How To Connect TV Channels To Smart TV

Registration and account creation

Before using the full functionality of Smart TV, you need to create a Samsung account. This is a fairly SIMple procedure that does not take much time. To create, you need a stable Internet connection at a speed of at least 20 Mb / s. Otherwise, data transfer may be delayed or not at all.

  • turn on the TV and press the “SMART” button on the remote control;
  • in the list of applications, select the item “SMART HUB”;
  • in the application, select the item “Create an account”;

after accepting the Terms of Service Agreement, the account creation window will appear;

in the corresponding field, you will need to enter your login and password using the virtual keyboard;

  • now you need to click the “OK” button;
  • Now you can use the created account. The TV will enter and allow you to use the full range of functions.

    Wi-Fi wireless connection

    To implement a wireless connection, you need a device that supports this data transfer. 7 series TVs are almost all equipped with the necessary equipment. But sometimes you may additionally need an external Wi-Fi adapter that connects directly to the TV. This is necessary for those models in which this component is not built.

    The TV needs to be connected to a wireless IP device (modem or router). If there is DHCP support, then you can use this protocol and automatically configure the connection.

    It is important to select a free channel for the TV, since the use of the same channel by two devices will lead to interruptions and interference.

    If you need to connect a Wi-Fi adapter, it is recommended to turn off the TV first. After connecting the device, it can be turned on. In this case, you can observe some image distortion, which can be removed after detailed connection settings. You can also use an extension cord to help place the adapter in a noise-free location.

    Rectangular USB adapters are widely used, which makes it easy to organize an access point. This adapter connects one end to the Samsung Wireless LAN port and the other to the USB port.

    How To Connect TV Channels To Smart TV

    You can also use an extension cable. It connects to the USB port and Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter. In this case, the adapter itself can be fixed on the back of the TV.

    After all the manipulations, you will need to proceed with the direct TV setup. An important place in this case is allocated to the system of protection of accounts and the network as a whole. For protection, a security code is used, which should be as complex as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult to protect the network from intrusion.

    A combination of letters and numbers is used as a password.

    It is recommended to use different case letters. A password is entered during the initial wireless setup, and then each new connected device must use the network with this password.

    Its useful to note. That if the connection speed is less than 10 Mbps, then there may be problems with automatic configuration. In this case, manual input of parameters may be required.

    After that, the connection will be configured and you can start using the functionality of the device.

    How to connect

    Setting up your Samsung Smart TV is not possible without an internet connection. This is the only way to use all the functions of the TV. Buying a device is impractical without the Internet. Consider the methods of connecting TVs of different series to the network.

    Wired LAN connection

    This method is to directly connect the TV to an external modem. For this, a standard Ethernet cable is used. Most often, this method is used for 5 series TVs that do not use wireless modules.

    Connection can be made not only through a modem, but also directly through a network outlet. It is better to know in advance about the possibility of such a connection, since it depends on the specific TV settings.

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    Depending on whether your home network is dynamic or static, the connection is done slightly differently. For a dynamic network, modems and routers with the support of appropriate technologies are used. Often they automatically set all the necessary parameters.

    To implement a dynamic network connection, you need to do the following:

      go to the “Network settings” section;

    select the line “Cable”;

  • see the verification process.
  • After completing the test, the network will be configured. This approach is implemented in devices with DHCP support.

    How to set up TV on Smart TV Samsung: expand the capabilities of the TV

    Modern televisions greatly expand the possibilities for viewing programs. Now these are not just TV signal receivers, but the real multimedia centers. Samsung Smart TVs are in the lead in this area. But if you mess with the device for too long and cannot properly set up the TV on the Samsung Smart TV, then after studying this article, all difficulties will be left behind.

    • Samsung Smart TV features and specifications
    • How to connect
    • Wired LAN
    • Wi-Fi wireless connection
    • Connecting using WPS
    • With Plug Access technology
    • Registration and account creation
    • How to install applications
    • How to find and configure channels

    Connecting using WPS

    Connecting devices via the WPS function is widely used. In order to implement such a connection, you need to do the following:

    • go to the “Network Settings” section;
    • select the “WPS” item;
    • press the corresponding button with the WPS label on the router and hold it for about 2 minutes;
    • at this time the TV will receive all the necessary settings and enter them in the appropriate fields.

    Thus, one button sends all the information to the TV and realizes the automatic configuration of the wireless network. When the setup is complete, the network check screen appears. This means that the connection was made.

    With Plug Access technology

    If your modem or router supports Plug Access, you can use it to set up your wireless connection. This requires:

    • insert the storage device into the USB port on the router (if the light is blinking, then there is access to the network);
    • the device is now removed from the router and inserted into the TV;
    • immediately after that, the device will begin to transmit the necessary information and establish a connection automatically.

    When the network check screen appears, the setup was successful.

    If in the process of using the devices the settings of the router are changed, then you must repeat the procedure to update the data.

    How to install apps

    Smart TV allows you to use a huge number of different applications that significantly expand the functionality of your TV. But before you can use them, you must first find and install them.

    Application installation order:

    • using the button on the remote control, go to the menu;
    • find Samsung Apps among the list of programs and select;
  • among the programs we find the necessary one and select it;
  • a window will appear with the “Install” button, which must be pressed;
  • the application will start installing.
  • Installation is usually done in a matter of seconds. Immediately after that, the required program will appear in the list and will be available for use.

    Samsung Smart TV features and specifications

    Samsung Smart TV is not just a TV, but an advanced multifunctional platform. It includes advanced features for viewing various content. Much more this system resembles a traditional computer or smartphone.

    Here you can easily use social networks, watch and install various applications. These are the features that make Smart technologies so popular.

    The main functions of Smart TV include:

    • the implementation of the display of digital television;
    • the ability to play content from external sources;
    • implementation of Internet search;
    • installation of various programs and applications;
    • watching YouTube;
    • -calls via Skype or other systems.

    How to tune free channels on LG, Samsung, Sony and Philips TVs. How to watch TV on Smart TV: instructions for setting up free channels on a smart TV

    The owners of new TV models have truly unlimited possibilities: in particular, having figured out how to watch free TV channels on Smart TV, you can significantly expand the list of available programs. The latter include news, movies, theatrical performances, cartoons and much more. in the endless list of programs, you are guaranteed to find something to your liking.

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    Our article will discuss broadcasting over the Internet. most often it is called IPTV. In this case, the signal is transmitted by the provider, and you can receive it both directly on Smart TV and, if there is an appropriate program, on a PC.

    The most positive aspects of the broadcast technology we are considering are high picture quality, lossless data transmission, and no need for additional equipment. Everything you need is already in your Smart TV. just follow a series of SIMple settings and start watching!

    The easiest way to connect your TV to the global network is wired: you will need to connect an Ethernet cable to the corresponding socket on the TV. This technique allows you to organize the highest quality data transmission, excluding freezing or interruption of broadcasting. of course, if the interference is not on the side of the provider or TV broadcaster. If you have not yet connected your smart TV to the Internet, then we advise you to read the article on setting up and connecting Smart TV. It describes all possible connection methods and setting network parameters for different TV manufacturers.

    Having figured out how to watch movies on Smart TV for free, you can get access to a huge catalog of channels. Some provider companies offer to subscribe, which includes access not only to “closed” content, but also to such interesting and valuable materials as:

    • New products of domestic and foreign distribution: from the newest TV series and films to cartoons and short films.
    • Teasers and movie previews that are just about to be released.
    • Program guide. conveniently structured, for all available channels.

    Since the IPTV technology itself involves working with user requests, you get the opportunity not only to watch films and cartoons. for free and in any quantity. Smart TV allows you to:

    • Browse, using the built-in web browser, sites and forums on the Internet, as well as download data.
    • Get access to the entire range of channels: analog, digital and distributed exclusively in online format.
    • Communicate via instant messengers, including calls. for example, made via Skype or WhatsApp.
    • Play games, use some built-in applications.
    • Launch other Internet services built into Smart TV functionality or downloaded separately.

    Before telling where to watch movies for free on Smart TV, here are a few words about the Internet Protocol Television technology used. As the name implies, it allows you to receive TV channels using an Internet connection, without using outdated data transfer protocols. Since the flow of information passes through the provider, the latter most often controls user behavior, blocking access to some of the content. it will be available after purchasing a subscription. However, even in this case, you can find alternative ways. for example, view with a web browser.

    Appendix # 4: Russian TV

    A wonderful applet for Smart TV, distributed free of charge. In addition to TV channels, it has a built-in base of radio broadcasting stations.

    In general, the settings of this application are SIMilar to all others. it hardly makes sense to dwell on what is already understandable at the level of intuition.

    Note that by switching to radio broadcasting, you will get access to more than a hundred domestic and foreign stations.

    Setting up free IPTV channels on Samsung TV via Ott Player

    The first way is how to watch TV for free on Smart TV Samsung. If you need to tune SIMple TV or digital channels from the provider, see the instructions for setting up Smart TV Samsung, paragraph “Setting up TV channels”.

    • Go to your browser and find the Ott Player app at
    • Install Ott Player.
    • Add the address of the Playlist by clicking on the “”.
    • Enter the address of the Playlist.
    • You can also use the installed Playlist.
    • Channels for viewing will be available in the Playlist.
    • To hide the browser tabs, you need to hide them in the settings.

    Appendix # 8: SPB TV

    This full-fledged virtual cinema will allow you not only to watch your favorite films or new movies at any time, but also to follow Lenovo’s news. In total, more than a hundred channels, Russian and foreign, are offered to your attention; content, as usual, is divided into genres and subcategories.

    You can choose what exactly you will watch, both without leaving the main program window, and in the side menu: it is not so spectacular, but it gives more opportunities.

    App # 1: Lazy IPTV

    Perhaps this application is the best answer to the question of how to watch movies on Smart TV. You can not only enjoy live broadcasting, but also create all sorts of reminders for yourself, and, no less pleasant, prepare lists of your favorite TV channels.

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    To get started with the application, you need to download a working Playlist from the Internet, as a file or link. Now you should add it to the list of used.

    Please note: you can set the status of the added playlist to be updated automatically. Thus, you will be able to watch the actual channels instead of wasting time filtering out “garbage”. The update can be set both on a temporary and permanent basis.

    All previously saved data are available in the subsection “Playlist Manager”.

    In the next list, called “All channels”, you, as the name implies, you can find available for playback TV channels.

    The following screenshot shows the program guide. convenient and well-structured.

    The application allows you to view all possible online content formats: from TV shows and news to movies and entertainment shows. The question of how to watch Smart TV for free is very SIMple. Find a suitable Playlist, load it into memory. and start broadcasting. And by installing the Lazy Media Delux add-on, you will be able to watch online movies from the developer’s own collection. in torrent mode.

    Appendix # 10: ViNTERA TV

    Telling how to watch regular channels on Smart TV, we will not ignore this product either. The program gives access to more than 400 TV channels from around the world; however, which of them will be available in your region depends on the provider and gadget settings. The list of available broadcasting includes federal and regional news TV channels, as well as numerous film libraries, channels with animation and old talk shows. Some of the content is limited and becomes available only after a paid subscription.

    SS IPTV is another app with free channels

    Consider another good program with which you can watch online TV broadcasting on Smart TV. This application has a slightly nicer interface; it is distributed completely free of charge. and you can download it to your Smart TV literally in a few seconds. It won’t take too much time to configure options.

    A quick guide on how to use the Smart TV channel app:

    • Find the gear icon in the upper corner and click on it using the capabilities of the TV remote.
    • Download all the playlists you want to use into the app one by one. Immediately after that you can start watching.

    Let’s take a closer look at how you can add new Playlists to the initially empty list. There are two main options: either prescribe full Internet addresses for each such list, or try to synchronize Smart TV with a computer or laptop via a router.

    To perform manual manipulation, select the Content list. Here you need to open the “External” tab to connect an external list. It remains to click “Add”. after that you can enter the name of the Playlist and enter the appropriate link.

    In addition, in the general application settings section, you can add an internal playlist to the already created list of playlists. for this you need to click on the “Get code” button.

    We continue with the instructions on how to tune channels on your Smart TV. The data displayed on the screen can be recorded or photographed. These will need to be entered on the SS IPTV program website. click on the “Add device” button. from now on the playlist will be available on your TV.

    Note that in the same way, you can delete Playlists. for example, those that have ceased to work or are no longer relevant.

    Appendix # 9: NTV

    A branded program from a well-known TV channel. It is distributed in a completely free mode, it opens access to all multimedia content that has ever been shown on NTV. For your convenience, the data is divided into categories; to search by title, tap on the magnifying glass icon and enter the name of the movie, animation or program.

    The most detailed broadcasting program is also freely available. for several days at once, indicating the start time of each multimedia block.