How to connect to a Sony speaker

How to connect speakers to a computer and laptop in any way

How to connect speakers

  • A cable with a mini-jack plug at one end and plugs that fit the connectors on one of the speakers is required. Usually these are “tulips” (RCA jack). The cable can be included with the speaker system.
  • Insert the ends of the cable into the corresponding connectors on the computer and speakers.
  • Connect them with a dedicated cable (must be included in the kit).
  • Connect the power wire.

How to connect speakers to laptop and computer using a wire

  • Turn on your speakers.
  • Press the Bluetooth button (above the power button). NOTE
  • Open the control panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Select Bluetooth Devices.
  • Click Add Device.
  • Select Logitech Z600 in the device list and click Next.

Such a connection is possible if the PC or laptop has an audio output for the mini-jack plug.

Audio output is indicated by green color or headphone symbol.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop

It remains to select the speakers as the default audio playback device: Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Manage audio devices (in the Sound section). Select Speakers Bluetooth Hands-free Audio, click Default, then OK.

Why jbl columns are better than usual?

As mentioned above, initially the firm specialized in providing technical developments for large companies whose professions were related to acoustic systems, speakers, loudspeakers.

Gradually, the developments began to be applied in everyday life, while the quality did not decrease. Thus, the company confirmed by its deeds its words about professional sound for every home.

The main advantages of JBL rightfully include the following indicators:

  • Stylish exterior design without unnecessary details in different colors.
  • Durable body made of quality material.
  • Good connection with computer, laptop
  • Great sound and volume control.
  • Compactness of models, you can take them on a hike.
  • Favorable price will pleasantly surprise you.

How to connect Sony SRS-XB31 bluetooth speaker with Iphone XR

For its line, this is a great option for both a beginner and an experienced connoisseur of good music.

How to connect wirelessly?

JBL is a well-known company for the production of wireless speaker systems. Its speakers can be used with your phone by simply charging the built-in battery and connecting them via Bluetooth. The whole process takes a few minutes and does not require a lot of technical knowledge. over, if there is an NFC chip in the smartphone and the speaker, they can be connected with one touch.

To connect via Bluetooth, you need to follow a series of steps. First, charge your smartphone and speaker, since wireless communication requires a certain battery resource. If it is not enough, the signal from the source will simply not be received. After making sure that everything is in order with the battery, you need to perform certain actions.

  • Place the devices to be paired side by side. Manufacturers do not recommend exceeding a distance of 1 m at the first connection.In the future, the Bluetooth signal reception range increases to 3-10 m, and sometimes more.
  • Turn on the column, wait for the signal on the display or the corresponding light indication. On miniature versions of wireless acoustics, these “beacons” serve as a kind of indicator of the state of the device.
  • Turn on the wireless module on the speaker. To do this, JBL technology provides a button control panel, on which you need to hold down and hold the desired key. A blinking light indicates that Bluetooth is on. The column is available for recognition by other devices. It is worth considering that the time period during which you can connect is only 5 minutes, after this period you will have to repeat everything again.
  • In the smartphone, you need to open the settings section. In it, find a tab with a wireless connection. Activate the Bluetooth module. If it was previously enabled in the column, when you start the search, the new device will appear in the list of available for pairing.
  • Select a column from the list of available options. Activate pairing and wait for it to be established. This can take up to 5 minutes. As soon as the speaker is displayed as a connected device in the phone menu, you can turn on the music. The sound will go through the speaker of the external device.

You can disconnect and completely disconnect the connection between devices by selecting this item in the phone’s submenu. In the pairing settings, it is enough to delete the detected device. The speaker itself can also be reset to factory settings to completely delete the list of previously established Bluetooth connections from memory. Depending on the model, the procedure may vary, but usually it is enough to press and hold 2 buttons on the JBL wireless acoustics turned on: Bluetooth and volume up. The device should turn off, the next time you turn it on, the blue indicator of the power button will flash.

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How to pair with each other?

You can try a completely simple way to connect the speakers to each other. On the case of some JBL acoustics models there is a button in the form of an angular eight.

When you manage to connect to one of them, the sound will come from the speakers of two devices at the same time.

And also you can synchronize two JBL speakers and connect them to a smartphone as follows:

  • turn on both speakers and activate the Bluetooth module on each;
  • if you need to combine 2 identical models, a few seconds later they are automatically synchronized with each other (if the models are different, below will be a description of how to proceed in this case);
  • turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and start searching for devices;
  • after the device detects the speaker, you need to connect to it, and the sound will be played on both devices at the same time.

JBL acoustics connection via Bluetooth

Similarly, you can connect from two or more speakers TM JBL. But when it comes to different models, they act like this:

  • you need to install the JBL Connect program on your smartphone (download in the market);
  • connect one of the speakers to a smartphone;
  • turn on Bluetooth on all other speakers;
  • select the “Party” mode in the application and connect them together;
  • after that they are all synchronized with each other.

How to connect a jbl speaker to a laptop

The process of connecting a jibiel speaker does not differ from connecting a regular speaker, therefore, a universal method for connecting a speaker via Bluetooth will be described below. First you need to open the “Device Manager”. This is done in several ways:

  • FnF2 (or another combination, depending on the laptop model).
  • Command line. To do this, call the command line with the WinR combination (or “Start”. “Run”), and then enter devmgmt.msc
  • Click on the icon “My Computer” RMB, and then “Properties”. “Device Manager”

After the “Device Manager” is open, you need to find the item “Bluetooth radios”.

You need to open “Properties”, and then in the “General” tab, click the “Enable” button. Then the module will turn on. And the connection between devices will become available.

The corresponding icon will appear on the Quick Access Toolbar. You need to press RMB on it and open the “Add device” item, after which the search for devices ready for switching will begin.

Then you should find in the lists the column model that you need to connect and double-click on it to complete the connection.

How to connect a speaker to a phone via Bluetooth, USB and AUX

Do you want to enjoy your favorite music on your mobile device, but the volume and bass are not enough for you? Read our instructions and you will learn how to connect the speaker to the phone in three different ways:

  • Via bluetooth
  • Via USB and AUX cable (if the speakers do not have their own power supply)
  • With an AUX cable (if the speakers have their own power supply)

If you know how to connect, but you can’t do it, at the bottom of the article we have collected recommendations that can help solve the problem.

Connecting a speaker via an AUX cable

To connect the speaker to the phone via AUX, it is necessary that the speakers have their own power source (battery or plug for connecting to an outlet).

  • Include columns
  • Insert one end of the cable into the headphone jack on the speakers
  • Insert the other end into the 3.5mm jack on the phone

An icon or signature with the text “Audio jack is connected” should appear on the display of the mobile device.

Bluetooth speaker connection

Let’s consider how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone. This method is very convenient, since you do not have to use wires when connecting.

In addition, unlike ordinary speakers (for example, from a computer, or a music center), Bluetooth speakers usually have a small size and stylish appearance, such as this small model from Nokia:

A big plus is also the compatibility of almost all wireless speakers and smartphones with each other, regardless of the manufacturer. For example, you can easily connect a Sony Bluetooth speaker to a Samsung phone.

Connecting Bluetooth speakers on smartphones with Android and iPhone is carried out in the same way:

  • Turn on the speaker and activate Bluetooth on it (if it does not start automatically);
  • On your phone, go to the “Settings” (or “Options”) menu;
  • Open the Bluetooth section;
  • Move the slider of the same name to the right to activate the wireless connection and start searching for available devices;
  • After the list of devices is displayed, find the name of your speaker in it and click on it within a few seconds, a connection should be made, and the speaker should make a sound or change the color of the indicator (depending on the model);
  • Try playing music on your phone. The sound should play from the speaker.

If you have a JBL speaker, read a separate instruction on how to connect a JBL speaker to your phone

By the way, almost all wireless speakers have a 3.5 mm jack, which means they can be connected via an AUX cable. The main thing is that your phone also has such a connector.

Connecting a wired speaker to the phone via USB and AUX

If the speakers do not have their own power source (for example, some ancient Sven speakers) and can only be powered via USB, then to connect you will need:

  • USB to mini or micro USB adapter (depending on your phone model)
  • USB cable
  • AUX. cable.
  • Insert the adapter into the phone jack, and into it the USB cable from the speakers. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the speakers themselves. Thus, the phone will be used as a power source
  • Connect devices with AUX cable.
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With this method of connection, it is better to use speakers with an amplifier so that there is no extraneous noise and low-quality sound.

If the speaker does not connect to the phone

If the speaker does not connect to the phone via Bluetooth, or the connection is made, but the sound from the speaker does not come, then try the following recommendations:

  • Restart your phone first (it helps a lot)
  • Make sure the speaker is in Bluetooth mode correctly. Usually this can be seen by the indicator on the dynamics, but to be sure, look at the instructions.
  • Make sure there are no other Bluetooth connections (such as headphones) at the moment. The phone can only connect to one gadget at a time.
  • Some speakers have a “weak” Bluetooth module and work only in close proximity to the smartphone. To eliminate the influence of this fact, try connecting two devices at a minimum distance from each other.
  • Reset the speaker settings. It is usually done by pressing multiple buttons at the same time. The combinations differ from model to model, so see your speaker manual.
  • If the connection was made, but the sound does not go, then try to break the connection, and then, in the Bluetooth settings menu of the phone, click on the name of the speaker, and then select the “Forget this device” item. After that, search for available devices again and try to connect.
  • Try connecting your smartphone to another device. If it also does not connect to it, then most likely there is a software malfunction. In this case (if rebooting or updating the system did not help), do a factory reset on your phone.
  • If none of the above helped us, then perhaps there is a malfunction in the operation of the Bluetooh module of one of the devices. In this case, it is worth contacting specialists.

In this article, we described how to connect speakers to your phone: via Bluetooth, USB and AUX. We hope this tutorial helped you.

For more instructions on wireless speakers, see the Speakers section

Wired connection

If your speaker has a 3.5mm mini-jack, then you’re in luck. If available, the sound quality will depend only on the implementation of the speakers, and not on the stability of signal reception and the Bluetooth version. However, you should make sure that this is an entrance and not an exit. This can be done in two ways:

  • Look at the speaker case or in the instruction manual. the word “AUX” should appear near the 3.5 mm jack. This means that it is designed to connect an audio cable.
  • Try connecting headphones to the sounding speakers. If music starts playing in them, then this is an exit, not an entrance. If there is no effect, then this is an audio input. How to make the speaker play without connecting to a smartphone? Insert a memory card with music, or activate the radio. Of course, if only the portable speaker has these functions.

When using a cable, you are somewhat limited in the movement of the speaker. it will have to be moved along with the phone. But on the other hand, the sound is transmitted through the wire in the maximum volume, without distortion and loss. And the battery charge of the smartphone will be consumed very slowly, as in the case of listening to music using headphones.

How to connect to a sony speaker via bluetooth

Have you got yourself a Bluetooth speaker? Congratulations on your purchase! But now you need to figure out how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a phone or tablet. And this is done quite simply, which this article will prove.

Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker and how to do it

So, it is still possible to connect a wireless speaker to a PC, we figured it out. Algorithm of actions after installing drivers on a Bluetooth dongle or after activating this module on a laptop:

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Go to the “Parameters” tab.
  • Find the section “Devices”.
  • We select the item “Bluetooth and others”.
  • We turn on the column and put it into pairing mode. Which button you can use to do this depends on its model. As a rule, such information is indicated in the instructions for the device. In this case, the indicator should light up, which makes it clear that the column has activated the wireless module and is ready to connect.
  • On the PC, select the “Add device” item and wait until it finds an activated speaker system. The process may take several minutes, but usually it takes less.
  • After that, a pop-up window should appear with a message that your column has been found and connected.
  • Click the “Finish” button. Sound should automatically be routed to the speaker.

There may be problems with sound output. In this case, in the “Sound” item, manually select the connected device in the input devices in the drop-down list.

In the “Device settings and application volume” menu, an option is available to output sound from different sources to different playback devices. for example, system sounds or “croaking” of the messenger to the built-in laptop speakers, and music to a portable speaker system.

To do this, you need to change the settings by specifying the playback device for each source by selecting it in the drop-down list.

In Windows 7, pairing is much easier. the wireless icon appears in the system tray immediately after activating the Bluetooth module. After setting the speaker to pairing mode, right-click on this icon and select “Add device”.

The computer will find the speaker and automatically redirect sound to it.

How a portable speaker works

The creation of portable speakers can be attributed to the beginning of 2000. Then the first who were engaged in the production of such equipment was Sony Ericsson Walkman. Naturally, the assortment did not imply a huge selection and not everyone could afford such a toy. Naturally, everyone was interested in how the Bluetooth speaker works. Today they are universal for all devices, which is why they are so widespread. The devices differ not only in functionality, but also in design, sound and other parameters, which add up to the final price.

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The speaker is a portable speaker system. There may be multiple speakers inside the equipment. The connection to the device is made via a wireless Bluetooth channel, but sometimes Bluetooth does not see the speaker. The lack of additional wires has greatly increased the popularity of the product. Sound quality is as good as conventional wireless accessories, while still achieving portability. Naturally, you need batteries or a rechargeable battery to work. Now it is clear how to use a Bluetooth speaker?


Many owners of wireless speakers are thinking about which type of connection is more convenient. We think it’s better to use Bluetooth. But remember that sound is transmitted over the air in compressed form, unless the speaker with a smartphone supports the AptX profile. However, portable speakers are often compact, and therefore physically unable to reproduce sound in maximum quality. Therefore, we advise you not to worry about using the wireless method to connect.

How long have you been using a portable speaker? Are you satisfied with its sound? And have you encountered any connection problems? We wish to read your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Why doesn’t the Bluetooth speaker connect to the phone?. this is the first question that follows after purchasing the device. Joy very quickly gives way to bewilderment. Manufacturers now offer a wide range of smartphone-pairing accessories. And at this stage, a number of problems arise, one of which is how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the phone?

Wireless pairing

To use this option, the acoustics must have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module. To date, models equipped with the second option are widely used. Only expensive acoustics models have the ability to connect via wireless Internet.

The pairing process is simple and takes about a minute. When using the Bluetooth protocol, the speaker should be at the optimal distance from the smartphone. All modern phones are equipped with the necessary module.

To successfully pair, the following conditions must be met:

  • the paired equipment must have an active wireless module;
  • both devices must be put into connection mode;
  • gadgets must be visible (for this you need to put the equipment into pairing mode and check the settings).

How to connect to a speaker?

Modern brands offer customers a wide variety of compact, portable and functional speakers that can be connected to various equipment. Most often, such acoustics are connected to smartphones, which allows you to listen to your favorite music at high volume, enjoying clear and surround sound.

How to connect Sony SRS-XB21 bluetooth speaker to Iphone 7 plus

Synchronization with Apple smartphones

IPhone users also often connect portable speakers to their phones. The work is carried out according to the following scheme.

  • Turn on the speaker and put it into pairing mode.
  • Go to the “Settings” section on your phone. Select Bluetooth and move the slider to the right to activate the function.
  • After a few seconds, a list of gadgets that are nearby and ready to pair will appear. Select the name of the required column from the list and click on it.
  • The sound will now play through the new hardware.

Possible difficulties

When connecting acoustics, the user may encounter certain problems.

Wired connection

There are several ways to connect acoustic equipment to a mobile phone using cables. This option is inferior in popularity to wireless pairing, but it is considered more reliable and practical.

You can connect the speaker to a smartphone using a cable as follows:

  • if the acoustic device has its own power source, the connection is made via the AUX cord;
  • if the speaker does not have a built-in power supply, the connection is made via USB and AUX.

Note: as experts say, modern manufacturers are less and less using the AUX input in the manufacture of speakers.

This method provides high-quality audio signal transmission. Multiple speakers can be connected using this cable.

How to connect?

Most modern smartphones run on the Android operating system. It is also used for tablets and other popular devices. Consider the connection diagram of a portable speaker to an Android mobile phone.

To connect to a speaker, follow these steps.

How To Pair Sony XB41 XB31 & XB21 To The Older Sony XB40 XB30 or Sony XB20

  • Start your acoustic device.
  • On the smartphone, you need to open the notification panel and activate the operation of the wireless module.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your speaker. As a rule, a separate button with the image of a characteristic symbol is provided for this.
  • Search for images on your smartphone. As soon as the name of the column appears in the list, you need to select it by clicking on the label once.
  • After a few seconds, the devices will be paired. Now acoustics can be used to listen to music.

If the phone cannot find the speaker, make sure the wireless adapter is working. To start it, in most models, you need to press the corresponding button and hold it for a few seconds.

A flashing indicator light will notify the user that the gadget is ready for pairing.