How to Connect to Samsung TV via Phone

What gives the connection of the phone to the TV “Samsung”?

Synchronizing devices provides users with many benefits:

  • the smartphone can be used as a full-fledged TV remote control;
  • the implementation of the transfer of video content and photos for playback on the big screen of media equipment;
  • connecting a joystick or keyboard along with a smartphone turns the TV into a large gaming console;
  • the ability to conduct a full presentation;
  • convenient search for sites on the network via a mobile device, information is viewed on a larger display.

Is there a difference in connection

The choice of the synchronization method depends on the model of media technology and the version of the operating system of the mobile device.

Dex station

Special accessory is a hybrid docking station that allows you to turn your phone into a desktop computer.

  • Using an HDMI cable, the station is connected to “Samsung TV”, indicating as the broadcast source.
  • The smartphone is connected to the stand via the USB connector and the “Duplication” mode is selected.

No wires

For this type of connection, it is enough to have a TV with support for wi-fi, which, when connected to the network, can be turned into a monitor for a mobile device.

“Android” devices and Apple?

iPhone can be connected to a TV via USB or using a special expensive set-top box.

How to connect samsung smart tv to mobile Wirelessly using App. VERY EASILY

There are no special restrictions for smartphones based on the “Android” platform. The user can choose any of the presented synchronization methods.


Used exclusively for Samsung Smart TVs that support this module. For some models, you will need to purchase a special adapter that connects through the HDMI port.

If this function is standard for both devices, then for pairing it is enough to activate it.

Wired connection

The advantage of this synchronization method is high data rate and reliability. In addition, the quality of the connection does not depend on the Internet. The disadvantages include the need to purchase a special cable and additional equipment.

Provides for the use of a special cable, one end of which is connected to the corresponding port of the TV, the other to the gadget.

  • In the “Settings” menu section of the TV, you must select a mobile device as a power source.
  • Using an HDMI cable, you need to connect the devices.
  • In the smartphone settings, you must select the video resolution and allow content broadcast.

One of the most affordable connection options. Since the cable transfers files from the phone memory, this method is ideal for playing movies and viewing images.

  • The cord is first connected to the TV, in the settings of which you need to select USB as the broadcast source.
  • The cable is connected to the smartphone and the pairing of the devices is confirmed.
  • After loading a folder with files on the TV display, you need to select the desired content and start playback.

This connection option does not allow the user to use the TV as a full replacement for the display to run games and applications. But the lack of costs for the purchase of additional cords partially compensates for the inconvenience.

The adapter is used to connect an Android smartphone. The adapter improves the signal quality.

The synchronization process involves the following sequence of steps:

  • The adapter cord is connected to the phone (directly through the connector or using a special adapter).
  • An HDMI cable is connected to a free socket to the TV.
  • In the settings menu “Samsung TV” you must select the desired medisource.
  • For correct operation, you need to purchase a special adapter for connecting the adapter to the mains.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature supported by most smart TV models. It allows you to display the image from the Samsung Galaxy A51 screen to a TV receiver. To connect in this way, you must:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct in the “Network” section of the TV settings.
  • On the phone, open the settings and go to the Wi-Fi section.
  • Press the button with three dots and select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select your TV receiver in the menu of available devices.
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After performing these manipulations, you will need to open the file manager or gallery, select the required file, click the “Share” button and select Wi-Fi Direct as the sending method.


This is the easiest way to connect your phone to your home screen. To implement it, the owner of the Samsung Galaxy A51 will need a USB cable that comes with the device.

Next, you need to insert one part of the cable into the smartphone, and the other into the TV receiver. After that, it remains to open the TV menu using the remote control, and select the involved USB port in the connection menu.

At the same time, the exchange of data with the TV is confirmed on the smartphone itself, choosing the connection as a media device. If everything is done correctly, the TV receiver will recognize the Samsung Galaxy A51 as an external storage, and using the remote control you will play the photo, audio and video on the TV screen.

Wire connection options

Wired methods of connecting Samsung Galaxy A51 to a TV are not the most convenient in view of the use of cables, but at the same time, such options do not require advanced technical equipment of a TV receiver.


This method is more complex, but also more functional. If, when connected via USB, a basic set of capabilities opens up to the owner of the devices, allowing the Samsung Galaxy A51 to be perceived as an external storage, then when pairing via HDMI, the smartphone’s desktop will be displayed on the receiver’s screen, and the actions performed on the phone will also be displayed. In particular, the launch of certain programs.

The connection will proceed as follows:

  • USB plug from MHL adapter or SlimPort plugs into smartphone.
  • An HDMI cable connects similar connectors of the adapter and receiver.
  • TV settings open, and then a list of available connections.
  • The HDMI connector used is selected.

If everything is done correctly, then the Samsung Galaxy A51 desktop will be displayed on the TV receiver screen. After that, you can manipulate the smartphone, and the movements will be displayed on the TV receiver.

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy A51 to TV

Modern technology allows you to perform a variety of operations related to smartphones. Many of them greatly simplify the process of interacting with the device and expand its functionality. Specifically, you can connect the Samsung Galaxy A51 to your TV. Why you need such a connection, and how to make it?

What will connect the Samsung Galaxy A51 to the TV?

Samsung Galaxy A51 is a full-fledged multimedia device that does not require synchronization with home appliances in standard use cases. But sometimes a smartphone needs to be connected to a TV in order to access the following features:

  • watching videos on the big screen;
  • listening to music through TV speakers;
  • gaming on the TV-receiver screen;
  • output of the smartphone desktop to TV;
  • wireless TV control.

The owner of the Samsung Galaxy A51 can add to the list by showing his own imagination. But the fact remains that connecting a phone to a TV is a function that is incorporated by the developers in the Samsung Galaxy A51.

You can use several synchronization methods to set up a connection between two devices. Both wired and wireless options are being considered. The choice of a particular method depends on various reasons, including the technical equipment of the home, as well as the functionality of the TV. Therefore, before connecting, it is recommended to consider all possible ways.

Via Miracast

Mirakast is another wireless connection technology that has a wider functionality compared to Wi-Fi Direct. For example, on the TV screen, in this case, it is possible to display not only a separate file, but also all movements in the phone menu.

How to Screen Mirror Android Smartphone or Tablet to Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi

  • Activate Miracast in TV settings.
  • On the phone, go to the “Screen Mirroring”, “Screen Mirroring” or “Wireless Display” settings (the name may differ depending on the firmware).
  • Choose your TV from the available devices.

Then the image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV receiver. Any movement of the user, including the launch of individual games or programs, will be reproduced on the large screen.

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If you could not find the Mirakast function in the TV settings with Smart TV, then you should not despair. The technology is supported by all models with a built-in Wi-Fi module. You just need to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, and then activate the wireless display in the Samsung Galaxy A51 settings.

You can also use third-party applications from Google Play to perform the operation. For example, AirScreen or Screen Mirroring. There are a lot of similar programs, so finding a suitable one is not difficult.

The main problems due to which the image may not be broadcast

In most cases, image broadcasting cannot be set up on an outdated TV without Smart TV support, for example, Samsung, Dexp, Haier, LG (this requires additional equipment: a set-top box or a special adapter).


To connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV, you need the Smart View app (requires at least version 7 of iOs). Step-by-step instructions on how to connect your phone to a TV via WI-FI:

  • Go to the AppStore and download SmarTView through it.
  • Make sure TV and mobile device are connected to the same WI-FI hotspot.
  • Open SmarTView, select your TV from the list and link devices.
  • The connection is complete, now you can control the TV remotely via your smartphone.

The application provides the following set of functions:

  • Using your phone as a remote control.
  • “Dual View”. a function that makes it possible to display images from the phone to TV and vice versa.
  • Smart Hub Gadgets.
  • Ability to turn off TV using Bluetooth (may not work on some models).
  • Using your smartphone as a gamepad.
  • Putting TV into sleep mode.

For a Samsung TV, this connection method is the most convenient and multifunctional, and, moreover, the simplest. There is a similar application for Android phones.

Using a router

Using a router, you can connect your mobile device to your Samsung TV. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the main menu of the TV, find the “Network” submenu, click on “Wireless network”.
  • Select yours from the list of available WI-FI networks, dial the network security key.

After these steps, through TV, you can see and play media files from your phone (provided that it is also connected to your home network).

DLNA server

This technology will work if both devices support Miracast and DLNA technologies, and both are connected to the same WI-FI wireless network. A step-by-step instruction for Android smartphone users on how to connect a phone to a TV via WI-FI as a media server will look like this:

  • Go to the Play Market and find the DLNA Server application there.
  • Next, open the program and add a new server, which should be named. the name of the home wireless network.
  • We go to the “Root” submenu to select the folders that need to be shared in order to view their contents on the TV.
  • In the main menu, we activate the newly created server.
  • Open the TV settings. In the “Video” submenu, select this server to connect.
  • All folders available for viewing will be displayed on the TV screen.

Now you can open photos, videos and audio directly from the directory of your mobile device on your TV. This method does not imply the ability to broadcast the smartphone screen to TV.
For iOS devices, the connection order is slightly different. For Samsung Smart TV, you need to download a special application. Instructions on how to connect a smartphone to a Samsung TV:

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same access point.
  • Then install the AllShare service on TV.
  • For iPhone, download an application from the AppStore to connect to a TV. You can choose from Belkin MediaPlay, iMediaShare, TV Assist, Twonky Beam. The principle of operation of programs is not much different from each other.
  • In the application menu, select the desired one from the list of available devices.

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

For iOS devices, you can use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter for wired connection when you cannot set up a wireless connection. The Lightning connector connects to a mobile device. Using the adapter, you can connect Samsung TV with a smartphone via USB and HDMI cable.

How to enable Miracast WIDI support on Samsung TV?

It is very easy to enable the ability to broadcast the screen from a mobile device via Miracast or WIDI to Smart TV. It is enough to go to the menu before connecting the phone, then go to the “Network” section and turn on the Miracast / Intel’s WiDi function, then use the remote control to select the desired source.

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For this type of synchronization, neither wires nor a home router are required. The main thing is that the phone and the TV are compatible. It is very important that both devices have a program such as Wi-Fi Direct. In this case, data transfer without wires will be performed after the following actions:

  • on the TV, select the “Settings” menu item, then select “Network”;
  • in the drop-down window open the launch of the “AP” program;
  • then you need to set and remember the password from the Wi-Fi Direct point;
  • now in your smartphone you need to select the “Connections” menu, open it, and select Wi-Fi Direct in the Wi-Fi window;
  • go back to the list of wireless networks and select the one that was created for the TV;
  • enter the invented password;
  • in the phone, open what needs to be displayed on the TV screen, and press the “Share” button.

After that, the pictures or videos should start playing on the Samsung TV screen. At the same time, it is important to know that with such a synchronization of devices, access to the Internet on both must be disabled, otherwise nothing will work. Therefore, you can only transfer files that have already been downloaded to your smartphone.

If you have such a wireless network in your home, you can use one of two options for connecting your phone to a TV without using wires. In this case, in advance in all cases, it is necessary to check the general compatibility of both devices with each other.

How to connect your phone to a Samsung TV?

In some situations, you may need to connect your favorite smartphone to a Samsung TV. There are several options for performing this operation. How to properly connect the phone to a TV receiver, how to solve the problems that may arise in this case, we will consider in this article.

Why is it necessary

At first glance, it may seem that the synchronization of these two devices is completely unnecessary. In fact, this is not the case. Connecting the TV to a mobile phone allows some operations.

  • Send the image to the big screen. This will allow you to view all the images more conveniently, will make it possible to carefully examine even the smallest details.
  • Conveniently watch the video. over, it can be either a short video or a full-length feature film. You can enjoy watching movies, TV shows or just photos with maximum comfort.
  • Copy data. This function is possible in cases where the TV has a removable memory card, and the data from the phone will be saved to it.
  • Listen to music or watch clips. The TV has a much wider screen than even the largest modern smartphones. Plus, the device itself does not need to be constantly held in your hands.

In addition, connecting a mobile phone to a Samsung TV also allows you to play your favorite games on the big screen, and if you also connect a keyboard, you can create an impromptu computer.

But in order for all these functions to be possible, it is necessary to synchronize these two devices correctly.

Wireless connection methods

It is these types of synchronization that are considered the most simple and quickly feasible. No additional cords are required to connect.

You just need to execute certain commands both on the smartphone itself and on the TV.

There are several options for implementing a wireless connection.

Screen mirroring

Such a program is installed in every Samsung smartphone on the Android platform. At the same time, experts say that it is best to bind the Smart TV of this brand to the phone in this way. there are almost never problems during synchronization and further use of the units. You can make such a connection by following a series of steps.

  • Both Samsung devices must be connected to the same wireless network.
  • On the TV, you need to open the menu and select “Source”.
  • Activate Screen Mirroring.
  • Now the same function must be activated in the phone via the quick settings panel. Please note that in some phone models it is called Smart View.
  • Within a minute, the TV should appear in the list of local connections.
  • Select the desired name of the video stream connection in the menu that appears.