settings to a minimum. The list of apps that help you share content on your TV includes:

  • home media server;
  • Samsung Share;
  • Share Manager.

In addition, there are many programs, but the above utilities are the most popular due to their ease of use. You just need to install any of the specified programs on your computer and run it. They automatically find. photo and audio content by sharing files.

First of all, in the program settings, you should select the device that will play the content. Choosing our TV.

After that, it is recommended to specify the folders that contain the files and allow scanning. Next, click the “Run” button in the toolbar.

I work as a private computer foreman. I have been professionally engaged in computer repair for over 12 years, as an amateur since the 90s.
For two years he worked as the head of a service center specializing in connecting subscribers to the Internet and computer help.

Connecting using webOS

New models use Smart TV running on webOS. In this case, the connection is as follows.

In order to enter the setup program on the TV, you need to press the button on the remote control, which has an image in the form of a gear. After that, the screen will show the menu.

On the right, there will be a vertical menu consisting of icons. You must choose the one that belongs to the network. You can now see the options related to the different types of connections. In it, a line is selected for setting parameters related to Wi-Fi.

After that, you can see a list of available wireless networks on the screen. You need to select the one you need and make the connection, while you will need to enter the security key.

Note! After that, you need to confirm the entry. If the password was entered correctly, the connection will occur and in the future it will be possible to work on the Internet.

From the Smart TV menu, you can access YouTube or launch the browser, type in the desired address and go to it.

Overview of Smart TV functions on ALGie TVs

Such TVs are easy to get directly from the Internet, but they also provide the opportunity to surf the Internet.

Smart TV provides direct access to YouTube content.

Access to various on demand services.

There is an opportunity to play interesting games for those who want to pass the time.

On such a TV, it is possible to make calls via Skype.

It is possible to access data stored on other devices connected to the home network.

At the same time, although sometimes you can use wired Internet access, it is more convenient to use Wi-Fi communication.

Connecting via a router using a Wi-Fi adapter

Connection via a router is made through the TV settings menu. In this case, you must select a wireless connection, specify a home network and enter a security key.

How to connect and set up the Internet on LG TVs

If you purchased an LG TV, which provides for the use of Smart TV, you need to connect it to the Internet in order to use the new features. It is desirable that a high-speed channel be used for access. Sometimes, for some reason, you don’t want to get wired access to the World Wide Web. In this case, you can use Wi-Fi. How to set up Smart TV on LG TV via Wi-Fi. see below in more detail.

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Application for mobile devices

LG provides the ability to work with smartphones TV.

Note! It is possible to connect it to a TV and view it on a smartphone screen.

Channel setup

Having selected the desired operation mode, the procedure for automatic tuning of television channels is started. After scanning is finished, you can make parental settings for some channels or skip this step.

Enabling Internet on LG TVs

To connect LG, you need to press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control. On the screen you will see a menu with which it will be necessary to configure access.

On the left there will be a column where symbols are displayed. It is necessary to choose the second from the bottom, which depicts a globe. A list will appear where you can see the options with which you can connect the Internet.

In this list, you will need to select the top line related to the network connection. By clicking on this menu item, the user goes to a screen divided into two parts: one of them refers to the wireless connection, the other to the wired Internet access.

You need to select the first option and follow the link “Configure connection”. Then the user will see a list of available wireless networks. After selecting the desired option, you will need to enter the security key.

Important! It should be remembered that the password is at least 8 characters long. You must enter it carefully, avoiding mistakes.

The screen will have a keyboard for input. After completion, you need to confirm the password. If the connection is successful, an inscription will appear confirming the connection to the Internet. After clicking the “Finish” button, you can start using the worldwide network.

Connection procedure

For connection, it is important that the TV has built-in Wi-Fi. In this case, neither a router nor a wired modem is required, since only a TV and a communication channel will be enough to establish a connection.

Note! If such a site is not provided, a Wi-Fi adapter will be required, which can be connected via a USB connector. It should be remembered that only a proprietary wireless adapter should be used for an LG TV.

Setting procedure

When configuring, you must specify the language that is preferable for the interface.

Connecting to a wireless network using an example of an LG TV

Since this manufacturer of equipment is one of the most popular, many will connect TVs of this particular company to the wireless network. Although the setup process is the same on most devices and other brands.

To get started, remember that when you first turn on, most models offer to connect to the Internet. If you do not ignore this offer, then you will not have to specially deal with the device settings later.

So, enter the menu using a specific button on the remote. Now click Network, Network Connection and then Configure. You will see a list from which you need to select one item.

Please note that if necessary, you can independently set any of the parameters of such a network by going to manual settings. Most often, this will have to be done when connecting with a hidden SSID, when you need to specify a static IP or when using WPS technology.

After completing the described steps and entering the correct password, you will see a message on the TV screen about the successful setup of the wireless network. Now click on Done and start surfing.

After connecting the TV to the Internet, all the functions of LG Smart TV will be available. And on the monitor screen you will see an icon signaling a successful connection to the Internet.

Connecting to a wireless network using the example of a TV from Samsung

As in the first case, you will need a TV with Internet access that supports Smart TV. Naturally, you need a router and a wireless network connection. Please note that the settings of the built-in or external adapter are absolutely identical.

So, go along the path Menu. Network. Network Settings. Wireless Network (General). Here you will see a list of all networks, from which just select the one you need and click on the Next button.

If your wireless network is password protected, a window will automatically open for entering letters and numbers using the alphabet on the screen. Use the arrows on the remote to control the cursor.

Although, if desired, ordinary computer mice or even keyboards are easily connected to the TV. Further you will see how the direct connection to the Internet occurs.

If unsuccessful attempts to connect, enter the settings and confirm the automatic IP detection. But if your router does not support the DCHP server function or the Wi-Fi wireless network is built using manual assignment of IP addresses, you will have to configure it manually.

Connect using WPS, One Foot Connection, or Plug Access

These technologies are supported only by some equipment models, please check the availability of these features before purchasing. For example, WPS is a fully automatic setup of the TV’s Internet connection. All that is required in this case is to go to the TV menu and at the same time hold down the button on the router for 10-20 seconds.

One Foot Connection allows you to connect routers and TVs from the same company. Samsung. To do this, you need to make only one touch. turn on the function in the TV menu. Unfortunately, no other brand has such an easy way to connect to a wireless network.

It will also be pretty quick to set up an Internet connection when you use Plug Access technology. Everything is extremely SIMple here: you need a clean flash drive, which you alternately insert into the USB connector of the router and your TV. Wi-Fi connection will be completed in a few seconds.

After successfully connecting to the Internet, go to Smart Hub to access entertainment information, applications and other useful functions. There is also a built-in browser, with which you can easily browse Internet pages and even from YouTube.

How to connect your TV to a wireless Wi-Fi network

Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular due to their inherent functionality. Their main advantage is Internet access, including using wireless networks.

How To Connect Wi-Fi To LG TV

But having bought a new TV, we have absolutely no idea how we can use these possibilities, how to connect it to a wireless Wi-Fi network? And the Wi-Fi receiver is not built into every model. What if he is absent?

The most important thing is not to get upset, because absolutely all TVs have USB connectors. This allows you to use an external Wi-Fi receiver, with which you can easily connect to the Internet.

Please note that you do not need to have a router in your apartment. If your neighbors have any wireless router, you can also use it, having previously obtained consent. And do not forget to specify the network password. without it you will not be able to access the Internet.

Sometimes the reason for unsuccessful attempts to access the network is blocking by MAC address. You need to know in advance all the connection details so that the setup is quick and easy.

Solving possible connection problems

If you are unable to connect your TV to the Internet, use one of three possible aLGorithms.

  • Try turning the TV off and on again, often this SIMple action is enough to fix the problem.
  • Reset Smart Hub settings. To do this, follow the path Smart Hub. Tools. Reset settings and enter the pin-code. After you agree to the terms of the license agreement and privacy policy, the application will be automatically restarted.
  • Only if there is no result after completing the first two points, you can try to update the software installed on your TV. You will need to follow the path Menu. Support. Software update. Over the network. If there is no network connection, you can use a USB flash drive, which will be pre-recorded with the latest firmware version for your TV model.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about connecting the TV to a wireless Wi-Fi network. You just need a little of your desire and time. If you follow all the steps carefully, then after a few seconds after starting the setup you can enjoy browsing the Internet on a large and high-quality TV screen.

How to manually configure Wi-Fi on Android if the router connection is hidden

As with the first method, we first need to enable the adapter. But the methods listed above do not suit us for this. Change the strategy: first go to “Settings”. And then we act depending on the version of the phone. We find the item “Wi-Fi” and open its menu. We turn on the adapter. If you have an earlier model, then find the item “Wireless networks” and select “Set up Wi-Fi”. We translate the adapter into the on position.

Next, we proceed to the manual search for available connections: you will be presented with a list of access points that were found automatically. If you are connecting to a hidden network, click “Add Wi-Fi”:

Enter the exact name of the hidden access point (SSID) and proceed to security, as in the illustration below:

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After that we save the changes.

Wi-Fi connection on phones and smartphones. How to connect Android to Wi-Fi

Many people think that setting up an Iphone is really not an easy task. Few would argue with this statement. But about Android, many believe that these are easy-to-use smartphones that even a child can handle. However, in fact, when trying to configure Wi-Fi, some difficulties may arise here.

In general, the popularity of Android is growing every day. Probably, there is no longer a person who does not have a smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system in the arsenal of home appliances. Even the smallest children today actively use these gadgets instead of the usual toys, dolls, cars, etc. But at the same time, few people know how to properly configure Wi-Fi.

Once you connect a smartphone, and in the future, the smartphone will independently connect to Wi-Fi. But it is not uncommon to observe situations when you need to configure Android manually.

For a visual illustration, we will use the LG G4 smartphone with the Android 5.1 operating system. However, the model doesn’t matter, Android smartphones are almost the same.

Before you start configuring Android, you need to set up Wi-Fi by turning on the adapter. The adapter is turned on in two ways:

  • Through the toolbar.
  • Through device parameters.

The first method is very convenient: swipe your finger across the screen (from top to bottom) and see the toolbar, as in the figure:

We are looking for a Wi-Fi button with a corresponding icon. Click on it and thus activate the Wi-Fi model.

After that, the system starts searching for available wireless networks and the following list appears on the screen:

Select the one you need and connect. If it is password protected, enter a combination of characters and click “Connect”. The whole process is automated and does not take much time.

Another question is if the connection is hidden in the router parameters or the DHCP function is disabled. Then you need to configure Android manually.

The most common problems when trying to connect an IOS phone to Wi-Fi

It often happens that they seem to have done the right thing and followed the instructions, but nevertheless it is not possible to connect the phone with the IOS operating system to Wi-Fi. Do not despair and think that the saying “Technique in the hands of a monkey is a piece of iron” about you. Most likely, this is not a technical glitch.

If you cannot connect your phone to Wi-Fi, do the following:

  • Check the router connection. And also make sure you are in range.
  • Check that the Wi-Fi option is enabled on your smartphone. Go to “Settings”, then to “Wi-Fi”. If there is a blue check mark next to the desired name, it means that the connection in the phone is complete and problems are observed in the router.
  • If you want to connect your phone to Wi-Fi at home, then check if the cables are connected correctly and if the router is configured correctly.
  • Reboot your IOS phone and reconfigure it.
  • Reboot the router and reconfigure it too.

If all else fails, try the following:

  • If you are trying to connect a smartphone in a public place, contact an employee of the establishment and ask him to set up Wi-Fi.
  • Check the connection on other devices, such as a laptop, or ask others if the Internet is working for them. If the other devices are also not connected, then there is a problem with the Internet provider. Contact your internet provider.
  • Try to connect to another location or to a different Wi-Fi. If attempts are unsuccessful, contact a service center to check your Iphone.
  • Update the firmware version of the router and check that your smartphone is in the list of supported devices.

How to connect Wi-Fi on Iphone

  • Go to the home screen and go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We are looking for the line “Wi-Fi” and enable the option.
  • Then the search for available Wi-Fi will be automatically launched.
  • Choose a name and connect.

This method is suitable for connecting to unsecured routers, for example, in public places.

If you connect to a secure Wi-Fi, the sequence will be slightly different:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • We are looking for the line “Wi-Fi” and enable the option.
  • After automatic search for Wi-Fi, select the desired access point.
  • Enter the password and click “Connect”.

If you cannot connect your phone to Wi-Fi in this way, then you are entering the wrong password. To find out the correct one, contact your Wi-Fi administrator.

There are also situations when you need to connect your phone to a hidden access point that is not displayed in the general list. To connect a smartphone, you need to know the exact name of the Wi-Fi:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • We are looking for the line “Wi-Fi” and enable the option.
  • Press “Other” and enter the exact name.
  • Click “Security”.
  • After that, you need to select the type of protection, as shown in the illustration below.
  • We return to the “Other network” item and enter the password.
  • Click “Connect”.

How to manually set up Wi-Fi on Android. if DHCP function is disabled

In order to add a new connection to a router that has disabled DHCP, put a tick in the “Connect additional parameters” line. Then you will be able to independently enter the IP address, proxy server and other information. To enter an IP address and other information, select Static for IP Settings. We fill in the lines that appear with data about the router and start “Save” or “Ok”.

As you can see, special professional knowledge and skills are not required, the process is SIMple and straightforward. If you follow the instructions provided and do everything correctly, you will be able to set up your Android or Iphone in a matter of minutes. We hope this article helped you.

Connecting the TV to Wi-Fi. setup and problems

Connecting “Smart TV” to the Internet via Wi-Fi is a very useful function that allows you to watch TV channels using the global network in digital quality. You can receive many channels using a wireless network, thereby saving the room from unnecessary wires. You can use television over the Internet using various services or operators that provide services for a relatively affordable subscription fee. For this, the TV must support the Smart TV function and have a built-in Wi-Fi module. Otherwise, you will need to connect it via a wire or use a special attachment. In addition to many channels, “smart TV” allows you to use the Internet, make calls, communicate in social networks.

Note! Using the Wi-Fi Direct function, you can connect a phone, tablet, laptop to the device and control all functions with their help.


With the support of network wireless connections with a household appliance from this South Korean brand, you can create a connection like this:

  • Open the “Network” tab in the settings and select “Network Settings”.
  • Click on “Wireless network”. In this case, a screen with available connections appears. You need to select a home access point and enter a password.
  • There you can also use the already described WPS or Ad-hoc.

If there is no Wi-Fi module

In the event that the TV does not have a special module for a wireless network, then the connection can only be made using a cable or using a special adapter.

The second method is preferable, since it does not require the use of extra wires in the room. All you need to do is plug in a small adapter and connect it to your home router. It is a replacement for the built-in Wi-Fi module, which is equipped with modern devices.

Connection and configuration process

Today there are a large number of TV equipment manufacturers who have approximately the same capabilities and functions. The main ones are Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and others. They come in a variety of prices, sizes and quality. In addition, they have a different interface that allows you to configure and manage functions.

If the device has a special module, then the user needs to know how to set up Wi-Fi on the TV. This is often easy enough. At the first connection, the system will ask the user to enter the necessary data, select a region and specify an access point to the wireless connection. Next, you will need to select the required one and enter the password.

However, for this it is imperative to have a router at home, which would be in the area of ​​receiving a TV signal. You can check it from any other gadget, if there is a signal on the phone at the TV installation location, then you can safely start setting up. Otherwise, you will have to move the router closer. But usually such problems do not arise, since modern routers have sufficient range.

Note! If the room is large and there is no signal, then you can install an additional repeater or amplify the signal using special antennas.

In addition, you need to know the tuning process on devices from different manufacturers.

It is one of the largest and most famous manufacturers of household appliances.

Note! Due to the high popularity among owners, they often have questions about setting up TVs from this manufacturer.

The connection is made as follows:

  • Enable all required devices.
  • Open the network settings called “Network Settings: Wireless” and click “OK”.
  • The possibility of various connection methods will appear, you must select the appropriate.
  • A list of connections will open, you must select the desired one and enter the password.
  • The system may offer easy installation function. This allows you to connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup or Ad-hoc services. If the router supports these types of connections, then you can use them.
  • After performing the described operations, a message should appear stating that the connection was created successfully.
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Connecting using a router as an adapter

Most modern routers have great functionality and can work in the mode of a wireless network adapter. If such a router is available, then with its help you can create a TV connection to the global network via Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • The router should be configured to use “adapter mode”. In this case, it receives signals from the main wireless network and transmits them to the TV.
  • Use a wire to connect the router to the TV.
  • When specifying the type of connection, it is necessary to mark “wired”, as it will be considered as such.

Using a Wi-Fi adapter

Such a device comes in the form of a standard flash card and is inserted into a USB or HDMI port. Next, you need to search for available networks and create a connection.

Important! Some TV models require the use of only original adapters from the respective manufacturer.

In addition, when choosing an adapter, the following characteristics will be important:

  • range of work;
  • transmitter power;
  • the work standards they support;
  • throughput.

What does a Wi-Fi connection give

Connecting the household appliance with Wi-Fi gives you unlimited access to all the functions of the global network. This can be live communication through instant messengers or social networks, surfing the Internet, watching digital channels, games and other entertainment. Without a network connection, the device can only support cable TV services, which provide inferior picture, and also lack the functions of stop, rewind and other convenient conditions.

In addition, the connection allows you to exchange data, display photos from other gadgets on the big screen, and type text.

Important! Without the Internet, the TV will turn into a useless box. Therefore, it does not hurt to connect to a reliable operator or install cable TV as a backup option.

How to know if your TV is Wi-Fi capable

Almost one hundred percent of modern “smart” devices have a wireless connection to the global network. This allows you to enjoy watching your favorite TV channels in excellent quality, chat with friends and family, use browser functions and play games.

Note! You can display an image from your phone or any other home gadget and use the enlarged picture.

Note! Having a high-tech TV, you can get a convenient interface, SIMple settings and use.

It will take very little time for its normal development. However, to use all the functionality, a network connection is required. In addition, it is important that the connection speed is at least 15-20 Megabits per second. Also, in addition to wi-fi, you can connect the TV to the network using:

  • wires;
  • One foot connection technology;
  • WPS functions;
  • Plug and Access.

Sony and Philips

Note! These two manufacturers run the Android TV operating system.

The setting is carried out as follows:

  • Open main menu.
  • At the bottom of the list, open the “Wired and Wireless Networks” tab.
  • Select “Wi-Fi” and press right.
  • The item “Connect to the network” will open, where you can specify the wireless.
  • Click on the home access point from the list that appears.
  • Enter the password, if any.
  • Click “Finish”.


If your device from “Samsung” supports Smart TV (there is a wireless module), then it can be connected “over the air” to the Internet. The router should be working while connected. The process is carried out in several steps:

  • Follow the path “Network”. “Network Settings”.
  • Select “Wireless Network”. All found access points will be available to you. Choose yours. If a password is set on it, a window with an input field will automatically appear.

At the same point, if necessary, you can connect via WPS, which will be discussed later. Now you can use the Internet through TV.

LG is one of the largest manufacturers, so many users are interested in how the Internet is connected to an LG TV. Connection takes place in a SIMilar way from the previous subsection:

  • Turn on your router and TV.
  • Go to the network settings of the TV on the “Network settings: wireless” tab, click the “OK” button;
  • Next, three connection methods will appear on the screen. Select the required:
  • “Setting from the list of access points”. Use it if you know the name and password of the Wi-Fi network.
  • “Easy Installation” is used to connect the device to the router via WPS
  • “Network Setting (Ad-hoc)”. The method connects the TV to a PC without access to the global Internet. Used to configure the local network.

At the end, a message about successful connection will appear. Now you can use all services that provide for the Internet.

Connecting the TV to Wi-Fi by itself

We will tell you in detail how the TV connects to the Internet using standard settings and various technologies, namely: WPS, One Foot Connection and others. Products from specific manufacturers will be reviewed for clarity.

Connection via Wi-Fi adapter

For devices that do not have a Wi-Fi module in their design, you can purchase a separate Wi-Fi adapter. It looks like a flash drive, while it is installed in a USB or HDMI socket on the TV. After that, you can use the instructions given earlier to search for your network, and then connect. Be careful as some models only work with branded Wi-Fi adapters. Use of third party products will not be possible.

We advise you to pay attention to the following characteristics: range, transmitter power, supported standards, bandwidth, and so on.

Possible problems and how to solve them

Users may experience connection problems. The source can be both the TV itself and the router. We recommend that you perform a number of actions to eliminate them:

  • Restart your TV and router.
  • Reset your router to factory settings. Make sure DHCP is working properly.
  • Reset Smart Hub (if available on TV).
  • Try updating your TV’s firmware (under software update).

How to know if your TV is Wi-Fi capable

Connecting via a router as an adapter

Most routers have several modes of operation, including the “adapter” mode. If you have such a router, you can connect your TV via Wi-Fi to the Internet. Follow these steps:

  • Set your router to adapter mode. The router must receive Internet from the main Wi-Fi network and broadcast its TV.
  • Connect your TV to your router via a network cable.
  • Check the functionality. This type of connection will be considered wired.

Android TV

On Sony and Phillips models, the smart TV system is built on Android TV. You can connect the device using “Android TV” according to the following instructions (made for example based on the Philips TV):

  • Call the main menu through the remote control (the button has the image of a house).
  • Scroll down. and then select the “Wired and Wireless Networks” section.
  • Click on “Wired or Wi-Fi” and go to the list to the right.
  • Click on the line “Connect to the network”. Next, specify the wireless.
  • Select your network from the list of available.
  • Enter your password if required.
  • At the end, click on the line “Finish”.

For Sony TVs and SIMilar models, follow these instructions. Menu items have a SIMilar name.

Connection and setup procedure

If your TV is equipped with the necessary module, it’s time to learn how to connect your TV to Wi-Fi. Usually, the procedure for almost all TVs is identical, but with the exception of some nuances regarding menu items and operating system features of a particular device.

You must have a wireless router in your apartment or house, the signal of which reaches the TV. You can check this in an elementary way using your smartphone. If it catches your access point without any problems, start connecting. Otherwise, of course, it will be necessary to either move the router closer or think about amplifying the signal.

WPS technology, One Foot Connection, Plug Access

For the convenience of users, manufacturers have developed a number of technologies that allow you to connect a TV without entering a network name and password. At the same time, your TV must support it, which you can find out in the product specification.

WPS allows you to connect your device to the network in a couple of seconds. The router must also support this technology. To activate WPS, press the corresponding button on the router and hold it for 10 seconds. The LED of the same name should light up on the router. Then press the button on the TV or select the appropriate item in the device menu. The TV will automatically connect to the network.

One Foot Connection connects Samsung TVs and modems. To do this, you need to activate the function in the TV menu. This is the easiest and most convenient method, but it is available only for owners of equipment from “Samsung”.

Plug Access is a popular technology. The essence of this method is to use a clean flash drive, which is first inserted into the USB port of the router, and then directly into the TV. The connection will take place in a few seconds. However, not every modem has a USB output.