How to connect the x96 set-top box to the TV

Smart TV connection methods

Connecting the set-top box to the TV is set up quite simply. Communication can be done using an HDMI cable. In most modern TVs, such a move is provided, but, just in case, HDMI-AV is supplied with the set-top box (usually, but not in all models). The set-top box provides the ability to access the Internet from the TV.

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You can provide Smart TV with network access by connecting the set-top box to a wireless Wi-Fi router, as well as using a LAN cable via the Ethernet port. Using wireless communication allows you to create an entire home system, providing all devices with local access. So you will be able to view materials, files, films, photos on a large television screen. Most set-top boxes have a Card-Reader installed, which is necessary for reading information from SD cards, and a USB port.

It should be noted that set-top boxes differ in layout and format. For example, the Android Mini system provides one output for image output, a card reader connector, USB and MiniUSB ports. They do not have a separate audio input, not all have an additional antenna for receiving a Wi-Fi signal. Others, TV Boxes have a larger format and dimensions, equipped with multiple connectors, a jack for sound and microphone, ports (Ethernet) and an additional antenna for the network. Also, the package may include additional functions provided by the manufacturer. Large models are stationary, multifunctional TV systems.

How to connect a Smart set-top box to a TV

Smart TVs are an integral part of modern housing. They serve for entertainment, convenient Internet access, watching movies in 3D, education. Models with a “smart” system capture the market, winning the primacy and attention of the consumer from conventional TVs.

It is noteworthy that many buyers who dream of a functional platform prefer the most expensive options. The functional capabilities of expensive models can hardly be called a disadvantage relative to TVs, inferior to them in performance. However, the “weak” options do an excellent job with most day-to-day tasks.

As a rule, in the middle segment there are TVs with good sound filling, high resolution and a bright, detailed picture. The main advantage of such models is their cost. Before buying a TV, it is important to decide on the dimensions and find out how to connect a Smart TV set-top box to a TV.

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For example, a customer has already selected the desired option and purchased a conventional, modern TV and wants to install a smart “brain” on his own. There shouldn’t be any problems with this. Smart TV technology is used to expand the functionality of the TV. She is a small computer. After purchasing the system, many are wondering how to connect a Smart set-top box?

Choice of platform and model

There are only two systems for consoles. Android and Windows OS. Everyone should independently choose a convenient platform. Android has many benefits:

  • A large number of applications;
  • Continuous support;
  • Working with batches of documents.

In addition, a set-top box with similar characteristics will cost less than on Window. However, you will not be able to run applications that were not developed for Android, the only way out is to search for an analogue on Google Play. Also, when buying Smart TV, it is important to learn about codec support.

When choosing a model, you need to focus on cost and filling. For example, setting up an IPTV on an MXQ Smart TV set-top box is as easy as in analogs. It has good performance and low cost.


To have interactive television at home, Rostelecom needs to purchase special equipment. This kit includes:

  • console;
  • Power Supply;
  • cable for connecting a router;
  • Remote control;
  • Remote control batteries;
  • VGA cable for connecting to a TV or via HDMI

The represented provider offers its customers digital Rostelecom TV in two versions: Interactive TV and Interactive TV 2.0. The latest version is able to work together with the Internet of another provider.

Manual way

If for any reason, the automatic setting could go wrong, then correct the situation with the help of manual setting:

  • the first step is similar to the initial step in automatic configuration;
  • then the TV manufacturer’s code is entered, you will find it in the manual of the set-top box or on the corresponding website;
  • in the next step, the LED should blink twice;
  • if this does not happen, the procedure should be repeated again;
  • the test step will be to try to control the sound, if it goes without hindrance, then the setting was successful

In some cases, a situation may occur when the codes of the TV manufacturer and Rostelecom coincide. Exit from it will be the following actions. Put the TV in programming mode, and then enter the code in the range from 3020 to 3024.

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How to set up interactive TV

After the diagram is put together, you need to configure the set-top box and TV. You can do this yourself, since the process is by no means complicated, the main thing is that, in addition to the necessary equipment, there is also instruction at hand. Initially, you need to turn on the TV in AV mode, after which an interactive menu will appear, which should be navigated using the remote equipment. Next, the username and password are entered, which are specified in the contract. With the right actions, an uninterrupted Internet will appear, which means, as a result, a menu with a choice of channels will appear on the screen.

Setting up the remote

It is no longer relevant to use the old way of controlling the TV and the set-top box with different remotes. To date, Rostelecom provides for setting up one remote control connected to both a TV and a set-top box. We configure the remote control with the TV on in two possible options: automatically or manually.

TV set-top box Rostelecom

Innovative technologies do not stand still, offering the layman new and interesting from the field of multimedia technologies. Due to the fact that television is one of the most beloved entertainments, companies operating in this spectrum of the market try to attract the attention of a huge number of people by offering “supernovae”. This innovation is the TV set-top box Rostelecom. Not so long ago, we were incredibly pleased with just a widescreen TV, which was considered a popular novelty. But the market of technology and media technologies is developing so dynamically that today you will not surprise anyone with such a TV. For those who like to sit on the couch watching a movie, serve interactive TV today. Therefore, many are already thinking about buying a special set-top box, but the question immediately arises of how to connect a Rostelecom set-top box to a TV.

Connection options

After the set of equipment has been checked, you should find out how to connect Rostelecom television. This can be done in the following ways:

Let’s take a closer look at each of the ways to set up a TV set-top box Rostelecom.

  • Setting up a Rostelecom TV set-top box via a router is the most common option. This is due to the reliability and simplicity. At the same time, you do not need to spend money on additional equipment, so this option is one of the most budgetary ways. It consists in the fact that the Internet cable stretches from the TV to the router, then the set-top box is connected to the TV, and now you are already the “owner” of digital television. But remember that with such a TV connection, Rostelecom does not recommend changing the settings of the router, those that are configured to access the network will do. The only drawback is that the cable will have to be pulled across the room, which will not decorate the interior. As a way out. two options: either place the router close to the TV, or mask the wire under a decorative plinth.
  • To connect the set-top box via Wi-Fi, you will need to purchase additional equipment. a wireless adapter, which must be installed on the set-top box. The option is acceptable and convenient for those who do not want to pull the wire through the room. But there are also “pitfalls” here. When buying a Wi-Fi adapter, you need to be extremely careful, as they are not all compatible with certain models of set-top boxes.
  • PLC adapter. A rare option, so few people know how to connect interactive television in this way. The bottom line is that with the help of devices specially designed for this, a local network is created in the room through ordinary sockets. At the same time, the signal quality does not decrease in comparison with other methods. But there is one drawback: the equipment can be damaged by accidental voltage surges.
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Thus, there are three main ways to connect digital television to Rostelecom, you just have to choose the most convenient one for yourself. Rostelecom is making enough efforts to promote the Zabava service among its audience, which allows you to watch interactive TV without a set-top box from any suitable device, be it a tablet or laptop.

Automatic tuning

  • simultaneously press the TV and OK buttons, hold until the first indicator blinks a couple of times;
  • using the remote control enter the code 991;
  • then, using the navigation buttons, press the forward direction in order to start the procedure for selecting codes;
  • press several times until the TV turns off;
  • fix by pressing the OK button until a double signal is received on the indicator