How To Connect To TV Via Phone

Instructions for connecting YouTube to your TV by all means

Now there are many methods on how to connect YouTube to a TV, so we took this topic out in a separate article.

Let’s look at these methods as briefly as possible, figure out how they work, and answer the most popular questions …………

Methods to do it

Agree that it is not always convenient to watch on a mobile phone or tablet, but I would like to transfer the picture to the TV in a few clicks and enjoy playback in high quality.

This is possible even though you want to connect YouTube to a Samsung or LG TV that does not have Smart features.

There are a huge number of TVs on the market, some of which already have built-in functionality, while others do not.

For example, the easiest way to plays on modern news with built-in Wi-Fi, which will allow just a few clicks to view.

In turn, if you have a regular TV, then first of all, you have to connect an additional gadget in the form of an Android set-top box, Xbox and more.

The main ways to connect YouTube to a TV via Wi-Fi:

  • Playback through a computer, phone or tablet ← The essence of the method is that the TV and the device from which the picture is sent are on the same network. If necessary, you click on a special icon in the application and transfer the picture to the screen. this is one of the SIMplest methods.
  • Play via app ← Many LG and Samsung TVs can connect YouTube by installing a dedicated app. In this case, you search and views through the functionality of the application.
  • Open the service in the browser ← This method is relevant for TVs that have Smart-functions and access to the network. You just go to and watch your favorites.

Below, we will actually give a few basic ways to connect YouTube to a TV through a phone, tablet, computer and other devices.

We connect a phone or computer with TV

So, as we already said, the easiest way is to transfer a picture from a phone or tablet directly to a TV.

Alternatively, you can also use TVs with:

  • Android support
  • with connected consoles Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

The main condition in order to connect a laptop or phone to a TV to watch YouTube is that both devices must be in the same Wi-Fi network.

As a rule, synchronization occurs automatically, but sometimes you need to make settings manually:

  • We go to the YouTube application on the TV and go to “Settings”;
  • After that, select the item “Connect to phone”;
  • A blue code appears at the bottom of the page, which must be entered on the phone.

→ To do this, you must go to the YouTube app settings on your tablet or phone

→ Then “Setting up the connection manually” and enter the appropriate code.

That’s all If you can see the instructions

In a SIMilar way, you can connect iPhone to any Smart-TV.

Guys, how do you like this. do not miss

Through the app

This is a popular method if you are the owner of a smart novelty from Samsung, etc. the whole procedure is performed through a special application from YouTube (usually installed on most models).

In this case, everything is SIMple. you need to go to the application, search and view.

The situation is much more complicated if your TV does not have Wi-Fi or it does not have Smart functions at all.

→ In this case, the best option is to use an additional gadget. which will make TV more functional. One of these gadgets is an Android set-top box.

Connect it to your TV, download the YouTube app from PlayMarket and enjoy watching your favorites.

The functions are controlled using a special remote control, and in this case, YouTube specialists also tried, because the application is ideally adapted for TV.

Thus, we covered the main issues related to connecting YouTube to any TV.

Wireless connection. How to connect a mobile phone to a TV with and without wires

Agree, run mobile games, as well as watch movies, photos, etc. which are stored in the smartphone’s memory are much more convenient on the big screen. All you need to do is connect your phone to your TV. This can be done in different ways. both by cable and without. And it is not at all necessary to own a television of the latest generation. It is enough that it supports at least one technology for receiving signal from mobile devices.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct technology is supported by almost all TVs equipped with a Wi-Fi module, and most modern smartphones (except those running on early versions of Android). Its essence lies in connecting devices to each other without the mediation of an access point. In this case, the phone is recognized by the TV as a multimedia device, and not a storage device.

The general instructions for pairing a smartphone and TV via Wi-Fi Direct look like this:

  • First, we activate the Wi-Fi Direct mode on the smartphone. On devices with any OS version, it is located in the wireless settings, but in different places.
  • Then we do the same on TV. The option is also located in the network settings, but its location is slightly different on devices of different brands. To clarify how you do this, look at the instructions.
  • After you turn on Wi-Fi Direct, the TV displays a list of devices that can be connected. There should be a smartphone among them. Select it and enjoy watching mobile content on the big screen.

Proprietary technologies from manufacturers

If your phone and TV support Wi-Fi Direct or Miracast, you will find these communication methods the most convenient. However, some electronics manufacturers have gone further and implemented standards that make it even easier to connect devices of the same brand.

So, in order to connect a Samsung phone to a Samsung TV, it is enough to activate the “AllShare” function on both. LG’s counterpart to this feature is called “Smart Share”. Apple TV users can connect their iPhones to TV using “AirPlay”, and Sony fans can use “VAIO Media Server”.

Proprietary technologies include a host of other goodies and “snacks”. For example, transcoding and audio. quickly converting data into a format that the TV receiver supports; automatic image quality improvement; using the phone as a remote control and much more. However, in order to communicate between devices, some of the technologies require an access point because they do not provide a direct connection.


SlimPort is another new technology for combining mobile devices and TV into a coherent system. It works through a special adapter that connects one side to the USB port of the phone, and the other to the HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort or DVI connector of the TV. This is perhaps its main difference from MHL.

How To Connect To TV Via Phone

Other significant differences are clearly not in favor of SlimPort. Firstly, SlimPort does not power the mobile device (although for this there is another micro-USB port on the adapter itself, where you can insert the charger). Secondly, it can only be used on devices that mutually support the technology, and there are not too many of them yet.

Wi-Fi Miracast

Miracast is a newer and better technology based on Wi-Fi Direct, but supported by fewer devices. Like Direct, Mirakast connects devices directly. without a router.

The list of the main advantages of Mirakast:

  • Best transfer quality of heavy media content (convenient for watching movies).
  • Securing the connection using WPA2 encryption.
  • Ability to display both the smartphone screen on TV, and vice versa.
  • Support for 3D and surround sound transmission.
  • Saving battery power of a mobile gadget.
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Connection (general instructions):

  • Turn on Miracast mode in TV settings.
  • We go on the smartphone to the “Display” (“Screen”) section and select the TV in the list of available output devices.

There is another technology that works in a SIMilar way. Intel WiDi. If your TV does not support Mirakast, but does support WiDi, use it. You probably won’t notice the difference.

By the way, for TVs that do not support Mirakast, adapters are produced to compensate for this function. They look like a regular large USB flash drive, but connect to the HDMI port.

Wired connection

If your smartphone is equipped with a micro- or mini-HDMI port, which is not so common, you are lucky enough to have the SIMplest wired connection option available. HDMI-HDMI. Of course, if the TV set also has such a connector. In other cases, you will need an adapter adapter.

How to connect TV and phone:

  • Turn off both devices (unplug the TV cord from the wall outlet).
  • Connect the ends of the cable to the corresponding jacks.
  • Turn on TV and smartphone.
  • Select HDMI as the source in the TV menu. After that, the phone screen will be displayed on TV.

Additionally, in the HDMI parameters (on the TV) you can specify the resolution and frequency of the image if problems arise during automatic setup.

HDMI connection is convenient, but has a number of disadvantages. Most annoying is the fast draining of your smartphone battery. This means you have to keep it constantly connected to the charger, which is sometimes impossible (if the ports are close, and the cable of one blocks access to the other). In addition, some older Android phones do not transmit all content via HDMI (for example, only pictures in a slideshow) or require additional applications to be installed.

To connect phones without an HDMI connector to this type of port, you can use a micro-USB-HDMI adapter, but better. MHL, which will be discussed below.

MHL is a more advanced and modern standard for wired connection of mobile gadgets and TV. It is implemented using special cables or converter converters, which are connected at one end to the micro-USB port, and at the other to HDMI. Unlike HDMI-HDMI connection, MHL provides power to the connected device, which is very convenient, as well as better playback quality and faster transfer speed.

There are two types of MHL cables and adapters. passive and active. Active ones require additional power, for which they have one more USB port (such an adapter is connected to the TB via USB).

Passive cables are only compatible with devices that both support the MHL standard. Active enough that MHL is supported only by the reproducing side (TV), and the phone is not necessary.

Physical connection of devices via MHL is carried out in the same way as HDMI, so we will not consider it separately.

By the way, gadgets with SuperMHL support will soon appear on the market. the next stage in the development of this technology. The advantages of the novelty are higher transmission quality (8K resolution, 48 bit color depth, 120 frames per second), support for surround sound and USB Type-C standard. Many smartphones of the latest generation are equipped with ports of this type.

Connecting your phone to an old TV

It’s good to be the owner of a Smart TV. there are plenty of options for connecting a phone to such a device, but what about the owners of old TV boxes? We hasten to reassure you: there are slightly fewer ways to connect to an old TV, but they also exist.

Older devices, as a rule, are equipped with one or two external interfaces, for example, RCA (tulips), VGA, S- or SCART. And the phone’s output is still the same micro-USB. In some cases, for communication with TV, the port for the Jack 3.5 headset is still used, and on the iPhone. a 20-pin service connector.

To connect these incompatible devices with each other, you need, of course, adapters. For instance:

  • RCA-Jack 3.5.
  • VGA-micro-USB.
  • S-Video-micro-USB.
  • SCART-USB-micro-USB, etc.

Alas, you cannot get a good image when transmitting a signal through an adapter. In addition, most of them do not support audio transmission.

A more expensive but reasonable alternative to strings is a set-top box. This is a device capable of providing an ordinary TV with Smart functions. One of these consoles has already been mentioned in the article. Apple TV, but besides it there are many others. based on Android systems and familiar Windows.

The set-top box will turn your old TV set into a completely modern computer with a lot of interfaces for connecting peripheral devices. And the problem of connecting with a mobile phone will disappear by itself.

How to connect your phone to your TV: Play mobile games on the big screen. How to connect your phone to a TV via USB

With this method of connecting an Android phone to a TV, the mobile gadget is defined as a USB drive. Through the TV, you can access the internal memory of the device, as well as the data on the flash drive. We carry out the following actions:

You will need the USB cable that comes with your phone. The MicroUSB connector is inserted into the gadget, and the USB connector into the desired port of the TV.

The phone may ask you to select a connection mode. Click on “USB storage”.

The TV needs to be switched to read external media files. This can be done using the Multimedia, USB, Home or Source buttons, depending on the TV model. After clicking the corresponding button, you will be taken to the menu for selecting the source of media files.

Select USB or Multimedia as the source. After that, you can select the type of file that will be displayed on the TV: photo, audio or.

After viewing files, be sure to return the TV to the previous mode, which was activated before connecting the phone.

One of the advantages of the method is that the phone is also charged when connected to a TV via USB.

Other Fly smartphones
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In one of the articles, we looked at the question of how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

After returning from vacation, you certainly wanted to show hundreds of pictures taken in new cities or on golden beaches on your phone. But, I had to spend a lot of time to dump photos on a USB flash drive and watch them on TV. After all, bright pictures are much more interesting to look at on the big screen. The TV connected to the phone can be used as a full-fledged monitor for web surfing or for mobile games.

However, not everyone knows how to connect a phone to a TV. There are 4 main ways. Three of them will fit any Android phone. Let’s consider all the methods in order.

Table of contents

How to connect your phone to a TV via HDMI

The method is good in that it allows you to fully display the phone screen on the TV. Modern TVs are equipped with an HDMI port. However, to connect a phone in this way, you need a special micro-USB to HDMI adapter. Him. In addition, some modern phones are equipped with a micro-HDMI or mini-HDMI connector.

Technical experts also recommend using dedicated MHL or SlimPort adapters. The advantage of the first is that the phone does not consume power while connected to the TV, but, on the contrary, charges. MHL also provides better signal reproduction quality and increased data rate. It is safest to use the so-called active MHL adapters, which require only one-way support for the MHL standard (for TV).

Here are the steps to connect your phone via HDMI:

Turn off your phone and TV, connect them with an HDMI cable and turn on again.

Some TVs are set up automatically. If this did not happen, go to the next step.

Go to the TV menu and specify HDMI as the signal source. Here you can adjust the image frequency and resolution.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

This method will allow you to connect a phone on which Android is not older than the fourth version. A prerequisite is the presence of a Wi-Fi module on the TV. The actions are as follows:

Go to the phone settings, and select in the “Wireless networks” section “Wi-Fi”.

Press the Wi-Fi enable button and in the drop-down menu select “Additional functions”.

You will need the line “Wi-Fi Direct”, which activates direct pairing of the phone with another device.

We turn to the TV. In the menu we find the item “Network”, which, by the way, can be accessed through a separate button on the control panel. A list of connection methods appears. Click the “Wi-Fi Direct” connection and launch it.

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A list of devices that can be connected to the TV appears. One of them will be the phone that was previously configured. Select your device and activate the connection request. In a matter of moments, the phone will catch the signal from the TV, after which the pairing will be established.

Wireless phone connection for specific TV models

This connection method is unique, as it is designed for specific TV models. Many manufacturers develop their own software solutions for wirelessly pairing phone and TV.

You can connect a gadget to a TV from LG through a special Smart Share program. The user needs to set up a home Wi-Fi network, connect the phone and TV to it, and then start the Smart Share function on the TV.

Samsung’s AllShare function works the same way: set up a wireless network, connect your phone and TV, and launch the program.

Now you know how easy it is to connect your Android phone to your TV. Happy viewing!

If you are interested, then you can read the article What to do if the phone turns off by itself.

Connect your phone to TVs of different models

The connection method for TV differs from model to model. How to connect certain models to a smartphone will be discussed below.

Instructions for iPhones

IPhone can only be connected wirelessly. This can be done as follows:

  • Make sure Apple TV and iPhone are within range of the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the “Control Center” on the device.
  • Click “Screen Repeat” (Figure 3).
  • Select TV from the list of devices.
  • Duplicate the appeared code on iPhone for pairing.

Then you will be able to see on TV what is happening on the phone. You can try using special broadcast applications that are available on our website.

How to connect your phone to your TV

The “Screen Mirroring” function allows you to display everything that happens on the device on the big screen. In fact, you get the opportunity to use your smartphone more conveniently and even use it as a tool for working and watching media. How to connect a smartphone and TV will be discussed in this article.

Manual for LG

To connect your phone to LG, you need to do the following:

  • In the settings, find “Wireless connections and networks”.
  • Click “” (this button may have a different name, depending on the model).
  • Click on Wi-Fi direct to activate the function.
  • Confirm Action.
  • Wait for confirmation to enable the option.
  • Go to TV settings.
  • Find the “Network” tab.
  • Search for Wi-Fi direct and turn it on.
  • Wait for the device to find the smartphone (Figure 7).
  • Agree with the changes and, if you plan to use the function repeatedly, indicate “Connect automatically without prompting”.
  • Wait for confirmation of the operation.
  • Confirm the connection on your phone.

Connection confirmation should appear on the TV.

How to connect your phone to a TV using a USB cable

This connection is possible via MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) via microUSB. This option is considered the most convenient in terms of power consumption of the device and even allows it to be recharged during operation (Figure 5).

How to connect your phone to a TV via Bluetooth

To connect a smartphone TV in this way, you will need to purchase a special module. This method is used infrequently due to its unjustified high cost, but it is also possible. You can test the operation of the Bluetooth module using your laptop. There is an article on our site that will help you do this.

Manual for Android phones

Many technologies are known that allow you to display images from Android to TV. Most of them have already sunk into oblivion, and therefore we propose to consider several methods. If you use other devices, the principle of operation will remain approximately the same (but the names of the menu items may differ).

An Android device can be connected to a TV in two ways: wired and wireless (Figure 2). The use of a cable is suitable when using this method of connection at home, as it eliminates the intense discharge of the battery and even allows you to watch for a long time or play games.

For public places and offices, wireless communication is more suitable. He, however, has increased energy consumption and is more suitable for short-term broadcasts.

To connect Android to your TV, you need to use an HDMI cable. Connecting with it is very easy to do. It is enough just to insert the wire into the desired connector to the TV with one side and the other side. to the mobile device using micro USB.

Samsung manual

To connect Samsung to your Android smartphone, try the following:

  • Press “Source” on the control panel.
  • Select “Screen Mirroring” from the list of signals (Figure 6).
  • On your smartphone, open the quick settings panel.
  • Choose “Smart View”.
  • Select the name of the TV to which you want to connect from the list.
  • Wait for connection.

After performing these actions, an image should appear on the big screen.

How to connect your phone to a TV via Wi-Fi

For such a connection, it is necessary that both devices are within the coverage of the same network and be connected to it.

Then we do the following:

  • Go to the smartphone menu.
  • Choosing a standard player.
  • Specify from the list.
  • Press the button for streaming playback in the program (in different models, it can be placed in different places) (Figure 4).
  • In the displayed window, select the desired TV among the devices.
  • Confirm consent to reproduction.

After that, you can safely view using a wireless connection.

What is needed?

  • MHL adapter.

How to connect Android phone to TV via HDMI?

High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is an interface that transmits both high definition and quality audio. What does it mean? This means that you can, for example, display an image from a laptop on a TV. In this case, on the TV screen you will see everything that happens on the laptop screen. Of course, this is only possible if your TV, like your laptop, supports HDMI technology. Is it possible to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI? You can, but there are some nuances.

What to do?

You are probably perfectly familiar with the first three devices, but few people know what an MHL adapter is. Let’s analyze in more detail.

In order to connect a smartphone and a TV with an HDMI cable, the TV must have an HDMI port, and the smartphone must have a microHDMI port, and an appropriate cable is also required. The problem is that only a small number of smartphones have a microHDMI port. manufacturers SIMply do not see the point in installing it, because it makes the device more expensive and takes up extra space in the case. Here is this port on a smartphone, it looks like a MicroUSB port, but they are SIMilar only externally (for example. BlackBerry Z10):

If your smartphone does not have a microHDMI port, you probably think that it is impossible to connect it to a TV. Fortunately, this is not the case. Some time ago, Mobile High-Definition Link technology, or MHL for short, appeared. MHL is an interface standard that combines the functionality of HDMI and MicroUSB interfaces. In other words, with the help of this excellent technology, you can connect your smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology using a special adapter. There is also an MHL cable. The difference is that the adapter is powered by external power, while the cable does not require additional power.

The MHL adapter looks like this:

It also houses an additional microUSB port for receiving power.

So, in order to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology, you need to connect an MHL adapter to a smartphone. Then a regular HDMI cable is connected to the adapter. The second side of the HDMI cable connects to the TV. on its back or side wall you can find a port or ports for connection.

Have you connected? Wonderful. Now it all depends on the TV model. There are models where, when you connect the cable to the HDMI port, the picture from the device you just connected is automatically turned on. If this does not happen, pick up the TV remote control, press the Source button and select the HDMI section.

After that, you will see a picture from your smartphone. Everything that is shown on its display, you will see on the TV screen. You can watch a movie or even play games. Very comfortably!

Just remember that in some cases it is worth completely disabling the screen off function on the smartphone or setting the maximum possible time, otherwise its display will turn off when idle.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in connecting, but you need to stock up on an MHL adapter in advance. Of course, only if your smartphone does not have a separate microHDMI port.

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Wi-Fi connection

Immediately, we note that this method is suitable for owners of modern models that are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. In addition, you need to have at your disposal a smartphone with the Android operating system at least the fourth version or an Apple iPhone at least 4S.

Step-by-step instructions for Wi-Fi Direct:

  • On your mobile phone, go to the “Settings” menu, and then to the “Wireless networks” section and select the “Wi-Fi” item. When a list of networks available for connection appears on the screen, click on the button that calls the drop-down list. in it you need to select “Wi-Fi Direct”. What if there is no such command? Just go to the “Advanced settings” tab.
  • Immediately after that, a search for available networks for connection via Wi-Fi Direct will start.
  • We take the remote control from the TV, open the main menu, and then start looking for the “Network” subsection. As practice shows, this menu can be called up by pressing a separate button on the remote control. This section will open a list of possible connection methods, as in the case of a smartphone, select “Wi-Fi Direct”.
  • This will start a search for available devices. To connect via TV, you must select the model of your smartphone from the list that appears. After that, a connection request will be sent to the phone. confirm it.

After a few seconds, the mobile phone will connect to the TV via Wi-Fi, respectively, the signal transmission and image duplication will begin. You will be able to watch YouTube, movies, clips and other media files. You can also use your smartphone as a storage device. a flash drive.

If Wi-Fi Direct is not available on your smartphone or TV, try other methods. It is only necessary that the TV and the smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. over, the TV can be connected to the router not via Wi-Fi, but via a cable. Here are the ways:

  • applications with a name containing “DLNA Player”. For example, Bubble UPnP UPnPDLNA and others. The principle of operation in them is the same: select your TV, and then select the file you want to play;
  • using Miracast broadcasting or media server functions if available on your smartphone;
  • when viewed in the YouTube app, a TV icon may appear at the top right. Clicking on it and selecting your TV will open the YouTube app and start playing this;

The main advantages of connecting via Wi-Fi:

  • lack of wires;
  • the outputs are free, so the smartphone can be charged at any time;
  • the TV is used as a monitor for playing media content and all kinds of applications;
  • you can view web pages on the big screen.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi Connection:

  • the charge of the mobile device is quickly drained;
  • not all TVs and cell phones support Wi-Fi Direct.

Only owners of expensive TVs from leading companies: Sony, Samsung, LG and other popular manufacturers will be able to connect in this way.

We connect the phone to the TV in 3 proven ways

There are several ways to connect your mobile phone to your TV. Some of the possible options are able to turn the most ordinary smartphone into a full-fledged Smart set-top box. Some methods target the launch of specific media content. Let’s figure out how to connect a phone to a TV.

The connection features directly depend on the selected method. Consider the proven methods:

  • Wi-Fi;
  • HDMI;
  • USB.

Let’s analyze their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we will compose step-by-step instructions for each method so that users do not have any difficulties in the connection process.

Via HDMI cable

By far the HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect. The ideal option would be to have a special mini HDMI interface on your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to connect your cell phone to a TV. In the event that there is no such connector, use an adapter.

How do I connect my phone to a TV without Wi-Fi? Optimal solution. HDMI connector.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • On the TV, select HDMI in the source selection menu.
  • Connect your mobile device using this cable, or use a special adapter.
  • The system will automatically adjust the picture to the screen resolution. In the event that the picture has not been adjusted, while it remains too flattened or stretched, then do your own adjustment.

Now absolutely all actions performed on the smartphone will be automatically broadcast to the TV screen. To make the use of the large screen as comfortable as possible, connect a mouse, game joystick or keyboard to your phone. For this, it is better to choose an adapter with an existing USB input. In order to save power, immediately turn off the display of your cellular.

Main advantages:

  • if there is a micro HDMI output, a charger can be connected to a free power connector to ensure uninterrupted operation of the mobile device;
  • the user will be able to connect additional devices: flash drives, game joysticks, computer mouse, keyboard;
  • the TV will function as a large screen.

There are also certain disadvantages:

  • not all smartphones are equipped with a micro HDMI interface;
  • an adapter is most likely required for correct connection.

Now you know how to connect your smartphone to a TV using an HDMI cable, just follow the SIMple step-by-step instructions.

Via USB cable

By connecting the phone to the TV via USB, the smartphone will be used as a memory storage device. This means that the image is not duplicated on the screen, as is the case with HDMI, but you can still reproduce media content.

Brief step by step instructions:

  • Take the USB cable that comes with your mobile device, and then connect your smartphone and TV with it. Absolutely all modern TV models are equipped with such connectors.
  • Open the “Signal source” menu on the TV, if there is no Russian version, then this section will be called “Source”. Among all the proposed options, you must select “USB”. A SIMilar principle must be followed when setting up the phone. Sync window pops up automatically.

As a result, the system interface of the smartphone will be displayed on the TV screen, you can move folders, files, as well as open and play them. In general, this interface is very much like a regular explorer on a computer. Control is carried out by an ordinary remote control.

Some TV models are equipped with functionality that allows you to launch an automatic device check for media content. The system will then offer to play the available files. Therefore, you cannot switch between root directories.

Main advantages:

  • the connection method is suitable for absolutely all devices;
  • there is no need to purchase additional cords;
  • mobile device is charged directly from TV.

We also list the weaknesses of this method:

  • you can play only those files that are supported by the TV;
  • you cannot launch games, mobile applications or display images on a large screen;
  • no internet access.

What will connect the phone to the TV

Once you connect your smartphone, you can use all its functions on the big screen. In other words, the mobile phone is transformed into a projector for subsequent transmission of the image to TV. As a result, you can on the big screen:

  • browse. photos and other content;
  • run games and all kinds of other applications;
  • engage in full-fledged Internet surfing;
  • arrange presentations, visual demonstrations.

For the most comfortable use of the TV through your phone, connect a keyboard or game joystick via Bluetooth. Play on TV will be even more convenient.

The mobile device can also be used as a remote control. To view from your phone on TV, just select one of the available options. Now let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Problem situations

As practice shows, old models of television equipment have only a few external connectors, for example, tulips and SCART. Accordingly, to connect your phone to a TV, you will have to use additional adapters.

Now let’s talk about the methods discussed earlier. As noted above, only expensive models are equipped with wireless modules. In addition, only a few smartphones support Wi-Fi Direct technology. In this regard, the relevance of this method is in question.

USB connection is an extremely outdated method. First, the user can play files that are supported by the TV: several formats. photo and audio. Internet surfing is excluded.

Based on this, in order to connect a cellular to a TV, it is most reasonable to use an HDMI cable. This interface is supported by absolutely all models of television equipment. Even if this connector is not there, you can always pick up an adapter.