How To Connect To LG TV From Phone

How to connect the LG TV Plus app to your TV

Today’s LG Smart TVs are equipped with a wide range of features to make using them even more convenient and easy. One of these possibilities is to control your LG TV using a smartphone or tablet and the specially developed LG TV Plus application.

The LG TV Plus application will allow you to control your smart TV, view photos from your smartphone on a large TV screen. It is designed to expand the capabilities of Smart TV.

Important: The LG TV Plus app is only compatible with LG TV models released after 2014. The exact list of models can be found on the official page of the application on Google Play. You also need to have Android 6.0 or higher firmware installed on your phone.

In order to enjoy all the features of the application, you need to download and install it on your phone or tablet. This can be done in several ways:

First way: on the official website:

The second way: using the LG Smart TV (Actual for owners of LG smartphones)

All modern LG TVs come with a special sticker. You need to bring a smartphone equipped with an NFC chip to it, and the official page of LG TV Plus will open automatically.

After you have downloaded the application, you need to configure it on your smartphone. In order for the application to work correctly, you need to give it access to your photos, music and files (to be able to view them on the screen of your LG TV) and location (This function is available on LG Android O and higher smartphones.

When the LG TV Plus app is installed on your smartphone and configured properly, you can go to the main thing: syncing the TV with the LG TV Plus app on your phone.

Connecting your TV to the LG TV Plus app: step by step guide

  • Turn on the TV with the remote control.
  • Press the Smart button on the remote control. In the menu that opens, select the “Connection Manager” section.
  • You will need the item “device type smartphone”.
  • From the options offered, select “Control your TV. use your smartphone as a TV remote control”.
  • Then open the LG TV Plus app on your phone or tablet.
  • The program will offer to sync devices. Follow the instructions.
  • Click in the menu that opens on your smartphone “Pair Now”.
  • In the list of devices that you see on the smartphone screen, you must select the name of your TV (most often it is designated as [LG] webOS TV).
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You will see three main sections “Start”, “Control” and “Touch Panel”, through which the TV will be controlled.

Section “Control”. it is a virtual duplicate of the Magic Remote control (not including voice search).

With help “Launch” it is very convenient to manage applications previously installed on LG Smart TV.

Section “Touchpad” is necessary so that the owner can control the cursor by moving his finger across the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Also, with the help of LG TV Plus, you can play content from your phone on your big screen TV. To do this, select the “Content” item, after which the files available for display from your smartphone will be displayed on the LG Smart TV screen.

Problems that may arise when connecting LG TV Plus to a TV

The main problem that a user may face is that the LG Smart TV does not see the application, as a result of which it is impossible to synchronize devices. Why can this happen?

  • Outdated software on a smartphone or software on a TV. Before starting the installation and synchronization, make sure that the package of your devices is suitable for this purpose. Otherwise, contact LG Authorized Service Center.
  • Incorrect internet connection. For synchronization, both devices (TV and phone) must be connected to the Network. All modern LG Smart TVs are equipped with a wireless network function. But just in case, make sure that your TV and phone are connected again. In extreme cases, the TV can be connected to the Internet using a cable.
  • System errors. If the TV is intermittent and often displays system errors, this may be the reason why it cannot be connected to LG TV Plus. In this case, you can help reboot tv. If even after that you have difficulties, you need to contact the official LG service center, where qualified specialists will help to solve the problem.
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How to connect a smartphone to an LG TV

Modern electronic technology allows devices to be connected to each other. So the owners of the equipment, if necessary, can connect the phone to the LG TV. Pairing these devices opens up the following possibilities.

  • You can watch photos ands from the smartphone camera on the big screen of the TV panel.
  • Project a movie found on the Internet from a smartphone to a TV screen for easier viewing.
  • Play mobile online games on the big screen.
  • Browse the web on the big screen.
  • Read e-books from a mobile app.
  • Demonstrate various presentations from your mobile phone.
  • Skype communication.
  • Use a smartphone instead of a remote control.

How To Connect To LG TV From Phone

The developers have provided several options for connecting the phone to an LG TV. At the same time, various technologies of signal exchange are used: through cable interfaces and wireless. How you can connect a smartphone to an LG TV, we will describe below.

Wired connection

The main condition for the implementation of such a solution is that the devices have the necessary connectors and support the selected connection technology. HDMI connection provides complete duplication of images and sound from a smartphone on a TV-panel. USB connection makes it possible to connect your smartphone to TV as a USB flash drive.

Via Miracast

The Miracast connection assumes that the TV panel and the mobile gadget are connected via a router to the home network. To connect to LG TV using this option, follow these steps.

Smart Share (LG phones only)

For wireless communication of LG brand technology, there is a proprietary Screen Share / Smart Share technology. For synchronous operation, the TV and LG smartphone must be part of the same Wi-Fi network. Making a connection is SIMple: just activate the Screen Share function on both devices, wait for the phone to be identified and confirm the connection.


Modern TVs are equipped with multiple HDMI ports. If your smartphone has a mini HDMI port, physical connection is easy with an HDMImini-HDMI cable. It is more difficult to connect devices when the phone does not have the required connector. In this case, you have to purchase a special adapter and use an HDMI-HDMI cable.

The communication setup procedure is as follows.

  • The cable connects to your TV and phone. It is important to remember the number of the used port on the TV-panel.
  • In the TV menu, select the port corresponding to the physical connection as the signal source.
  • Communication between devices is established automatically.
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Using Wi-Fi Direct

This option is suitable for TV panels with a built-in wireless adapter and support for the Wi-Fi Direct function, which is responsible for finding networks for connection. On mobile gadgets with Android OS, this function is supported from version 4 and higher.

Connecting devices over the air does not require a router connection. All manipulations are performed in the settings of the TV receiver and smartphone. The order is as follows.

  • Activate the desired command in the settings of the mobile gadget in the “Wireless networks” section (Wi-Fi Direct or additional settings).
  • On the TV in the “Network” section, enable the network search function.
  • After the Smart-TV system determines the devices available for connection, a list of them will appear on the screen. You need to select the name of the smartphone and initiate the connection.
  • Wait for the signals from the paired smartphone to start playing on the TV.

Technology does not work on older TV models and mobile devices.

Wireless connection

Synchronization of the smartphone and TV-receiver wirelessly is carried out via a Wi-Fi adapter. Modern LG Smart TV panels and Android smartphones support this technology. You can sync your phone with your TV using different Wi-Fi connection options.

Via USB port

The USB connection is used to transfer files to the Smart TV memory or play back photo collections and movies. For physical connection, a standard interface is used that is included with the smartphone. Setting up communication consists of two steps: selecting a USB signal source on the TV and the “Connect as a USB flash drive” mode on a smartphone.

Some LG TVs do not support USB device. Despite the fact that the connector itself is provided on the body of the device, the phone is not connected, since the port is marked with the symbols “service only” or “remote control”. This port is exclusively for diagnostic or repair work and is blocked for other connections.