How To Connect Phone To TV Via USB

How to play music?

In order to play music on TV, you must:

  • Connect a smartphone to it using USB, select the phone as the main signal source (Sourse button), select “USB storage” in the phone settings.
  • Then, on the TV with the remote control, select the desired audio files among the phone files.

Some TV models find audio on their own and offer to automatically start the music using the media player. When playing music via USB, keep in mind that only music tracks that are formatted by the TV will be played. Also, it will not be possible to SIMultaneously display other windows on the monitor.


When you connect your phone to TV via USB interface, the mobile device will be used as a flash drive. That is, all actions performed on the smartphone will not be duplicated on the screen (as in the case of connecting via HDMI), but it will be possible to start and play individual media files.

How To Connect Phone To TV Via USB

Connection Guide:

  • Take a USB cable (which is used for connecting with a PC and charging) and connect one end to the phone, and insert the other into the USB connector on the TV;
  • On the TV, open the Source menu and select USB. Perform SIMilar actions on a mobile device (the window appears automatically).
  • After that, an interface will launch on the TV, where you can navigate between the system folders on the phone (like an explorer on a PC) using the keys on the remote control. On some models, the TV can automatically check the device for media files, after which it will offer to play them (you will not be able to move between separate folders).

  • All devices are supported;
  • No need to buy additional cords (the required cable is supplied with the phone);
  • The device is charged directly from the TV, so there is no need to connect the charger.
  • How do I connect my phone to TV? 6 ways

    How to connect your phone to your TV: 3 easy ways

    There are several ways to connect your smartphone to your TV. Some models are able to turn the device into a full-fledged Smart set-top box, while others only allow you to run specific media files. If you are not aware of the use of which of them is better to connect your phone to TV, then we suggest finding out everything about the instructions for each there. Additionally. a list of their advantages and disadvantages, which will help you make a choice.

    Not all smartphones support this type of connection;

    How to transfer an image from a device to LG?

    To connect an Android phone, you can also use wireless methods, such as, for example, WI-FI Direct or Miracast, but the SIMplest and most rational option would be to use a USB connection.

    • First of all, you need to find the USB connector on the back of the TV and insert one end of a SIMple USB cable into it, and the other end into the phone slot. You can use a standard charger cable.
    • On the phone, you must select the option “Connect USB as a storage device”.
    • Using the TV remote control, select the name of the smartphone in the connected devices.

    To play and audio files, you need to connect your phone via the HDMI connector using the MHL-HDMI adapter, or use a wireless connection.

    Changing Communication Mode Using Programs

    There are no programs for connecting devices that can change the connection between an Android smartphone and a TV device via USB. You can change the synchronization mode on your smartphone from “USB device” to “Camera (RTR)”, as well as set one of these modes by default in the phone settings.

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    Despite the many modern ways to wirelessly connect a smartphone to a TV, the most practical and safe way is to use USB. It does not require special knowledge, equipment and skills. However, it should be borne in mind that this method is only suitable for viewing photos, presentations, pictures or listening to music.

    To view, you will have to resort to other methods of device synchronization, but if, for example, you need to show your friends vacation photos on the big screen, then there is no better way to find.

    Now, of course, few people spend a lot of time watching TV shows. this kind of pastime has been replaced by the Internet. But sometimes everyone wants to watch their favorite shows on YouTube on the big screen, or turn on their favorite movie from the gadget. So how do you connect your phone to your TV via USB? Let’s try to figure it out.

    When you look at the back of your TV, you’ll immediately notice the many different connectors. Each of them has its own purpose, because modern TVs have a huge list of possibilities. We will pay special attention to the USB port. A logical question arises: if the TV has such a port, does it mean that mobile devices can be connected to it using a special cable? It really is.

    A wide screen connection may also be required to showcase presentations, vacation photos, and many other media from your smartphone. And at first glance it may seem that it is very difficult and almost impossible to connect devices to each other. It’s not like that at all.

    The process of connecting via USB is much easier than via the same Wi-Fi or HDMI. In this case, the user may have a logical question: why not download files from a smartphone to flash memory? Of course, you can always use a USB flash drive or a removable hard drive, but this is inconvenient. in this case, the user’s actions will be as follows:

    • Download data from phone to computer;
    • Transfer data from a computer to flash memory or hard drive;
    • Connect to TV and set up flash memory.

    As already became clear, the process of transferring data using a PC takes too long. Therefore, you can use the Android-based gadget directly. using USB from your phone, you can easily play music, pictures and recordings. In this article, we will take a closer look at the connection process, note some important nuances.

    6 Ways How to Connect Smartphone to TV?

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    Additional adapter may be required, adapter.

    Wi-Fi connection

    The method is suitable only for modern TVs with a built-in Wi-Fi module and Android devices of at least the fourth version.

    HDMI connection

    The easiest way. Ideally, your smartphone or tablet should have a dedicated mini HDMI connector for direct connection to a TV. If it is not there, then you can use a special microUSB to HDMI adapter or adapter. Thereafter:

    • Start the TV, in the source selection menu (where AV, USB, PC, etc.) select HDMI;
    • Connect a mobile device using an HDMI cable or adapter (mini USB. HDMI);
    • The image will automatically adjust to the screen resolution (for full picture display). If this did not happen, then go to the phone menu and specify the necessary parameters yourself (image frequency, resolution).

    Now all actions that are performed on the mobile will be displayed on the TV. For comfortable work, you can connect a computer mouse, keyboard via Bluetooth or USB OTJ. Turn off your smartphone screen to save battery power.

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    Can I connect my phone to a TV via USB

    On the Internet, one may come across such delusion “To connect a phone to a TV through a MicroUSB port in a mobile device, it is enough to purchase a MicroUSB-HDMI adapter”. This is far from the case. Let’s see why.

    There really is such an opportunity. But…. for this, your smartphone must have not just USB, but USB with MHL support. And as you can imagine, not all models are exactly like that. Here is a less up-to-date list of MHL-enabled gadgets models.

    If you don’t go into much detail, the difference between the ports is as follows. With a regular USB you can:

    • Send / receive data. Photos, and more.
    • Charge your phone battery.

    But USB with the MHL extension, in addition to the indicated functions, is capable of transmitting an image and sound signal, and in high resolution. In fact, this is USB and HDMI in one bottle. But still this is not HDMI in its pure form, since a different data transfer protocol is used. As a result, the normal HDMI TV input is not capable of handling it.!

    Therefore, it is important to understand that for direct connection, without adapters, the TV must also have an HDMI port with an MHL extension. In the meantime, not all models have such an extension.

    Sample designation of HDM input with MHL extension

    But if everything is exactly the same with your equipment, both the mobile device and the TV support MHL, then, as they say, it’s in the bag, and you’re in chocolate. Remains small, you need a cable for connection.

    This question is not idle, just like that, you can overshoot and the whole point is that there is no single standard among manufacturers, but there is a strong desire to make money on accessories.

    For example, the latest gadgets from Samsung use a USB connector with 11 pins, while others use 5 pins, so check this point when buying. In extreme cases, you will have to use an adapter 5pin \ 11pin, there are such. In all other respects, this is an ordinary cable, at one end of which is MicroUSB, and at the other HDMI.

    So what do we have in pure form? This is probably the most comfortable (of the wired) way to connect gadgets to a TV, monitor, etc. In addition to high-quality images up to 4K (Ultra HD) and eight-channel audio 7.1. synchronization with the remote control takes place, and the phone is charged directly from the TV. The main thing is that both the mobile device and the TV have the HML specification. It remains to connect the cable and switch the TV to the desired mode through the menu for selecting signal sources. No settings required, plug in and rejoice.

    We select the corresponding connector on the TV. HDMI / MHL

    But what if the mobile device has MHL, and the TV only has regular HDMI ?

    If the TV does not see the device

    There are several main reasons why the phone is not recognized by TV.

    • Using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode when connecting. In this case, change the mode to PTP or “USB device”.
    • The TV does not support the desired file format. Some models won’t open MP4. others do not work well with AVI. Find out what formats your TV does not support and convert the file to one of the available ones.
    • The cable used for the pairing is damaged. The problem is solved by buying a new HDMI or USB cable.
    • When connecting wirelessly, make sure the devices are connected to the same access point (SSID).

    Can I connect my phone to a TV

    Time does not stand still, and the development of technology even more so. Smartphones every year become more powerful, smarter, acquire more and more useful (and sometimes not so) functions. Any Android phone can be connected to a TV, be it LG, Samsung, Nokia, Fly or Lenovo to old and new TVs of different brands and models.

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    After you have managed to take great pictures with your smartphone camera, you want to view them on the big screen to determine the flaws or, on the contrary, admire one or another photo even more. It also often happens that you want to watch on Youtube or a downloaded movie on TV through your smartphone. This article will introduce ways to connect your phone and TV wirelessly using Wi-Fi, and wired using an HDMI or USB cable.

    Screen Mirroring

    Samsung smartphones and TVs support the proprietary Screen Mirroring application, which allows you to duplicate the screen of a mobile gadget on a TV.

    Important! The function only works on phones and TV from Samsung.

    • Go to device settings. Click on the “Tablet / Smartphone Visibility” tab.
    • Activate the function by pressing the corresponding button.
    • Open the Samsung notification shade. Tap on the “Smart View” screen mirroring application.
    • On the TV remote, click on “Menu”, then. “Screen Mirroring”.
    • The name of your TV will appear on the phone screen after a few seconds. Tap on it to pair. The process usually does not take more than 10 seconds.

    Now the device screen will be mirrored on the large monitor. The function can be used to display files that cannot be opened directly by the TV.

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    HDMI cable connection

    The second method is to use the HDMI port. To implement this technique, you need an HDMI port on the TV and a micro-HDMI on a smartphone, which is rare (in this case, use a micro-USB to HDMI converter, which can be easily connected to the micro-USB port). You will also need an appropriate cable (on both sides of which there are Type A and Type D connectors).

    To connect you need:

    • Turn off both TV and phone.
    • Connect the cable.
    • Turn on TV, go to menu and select HDMI source.
    • Turn on the phone, select the necessary files on it (audio, etc.)

    If the files are not displayed on the screen, then the problems may be in the settings of the smartphone itself. In this case, it makes sense to manually adjust the resolution and refresh rate to suit your TV.

    VGA transmission connector

    Older TV models are not equipped with HDMI and USB connectors. Use an adapter to pair your Android tablet or phone.

    • Connect the device’s Micro-USB cable to the VGA adapter. Insert the other end into the connector on the mobile device.
    • Press “Source” on the remote, then select “VGA” as the source.
    • Pairing takes a few seconds. After completing the operation, use the gadget to broadcast or photo on the TV screen.

    This technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, so now it is difficult to find such adapters.

    How to connect a phone to a TV using a USB-HDMI adapter

    Hello! As promised, I continue to describe how to connect the phone to the TV. In the previous article on this topic, it was already written about some methods, namely, what is needed and what to expect from connecting the USB. USB or HDMI. HDMI format. But this can be said to be outdated methods. They were replaced by MHL and SlimPort formats, as well as wireless connection methods.

    In this article, we will consider another connection method, using a special adapter, what you need to know so as not to throw money away in vain?