How To Connect Set-Top Box To Haier TV

How to connect a TV set-top box to the Internet?

Answers to the most common questions. If you are thinking what to choose. an integrated SmartTV system or an external “smart” set-top box, then give preference to the latter option. Why?

The fact is that this gadget, namely a digital set-top box, has a wider range of functions and settings. The Smart TV set-top box allows you to watch online movies and TV shows, surf the Internet, chat on Skype and social networks, play your favorite games. all from your TV screen. And now, the purchase is complete. Now it remains to configure. How to quickly set up Internet access on a TV set-top box? Read below.

Modern TV set-top boxes are compact multifunctional devices that can turn an ordinary TV into an easy-to-use gadget. Purchase Smart tv box easily replace the satellite dish. In this article, we will consider what is necessary to connect to the Network and what is the sequence of actions.

Connecting an android set-top box via Wi-Fi

Wireless technologies have become so densely embedded in our lives that now you can find a Wi-Fi router in almost every apartment. It is with this device that it is most convenient to connect a Smart TV set-top box to the Internet. To do this, follow a SIMple scheme of actions:

  • After connecting the device to the TV, go to the TV Box settings menu using the mouse or remote control;
  • Find the “Wi-Fi” menu item. This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, drag the slider to the active mode.
  • After a few seconds of searching, the device will display a list of available wireless networks. Select your Wi-Fi network from this list.
  • Enter the password you specified when creating your Wi-Fi access point and press the confirm button.
  • If your router is configured correctly, it will take a matter of seconds to connect to the access point.
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What is the advantage of this method? Connecting an Android TV set-top box to the Internet via Wi-Fi will allow you to place the TV in any corner of the house or apartment, within the range of the router signal. so you will not be tied to the length of the cable. The main advantage is to connect other gadgets in parallel with the TV.

How To Connect Set-Top Box To Haier TV

Connecting a TV set-top box via an Internet cable

Another way to connect android tv box to the WAN is using an Ethernet cable.

  • Find the RJ-45 connector on the TV box (marked in the figure) and connect the cable to it;
  • Go to the menu and activate the slider opposite the “Ethernet” item.
  • After a few seconds of auto-tuning, the Internet connection is established automatically in most cases;
  • If the connection failed, configure it manually. To do this, in the Ethernet item, enter the same settings that you use when connecting your computer to the World Wide Web. The only difference is that add or subtract one from the last digit in the IP address field.

This connection method allows the set-top box to make the most of the capabilities of the Internet cable, without sharing the transmission speed between several devices. In practice, however, this type of connection is less convenient than wireless. And all because you have to allocate a separate line for connecting an Android TV set-top box or constantly switch the cable between several devices. Therefore, for greater convenience, you should take care of buying a router in advance.

Turn your TV into a multimedia entertainment center and take full advantage of modern TV boxes.

Setting options

It is necessary to configure the options in strict sequence. Your result depends on it. Follow our instructions:

  • connect the antenna cable to the Orbit prefix;
  • connect the set-top box to the TV;
  • connect the set-top box and TV to the network;
  • turn on the power of the signal amplifier (if you are using it);

By connecting cable TV from your provider, you will significantly expand the list of channels available to you.

Connecting the device

In order to connect the Orbita receiver to the TV, use the step-by-step instructions:

  • connect the router to the set-top box;
  • connect HDMI to TV;
  • turn on the TV to a digital channel (from the source of the HDMI jack);
  • connect TV and set-top box to the network.
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How to connect digital channels on the Orbita set-top box: setup instructions

In connection with the transition of Russian television from an analog signal to a digital one, a logical question arises. how to connect and configure the Orbit digital set-top box without calling a specialist to your home? By adhering to our instructions, you will effortlessly cope with this task in a short time.

Channel search

There are two ways to activate this function. automatic and manual. To configure the digital set-top box Orbit to show channels automatically:

  • open the Menu and go to Settings;
  • select the one you need in the list of countries;
  • select the type of DVB-T2 signal;
  • press OK to confirm automatic settings.

The automatic method is convenient in that the user does not have to look for any additional indicators, etc. You just run the scan and save the results. The manual option will help you find more available sources and channels, it also takes a little more time.

To activate manual channel search, you must:

  • open the Menu and go to Settings;
  • select the one you need in the list of countries;
  • specify the broadcast frequency available for your city;
  • press OK to confirm manual setting.

For the convenience of users, the channel sorting option is provided. In this case, it is necessary:

  • select the desired channel and confirm the selection with the OK button;
  • move the channel to the desired location using the Up or Down buttons;
  • confirm the selected channel position with the OK button;

To cancel your actions, there is an F3 button on the remote control, which will return you to the initial settings;

Image adjustment

Given the multifunctionality of modern technology, and support for various screen resolutions, there is a corresponding section that will help you edit the broadcast picture. The INFO button allows you to check the picture quality on the TV screen. In case of a bad signal, corresponding messages appear, for example:

  • signal indicator less than 60;
  • the receiver picks up a bad signal.

These messages indicate that the signal level is not sufficient for maximum image quality. Then you will either have to choose a lower indicator, or wait for the connection to be restored. Having established the cause, try to eliminate it with the following methods:

  • direct the antenna to a relay tower. this will help to catch the stream of a higher level broadcast;
  • use a signal power amplifier. suitable for those who live in fluvial terrain (lowland).
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Doesn’t respond to remote control or button doesn’t work

If the remote does not respond to your actions, replace the batteries or try to operate with a smartphone.

How to set up Wi Fi on the Orbit receiver

We connect Wi-Fi to access the Internet. We offer you a clear guide:

  • connect the USB cable;
  • in the Settings menu select System, confirm. OK button;
  • then select the option Network settings, and confirm;
  • then select the access point by name, and enter the password.

How to set up the Orbita prefix without a remote control

To configure the set-top box without a remote control, you can use the set-top box control buttons, which are located on the TV panel. This situation occurs if the remote control is not available (the batteries are dead, lost, etc.). For example, by holding down two volume buttons at the same time, you can open the Menu tab. Also, a universal remote control will replace a regular smartphone with an infrared port.

Initial settings

If you are doing this debugging for the first time, you will need to clarify some parameters after the download is complete:

  • use the remote control to select the TV section, confirm your choice by pressing OK;
  • wait until the channel lists are displayed;
  • select a channel, press OK on the remote control;
  • return to the previous menu using the MENU button;
  • use the buttons on the remote control up / down to select. click OK;
  • to exit to the main menu press the EXIT button;
  • The section “Personal Information” contains information about the number of the contract between the client and the company, the date of connection and disconnection of the set-top box, the ability to change the password for encrypted channels.