How to connect Samsung A 50 to TV

All methods of connecting a smartphone to a TV. WI-FI, USB, HDMI

Modern mobile devices have long ceased to be a simple “dialer”. They are able to replace a camera, camcorder, play multimedia files and even interact with TVs and other devices of the Smart TV level. But many do not know how to connect a smartphone to a TV via WI-FI and other interfaces. I’ll talk about this in the article.

Wi-Fi Direct

This method does not provide for real-time broadcasting, but is intended to view the file system (gallery) of the device on a large display.

  • First, you need to set up your mobile gadget. In the WI-FI parameters we find additional settings and there we turn on the WI-FI Direct function:
  • We start the search and go to the TV configuration.
  • We press “Settings” on the remote control, go to the “Network” section (as in the previous instructions). Here we enter the corresponding menu to activate the mode.
  • When you see your gadget in the list, click on it. On the smart itself, a confirmation will be displayed. click OK.
  • It remains only to use the special utilities installed on the TV. It could be Smart Share or LG Remote. By launching them, you can view all the content of the mobile device (photo, video) on the TV screen.


This is the name of the modern standard for transmitting information over a wireless channel. If the TV has support for this interface, then you can easily broadcast everything that happens on the screen (photo, video, games).

  • Turn on the TV and go to the settings by pressing the Menu, Setup or Settings buttons on the remote control (depending on the model). Then you should go to the “Network” section and turn on Miracast inside:
  • Now on your mobile device, “lower the curtain” and activate the broadcast:
  • The search for receivers starts. When your TV is found, click on it to pair it, and a message will be displayed on the TV itself, where you need to confirm the connection.
  • Image transfer will start immediately after that. If the picture is not full screen, then the smartphone should be turned over so that it is in a horizontal position.

Connection options

There are several of them. It all depends on the functionality of the TV box, whether it has certain interfaces. Ideally, it should be equipped with a USB connector and a WI-FI module. Now we will analyze several common methods.

How to connect a smartphone to a TV via USB?

This is the simplest option available to most users who do not have a wireless module on their box, but have a USB port. You need to take the cable that you use to connect the smart to the computer, insert one end of it into the gadget, the other into the TV.

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In the TV menu, select the type of source. USB by pressing the Input or Source button on the remote control. You will immediately see the files of the smartphone, you will be able to view them. This is the same if you connected a USB flash drive.

There is also such a wonderful cable “HDMI. micro USB”, with which you can also connect two devices:

This is a modern standard for transmitting audio and video signals in digital form, without conversion or loss of quality. I already talked about how you can pair laptop with TV thus. Now you will learn how to connect a smartphone to a TV via HDMI.

It is very strange that the newest models of well-known brands were left without support for this interface, although it was previously present in many devices. For example, my friend had an HTC One X, which even came with a cable.

You could easily transfer high-definition sound and picture to a large monitor. For games or watching movies. the most it.

This method is distinguished by the absence of delays, “brakes” typical for wireless transmission over WI-FI. And the image quality is just perfect.

The setup procedure is outrageously simple:

  • With the TV off, you need to connect the two devices with a cable (see the screenshot above).
  • Turn on the TV receiver. Automatic tuning should take place. If this does not happen, then we select the HDMI source manually (there may be several of them in the TV set).

We figured out how to connect a smartphone to a TV via WI-FI, USB or HDMI. Agree, there is nothing complicated. You can complete these steps in a few minutes, even without experience.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy a50 to TV

Not everyone knows how you can connect your Samsung a50 to a TV set from LG, Samsung, ergo, sony bravia, philips It’s not particularly difficult, and this explains my little guide.

You can connect the Samsung Galaxy a50 using an HDMI cable and wirelessly, but due to some differences between individual TV manufacturers, the procedure is not always the same, nevertheless, you will definitely cope.

So if you want to conveniently view photos, videos and play music files, this recording is just for you.

Because of the desire to be brief, I will not describe all the methods, but only the most accessible at my discretion, while I will not touch on the question of how to connect via a cable, since everything is simple there.

How to do screen mirroring in Samsung Galaxy A50s

We connect the TV and the phone with an HDMI cable, then on the TV we change the settings from the antenna to USB and indicate our smartphone.

How to connect Samsung a50 via Wi-Fi to a TV

Although most modern smartphones allow wireless transmission of images from the phone to the Philips TV, Sony bravia, kiwi there are exceptions.

Therefore, before proceeding with the following steps, check the manual or specifications to see if your product supports the wireless picture and sound function.

Please note that the mere fact of using the wireless image transmission function in the menu does not mean that this function will work, because in some devices it is, unfortunately, an “empty” item.

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Equipment manufacturers use different names to describe the wireless video function.

Even worse, the manufacturer often uses one name for a year or two for, and later introduces a completely new term that does not make life easier for novice users.

It should be noted that it is possible to wirelessly connect the Samsung a50 to a TV without using a router.

This type of connection uses the Wi-Fi Direct function, and then there is no need for connections to the same Wi-Fi network.

If your TV allows you to connect it wirelessly to your smartphone, I recommend using this option, it is definitely more convenient.

If you have a so-called Smart TV, it probably has this option. Just in case, before buying new equipment, make sure you can connect it to the Internet using radio waves (Wi-Fi).

You have many options to choose from. You can use one of the applications developed for this purpose, for example, Smart View (present on Samsung TVs), Google Chromcast, Screen Mirroring, Miracast, SmarTView, Miracast, Google Cast or Fast Connection, ScreenShare, SmartShare and others.

By the way, now Miracast is slowly replacing the previously used methods of sharing content over Wi-Fi. In addition to sharing content, it allows you to duplicate your smartphone screen on your TV.

To do this, the first step is to check if your TV supports the sync function.

You will do this by entering phrases such as “screen mirroring”, “smart connection”, “fast connection”

After correct setup, the duplicated smartphone display appears on the TV screen. What to do if your smartphone does not have Smart View options?

You can also choose a Chromcast device that turns your Samsung A50 into a TV screen. Success.

Passive speakers

Acoustics, called passive, does not have an amplifier built into its body. Therefore, you need to connect it directly. The sound through it will be displayed better, but the volume lags far behind competitors, which is why they are usually used with an amplifier.

First, the speakers are connected to the amplifier. The amplifier itself is directly connected to the TV. It is recommended to use HDMI for this type of connection. this connector transfers the digital signal best.

We connect the music center

The music center helps not only to improve the quality of the sound reproduced on the TV, but also to significantly increase the volume. Systems of this type are not connected directly, but through the amplifier, which usually comes with the kit. You will need a wire with a 3.5mm adapter (TRS-RCA) or tulip jack. If you do not have such a cable, purchase an adapter. It remains only to connect the system in series: TV-amplifier-speakers. Sound will automatically start playing through the connected center.

Bluetooth speaker connection

This type of connection is possible if there is a built-in or purchased, additionally installed bluetooth module in the screen. If the device supports a wireless connection, you need to activate it and wait for the connection. A message appears on the TV screen stating that new active devices have been detected. Click on the new device to activate, then follow the system prompts. After that, all the sound will be broadcast not through the TV speakers, but through the connected audio device.

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How to connect speakers to a Samsung TV

Music accompanies literally all life. Favorite songs create the right atmosphere and mood in any situation. In listening to music, we are helped by various devices that we use literally around the clock: headphones, speakers, portable speakers and stationary, large-scale systems. Let’s talk about how to connect speakers to your Samsung TV so you can enjoy your favorite songs all day long.

How to connect a stereo system

The stereo system is connected in the same way as the previous gadget. You will need a wire with a TRS-RCA (3.5mm) or RCA-RCA (tulip) adapter. Both of these connectors are found on all modern TV models. Choose the one you want and just plug them in. After that, it remains only to insert both ends of the cable into the jacks on the amplifier of the music center and the TV, and enjoy surround sound from the stereo system.

How to connect a speaker to a Samsung TV?

Connection methods differ in the type of connector present on the laptop and speakers.

The most “ancient” and popular way is still connecting an audio system with a cable. Choose one of the methods based on the type of cable and connector:

  • using special SCART, RCA. sockets. They are used to connect speakers via USB. It is necessary to select such a wire taking into account the maximum permissible power, so as not to damage the sound device.
  • The usual “minijack” is a headset jack. The other end of such a cable must have a tulip plug adapter.
  • HDMI, also called digital connector. is used to sync the latest generation speakers with the latest TVs. Similar connectors are used to connect large equipment, such as home theaters.

Instructions for connecting a home theater

Home theater is considered to be the best audio tool for watching videos at home. The device was developed specifically for these purposes, as its name suggests. Its professionals recommend it to true connoisseurs of surround sound. In addition, they were originally designed to connect to a television screen.

The set to the cinema always comes with one or several cables with the necessary adapters.

All you need to do is simply connect one device to the second, manually adjust the equalizer in the theater according to your tastes, and enjoy high-quality sound.

The main rule that should be observed when connecting any equipment is to de-energize both devices. Otherwise, it is fraught with the occurrence of a short circuit. Such a problem can not only damage one or two devices at once, but also pose a danger to life. In addition, there is a high probability of knocking out traffic jams and troubles with neighbors, who also lose their light due to carelessness.