How to connect the remote to a Samsung TV

CI CARD adapter Samsung what is it

What is Samsung CI CARD adapter? This is the connector on the side of the Samsung TV (also called the pcmci card slot), which is used to install a decoding card for paid digital satellite or cable TV. Such a card, installed in the CI CARD adapter of a Samsung TV, allows you to do without an additional receiver, which is necessary to watch digital channels on older TVs.

Setting up your Samsung TV

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Check the Samsung UE32J5100AK cable connections

The TV was turned off. Then a sign appeared: “Check the cable connections and source parameters. Press the SOURCE button on the remote control to select the connected sources. All this does not change anything. 10.09.2018, St. Petersburg.

This situation is possible when the signal on the Samsung UE32J5100AK from the TV antenna is lost. You need to contact your cable signal provider, or check your own receiving antenna if you are watching terrestrial television.

Setting up digital TV on Samsung

How to set up UE32F5020AKRU digital broadcasting? 12/18/2018, Moscow
11.1.2019 CW-3335z Samsung Tula Small, old TV with remote control. help set up digital TV

Digital TV presetting is only available when “Source” is set to “TV”.
In the SETTING MENU section, you must select the DVB-T parameter for setting up terrestrial digital television, or the DVB-C parameter for setting from your cable provider. Auto tuning will search for all available digital TV channels on the network.
Digital television cannot be set up on old Samsung TVs except through the optional DVB-T2 set-top box? DVB-C

What is an infrared adapter cable for Samsung TV for?

Ir out in Samsung TV what is it? The ir out connector is used to connect the IR transmitter adapter supplied with the TV to control external devices.

How do I set up my Samsung TV to control external devices connected to it, such as a digital TV receiver, disc player, home theater? What is the Samsung TV Infrared Cable for? Thus, you can control from one remote control and TV and other devices, using it as a universal.
To do this, connect the supplied infrared adapter cable to the IR OUT of the TV, and place the transmitter within 10 cm from the receiver of the external device. The signals from the TV remote will be processed in the Samsung TV, converted and sent through a cable to the transmitter, which will act as an infrared remote control for an external device.
Turn on the external device and TV. Using the TV remote control, select the SOURCE \ Universal remote control settings in the menu at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions on the TV screen, the universal remote setup process will be completed.

How to set up your Samsung Smart TV to digital TV

How to set up your Samsung Smart TV to digital TV:
Setting up digital television on a Samsung Smart TV is done by sequentially selecting the Settings items in the Menu. Broadcast. Additional settings. Manual configuration. Setting up digital channels.
Select Create Search to automatically search for DTV channels and store them in the TV.

How to find the TV code

To find the Samsung TV code for the universal remote control, you should look at the instructions (paper or electronic version on the manufacturer’s website). It is also possible by the selection method to enter general combinations 0021.0061.0151.0291.0301.0331.0391.0661.1021.0931.1391.1401.1571.1081.2511.

For each model, these combinations are different, so you need to clarify on the official resources of the manufacturer.

No code

There is only one option for pairing without code. automatic debugging. It is also possible to use an alternative source. a smartphone. Benefits of smartphone control:

  • fast connection;
  • no password required;
  • multifunctionality. it is allowed to immediately configure it to several TVs and other devices;
  • is available on almost all phones.


To quickly connect the universal remote to your Samsung TV, and follow the guide:

  • enter the combination 9999 on the remote control and after the fourth pressing of the nine, hold down the key;
  • then wait until it turns off completely and turn on the TV again;
  • direct the source of control to him;
  • press the power key, and hold this key;
  • when the volume icon appears on the screen, click to increase or decrease the sound level;
  • if there is a reaction, then the setting was successful.

If you don’t get the result, try to repeat the action a few more times.


If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

The manual method is more time consuming, because you have to wait for the indicator to work and specify some parameters;

  • turn on TV;
  • simultaneously hold down the “C” and “Setup” keys;
  • release after about 5-7 seconds when the indicator light responds;
  • enter the code in the window that opens (it is possible to find it in the instructions)
  • confirm the action;
  • test the performance, check with the volume keys.

How to set up a universal remote control for a Samsung TV: codes, instructions

How to set up a universal remote for a Samsung TV? The universal control element is increasingly used for contact with home appliances, as it is simple to set up and easy to replace in case of loss or breakdown. However, not all users know how to debug, and what to do to start working with TV. This article provides not only a guide, but also an alternative way to control the technique.

Setting up a universal TV remote control for Samsung TV

Debugging can be automatic or manual. If the user wants to establish contact without a code, then the automatic method should be chosen.

  • Automatic. quickly starts scanning and automatically detects the contact. The advantage is that you do not need to search for a pairing combination and enter something manually.
  • Manual. for manual pairing, you will need to specify some parameters.

Smartphones with universal remote function

This is a special pre-installed software that almost every smartphone owner has. It works through an infrared port, which connects to equipment. In just two clicks, a connection is established and the signal is tested.

What is All Samsung TV?

We have already mentioned the All Share application, but now we will only tell you more about its functionality. The main task of the program is to provide easy interaction between smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. With its help, we can play video on a large screen, as well as include music. File exchange between a number of devices is also available.

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How to connect PC to Samsung Smart TV via:

We can connect a computer to a TV in two main ways: wireless and wired. The advantage of the first is ease of use, since there is no need to buy a cable and conduct it. But in the wired version, the signal is more stable and reaches the TV faster. If response time is important, we recommend that you prefer this option.

All modern TVs from Samsung support DLNA, which makes it possible to set up PC synchronization with the TV. Of the necessary tools for the implementation of the idea: the All Share application (it is already preinstalled on the TV) and a high-quality Wi-Fi network.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to computer via Wi-Fi:

  • Right-click (RMB) on the connection and go to “Network Control Center”.
  • Select additional parameters from the left menu.
  • We activate the sections “Enable Network Discovery” and “Enable Sharing”.
  • Click on the button “Save changes”.
  • Installing the All Share application.
  • We launch it and register the device (button on the main screen).
  • Turn on the TV and press the “Smart Hub” remote control button.
  • Launch the AllShare Play application (it should be available on the home screen).
  • Select a file from a computer or switch to wireless screen mode.

Important! All Share is currently not actively supported on PC, so it is appropriate to use alternative programs for creating DLNA servers. Here are some good options: Home Media Server, Plex. Serviio.

Another proprietary application has similar functions. Smart View. With its help, we can transfer the image from the work screen to the TV, as well as control TV from mobile devices.

This is a simpler in concept, but difficult to implement method, how to connect Samsung Smart TV to a computer. All there is to it. connect TV to PC via HDMI cable.

Tips on how to connect your computer to Smart TV:

  • The computer must have a free HDMI slot. Not all PCs have an additional port, if there is only one and you also need to connect a monitor, you will have to constantly rearrange the cables, which is very inconvenient.
  • Make sure the computer can handle image processing. The disadvantage of this method is that work with a picture is done on a PC, and a ready signal comes to the TV. Thus, the TV hardware is practically not used, and the computer works under greater load.
  • A cable connection is inconvenient for a TV set in another room. Better to use the wireless option.
  • It is better not to buy a cable longer than 5-10 m, as the signal may be lost.

Smart TV control from a computer

The control method depends on how you connect your Samsung Smart TV to your computer. If we are talking about a wired connection, then all data from the PC monitor is automatically transmitted to the TV (if the playback mode is HDMI). In the case of a wireless connection, the algorithm is slightly different.

How to play a file on a TV from a computer:

  • We open the program in which the DNLA server was created.
  • Select the folder where movies or videos are stored.
  • Click RMB on a file of a suitable format and select “Play on”.
  • We indicate the TV, which should have previously been synchronized with the PC.

How to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV?

A television can perform many more functions than broadcasting TV channels. One of the possible modes of operation is as a device for duplicating an image from a computer. This will allow you to quickly turn on any movie from the Internet, hard drive and simply display the picture from the monitor, improving the user’s gaming experience. There are many more situations for synchronizing TV with a PC, but our material is not devoted to researching the reasons, but how to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV.

The TV does not see the computer, what to do?

The question is how to connect Smart TV to a computer. there are pitfalls that can interfere with synchronization.

  • If a wired connection is established, we check the health of the cable and connector on the computer.
  • Switch the TV to HDMI playback mode. In the “Source” section, set “HDMI”, the option can also be moved to the main screen or available using the button on the remote control “Source”.
  • Updating drivers for your computer.
  • Install another DNLA server. Replacing a program often helps.

Unfortunately, sometimes the program for transferring the picture gets update curves that prevent communication between the PC and TV. For example, the crooked update from March 3, 2020 to Samsung Smart View broke many functions, including the detection of external devices.

Connecting a TV to a computer is not a difficult task, but you also need to figure it out, otherwise it is easy to make a mistake. We have shown the main methods for transferring images that really work and do not require unnecessary adjustment manipulations. The reader only needs to choose a wired or wireless connection option.

Manual configuration instructions

To set up an all-usable remote control manually, you must first obtain the code from your TV receiver model. When you enter the code, the gadgets are paired. If the code is known, then the procedure for the following.

  • turn on the TV receiver and point the control device at it;
  • hold down the Power button;
  • enter code;
  • after double blinking of the LED sensor, release the button.
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver and hold down two buttons. Power and Set and wait for the LED to flash;
  • enter code;
  • press the Set button after the light sensor goes out.
  • to pair, press the TV key;
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver;
  • hold down Setup until the LED blinks twice;
  • enter code;
  • if the devices are successfully paired, the LED will blink several times;
  • to check the controls, you need to press the volume button.
  • press the TV key and hold it until the LED starts blinking;
  • release the key;
  • enter code;
  • after entering the code, the TV set will reboot.

How to set up a remote control to a Samsung TV without the help of others?

Currently, the TV remote control is an irreplaceable attribute. Manufacturers produce many devices that are provided for different models of TV sets. Most of the remotes are versatile and fit several types of devices. In this case, we will focus on the universal control devices for Samsung TVs. A detailed annotation on auto tuning and self-manual tuning can be found in this article.

Setting up your Samsung remote

Samsung Smart Control is a touchscreen remote control for remote control of your telecom, the owners of such a remote control become buyers of Samsung TVs with Smart TV function. In addition to the TV itself, it can control additional devices that are connected to your TV. Using the remote control, you can switch channels to adjust the sound. Also, these remotes have a microphone for voice control of the TV.

When connecting the remote control. it should be at a short distance from the TV, the connection is made via the Bluetooth function.

In order to set up and connect the remote control to the TV set M, Q, LS-series

Installing batteries in your remote control.

Then we press and do not release the return and “Play / Stop” keys return for a few seconds until Search for devices appears on the screen and wait for your remote to connect to the TV.

In order to set up and connect the remote control to the J-series TV set

It is necessary to press and not release the “RETURN / EXIT” and “EXTRA” keys for several seconds. until the Bluetooth icon appears on the screen of your TV

In order to set up and connect the remote control to the K series TV set

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In order to set up and connect the remote control to the H series TV set

Press and hold the keys for a few seconds

“RETURN” and “GUIDE” until you see the Bluetooth icon on your TV screen

In order to set up and connect the remote control to the F-series TV set

Next, on the back of your remote control, find the “Pairing” key. It must be pressed and not released until you see a Bluetooth icon on the screen of your TV set, meaning that the devices are connected to your TV.

If you are unable to connect the Smart Touch Control to your TV, please make sure you are using the supplied remote model. Try to repeat the actions again, unplug your TV and turn it on again, check if the batteries on your remote control are working properly. Remember that each Samsung Telecom model has its own remote control model.

Auto tuning

Setting in automatic mode is suitable for those users who do not want to find codes for pairing, or if the search for the code did not return any results.

Auto tuning for Supra devices:

  • turn on the TV set and point the remote control at the TV screen;
  • hold down the Power button for 5-7 seconds;
  • then the LED will light up;
  • press Power again;
  • the volume bar icon will pop up on the screen, this indicates the correct completion of the setup process.

Auto setup for Huayu devices:

  • point the remote control at the TV screen, hold down the Set key, and then Power;
  • wait a couple of seconds and release both keys;
  • click on Power;
  • the volume scale that appears on the TV screen indicates the successful completion of the setup;
  • to exit the mode, press the Set button twice.

Auto setup for the “Beeline” remote control:

  • hold and release the TV button;
  • press the OK button and hold it for a while;
  • after automatic search for the code, the TV receiver will turn off;
  • release OK button.

Auto tuning for Gal remote:

  • point the device at the TV receiver, press the device type button and hold for 3 seconds;
  • as soon as the LED lights up, the key must be released;
  • press the power button to automatically search for the code;
  • as soon as the TV receiver turns off, you need to quickly press the OK button, this will save the options in memory.

There are several more auto option algorithms for some remotes:

  • turn on TV and hold down the TV key until the indicator lights up;
  • press and hold Mute to search for a code;
  • you need to wait for the completion of the process and check the result, for this it is enough to press the volume button.

Another option for auto tuning.

  • Aim the remote control at the TV receiver and press the TV and OK keys. It is necessary to hold the keys for some time. After that, all the keys on the remote control will light up. You need to wait until the moment when only the number keys are highlighted.
  • To save actions, press the TV button.

For Samsung TVs with Smart technology, there are touchscreen remotes. Control devices come with a TV receiver. Touch remotes can also be purchased separately. For an option, follow these steps:

  • point the remote control at TV and hold down the Return and Guide keys for a few seconds;
  • the Bluetooth icon should appear, this notification says that the connection was successful.

Many users complain that this kind of touch control quickly breaks down. For Samsung Smart TV models, you can also use all-purpose button remotes.

How to connect the remote to a Samsung TV. How to connect a universal remote to a Samsung TV: codes, instructions

Possible malfunctions

Some problems may appear when using the universal remote control for Samsung TV receivers. If it does not work when buying the latest device, then you must first carefully study the annotation for use. In the absence of pairing, the reason for the incompatibility of the remote control and the TV model may be hidden.

If the devices are compatible, the batteries must be removed and reinserted. You can replace the batteries with new ones. Also, the rapid discharge of batteries can become an insignificant problem.

Better to buy rechargeable batteries, they can be charged several times. This will significantly save money.

To prevent insignificant problems before pairing gadgets, you need to disconnect the TV set from the power source, wait a few minutes and turn it on again. If the manual setting is done correctly, but the remote control still does not respond to the TV set, you must perform all the actions again. Maybe the user didn’t enter the code just right. It is important to know that the code must be entered within 1 minute.

Continuous flashing of the LED on the remote control indicates an incorrect setting. To fix the problem, you need to turn off the TV set and turn it on again after a while. After what do you need to re-configure.

In the following video you will see an overview and connection of the universal remote control to the Samsung TV.

Setting up a Rostelecom remote control on a Samsung TV

Confused about the settings of the Rostelecom remote control on the Samsung TV? Together with the set-top box provided to each subscriber, he also gets a control panel, the debugging of which allows using it to control the entire system at once. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as shelling pears to install the software for the remote yourself and configure it to work properly.

Setting up the Rostelecom remote control

Carefully examine the location of the buttons, as some of them will come in handy when debugging the device.

  • Power or POWER allows you to turn the set-top box on and off;
  • TV. works in TV control mode, allows you to turn on the TV;
  • A / V. controls the video output of the TV;
  • MENU. call up the menu;
  • Back. returns to the previous state;
  • Toogle. toggles menu and view modes;
  • Toggle wheel. contains 4 buttons (FORWARD, BACK, RIGHT, LEFT). allows you to alternately switch menu items and settings;
  • OK. used to confirm actions;
  • FORWARD, PAUSE and BACKWARD. in the viewing mode, allow you to rewind the fragments;
  • Volume parameter buttons;
  • CH. channel management on the receiver, allow you to flip through the program guide;
  • Mute the sound;
  • “Last Channel”. returns to the channel from which you switched the last time;
  • Number and letter keys.

When debugging data transmission, two methods are used. manual enumeration of all codes recorded in its memory, and automatic adjustment using the combinations specified in the instructions.

  • To start changing the parameters, hold down OK, then TV. The consent key will blink several times. it means that everything is done correctly.
  • In the field that appears on the screen, enter the 4 digits of the model of your model.
  • Using the volume up key, try to adjust the sound, if it works. you have successfully configured the device.

If there is no response, try entering a different code for setting. Has this method given no results? Let’s try to debug in a different way.

  • Press OK and TV, this time at the same time. Wait for the light signal repeating several times.
  • Dial the combination 991, then press the CH button and wait for the shutdown.

Upon successful disconnection, it can be concluded that the selected combination of numbers is suitable. If there is no result, try to enter one of the backup codes one by one, holding down the power button and OK.

Codes for setting up the remote control from a TV set-top box

For each model, there is a separate list of numbers, by sorting through which you can configure the prefix. Usually the combination of numbers is in the technical data sheet of the device, but rarely can anyone remember where the instructions for the device lie, especially when it has been at home for several years. Below are all codes for Samsung models.

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How to connect Rostelecom remote to Samsung TV

A properly configured control panel controls not only the set-top box, but also the devices to which it is connected. Outwardly, it looks like a regular one, and the elements located on it are very similar in functionality to the television we are used to, they are located intuitively.

How to reset settings

Incorrectly configured data transmission will not allow you to fully use all the capabilities of the receiver and watch your favorite programs in a convenient mode. If you set incorrect parameters or want to change them, you can always reset them to the factory settings, fortunately, this can be done many times without harm to the device. To perform a reset, hold down the OK and TV keys until the OK blinks twice. Then enter the code 977. The power button should then blink four times. After that, you can reconfigure the device.

How to disassemble Samsung remote

Sometimes there are situations when, when trying to switch a channel, the TV reacts only after a few clicks. Often, this phenomenon occurs when the remote control is clogged with food or jellied liquids. As a result, it becomes necessary to disassemble the Samsung remote control and clean it from dirt.

  • The first step is to inspect the Samsung Smart TV remote and locate all the fasteners. Often they are located not only on the outer surface of the remote control, but also in the battery compartment. Usually fastening is done using small screws, which can be unscrewed with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Next, you need a plastic card. It must be inserted into the corner of the device, and the lid must be tucked. After that, tell you you need to take it around the console. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the latches. Then carefully remove the battery contacts from the seating slots.
  • The next step is to understand how the board is attached to the back cover surface. If the fastening is made with screws, then they must be unscrewed with an appropriate screwdriver. If it is fastened with latches, then you must carefully open them.

Pay attention to the location of the infrared diode in the corresponding socket. If it is fixed, then it must be carefully released from the seat.

Malfunctions and their elimination

If you purchased a device and it does not function, the first step is to follow these steps:

  • Read the instruction manual carefully;
  • Make sure the device is compatible with this TV model;
  • Disconnect the batteries and put them back;
  • Remove the power plug from the outlet, wait a couple of minutes, plug it back in and turn on the TV.

Samsung Smart TV Remote

Nowadays, Samsung Smart TV remote control is an indispensable product. For a long time, Samsung has been producing remote controls to work with a large number of products. Some of them are universal and fit several types of devices. To buy such a device, you need to decide on a list of characteristics that you want to get for a certain cost. The more expensive the remote control, the better its performance.

How to choose a remote control for your Samsung Smart TV

At one time, Samsung Smart TV technology revolutionized the TV industry. This is a very creative and interesting decision of the company. It contains a large number of functions that are now indispensable. For the correct functioning of this function, you need a good Internet connection, so the company installs good equipment in TVs with Smart TVs to ensure high speed Internet. For more comfortable control of this technology, you can use special pointers, which are distinguished by great functionality.

Smart TVs are essentially multimedia platforms. For their manufacture, the most modern technologies are used, which allow achieving maximum indicators of image and sound quality. This contributes to the fact that the cost of these devices is quite high. You need to choose a device based on your requirements and for a specific TV model. There are push-button and touch-type devices. If you have any problems setting up or using the Smart Remote Control, look for a solution on the Internet, or contact your hardware vendor.

  • Push-button type of device. The main advantage is that there is no need for customization. It can be used immediately after installing the batteries in a special compartment. It can connect to multiple devices at the same time. Thanks to this, the keypad is universal. It is also often chosen for its ease of operation, as well as for its low acquisition cost.
  • The touch type has a more complex connection process. Insert the batteries first and press the power button. After that, hold down the “RETURN” and “GUIDE” keys for a few seconds until the “bluetooth” icon appears. The appearance of this notification indicates that the device is paired with the TV. The remotes supplied with the TV work only with this unit.

Important! Before purchasing a universal remote, please make sure that it exactly matches your TV model.

Remote control settings

Samsung Smart Controls are touch-sensitive devices that allow you to control TVs from a distance. They are bundled with Samsung TVs in which the Smart TV function is present and they were released after 2012. He is able to control not only the TV, but also the set-top box that is connected to it. It can also be used as a Blue-Ray player control device. It has a voice control function with which you can increase or decrease the sound and perform other actions without touching the remote control.

The main advantage of this remote control is the touch-sensitive touchpad located on the front side and occupying 40% of the area. It allows you to easily configure the TV, comfortably navigate the TV menu and in the browser. Touch panel provides maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Functionality of Smart TV technology

  • Providing access to the Internet, without using a PC and additional set-top boxes. This function allows you to play various videos located in the vastness of the Internet resources. Some models have the function of recording a video file to an external storage device connected to the TV. Also, you can open social networks. This allows you to display various content without connecting a mobile phone to a TV.
  • A large number of built-in games allow you to while away the time or keep your kids busy. In addition to the built-in games, there are a large number of applications that are available for download on the Internet.
  • Also, this function allows you to view the forecast of weather conditions and exchange rates and much more.
  • Very convenient playback of photo and video materials on connected USB devices. You can also edit, delete, create different folders and albums for better sorting.

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control:

Useful Tips

  • To clean the remote, you need to prepare the following inventory: alcohol-based liquid and paper napkins. Hard-to-reach places can be cleaned with a toothpick, on which you need to wrap a napkin, pre-moistened with alcohol.
  • For a convenient reassembly process, it is necessary to lay out all the parts in sequence. The presence of foreign objects on the table is also undesirable.
  • Keep the remote control away from food and liquids. Determine a permanent storage location so that you do not have to search for it throughout the apartment.
  • Wrap it in cellophane wrap. this will prevent food particles and dust from getting into the interior of the remote control.
  • Clean the console periodically, as dust penetration into the interior contributes to clogging and causes premature wear of parts.

Attention! Before starting the process, you need to watch the video instructions on the Internet, on the topic “how to disassemble the Samsung Smart TV remote control”.