How To Connect Samsung TV To iPhone Phone

Using special applications

To accomplish this task, special software tools were developed from different developers. In fact, they all work on the same principle. However, there are some differences.

Using an Apple TV

Another way to connect using wireless technologies is to use the Apple TV Smart Box.

If you are the owner of such a gadget, follow these SIMple instructions:

  • Make sure iPhone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  • Make sure the TV is turned on and sees the set-top box.
  • On your phone, open Control Center by swiping down on the top right of the screen.
  • Click Screen Mirroring and then click Apple TV.

Samsung Smart View

This program is designed for broadcasting from iPhone and other smartphones to TVs of almost the entire Samsung Smart TV range. In this case, there is no need to use any wires or adapters.

To broadcast the content of a mobile device without any time restrictions, you need to take the following steps:

Screen Mirror for Samsung

We also advise you to try using an application that was developed specifically for connecting iPhone to Samsung Smart TV. It is called “Mirror”. The program is paid and costs about 5 in the App Store.

With this software tool, it is possible to connect any iOS device (iPhone or iPad) that you have to your TV. This will allow you to start streaming movies, gameplay, images, and more. But the prerequisite is that the device itself is compatible with this application.

After you connect both devices to your Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

  • First, install the app on your iPhone. You can use this link.
  • Then activate the display recording function from the Control Center. Please note that it is available starting from iOS 11. If this functionality for one reason or another is not displayed in the “Control Center”, then try to find it directly in the “Settings” of the system.
  • The next step is to open the Mirror program to find your Samsung TV. You need to wait a while for the program to finish searching.
  • If the TV is found, just click on it to start pairing the devices. A window may appear on the TV screen asking if you allow the connection. Click the “Allow” or “Accept” button.
  • Now, to start mirroring, swipe up on your phone to launch Control Center.
  • Press the Screen Recording button within 5 seconds. A window will appear where select “Mirror Samsung TV”.
  • After a few seconds, you will see all the contents of your iPhone screen on your TV screen. Please note that there may be a slight lag.


Another program to connect iPhone to Samsung TV. Here, the principle of use is practically the same as for the above tools. Only the interface itself is slightly different.

You need to download and install ALLCAST APP from AppStore from this link. Further, after launching, provide access to photos, media and files of your phone. Now you can start broadcasting your device to the TV screen by clicking on the icon located at the bottom of the screen.

TV Cast Samsung TV

  • Download TV Cast to your iOS device and Samsung Smart TV. For iPhone use the link in AppStore, and for TV use the link TV Ap.
  • After installing the application, run it on both devices.
  • On iPhone, click the Cast icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • When you click on this icon, a new pop-up window will appear with the IP address. Just set this IP address on your TV using your remote control.
  • When the devices are connected, find the movie you want to watch and then press the play button.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

Even the largest iPhone has a tiny screen compared to a modern TV. Therefore, it is possible that sooner or later everyone may want to connect a smartphone to their Samsung TV and watch different content on the big screen. You will get all the information on how to organize this in this guide. For convenience, there are several ways.

From the article you will learn

Using a dedicated cable

If you prefer to connect with adapter cables, you can use an HDMI or VGA cable. In this case, it all depends on what inputs are present on your Samsung TV model. Also, not all iPhones are suitable for the same adapters. New models have changed.

Depending on the situation, you will need a special adapter adapter that matches the input style on your TV and iPhone. Of course, it is best to use an HDMI cable whenever possible as it will provide the highest quality.

May need Apple’s Lightning to Digital AV adapter.

If the TV model is older and there is no HDMI input, then a Lightning-VGA adapter is available.

When you have the correct adapter, do the following:

  • Connect adapter to HDMI (or VGA) cable.
  • In the second step, connect the cable to the input on the TV.
  • Then plug the adapter into the Lightning port on the iPhone and turn on the phone.
  • Use the TV control panel or remote control to switch to the “Source” (Input) to which you just connected the cable.
  • Then you can play any media on your iPhone and it will be shown on Samsung TV.

This procedure is more secure than the wireless system we discussed above. Mirroring in this case is much more accurate than in other methods. However, you must purchase an adapter and HDMI cable.

Apple TV

Another way to connect is with the Apple TV set-top box. This is a device for transmitting information to high definition televisions. The set includes a control panel. Works with Samsung too. Apple TV syncs over Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Its main task is to play music, records.

Through it, you can connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV using the mirroring function of the phone display through the Screen Mirroring function. AppleTV transfers all open images or recordings from the iPhone to the screen. Transmission is carried out using the AirPlay protocol.

Instructions using Apple TV step by step:

  • connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • on the phone, press “Control Center”, select “Mirror Samsung TV”;
  • select the Apple TV set-top box among the connected devices;
  • to synchronize devices, a four-digit code will appear on the Samsung screen, which must be entered into the phone. This is a one-time procedure, you do not have to constantly tie the devices;
  • open the desired photo, image or recording on the iPhone screen, if the synchronization is successful, the media file will be played on the TV.

Sync iPhone and TV via Screen Mirroring

You can also end duplication by pressing the Menu button on your Apple TV.

Other devices

You don’t need to purchase additional accessories from Apple to connect your iPhone to a Samsung TV. Adapters, wires, third-party applications can be used.

Devices capable of supporting DLNA stream are suitable for transferring images:

Devices designed for transferring audio and files, capable of displaying the iPhone screen on a Samsung TV, have approximately the same appearance. But the leaders among the presented devices are Chromecast and Roku TV.

Third-party apps that don’t need adapters or cables also help connect iPhones and TVs. The most common add-on is AllCast. The application connects to networked media devices and TVs from Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Philips and LG.

How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV, All Ways

Apple smartphones are very popular. Such a demand for the iPhone is caused by a reason, these are very high-quality smartphones that serve for several years without a single comment on a malfunction. IPhone owners use them as navigators, listen to music, shop online, read e-books and watch movies. Sometimes important information that is in your smartphone needs to be shown on a large screen, for this it will be useful to know how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV.

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Connection methods

There are several ways to synchronize your smartphone and TV. Wireless technologies like Wi-Fi or AirPlay; wired connection using adapters, cables. Each of them is SIMple, you can choose the most convenient.

For data transfer, there are special adapters and adapters manufactured by Apple on sale.

The easiest way to connect your phone is via a wired connection. You will need additional adapters, some will have to be purchased. Not all iPhones are suitable for the same adapters, new versions of phones have been modified.

    The earliest iPhones 1–4 require an adapter device — the Apple USB 30-pin cable. Average

Apple USB 30-pin cable
For later versions (5 and up), you need an Apple Lightning to USB Adapter. Him.

How To Connect Samsung TV To iPhone Phone

Apple Lightning to USB Adapter

Adapters are designed to connect Apple products to TVs. How to connect:

  • connect the adapter cable to the iPhone through the charging port;
  • connect the other end to the TV connector;
  • check the visibility of the connected removable device on the TV;
  • in the TV settings go to “Signal Source” and select USB-mode.

Many Samsung TVs have an HDMI connector. Cannot be connected directly, requires an additional adapter. It could be AV Lightning-HDMI. To connect, connect the cable to the TV panel. Automatic tuning is performed, but it is also changed manually.

HDMI connection:

    take an adapter of a new or old generation (the type of adapter is indicated in the previous paragraph). On the one hand, there is a connector for connecting to a phone, on the other, an HDMI input for data transfer;

AV Lightning-HDMI

  • insert the HDMI cable into the TV and connect to the Apple adapter;
  • insert the connector into the connector of the iPhone or iPad;
  • in the Samsung TV settings “Signal Source” select the HDMI port.
  • After connecting, specify the signal source

    After that, the devices are considered connected, but just like via USB, you can only transfer files like from a regular flash card.

    This is the easiest way to display media files on Samsung display. IPhone has AirPlay to connect to Smart TV. Images will be duplicated only on condition that on both devices, on the Apple phone and Samsung TV, special programs are installed that are necessary to synchronize the gadgets. Smart TV assumes pre-installed applications, they include the AllShare utility. which is designed to broadcast information from smartphones to Samsung’s display, but it must be downloaded.

    How to connect via Wi-Fi:

    IPhone must have iOS 7.0 or later.

    In conclusion

    There are many ways to transfer information from iPhone to Samsung TV screen, via Wi-Fi, special applications, cables, adapters. Therefore, with the display of images, there are no problems even for a person who does not know much about information technology.

    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to any Android phone

    Using the example of fully wireless JBL Tune 120TWS headphones

    All popular wireless Bluetooth headphones connect to a smartphone according to the scheme described above. Headphones from JBL can be connected to an Android phone or iPhone in the same way as the others. However, if we are talking about fully wireless (true wireless) models, there are features.

    • The earbuds are ready for pairing as soon as they are taken out of the charging case, just find them in the list of available Bluetooth devices.
    • If completely wireless headphones cannot be connected to your Android phone right away, you need to manually put them into pairing mode. This is done in the same way as the main instructions: take the headphones out of the case, turn them off manually (usually you need to hold the power button or start / pause for about 3 seconds), manually turn on and hold the button until you hear a beep.
    • True Wireless earbuds are also linked together automatically. If this does not happen, you need to either press the start / pause buttons on both headphones at the same time several times (in the case of JBL Tune 120TWS, for example, 3 times) or hold them for a few seconds. After that, the indication will change and / or a signal will sound.

    If you still can’t connect the headset to the phone, you should refer to the instructions, obviously there are some unique nuances. # 128521;

    How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your phone

    To connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your phone, you need to pair the devices via Bluetooth. This can be done in 4 SIMple steps according to the instructions below.

    How to connect both wireless earbuds to an Honor or Huawei phone

    On the example of i7 TWS earbuds. relevant for i9s, i11, i12

    You can connect fully wireless headphones to your Honor phone according to the instructions for TWS models above, and usually both headphones will be connected (in series or in parallel). But in inexpensive fully wireless Chinese models (like i7 tws) this synchronization is often not available, and you have to turn on each earphone separately.

    An example of connecting two i7 tws headphones (i9s tws, i12 tws, tws i11) to the phone. This is also a one-stop guide for connecting most True Wireless, Chinese wireless Bluetooth headphones to your phone.

    How to connect 2 connect two (both) Bluetooth headphones to each other (left and right):

    • Turn on the 1st and 2nd headphones (the first included earphone will be the master, the 2nd slave).
    • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
    • Press the power button, on each earbud (on the i7 tws, the blue and red diodes start flashing). After that, the headphones should be synchronized with each other. And the indicator will only flash blue.
    • Search for devices in Bluetooth settings, find headphones and connect. Both earbuds will be connected to the phone.

    How to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to your phone. pairing

    • Turn on Bluetooth in your phone and turn on the headphones. For on / off, there is a separate button or button “start / pause”. Turn on, holding for 2-4 seconds.
    • Make Bluetooth headphones visible to your phone. If there is a separate Bluetooth pairing button, press (hold) it. If not, do not release the power button after turning on (hold for 3-6 seconds) until a beep or a change in the indicator color.
    • Go to Bluetooth settings in your phone. Search for devices. The phone needs to find headphones.
    • Select the model of your headphones from the list of found Bluetooth devices and connect the headphones.

    Item 1-2. Button for Bluetooth pairing / turning on in headphones

    Clause 3-4. Bluetooth settings and device search

    • In rare cases, headphones, for correct connection, ask for a pin code (according to the standard, these are 1111, 0000, or indicated on the box / in the instructions for the headphones).
    • To connect Bluetooth headphones to another phone, you need to break the connection and re-pair with another device (in headsets with multipoint, you can not break the connection). Often, if the phone does not see the headphones, it means that they are connected to some other phone nearby. # 128521;

    How to connect wireless headphones to phones with NFC (Samsung, etc.)

    Using the example of full-size headphones Sony WH-1000XM3 with NFC

    You can connect Sony headphones (and not only) to your Samsung phone as described above. But there are interesting nuances that can make life easier. Some of the top models such as the Sony WH-1000XM3 have an NFC chip. With this function, you can pair devices SIMply by leaning your phone against the headphones. But in the headphones and in the phone, there must be NFC support. The instruction is as follows:

    • Turn on NFC in the phone settings;
    • We turn on the headphones and lean them against the phone (the headphones have an NFC icon on one of the bowls, you need to lean on this side). After detecting the headphones, the phone will either automatically turn on Bluetooth or display a message about the need to connect;
    • Headphones are connected. These wireless headphones from Sony to a phone with NFC (whether Samsung or not # 128521;) are extremely easy to connect. Everything would be so. # 128526;

    Also, sometimes a proprietary application can SIMplify the connection of headphones: we install, turn on the headphones and Bluetooth in the phone, open the application and it will find and connect everything by itself. However, not all headphone apps are capable of this.

    How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xiaomi phones

    Using the example of completely wireless Xiaomi Airdots headphones

    To connect Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones (Redmi or not # 128521;) to the phone, just use the basic instructions above and take into account the nuances from the instructions for connecting fully wireless headphones.

    It should be noted that there are 2 types of connecting TWS headphones to the phone:

    • One headphone is the presenter. It is he who connects to the smartphone, and the second earpiece is connected to the first. That is, it may seem that the phone “saw” only one earpiece, but no, it’s a pair.
    • Both earbuds are connected to the phone in parallel. It happens less often, but it happens. Xiaomi AirDots has announced exactly this type of connection. But in fact, however, it turned out to be the first. # 128521;
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    In the first case, in order to connect headphones to a phone via Bluetooth, it is important to know which one is the main one. In some models, the lead earpiece is always the same (most often the right, but sometimes the left). And in others, you can choose which will be the main one. In this case, Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the phone separately and used, for example, as a mono headset.

    How to connect headphones to an iPhone (iOS) phone

    Using Apple’s AirPods as an example

    Connecting any wireless headphones to the iPhone is carried out according to the standard instructions above. But connecting original Apple Airpods to iPhone and Apple devices is even easier:

    • On your phone, go to the Home screen.
    • Open the AirPods case and bring it 5-10 cm to the iPhone.
    • The setup splash screen appears on the iPhone screen.
    • Click “Connect” and select “Finish”.

    How to connect airpods headphones to Android

    Are AirPods compatible with an Android smartphone? Yes, you can connect AirPods to a phone with a “green robot”. as described in the instructions above. However, Siri will be unavailable (thanks, cap # 128518;), display of the charge level and automatic playback when the headphones are in your ears. But this can be solved, there are separate applications for these features, for example, AirBatter and Asistant Trigger.

    Many owners of TV sets without Smart TV functions are interested in whether the iPhone can be connected to a Samsung TV. Connecting a smartphone makes Internet TV available, that is, the ability to play files on the screen online. Devices can communicate with each other in various ways: via Wi-Fi, via cables, special applications and set-top boxes. The choice of method depends on the TV model and its capabilities, as well as on the user’s readiness for additional costs. Let’s take a closer look at why and how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV.

    Connecting a smartphone using Apple TV

    The set-top box and the smartphone are connected to a wireless network, in order to synchronize with each other, on the phone, you need to select the appropriate option through the Home button menu. The set-top box is used as an intermediary: it allows you to display the image from the smartphone display on the LCD TV screen.

    Basic ways to connect a smartphone to a TV

    Both wired and wireless techniques can be used to connect an iPhone to a full-size TV. The first type is the most affordable, as it is suitable even for old TV models that did not yet have a Wi-Fi module. However, wireless communication is much more convenient, there are no unnecessary difficulties with connection. Each option has its own advantages, you can decide on the most suitable method depending on the characteristics of a particular TV model.

    Let’s consider how to connect an iPhone to a Samsung TV, in more detail, we will determine the main advantages and disadvantages of each method.

    How to connect your iPhone to a Samsung TV

    Wi-Fi connection

    A Wi-Fi connection is the easiest way to connect two different devices. No need to stretch wires through the living area, there will be no unnecessary inconveniences.

    You can put either the original AllShare TV-Cast application, which was developed specifically for Samsung TVs, on your mobile phone, or its convenient analogue, for example, you can choose iMediaShare. This is one of the most popular and demanded applications of this type.

    To ensure that the devices communicate, you need to make sure they are connected to a wireless network via a router or Wi-Fi Direct. On the TV, it is advisable to initially update the firmware to the latest version, this will ensure the correct operation of the application. To send a file for playback from the TV screen, you need to select it from the list and send it through the application. The synchronized device will receive the signal and initiate.

    Using analog cables for connection

    A rarer way to connect a smartphone is to use the VGA interface. With it, you can connect old TV models to your smartphone, which do not yet have new types of connectors.

    For such devices, you will need to purchase a Digital AV adapter for synchronization, as well as a VGA cable or AV cable. Connection is carried out according to the following instructions:

    • The AV cable has three types of connectors: they differ in color for easy connection. The connectors are installed in the TV sockets with the corresponding markings.
    • The other end of the wire through the adapter is connected to the smartphone.
    • Additionally, a charger is connected via the Lightning connector, which is responsible for supplying the smartphone with energy in the process of synchronous work with the TV.
    • Additionally, with such a connection, you will need to output an audio signal through a separate channel. To do this, you need to use a special connector, for example, MiniJack.

    There is no need to install special applications if you connect your smartphone to the TV only for playing audio recordings. The devices are connected to each other using a standard audio cable, as a result, the audio signal is transmitted to the TV and played through its speakers. This will allow you to listen to your favorite songs in high sound quality at an acceptable volume.

    Which connection method is more suitable for Samsung TVs?

    It is difficult to say which connection option will be optimal for connecting a smartphone to a Samsung TV. The choice will depend on the year of manufacture and the specific TV model, on its functionality, installed connectors and other parameters. Also, the choice is influenced by the user’s personal wishes:

    • Lovers of listening to audio recordings will only need to connect a smartphone to a TV with a regular audio cable. this will allow you to enjoy any melodies without extra costs.
    • For those for whom mobility is important, wireless technologies for connecting devices are suitable. If your TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, the best solution is a wireless connection using dedicated applications. The signal will remain sufficient at any point in the apartment, there is no need to constantly keep the smartphone near the TV.
    • If your TV is equipped with only HDMI and does not have a Wi-Fi module, the only option is a wired connection. It will allow you to broadcast to the big screen and enjoy watching. Connection is as automated as possible, no complicated manual settings are required.

    USB connection is an option for those who are going to use their smartphone only as a storage medium on which they can save important photos, recordings or other types of content.

    After the first connection, the TV and smartphone will automatically save the entered settings, so it will take much less time to re-sync. This will allow you to quickly connect one device to another and get the most of its capabilities.

    Connecting via HDMI cable

    Sometimes the question arises of how to connect a Samsung TV via an iPhone if a Wi-Fi module was not yet provided in the old model. In this case, an HDMI cable connection is a good solution. It connects to the corresponding connector and is used to transmit a signal to display a picture on a television screen.

    This wired connection allows you to stream files with the highest picture quality: from Full HD to Ultra HD 8K. Since there is no such connector on the iPhone itself, you will need to purchase a special adapter adapter. Its type depends on the model of the smartphone used:

    How to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV?

    The cable is connected to the corresponding connector, the other end is connected to the smartphone. After that, automatic synchronization starts, no additional settings need to be made. You will only need to manually complete the configuration if errors occur. In the TV menu, you need to specify the cable as the main input source for playback.

    Benefits of connecting a TV to a smartphone

    Smart TV is a “smart” functionality that allows you to use the TV not only as a channel receiver, but also as a full-fledged computer through which you can go online, surf the Internet or watch any. However, these same functions will be available even for outdated TVs if they are properly connected to a modern mobile phone. Smartphones from Apple do not lose popularity due to the rich set of possibilities, with their help you can work with various types of content.

    It’s worth connecting your iPhone to your Samsung Smart TV to add a whole host of new features:

    • View on the big screen in high quality. The small screen of the smartphone is not very convenient, despite the high resolution and clarity of the picture. Connecting to a TV will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movies, even small details can be clearly seen on the screen.
    • Communication by communication using a large screen. You can install Skype and other types of popular messengers on iPhone for constant contact with friends and family.
    • Conducting conferences and other business events remotely. Large diagonal screen provides professional-quality communication, convenient to use if the TV is installed in the office.
    • View photos and recordings taken with your phone camera.
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    There are several ways to display an image from the display of a mobile device on a Samsung TV screen, each of them has its pros and cons.

    Ways to Connect iPhone to Samsung TV Wirelessly

    Apple device owners are increasingly interested in the question of how to connect their iPhone to a Samsung TV. There are two such methods in total. wireless and cable. Let’s describe what is required for this, as well as what advantages and disadvantages each of the synchronization methods has.

    Additional options

    Analog cables are the most affordable alternative for iPhone users. High quality cannot be achieved without an adapter, but there is an option, because he is the cheapest.

    • Composite (bells). One end is pulled to the TV, the other to the smartphone. On TV, they include reception via AV, on the iPhone. mirroring (settings);
    • Component (tulips). Used for iPhone versions above the fourth. The connection essence is identical;
    • VGA. VGA Lightning adapter (Apple) required. Suitable for models not lower than 5 iOS.

    USB connection

    The method is used only for viewing some files from the phone, such as photos, documents or records. The USB connector connected to the device does not support online streaming and flash playback.

    For connection use USB complete with lightning or 30-pin digital AV Adapter (Apple). After establishing the connection, go to the “Files” folder and select the desired file. If none of the connection types work (if any), go to other methods.

    AirPlay technology

    This protocol was developed by Apple and serves as an interface for transferring files from iphone to TV (AirPlay Mirroring). With the help of the technology, the user gets an exact copy of the smartphone screen on Samsung TV of any diagonal without third-party software.

    To sync a picture, you need:

    • A proprietary Apple TV or Samsung set-top box that supports the AirPlay2 protocol (option 1);
    • TV with DLNA or Miracast support (option 2).

    The synchronization process begins with direct configuration of the equipment. connect external wires and establish a Wi-Fi connection from one source (router, iPhone).

    Connection instructions:

    • If a set-top box is used, you need to pair it with an iPhone for synchronization;
    • Select the signal source (HDMI) on the TV;
    • Activate the desired type of communication on the phone, as well as the set-top box / adapter / TV. On the iPhone, go to network settings, and on other devices, select the Network option. The connection type for smartphone and TV must match;
    • Click on AirPlay Display Underscan section, turn on AirPlay Mirroring;
    • Find a file to play from a gallery or file manager;
    • Click on the “TV” icon. In the pop-up window, select the TV connected to the network. After synchronization on the TV screen, every action performed with the smartphone is duplicated;
    • Stop streaming by clicking the same icon and select iPhone.

    Let’s take a closer look at how to connect an iphone to a TV through a set-top box and an adapter (in two ways). In the second case, installation of additional applications is required. screen mirroring is done through them.

    As a final point, we note that the choice of the screen mirroring method depends on a number of TV parameters, as well as personal capabilities.

    The table contains all the information on the above methods.

    Preconfiguration required.

    Based on the analysis of the table, we conclude that the most relevant methods are connection using Apple TV, HDMI and direct WI-FI connection with work through a pre-installed application.

    HDMI cable connection

    To connect to a TV, you need an Apple Digital AV Adapter (with HDMI port). the phone connector is manufactured by Lightning. One end of the HDMI cable connects to the TV, the other to the mobile phone (via an adapter).

    • Synchronize devices by selecting a signal source on TV;
    • The connection is established automatically and the picture is displayed on the screen (15-30 sec.);
    • If the process does not work, reinsert the cord, and then make the settings manually (the phone turns on data transmission with HDMI).

    Apple TV box

    Apple TV is a piece of hardware for iOS devices that streams 4K to TV screens. Has built-in Screen Mirroring function. Connects to the monitor using an HDMI cable with a lightning port (auto charging).

    Before connecting to a smartphone, the set-top box is configured according to the instructions. The kit already has a remote control and a cable. No additional sync apps required.

    • Connect Apple TV and Samsung with cable;
    • Download AirPlay to the phone to connect directly to the controls;
    • Connect the set-top box and phone to Wi-Fi;
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone (iOS 11.0) screen to load the control point menu. For all other iPhone versions, enable the AirPlay app to mirror your screen and view any files;
    • Select the “Screen Repeat” button;
    • From the list of devices, click on the prefix (model name);
    • A code (4 digits) appears on the display screen. It is entered into the field that opens on the iPhone. The devices are paired once (before the settings are reset);
    • To exit the full-length broadcast, they ask for the “Control Center” on the smartphone and turn off the repeat.

    This method allows you to perform any actions on a smartphone with full display on an external monitor (browser, applications, gallery).

    If Apple equipment cannot be purchased, they use the second option. The main task is to set up the transfer of Wi-Fi from Samsung to iPhone. This requires a specific TV model or a universal adapter that adjusts Wi-Fi connection for all Samsung models.

    • Connect the TV to the adapter cable or set the access point to TV (with Miracast);
    • Connect the iPhone to the created access point that distributes Wi-Fi;
    • Pull the screen curtain down, click on the screen repeat. Wireless display starts streaming on the TV;
    • Download the EZMira app, which adjusts the individual playback and picture quality parameters.

    An overview of the features is given as follows:

    Additional applications

    All budget Samsung models, old iPhones, as well as in the case of connection via DNLA, require the installation of additional applications for displaying images on the screen. Download them on the App Store.

    Examples of mirroring applications:

    • TV Assist;
    • AllShare TV-Cast (installed on both devices from Appstore and SamsungApps);
    • iMediaShare;
    • Twonky Beam;
    • Smart View;
    • Flipps;
    • Belkin;
    • MediaPlay;
    • Reflector;
    • Samsung Smart View (for “Smart” TV).

    The principle of connecting to a TV is to synchronize the telephone network and additional equipment. a set-top box or adapter (“smart” TV). Further, the application installed on the iPhone is turned on in the “TV” mode (by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner). The next step is to select devices for playback (TV, set-top box). After SIMple (intuitive) settings, they proceed to view the required files. An overview of the features of the popular iMediaShare and Flipps is given in this:

    Using Wi-Fi

    Experienced users know that the iphone is connected to a modern samsung TV via the AirPlay service protocol and does not require additional software. However, in the absence of an Apple set-top box or modest TV functionality (the wrong model), the owners of iOS devices have to resort to other “assistants”. special applications that duplicate the screen, as well as buy adapters or Wi-Fi adapters.

    Mirroring iPhone screen to TV via Wi-Fi connection is the easiest way to sync devices. This method allows you not only to broadcast online content from your phone wirelessly, but also to view any files from the device’s memory.

    If the Wi-Fi is connected to Smart TV (built-in function), then using the Youtube application on the TV, they watchs. To do this, connect the iPhone and TV to the same network, press the play button from the phone. Next, they click on the AirPlay icon built into YouTube (combined image icon with Wi-Fi). The broadcast is automatically duplicated on the TV screen. Those. additional settings are not required for online demonstration ofs from a smartphone.

    Consider the cases when the user needs to show photos., audio files, watch movies or play games. Any Smart TV (with the Internet) is suitable for this, as well as models from budget lines. The difference in connection lies in the equipment used (adapter, set-top box), which is responsible for synchronizing the picture.