How to connect Vink to Smart TV

What you need to do to set up Smart TV over Wi-Fi?

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control.

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  • In the TV menu, go to the Network tab and select Network Connection.
  • Next, the possibility of a wired or wireless connection is displayed. Press the button “Configure connection”.
  • Select the desired wireless network from the list. Attention! If there is a need to set your own parameters when connecting, then you must select the “Manual settings” item. For example, this will be needed to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, when using a static IP address, or connect using WPS technology and other possible options.
  • Next, you need to specify a password to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi access point.
  • On the next window, you will see the connection status. The network is connected, the signal is stable. Click the Finish button.
  • If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then select “receive automatically”. You can use the functions of Smart TV technology! If Smart TV mode is activated, then at the top you will see an icon, Internet connection.

After you have successfully connected to the network via Wi-Fi, you will need to go to the “Menu” again and select the “Smart Hub” function in the “Support” tab. She is able to open access to many information resources on the Internet. With its help you can watch videos on YouTube or visit other Internet pages.

What you need to know before setting up your Smart TV?

Your dream has come true and you have taken out that very Samsung Smart TV from the box. We determined its place, put it there, and now it’s time to start setting up. What you need to know and be able to in order to seamlessly use the Smart TV function?

Let’s start in order and analyze the order of TV settings via Wi-Fi. Of course, there is an option to connect the TV directly through a wire, but this is not a very convenient option.

Additional cable, wire knots. all these are troubles and inconveniences that are unlikely to please. There will be opponents and connections via Wi-Fi, because many believe that such a connection is not capable of providing an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. But this is not true. The interruption of communication and the lack of its stability is exclusively a problem of the router. If the processor of the router is strong enough and the Internet provider provides fast Internet, then there will be no problems. Otherwise, either change your router or your Internet service provider.

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Before proceeding with the Smart TV settings, you need to clarify a few points, namely:

  • Does your Samsung Smart TV come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter? If yes. this is great, if not. then it must be purchased. If you buy an adapter, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it is individual for each Smart TV model.
  • Is the router configured and working properly? But, if the router is not new and your smartphone or tablet already has an Internet connection, then you can skip this item, because all the necessary settings have already been made. Otherwise, setting up a router for Internet access will require specialist intervention.

Smart TV over Wi-Fi

What progress has reached. now, in order to watch videos on YouTube or search for the necessary information on the Internet, you do not need to run for a laptop or grab a smartphone. Anything you want can be done through the TV. The only prerequisite is the presence of the Smart TV function. Electronic stores offer a fairly wide selection of TVs from different manufacturers with the Smart TV function, which, by the way, are not cheap.

What to do if Smart TV connection fails?

It often happens that everything seems to be done correctly and the sequence is followed, and the Samsung Smart TV stubbornly refuses to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

In this case, you need to understand the reason for this behavior and eliminate it. Among the most common are incorrect router settings. Check connectivity on other devices in your home. phones, laptops, tablets. If they also do not see the network, then of course move towards fixing the problem in the router. If the Samsung Smart TV refuses to connect, then your next action will be to fix the error in setting up Smart TV.

The most common mistake when setting up Smart TV is the incorrectly selected Wi-Fi network. In this case, return to “Menu”. “Network settings” and choose your router more carefully. The second error may be the incorrectly entered Wi-Fi password. In this case, follow the same path to the menu, and in the password field, enter its correct version.

It happens that the Samsung Smart TV cannot see the router because the distance between them is too large. If, for example, more than one wall separates the TV and the router, then the connection may be interrupted. In this case, you need to place them closer, thus improving the quality of the connection.

No special skills or abilities are required to set up Smart TV. Everything is very simple and accessible. Carefully follow each step of the instructions step by step and, as a result, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of your Samsung Smart TV.

Write in the comments if you failed to configure the connection. We will help!

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How to connect, set up and watch “Smotryoshka” programs on Smart TV

So winter is on the doorstep, and New Year’s holidays are just around the corner. For some, they are a long-awaited time of rest, but for someone a headache: what to do with yourself and your family these days, especially if the frost does not allow you to stick your nose out of the house?

Well, of course, friendly TV viewing! We present you another new generation digital interactive television service. “Smotryoshka”. which has 140 Russian and foreign HD quality channels.

What to see on “Smotreshka

First, a couple of words about the features of “Smotryoshka”. The service uses the latest developments in the field of high-definition video transcoding, adapting the signal for network channels with any bandwidth without loss of quality. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted picture, even if the TV (or other device playing the content) is connected to the Internet via slow Wi-Fi.

The content of “Smotreshka” is made up of information, scientific, entertainment, sports, children’s and adult television channels. Including:

  • NTV
  • Russia 24
  • TVC
  • ORT
  • STS
  • TNT
  • 360 News
  • Carousel
  • Star
  • Disney channel
  • Moscow 24
  • Muz TV
  • 2 × 2
  • BBC
  • Cinema TV
  • Russian bestseller
  • Match!
  • Football
  • The science
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Friday!
  • Film family
  • Planet, etc.

Channel packages and tariff plans are determined by Internet TV service providers. The minimum package, as a rule, includes 140-150 TV channels and costs 150-250 rubles per month. The maximum includes already 222 channels, and monthly.

What to look at

You can watch “Smotreshka” on almost everything. the device would have a screen. Supported devices include:

  • Smart TV on Android TV platforms (Sony, Philips), Tizen (Samsung F, H, J, K, M, N, Q), webOS 0–4.0 and Netcast OS.
  • Media players based on Android OS 4.2 and higher connected to a regular TV. The list of recommended models is published on the official website.
  • Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Windows, Linux and OS X computers (browser version for Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 and above).

It is possible to watch the programs of different channels on three devices simultaneously. During viewing, it is allowed to pause for up to 7 days. During this period, you can resume playback where you left off, not necessarily on the same device. It is possible on the other.

Install the app and sign in

To watch online TV, your TV must be connected to the Internet. The connection method and speed do not play a big role, since the service, as mentioned above, maintains the quality and smoothness of the picture even with slow access.

Select a TV channel and enjoy watching. All!

Under the channel loaded into the player, its program for the coming days is displayed. If you are afraid of missing something, create a reminder for yourself: click on the alarm icon next to the desired program and set the alert time.

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In the lower disappearing panel of the player there are buttons for adding to favorites, pause, switching to full screen mode, quality settings menu, as well as a volume control dial.

check in

Connection to “Smotreshka” begins with registration. As in the case with other similar services, it is advisable to go through it on a computer or in a mobile application: this is more convenient.

  • Open the project site in a browser and click the Register button. Enter your mobile phone number and captcha in the boxes.
  • Then enter the four-digit code sent in the SMS message.
  • On the next page, select the region where you live and the name of your internet service provider. If the latter is not in the list, type it in manually. Click “Register”.
  • After completing the registration, click “Watch TV”. You will receive the first 30 days of access to Smotreshka as a gift. Payment will be charged from the 31st day.

You can perform further actions on TV.

Setting up your account and profiles

It is also more convenient to set up the account and user profiles of “Smotryoshka” on a PC or in a mobile application. For clarity, I’ll do this in a browser.

Let’s go to the main account menu (in the browser version it is hidden behind the “Main” button).

Let’s open the “Profile Management” section. There are 2 preset user profiles here: “Basic” and “Adult 18”. To create one more (or several), click “Add profile”.

In the form that opens, enter the name of the user, select the type of content and, if necessary, protect the access with a pin code.

  • Main. This category includes all films and programs, except for adults (erotic). Recommended for family viewing.
  • Children’s. Includes only programs, cartoons and films for minors.
  • Adult. Sexual Content (available if included in your data plan).
  • All subscription channels without filtering.

It is recommended to close the third and fourth groups with a pin code from children.

Nothing is said about limiting the number of profiles of one account, but there can definitely be more than 10 of them.

Each user who has a password for his personal account can change the settings or delete any profile, except for the main one.

To go to editing a profile, click on the pencil icon on it. Changes are available for the username and content type, as well as for setting or removing a pin code. To save the new settings, the service will ask you to confirm the actions with a password.

To enter another profile of the same account, click “Change profile” and, if protection is installed, enter the pin code.

That’s all the service features. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? However, we don’t need anything else, because TV is a rest.